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The Nevada County Picayune.
Published every Wednesday and .Sat
urday by C. B Andrew- Proprietor.
Stibv^-TpUan. Per Year - - SI OC
Entered a.- Sec or ;*c.a-- matter Jar
uary 6, 11** a' the p-.-t office a* Pr
cott. Arkan*a.-. ir.-jer 're act of Cor.
press, March !•* ■
MAY* . . **
For Unit*- ; .senator
Jeff Davi>.
For Go err. or
Jno. S. Lit* .0*.
For Secrr-tar. *>r
0. C. L-idv.-Iv.
For Audit f .v.a;
Aver; E. M- - >r».
For At* <t >■' G -I e
VV. F. Kirby.
For .State T rea.~ ;r»-r
James L. Yate-.
For Associate •> < - * ■ *
J. E. Riddick.
For Com mi-.Goner Slate Lar.(:.
L. L. Coffman.
ForCommissioner of Agriculture
Guy Tucker.
For Supt. Public Instruction
J. J. Doyne.
For Railroad Commissioner
J. E. Hampton.
For Congress —
Minor Wallace.
For Prosecuting Attorney
0. A. Graves.
For Circuit Judge
J. M. Carter.
For State Senator
H. B. McKenzie.
For Representative
J. W. Whaley.
For Sheriff
Ed Hood.
For County Judge
Mat Denman.
For Circuit Clerk
F. E. Murrah.
For County Clerk
Nat Martin.
For Count;. Treasurer
J. H. Watson.
For Tax A - -ess r
John Bright.
For Surveyor
Tom Lavender
For Coroner
T. W. McDaniel.
For Public W'-'gher
H. T. Ingram.
For Road Over-.-* r M - ,ri Tj
J. E. Horn* .
For -Justices o to* Pea* *
F. M. Smyth.
.1 B’Sher
F"! ('<•' a ■'
J. L. Barg* r
Organize that. B ard of Trad* .
B* gin to clem up the v ■■ lr
plent; of tirm
"McCurdy soed for <ir.• • r
million" i- tin1 h» . Hint in a Now
York new .-pape the !.< ' ! '
sak(* how main million' did
these Insuram . c r'tfr cm
away with
If th< in thi
ate over th.f railroad rate bill was
not occupying ti Republica .
Senator.', they r- iirht bo doing
something woi m It .- only a
W“t k or t .o apt tin > passed the
steal known as the ship-subsid\
Roth the Republican congress
men from Oregon are appealing
for new trials on the indictment
for conneetion with the laid
frauds, and the grand jury at
Portland ha; just indicted
another batch cb.m/ed with tie
Some offense.
Ine "general unrest' tha
President Roosev lt admonished
us is prevalent, i mostly confin
ed to the White Mouse ami the
Republican politicians who re
fuse to revise the tariff and favor
the ship-subsidy and other ways
of plundering the pcoph
Congressman l/)ngw’orth has
been trying to help father-in-law
out by telling the Hamilton club
of Chicago that the present cry
of dishonesty has the elements
of hysteria. There is a general
objection by Republican politi
cians to exposing the grafters.
The bridging of the Little Mis
souri River between here and
Okolona wotild r-e a humane act.
Waiting i- i business to come
to our town reminds us of the
negro praying for the Lord to
bring him a big turkey for
Thanksgiving when another .*< r.
Ham came .p and said: Nigger
y. .{ray: de Lord t» send you
aft*-r cat • ;rkey an yo show git
err. G<« af>-r r-u-ir.es.- and you
That ,-r.ator Elkins West
\ irgtnia ueciare in a
:r. t henat- that he is
the best friend the railroad rate
. ha.*, either indicate* that the
ra ir .ad* . r.- ' f-arthat measure
11! hurt the or that the Sena
tor beg;n.* *. fear the people.
■ ... - : ave ms ase moer
consideration. His vote on
amendnie.ntr and on the final
passage of the roll will be closely
watched by his constituents.
The modem Monroe Doctrine
as expounded by President
Roosevelt is very unpopular with
some of our sister republics to
• ; Sout ■ entina en
tirely repudiates the right of
this country to use the “big
stick” and it seen.' that Secre
tary of State Root wiii have to
use more than us „a! dij iomacy to
prevent a com: ‘ration or what
is known as tv Ca'vo doctrine,
which is that tr - u>e of f -rce is
not perm h.-sh ie f r the collection
of debts contract 1 wit! E lr ; •••
an r.a*. - Th» Admi.tstration
v. i;. probai!;» havt t < crawfish as
it ha' done on other novel ideas.
The one thing needed in this
t< v. r. and countv is a good live
P ard of Tra :• In unity there
is strength. We cannot hope to
o' tain benefit.- without organiz
ed efT■ rt- on our part. We can
not expect caj tai t come to
Pr< t SOI : 1C< -
ment. \\ e cannot get the trade
tha* this town i.- entitled to
withou* reaching out after it and
the way to do i* is to have an or
gan "zanor. that will do it. There
is the road proposition a board
trad* could do much in mak
ing better r ad - Then there is
o,r park a eye-sore to the
t< ) A hoard of trade could
: • i-strumei ' d in beautifying it.
and p a y otr thing- that ar
. f-a • ■ 1 f..r, V h;. not organize
. *1 !■ ;f n< 1
Prescott Steam Laundry Phone 200
-hi I . ,|: < • ifini t ed.
(/!'•* u~ a trial
Watsorv’s Magazine.
The leading e\| • ' * r.t of*
I• ■ 1 f*frnia . I >• m* .Tar Edited
: y lot!. Tnt.s, f'i W if ■ at. of
fhma a. t • I'a' .if ■ / Rural
I- r i I ■ !i\ ■ •> , a.itb< r : ' Hie
St ■ tr> *)t L i aoce, Li 1 e oi
Napelei.n,” ’ I.i*• and T:m.e> of
Ti nuia • -let!'•r-o'i,' Pethany’
and of her look.-. Mr. Watson
u a- t 1 ••oi le’s 1 artv nomin
Wnen you qc to a drug store
end ask for Scott’s Emuis on
you know what you want; the
man knows you cught to h3ve
It Don’t be surprised, though,
if you are offered something
e a© Wines, cordials, extracts,
etc , of cod Ever oil are pienti*
ful but don’t Imagine you ere
getting cod h«er oil when you
take them. Every year for thirty
years we’ve been increasing
the sales of Scott's Emulsion.
Why? Because It has always
been better than any substitute
for It
Send for free sample
8COTT A POWNE. Chemists
409-415 Psarl Street, New York
SOc and $1.00. All druggists
for Vice-President in 1896. and
for President in 1904. He is t<>
day heading- a middle-class re
form movement which is bound
to sweet' the country in a short
Watson's Magazine is not a
Socialist publication. It &>e
not stand tor collective owner
f a * •• means of product -
:or.. Mr. W at-or. believes m
i or g--vernmer.t *.ovnersr.k
or railroads, telegraphs and tele
-’r. i." ir. rriiirmrs ■ '.”r-e4'-r
■: -tree*. ran va; gas. electri*.
lignts. -.vatei .e-ri.~. etc.; ano r.e
oe.ieve- m private ownership . t
a.. ;n*fi-tr.rs r.*-t natural nv r. . -
rr.^n ana property owner.- v .
Jerfer-on-.- victor-.* in l-114'. v
Jackson’s victory over Nick Bid
Lincoln’- victory in ». But
TVo4 C M tRae Pres ‘X 't F jg*rr \ ■ r
C - M tCatr. Caster'
Bank of Prescott
- = S£C i
:cc /.
of cu'tomer- w:. haw barker
with u- given t inquirers whc
propose to open tir. account.
Prove the answer for your
selves by giving us your business
We will show you every con
sideration and c-/urtes;, a bann
ing institution car.. Small ac
count- just a.- we'.c* -me a- large
We pay interest on time Uepos.t^
Open your account w ith us.
iach time after the hush of vic
:ory had died away, they became
;arek*ss of their rights and went
:o sleep. They ha. s'-j-t a .< -;
portion of the t.rru 1>*.5.
jut -
B atson’.' Maum.;:,’ • - v. ak:: *
:hemup. Kee: in t«.vh with
. ‘a- mee-ment.
Fifteen cent, a m; > a’ rv w.
• tands: S1.5<i a y i*\ trail,
sample cop\ i"’- 3 tuu-nr.t
-ramp.' and f ) <r nan • if r. ad
njjr friend.-. Add re.-..-.
ro.M WAT.'O.VS M A< > A/.INF.
Id! \\ '.-l 3d]St ■ -i t.
New V irk City.
Watson’s Majra/ineand Pica
rune a year for o>d\ >'1.75. Wh\
tot save the 75 cents? Leave
tr lor.- at this rdfic •.
Every man should subscribe t hi
• ai jtaper, b. a from it Ik s. or. -
i .a - of new t’:d useful it f> “ir.ati>*n
* ■ ia" he ran get nowh. r. ei-e. He
should, however, aL-.. - ib.-, rib. t ,i
tirst-ela.-.- general riew.-j.ai.tr Such
,i newspaper i.
The Semi-Weekly News.
Thou ands of it- real. r- pt.. law it
the best genral newspaper in 'he world.
I’.S secret of ,-Uir. e.-» Is that 1' gi\* th.
farmer and his famiy ju.-t what th. v
war * in the way of a family n< w-jiap.r
1; f irnisl.es all the new.- of th.- • w..rld
■ . ■ a week. It ha.- a -j.lendi.i j age
win re the farmer.- writ, then pram -a!
experiences or. the farm. It is liki at
te* ding an tinmen.-, farmer'.- institute.
I- ha- page- -, • ally got; or. ,j. for th.
wife, lor the ln.y- and f..r the girl-. I:
gives th* lau-st market reports. It.
short, it jfiv.-s a eomhitiat.. r >f news
and instructive reading main r thai cat.
be secured in no • 'h. r wa,
For il.Sn cash jn adutnee, we w.l
send Th. Sen.. Wee!,:;. New - and tin
1 wico-a-W eek 1 ‘icayutie each for one
year. This mean.- you wui pet a total
o: 2os copies. It's a combination
which can't be beat, andyou will secure
> -’ur money's worthmany times over.
Subscribe at once at the othce of this
If you need wood, Block or Stove,
see or phone me. ,J. F. Hudson.
Phone No. 191.
fjr.ii h*t/’.'./r* r .. / - l>
C^ix-a CEilA. F-. 'ri-* IT .. .r. Biliousness.
— . * ‘ ~. \ 0"'-' P. ” I" -- ■* i . • - —
.". . -a e - ■■ a ■ -' ■
c: -14 i&i l -- , : o : vre, :;o pay
Sole Owner Evansville, Indiana.
For Sale by Hcmest Druggist.
: 1 »hi
ax ; that sa : firm will : a; the sum < (
(>r.e Hundred Do Lars r each ar.'i
even* ca.-e of Cctarrh that .ar.r. t be
f-ured by the use of Hail'? Catarrh
S rr. to bef-re me and subscribed
in rr.y presence, this 6th day of Decem
ber. A. D. 1
■Notary Public.
Hai.'s Catarrh Cure is taken intern
al.;.. and acts directly on the on the
blood and mucous surfaces of the sys
Send for testin' r ials free.
F J CHENEY & CO.. Toledo. O.
S' id bv all Drugs?-*-. 75c.
Take H-. i - Fa- P. - f r O-r-ti
' HE'.! r r ' - ALL
he O.
* -e
• * - * NV\ a
"* *• .a. ,f Ma*.
........ .
.• *7 a credit *.f
- c *y rr*
Has* haif of :r
S <a i * * ■. - *o t-* --. ■ * - ii * ! <3 _
fa r f C. ( Oottrj as?. - • • E ■ ■ f ■ ■
it i • 1 1 > H iI
Apr: 1 ■ 1 *
W H H Pia.-t,-'
A moia H .. E'efer.dar
Ir the Chanct-r> < ■ f N- ida C
The defer.tsar." A.meda H . - aari-t-.; •
i' - ar - tr..- • .r* s* • - tni n.sv, 'T
... — r lint ' W H .
T R WRIGHT, l-rk
At r \i Ilf
.1 A K> > r.'Hd- 1 rf
v "i-r il
K- i. r. - iv.
T>o lef.-.r !:•
■ . . -i-fl,. u»rr«i
'■i ar 1 a i. - wtr
‘ ' i-.f 1 A. Rfyn .Id
1 1. 1 <.HT. Glrr:
w M-..N;m.. . ci.
MeGe Stewart. P t If*
* . at il ?i' -
a -It*-. J M
■ RIGHT. Trk.
W ' UN IN'.
' ■•• • V . -„!a t ■ a"
• Ma-. K f :
E V- .■ k
• ■ > ai. I -
at. E’urr.tt:
WITNTU m hand
. t N vtrr.t-t •
A ■ IG H ' '
w i !.
Mars A,.r N- . . 1 .»,sa,rt
\ In N. . ! ''ha - . <-rv «>.- r,
W:..iht. Nm|: l-.-f.-r.!.., •
T I; U f:;r,HT. <•;. rk
T' . M.4> l-T 1 •
WAfeMNi, M.
-1 \ Kntr o I*ia.:.t
In N- .: ,. . ..
I* ■ . KrjM,
T-i* -i- f>-r lane I.enn kr:r .a:',..-1
... u(-r * .r i* - - - nr..* nr.
wer the complaint ,,f tl ' Kra
I >: a l:|t,H i ,'Vr.
Tho May ! t. I:««
I ttie Rock. Ar- I' :’l, ' • if,
’1 u W r.i rn 11 Com ,-i iir
Has,tig recently c,-. : u exatnir .
tion t-> be hail the i ... affairs
of Th. Capital Fir I - • . -., ■ t j-u - >
f th!> City h\ .III- <i Mil. Ml.lj \cp.i
was by tin appointed !.•. , saal ex
imir.iitI take ;.i.. ir s'at'nir
that from the re-; ./rt ,-) .id ext-mmer
now on til* in this office i lind the
I-.-oks of the Company • him Ureti
well kept, the affairs of the Compans
to he in IS.i conditio: and the Compa
ny well ahl< to comply with the de
mand* of the law passed bj our last
legislature regulating the • .rganiza
tion of Mutual hire Insurance I Compan
ies organized in this State.
Avert F. Moore
Auditor & Ex Officio
In-. * om'r.
J. M. ilk-urn agent.
RAMON’S Relief Cures Sick-HeaUache.
1**^ Neuralgia, Cramps, Cholera Mor'-us
Diarrheca, &C. 25 cents for large bottle.
Horse Collars
We had dozens and dozens of them before the
advance in leather: in fact we haven't bought
any collars at all since the advance. We havn't
r*een compelled to raise the price on a single
c dial’ in our stock, and we havn't done it. We
are still selling a
no split leather $1.50
We are lust as well fixed on harness, and we
can save you from >T.oo to $2.50 on a set of
single harness. e maae it and we know it
is made right and made from the right kind
of stock. We will give you the right kind of
harness for the vehicle you have. If there is
anything special in harness you want, we’ll
make it to suit you. : : : : :
We Repair Harness and Saddles.
Pianos,Player Pianos,Organs
and all Musical Instruments
and Sewing Machines bought
from A. MONSON is mon
ey saved for yourself and the
country. Give me a call.
Men Only
I he
S1.00 Garment
$2,00 Suit
$ 17.50.
For $1 7.50 we will sell you
A SI EEL RANGE, the best
you ever saw for the money.
1 his the Flange vou ought to
see it is an eye opener, a mon
ey saver, and a quick baker, if
you don t take advantage of this
great offer it is not our fault.
For $22.50 we will sell you a
Steel Range with large Reser
voir. Don t continue to pay
from forty to seventy-five dol
lars for Steel Ranges.
McDaniel Hardware Company

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