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Batesville daily guard. (Batesville, Ark.) 1912-1924, October 18, 1924, Image 3

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I IMPROVED uniform international
I » Lesson 7
5 nr\ I' B. FIHWATEH. I‘l>. I’en
at th* Evening School Mood) B!bU li
111 Zthute of Chicago .)
H | - 1*34. WeMfrn ^rw»v«per I nlon )
I Lesson for October 19
B GOLDEN TEXT— The newer nowath
I -ethr word.— Mark 4 14.
| th«H.*rt
IS JUNIOR TOPIC—Good Soil for Good
B S**d
B TOPIC—How 40 RecoKe and l'r««r Godo
I V ord
■ TOPI*' ~ow * Improve th* Soil I
I -es MX Heartr
■ The r ><•«!•<»<! of teaching by purabh h
I was n«t employed by J mux until tin-
I nilers had act their hearts nguiusi I
I Him. When, in the light of His won-
■ tierful works, they turned ngulnst Him 1
■ nn<! attributed Hl* works to the I mid
I (Mark 3:22) He denounced them in '
| scathing terms aM began to teach
I them by pumhlee in fultlllinent of
I Imhih i: 1”. The pumbolic method of
I tMChing makes elenr the trntli to
| thO" who love it and conceals It frotu
I thoae who dislike It.
I A great multitude gathered to Him ;
I at the seanidk (v. 1). mi that, lu order :
J to escape the pressure of the crowd,
I He was oldigetl to enter a bo.it From
I the I- at at a pulpit He taught many
I thing' in parables. In this parable the ;
| jowl r and the seed are the same In all
I |n«t i>'<«. but the results are entirely ;
| different. The difference Iles lu the
| condition of the soil. The central pur
| Mee of the teaching of tins parable is (
■ to si ow that the results of pneuebing
j the Word 4o*gnd upon the condition •
I of the human heart.
I. The Wayside (vv. 4; 15).
| The wayside means the track l>eatrn •
I down by the hoofs of anhiiuls mid the <
[ ten Beemigr the soli wus un i
| broken and uucultlvated the seed ;
I could not got la'ii-alh tie Mirfiice. •
I - •
[ that CUM ni<ng (1 4i TM (NGt 1
I truth taught here is that the heart un- j
broken and bard la uot Ht soil for the
Osp'l Ruch a heart It jienetrates
get. but Iles looraly upon the surface.
I It Is not recognized as God's means
for restoring them unto Himself.
I While in this uondltlon the evil one
gnb some way to snatch away the
truth The fowls that devour the seed
repn-M-nt the agents of Satan (v. 15). ■
II Ths Stony Ground <vv 5,6; Hi. i
I IT).
This men no not stonea mixed with
soil, but stones with a thin layer of
1 aoll n them With such comHtlons a
an I springs up quickly and likewise
ararrbes quickly, as It hns not much
deptli The great lesson la thut hearts
•uperbclally impressed receive the
• Wool with joy. but when affliction or
jerM- ution arise* for the Word s sake,
lamodhttrh they are offended. They
wither away and die.
111. The Thorny Ground (vv. 7; 18.
In this rase the ground Is good, but
has thorns In It. It Is mellow enough
and has sufllclent depth, hut has not
। been cleaned of the thorns Such
ml i bear the Word, but "Hie cares j
o- • . ■ !. M ! the dm • Ifu UM ' t ;
riches aßd tIN lusts <>f other things ;
entering In. choke the Word, and It :
ban >etb unfruitful" (s IS) The <
thorny ground hearers of this age are I
those: i<
1 Who are no immersed In worldll ■
mm. i.uslnem und anxious cares that ;
the good M>e<l annot mature.
• 2 Wb.- are rich. Anxious care In
business brings riches and the effect ;
•f r bee to to HaM the apirttml per- i
tt of imG and wnirn, thereby :
. - ■ I
God, to higher thing* tn Ma
3. Who are running after the plea*- ■
un* of life. All these things choke •
the Word. Mnny of the enjoyment'
of the world may t>e innocent in them ;
•elves, hut they attract so much atten
t? n and consume so much energy and
tltn<. that one has not time for Hlble ;
reading, meditation and prayer.
IV. The Gbod Ground (vv. 8; 30).
This ground differs from all the rest :
It Is soft and mellow, deep and moist; j
therefore. Is capable of bringing forth
fruit. *ome an hundred, some Sixty I
M tuna thirty fol I. Indicating differ- i
lit even of the I
£ : .' i.nd In the measure that 1
the h< art Is kept free froui worldll- ;
«• ». riches and pleaaura, the good 1
artsl matures.
Blaming Nature
Ton fall into the ver., common mis
take of vtorgms u|>>u nature mat- .
ter* with which s,e ha» not the small- ■
•st r>’bn>vctlon. and so wtdeh she Is :
la Ho way respouaibh Men talk of
■•tore as an abstract Hung and lose ;
Mgtt of what Is natural while they do 1
• Hickeua
Opportunity; Responsibility
I' | .d> M see jj
** nt op. I, dmra lie writes "re •
< Rm. ■ I • on t • vt’ e side.—J 1
y. b t>. I
I His Kingdom
Th« ix^4 a || t ae forces of na
tnr» Lu i. 4»ng hj« Kingdom - Kanu
The Candle
Tile rsadlo rausot stilus asiaM It '
I Dowagiac I
= - =
“A thing of |
= beauty and uowa- =
= joji forever =
JWy I ] tii\ He I
= * J ' a!< *
| active wood stovL |
| ; 1 Special attention i
' kjS i s called to the 5
| bilge size and 3
‘ 'suGHT' weight, and the =
I V- new • ornamenta- =
'E ' lions of the Dow- =
A agiac Airtight. |
- S-V The Lise is seam- |
^ ess » one piece =
| . I VJ cast in g wi t h =
■ ■ . rth 1
I " -■ • itted to f
= • > place. It is abso- f
| ' r ;L L'i \ lute in control - ?
j compare it with =
*• • I the ordinary ty I>e =
I 1 ’ Beauty, 1
economy and long |
E \^F X life characterize =
g * this good stove.
| '‘ra/iGSt Airtight ^toveMade
= >/arui<2fn£»^>d/v’-'z)uraSZe =
Smooth as Vdvrt.
x ^~ r irkil tamph
. ABB ri •I . . >l4 .. .X, u Y’,,rk
WILL EXCHANGE my ra»lty,
clear, in Norfork and Baxter County
for realty nearer Batesville. W. E.
Hitchcock, Gulfprot, Miss.
= important Message =
E Eggall isguaran-|
| teed to increase |
e your egg produc- f
= tion to your own |
= atisfaction, cure =
= Cholera, Limber |
I Neck. Diarrhea, etc. f.
| Eggall is sold on = (
= a positive money- =
| back guarantee, |
i without question, |
= your money as f
| cheerfully refund- |
= ed as accepted.
I Sold at grocery E
Mnd dru stores ev- |
erywhere. Ask your |
dealer. If he doesn’t =
2 have it in stock, =
= send SI.OO direct to |
1 us for a prepaid |
| package.
Manufactured |
= and Distributed by =1
| |
I Guaranty Products |l
f Mfg. Co. j
3 1011 Lipwcomb Strrat E
.Vcw Method
Heals Pyorrhea
l>n Year Bad ( *«e Completely Healed
In a Short Time. Write Florida Wo
Faced wtbh the loss of her teeth,
after 1 years’ suffering, Mr<. M. J
Travis, an esteemed resident of Jack
•onville, declares she Anally saved
her teeth by a simple home treatment
"worth its weight in gold.” using
her own words: “After having pyorr
hea for 10 years my mouth iv now
healed. Before I found out d fferent
ly, I was "told there was mr relief and
1 had yielded to the loss of six fine solil
teeth. Thon I discovered Miiore’s
pyorrhea treatment. Three days aft
er starting ita use, the soreness left
my gums; my taeth began to tighten.
Now my teeth are clean, my breath
sweet, and my mouth completely
healed "
The experience of Mrs. Travis is
i duplicated in hundreds of other cases.
If you have pyorrhea—or throtaened
I with pyorrhea your teeth are in dan
ger. Quick and effective treatment is
necessary. You can text, without
money risk, the treatment used by
Mrs. Travis. Simply write the Mora-
7F5 Vears
Have Proven
/A 1 GoodFo^^^^
Trat '.O*. an 4 rnadfa'l k->ew
■■A trusted Wmuneth', <y>U
Took- a>» “ inoshars Md fathers at
toda, ar>d aae « with ahoalata
aenbdan > • For rran, and old •la a
Ml Bbls aat> avalana rraeertptmj
nada aadaz uos funa^a tar M raan.
The remade for asalere,: a»4 rOhaa
frrera u> iudtn, denqua alao for M
fhueisa and <np KirwUaat Inalr after
ear waauna illaaea )•■ polar aha*
aaamod a<aa »l. Ab drauatana.
C ;“-si£TSl£- , -
Chill Tonic
■ weei ; "L
Styleplus Week L a bl dotLln.; event / 1
throughout the United Static All the sash-
ionable new fall models hi I >plu - s aits and
overcoats yre being dis ; "yeui i?. etcre; and •-d
windows. Before you biy x ~ far jb and
overcoat this week, stop at c r store and ex*
amine the beautiful new Stylcpluj models in
the windows. And when you - .p : 'side you
will have a new experience in clothes style
and values. All-wool fabrics, carefully tailored.
Come in today.
Lx *
Ask to sec the special fall features-—
York Blue, Holbrook Fabrics, Styleplus
Topcoats, Dunberry Overcoats.
$ 25 to $ 45 L
' Hr ■ 1
M ‘ *****
; ham Co., 152 Gateway Station. Kan
• saa City, Mo. Under their guarantee
’. of refund send two dollar*. Or, pay
. postman the $2 with few cents post
age. Use the treatment 7 days. Then
1 if you are not wholly satisfied, write
। to that effect and your $2 will be re
turned at once.

Advertise in the Guard
o My Dental Office ♦
\ will now be perma-
, nently located at
| the Hinkle build- >
’ ing, next door to
' Crouch’s Furniture
Store. \
, Solicit old and new
patrons which will
. be appreciated by "
A 1
Latest and best
equipped Dental .
office in this section |
V " t
, C. H. BRIGGS :
Dentist ,
‘ L
" " t
I-1 —
Texas lady Says Her Family
Has Iken Taking Thcdforu’a
Black-Draught, When
Needed, for Many Yer. l
AJtn, Texas—“We r h«r -1 '*
ft BUck Draught in < ut ।
Mra Mary .Shuptr ■ < v > b. . a
here on R. K. D. 2 "My grand:i t >e»
was an old woman when she tied
about ten year.-, ago, and she luu. 1- cn
uatng it literally ever since I can re
mambar. She gave it to her children
and grandchildren for biliousui- s and
rtemah eomplsunta. so when 1 went
to houat-kraping wo jurt naturally u: ed
tt, too
“I give It to my children for a
purgative whenever they need one,
and we are never without it. Ma<ie
tate tes^ it surely is fine. It’s the best
Some remedy for headache and consta
pation I know of."
During over 80 years of Re con
tinued popularity, Black-Draught b is
become the standard liver medicine in
many thousands of homes, where it
has bran found off Teat benefit in the
treatment of constipation, biliousness,
indigestion and other common liver,
stoxMkch and bowel complaints. Ten
million packsges of Black-Draught arc
now aeld a year, aa more and more
Mefte are learning of the value of
(Ms well-known remedy.
iM^^n Thadfos** the XS
For Expert Cleaning and Pressing
Grant's Tailor Shop
“Be call for and deliver.^
>■ — — 1
\ —J
Good to ihe Last Drop
"IX THEN exacting tastes,
V V which command the best
regardless of the cost, insist on
having Maxwell House CoHee is it
not striking evidence of unvarying
goodness -of an unequalled flavor?
In the Left coficc-growing coun
tries we have cofk.-b < s who
uphold the standard of quality wc
have set. Meticulous care and
matchless skill then create the
taste that the nation calls "Good
to the Last Drop.”
Q^fee I
□ f
' V

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