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By The
Three Month* (pottage prepaid) 40s
Six Months (postage prepaid).... 75c
One Year (postage prepaid).. |LSO
Entered at the Batesville, Ark., Pool
office as second-class mail matter.
Guard i- forty-eight years old.
Missouri Pacific
Train Schedule
White River tiivision.
Train No. 214. northbound —Arrive
Batesville 6:56 a. m.; leaves 7:05 a. m. I
Train No. 215. eouthbound—Ar
rives Batesville 5:55 p. m.; leaves 6:05
p. m.
Effective 12:01 a. m., Sunday, June
22nd, Motor 600 will operate as
Irains 243, 244, 247 and 248, as so.- I
Crain No. 243 —I^ave Batesville!
i :30 a. m.; arrive Diaz 8:50 a. m.; ’
Newport, 9 a. m.
Train No. 244— Leave Newport
12:01 p. m , arrive Batesville, 1:30 p
Train No. 247—Leave Batesville
3 15 p. m.; Arrive Diaz 4:35; arrive
' ewport 4:55 p. m.
Train No. 248—Leave Newport 8:00
I m.; leave Diaz 8:10 p. m.; arrive
Batesville 9:30 p. m.
Train No. 243 will make connection, r
w»rn No. 7 at Newport for South.
Train No. 244 will make eotutac-:
tains with No. 4 at Newport from
Train No. 247 will make connections '
with No. 3 at Newport for South.
Tram No. 248 will make connections !
with No. 38 at Newport from South.
Train No. 251—Cushman I .oral— ;
Arrives Batesville 7:20 a. m.: leaves
7:45 a. m.
Train No. 254—Cushman Local—
krrivee Batesville 1:15 p. u.; le zes
1:25 p. m
Train No. 297—Cotter Local—Ar
rives Batesville 3:30 p. m.
Train No. 298—Cotter Local—
wwees Batesville 8:05 a. m.
Those remaining on the ticket tc
be voted upon at the National election
to be held on November 4 are as fol-'
For President —
John W. Davis.
Fer Vice-Pre-dient—
Charles Bryan.
For U. 8. Senator—
Joe T. Robinson.
For National Committeeman—
Vincent M. Miles.
For National Committeew onian—
Miss Aliee Cordell.
I ’
Kidney & Bladder: dedy
Grateful sufferers from 5
kidney and bladder trouble ;
who have been restored to ।
health by Hobo, invariably , t
insist that we pats the good '
word on to other sufferers.
•Ttun rt to certify, that on . *
the third U y of AumUhC. 1920. .
1 wan utrw-kcn with avuto in*
digestion win h developed kid- ( y
ney trouble, and in a short
■ *'
nounevd me with Brights dis
] wen* to Hot Fpnn»<. Ark.
and while in the hoepit al there,
they t id m<» that inf case was
a hnp« one. I went from
Hot Springs to Mobile. A 1.1. to
a err 4 who advis-
ed that theie was no help for
me. I then Went to St. Jo.* 8
Hnsphal in Memphis. Tenn.,
and after havm< taken treat
ment* was advise*! that mjr
Urine was f. 0% Albumen, and
th tt thev could do nothing
for me I then went to Meri
dian MH.. and started to
Minerid Wells. Texas. I got
an far as Shrevei>ort. at win h
time my feet and limbs warn
swollen verv badly, and white
in tht< condition I was advised
by Mi s w. Tull us to try
Hobo Kidney and Bladder
Hernedv. After taking the
medicine for one week I was
ally to go without my cruthefk
J have taken In all about t
bottle* and was examined by
the chemist today and there
waM not a trace of Albumen
to l»e found and as 1 c n do
some work again I consider
myself well.
T give thia testimonial in
order :hat It may l»e nubltabed
tn the world that others rnav
l»e influenced to take this
great remedy for the kidneys.
(•ignad) T. W. Weach.-
This is but one of thou
sands who testify to the re
markable powers of Hobo.
It is sold on a guaranteed
ba«is by druggists every
where. ’ •
J MiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiimmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie I
| | BEHOLD |
| I This | |
= k*
| Adapted Fromthe Nov- |
| el“ The Hillman” by E | ,
1 Philips Oppenheim
Produced by
3 Know the Love Story of A Hollywood Girl —
= Irene Rich Marguerite de la Motte = j
$ E Charles Post Harry Myers = |
= Rosemary Theby Anders Randolf = ,
= = M 1
Also Pc? tWB,
| 7:30 P. M. 20 &40 CENTS =
^iiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiNiHiHiiiiiHiiiHiiiir: y
h J
Irene Rich Declares Her Work in
“Behold Thi Wontaa” Her Hardest.
Irene Rich, who portrays the i
leading feminine role in “Behold,
This Woman," which will be shown!
at the G< 1 Th-at re on Monday!
declares this to be one of the most!
difficult roles she has ever had.
The character is complex and un- •
usual in a dramatic production. It
is that of a famous motion picture!
star, and during the action Miss
Rich is called upon to play several]
scenes in a motion picture studio.'
She impersonates a siren of the
most campish caliber and acts com '
edy with delicious abandon. With ।
wigs and numerous bizarre gowns'
she becomes a dozen different wo !
men, yet with all there is the role'
of Louise Maurel, with whose life
the photoplay deals. z
So completely does M u«s Rich!
change her personally in th.- stu
dio scenes that one would scarcely!
believe that she is the same woman 1
who portrays the Louise Maurel of
private life.
For the studio sequences the ex ■ *
terior and interior of Vitagraph’s.
picturesque Hollywoo.l studio ha
been used. The spectator is taken'
through the plant and shown the
actual process of filming anl di
recting a picture.
El© SI
Tbpular r Ja\oritpfi
“ POPULAR FAVORITES ” after all best
expresses the attitude of motorists toward
। BADGER tires.
The splendid service which they render,
without trouble, and the low cost per tire
mile, makes them deservedly popular
' • twusJ . *w '
" s.
4 * - -
The feature of Children's Week
I around which all plans and prepara- 1
I tions center is the parents meeting. <
This will be held at the First Me-
Ilhodist church Sunday morning at ;
10:30 o'clock. All parent* of S. S.
I children are urged to be present.
Sunday School, 9:45 a. m. (
‘ 11 a. m.. Morning worship and ser- |
. mon.
| 6:30 p. m., League.
! 7:30 p. m.. Evening worship, and
I sermon.
Let all our people be in their
! places Sunday, only a few days un
, til conference, lets make the last
lays of the conference year the best
Worship with us Sunday at the
। "Family Church.”
। Some one has said that a ehuneh
j m.-mber is enlisted:
1. When he has a sympathetic
' and so far as possible an active in
terest in public worship.
2. When he contributes to the
chunMt treasury according to his abi
3. When he serves in church ad
ministration acconling to his talents
and opportunity.
Where do you stand acc«>rding to
1 this standard?
All of our regular services Sun
[ day at usual hours.
Morning subject: ‘‘lnvisible Bills
For Intangible Debts.
Evening subject: "Life’s Values."
Pastor will preach and have bap
tizing at Pilgrims Rest at 2:30 p.
The Mission Study Class of the
First Meth'>dist church, will not
meet Tuesday afternoon at 3 o’clock
I sharp, at the church. All members
please be present.
Kansas City, Azo. (Special) A
| new discovery which, experts agree,
I has no equal for curative effects in
all rupture cases, is the latest ac
complished of the well-konwn Hernia
| Specialist, Dr. Andrews, 75-H Koch
Bldg., Kansa.-, City, Mo. The extraor
dinary success of this new method
proves that it holds and hea'« a rup
ture. It weighs only a fe.v cun:es.
Has no hard gouging pads, n > e’a'tic
1 belt, no leg straps, no band-,
and is as comfortable as a light
• garment. It has enabled hundred! of
persons to throw away trusses and
declare their rupture absolutely heal
ed. Many of these had serious
double ruptures, from which they
; had suffered for years. It is Dr. An
drews’ ambition to have every rup
tured person joy the quick relief,
comfort and healing power of his
discovery, and he will Bend it on free
trial to any reader of the Batesville
Guard who writes to him. Ho wants
one person in each neighborhood
to whom he can refer. If you wish
to b<- rid of rupture for good, with
out an operation, take advantage
of the doctor’s free offer. Write
him today.
Dahlias For Sale
I have beautiful and numerous
Dahlias, all colors and sizes, now
full of choice Wuoms, and will have
until killing frost. I will be glad t>
cut them for social events for funer
als, on an economical basis as to
priee- k If you wish some of these
choice flowers, call at Sixth and
Main streets or phone 323.
D 10-11-13-14-15 16-17. W. 17. I
! — —i- — — — x r-—
Missouri Parijir Kai I road I rues
More (io-operalion!
\ KRY present imlieation pomts to tic.rd l.reaKing volume f Kall
( tradie in all lines with a consequent return < 1 pr. -pcntv to the entir
countrj. Ihe business of the Hdlroads is on the increase and the
volume being handled by the Mi - .nn Pacific i> breaking all former rec
ords Continued prosjunty is largely dependent upon the ability nf the
railn i sto provide adequate and ilependablc trans|x>rtation service Failure
of the railroads to provide such service tends to slow down busmen and in
dustry of all kinds.
Ihi MLs.. n ri Pacific wants to make the btisin. ,s ~f a || „f the patron*
and citizens it <an serve as uccessful as may Im and I am sure that the
tu 1. s anxuiii* t । help u. in order that we. in turn, inav brio to obtain
that result. 1
Mryt’.mg po ibh being done to put the property of the Missouri
1 a .tn m shape to provide a c mtmued adequate and <lejwn<lahle and satis
< . l|s .a.tri I acitic, with a firm belief in the future pros
’ . 11 c-mr.igeou dv ordered 1.000 new automobile cars
< ! 1 in"' American Refrigerator Transit
1 , ’ ll : ” r< iast ~ new refrigerator cars for immediate ilelivery.
.'' l " ‘ :. r : d t ' ‘•• ntribute to tbc genera! goor!. Now the co
l< id t- '' । » ,1' '. ' " cv * T ? t Jiing po sibL- to increase the average
I i- ' 1 , ( ' .J ,nr ’ * r< I «utd unloaded promptly. Prompt
’iv ""fv,?'" 1 """:' ‘'’"t''-- *- ’v-™-
<ar v 11/ 1 . 1 . ' 11 Ar I’ itt" <ne ton tn the avera e load per
.' .'.L 1 " f t. adding 90.000 c t■t> e available upph and
furt er r ‘''"S’*'”’ W1 ” d ! ' n to mwe it
J ’ r? V H T , " n ' ' uH,nir l<KW><-ars to the as a hide sopplv
for e»< , . d.huona! nule that >s added to the avcra ~e jer car per dav.
t ! . ,57 '-’l'^'jy Is almost entire! in th- ’ vid* of shippers and
n t . .. T )eCt thc,r c <7‘ n rrat .n th t ugh prompt loading
v ! . t f’ c litic and equipment, together
~. ’ ‘ ,hc ‘ world ever
, ■ . « • ■l< • o r. r ~ f ,rr--"ization, cotn-
. 7 'tv.- imploxe- 1 , incrrast .
it ’ . ‘ ’’ i.ir ptr ; -y on t i a In-nd to .15. which
’ I si mo , »r< -r',i rn r s .. ■ .<
z , 1 ’ rr< ri sen ice on the
< ; li it. in
w.i’ i Mi-.,! । I’,. ,। . Y 'f will
beticr transportation service ,r ' '" ' ' "P!**- ■"«! travelers with more and
artiv^y [s approalh^’rJak ^'ondnmn^”^™ *' ’ mprov,n< f a ’ K ’ ”’' l «*»nal
sf.i’ l * n< | iitoMienM,* I <• n ' arn.ers are getting on a more
1 railro .d transit- .tio/Y^ >nd
large i c.-nre him n tin- act ii, 1 • ‘"a* ^rvice is dependent in
iHo oYthrpubnc a ” < ‘ eff ’ C,t ‘ nC > ” f th < and the
I s .licit your co-operation and suggestions
Prttidcni J
| Mtasovat Pacific Ra 11 road C ompany
« '--1^
Notice of Sale
Os Heal Estah
Pursuant to the terms of acer
! tain Deed of Trust executed on thu
,18th day of February. 1923, to the un
ier igned a-. Tru-tee by E. A. Hawk
ins and Ethel B. Hawkins, his wife,
which is of record in Book D-3, page
3H3 of the Records of Deeds of
Trust and Mortgage.* in Indejs-nd
ence County, the undersigned, at the
> request of S. M. Casey, the Benefic
iary in said Deed of Trust, will offer
for -ale to the highest bidder for cash
at the front door of the court house
in the ( r.y of Batesville, Arkansa .
between the hours for judicial sales
the following described real cstaie
situated in Independence County, t«»-
The undfvdied interest of Ethel
Barber Hawkins as heir-at-law of A.
. A. Barber in and to the south half of
the -outhwest quarter of section
twenty-live (25), and the north half
.of the northwest quarter of section
thirty-six (36), in Township thirteen
(13) North, Range four (4) west an 1
containing 160 acres more or less.
This being the separate estate of
Ethel Barber Hawkins.
Also the following real estate, sit
uated in the city of Batesville, Ar
kansas, this day bought by the
grantors from Floyd Davis, to wit:
A part of Lot numbered three and
f air in Blin k forty-.- x of Maxfield's
Western Addition to the town (now
city) of Batesville, described thus:
Commencing at the northeast cor
ner of said Block 46 at the intene*--
n of Evans and Edith Street,
thence along the line of Evans Street
ginning corner—thence at right
angles to Evans Street and parallel
with Edith Street a distance of 150
feet to corner, thence in a southwest
erly direction parallel with Evans
Street a distance of One hundred
(100) feet more or la s, to the line of
.Agnes Street for corner, thence along
the line of Agnes Street. 150 feet to
Evans Street thence along the line
of Evans Street 100 feet more or les*
to rock for corner and th- place of
C. D. METCALF, Trustee,
d. 10 6 W2t-10-10-17.
Warnin f; Order
Independence Probate Court.
Sarah Agnes Ball, Plaintiff,
Simon Ball, Jr., Margarite Ban C
I C. Ball, Jr., Elizabeth McKee, ' ai n
Eleanor Baum, Defendants.
The above named defendant, Elix
-I’eth McKee, is hereby warned 'o
* pear in this Court within thirty dY
• : from this date and answer the c, jro
- plaint of the plaintiff, Sarah ame
‘•1 Ball, in the above styled action
p 1 Witness my hand and the seal j
• I this Court on this Septee ■>-.
•|I9U ‘
B . 4tw.
- 9-<i 26*10-3-10-17.
r i (Seal) H. W FOX Clerk
To break up «i. M • ■ •, ~
short .in attack of s* p; e
11 throat, phisician* ai I d.
1 1 re,--.. c-uumH < alolabs. ,
• Calomel tablet, that is pura’i, .1- L ..
f, gerous and s < Leiung elf, ' |
j | have tried it »ay that it a. • lit. । p
, fsr mwe effective and ccnam than 1: •
• style calomel, heretofore rr<
1 1 physicians.
। (>ne or Iwo Calotab* at be I tii «
। a swallow of water. —that's ai \ ,
...» uenten Me the dighteM ■if
■ with eating, work or pleasure* m
1 inx ><wir co’d has vanished a i
tern feels t-fr--«li d and t
I are sold only in origin 4 m i’.
price ten rents for the v -i
■ ' thirty-five cents for the lire
3 BRe. Recon>ni<-nd*d a-iil ami
driiz- i*** 5 or n-.w- -v I .> -k
■ delighted.—edv.
. ■ —
Oteu> it after
I every meal
’ •’ ntlmulatre

■ b 44« dlgcallon.
■ J ” *■■•**• y«ur
Nnd Snyos mart
। IV—r-h ••od. Note bow
It rrlleveo Uaa< aiuHy lee ting
after Ise arty rsMey.
11 *•* ■ • ••••he
breatli bbA
, ir» tt»*
Bi .

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