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Fasting is a pious exercise, but it is
more difficult for a mar. to control his
tongue than it is to control his appetite
and temperance is exhibited in the for
j mer more than in the latter.
We naturally regard the man who is
enslaved to any indulgence as one in
capable of self-control, and, therefore,
bereft of true manliness. Heis subject
to a tyrant who uses and ruins him.
The preachers tell us that personal
strife and ill will are not compatible
with Christian life, but the Town Talk
er would say that mutal good will and
: co-operation of the people, are necess
ary to the material prosperity of any
I community.'
Nothing is so detrimental topublicmor
als as the insinuations of corruption in
public men, with which the newspapers
abound. What may we expect of our
young men when we have persuaded
them that offlcal station or conspicous
success in business is the reward of
We think, when our conduct is wrong,
to excuse ourselves by protesting that
our motives were right. What ill doing
then it must be to impeach the motives
of others when we condemn their ac
Some wist; one has given us this defi
nition of the new woman. “A woman
who has ceased to tie a lady and has not
learned to be a gentleman.
Weeds grow' voluntarily in the field
but we must plant and plough the corn.
So bad tempers grow voluntarily in our
characters but good positions must be
carefully tended.
There is no place in Arkansas where
the ladies ride in buggies so much as in
Prescott; we suppose it is because our
side walks are not fit for them to walk
The best way to promote good con
duct, is to commend the good that peo
ple do, and say little about their faults.
The worst man in any community, so
far as public irdluence is concerned, is
he who lives by pondering to the vices
or weaknesses of others.
Many men think they have missed
but little of being great or rich, a^Japa
nese proverb is, “The biggest fish is
the one you did not catch,’’
No man influences the public con
science for good whose conduct does
not rise above the public example.
If today you have the means and the
opportunity of doing good, act promptly,
for like conditions may never come again.
T elr rjy
New 4 room house and 3 acres land,
>1,000. See Elsworth.
Your Laundry is best taken care of at
The Prescott Laundry. Howard Terry
! netor.
Telephone 20u.
Four room house, one-half block land
high and dry. Good garden, strong
well of \v iter. $500.00.
See Ellsworth.
fun Snodgrass represents the Globe
Oil Co., of Clave land Ohio. If you want
Roof Paint or Lubricating Oil it will
pay you ‘o see him.
The California Pefume Co’s goods are
reliable. Their extracts the best, and
toilet articles fine. Let their Ag’t.
supph you. Mrs. Evered.
Call at Hesterly Drug Store and get
a free sample of He; u.-ley’s Vegtable
Liver Pills.
To Cure a Cold in Cre Day
Take Laxative Bronr Quir.ia Tablets.
Druggists refund money if it fails to
cure. E. W. Grove’s signature is on
each box. 25 cts
■ • —■ . -
A Guaranteed Cure for Piles
Itching, blind, bleeding, protruding
piles. Druggists are authorized to re
fund money if Pazo Ointment fails to
cure in 6 to IS davs. 50c.
Place your order with Hatley & Co.
for 4 by 4 Oak Posts, any length.
Prompt Delivery.
No man can work well with a torpid
liver or constipated bowels. A few
doses of Prickly Ash Bitters will quick
ly remove *his condition and make
work a pleasure.
For Saturday June, 30.
Copper bottom Tea Kettles,
each, 39c
2 Qt. White lined Granite
Coffee pots, each, 29c
Largest size glass covered
Preserve stands each 39c
Large wooden bread tray
each, 17c
Bargains every Saturday.
Variety Store.
- - ~r .
Department of the Enterior,
Camden, Arkansas,
June 20, 1906.
A sufficient contest affidavit having
been filed in this office by James M.
Wells, contestant, against homestead
entry No. 25355, made February 4,1902,
for South W est 1-4 of South West 1-4
Section 20, Township 11 S, Range 21
W, by James Hardin Contestee, in
which it is alleged that said James
Hardin has wholly abandoned said tract
for more than six months next prior to
the date herein, and that he has failed
to improve and cultivate said tract as
required by law, said parties are here
by notified to apear, respond and offer
evidence touching said allegation at 10
o’clock a. m. on August 9, 1906, before
Nat Martin, Clerk of the County Court
of Nevada County, in his office at Pres
cott, Arkansas, (and that final hearing
will be held at 10 o’clock a. m. on
August 18, 1906, before) the Register
and Receiver at the United States
Land Office in Camden, Arkansas.
The said contestant having, in a proper
affidavit, filed June 19, 1906, set forth
facts which show that after due dilig
ence personal service of this notice can
not be made, it is hereby ordered and
directed that such notice be given by
due and proper publication.
H. G. Friedheim register.
E. A. Schicker receiver.
Suderseding all Others.
From rich Mississippi River bottoms:
“I have been selling Hughs’ Tonic for
six years for chills and fever. Has
superseded all others in my trade ltj is
variably cures when given according to
directions. It is the very medicine we
need and the only one for chills and
ever that I can sell. ” Sold by Drugi
ts—50c. and $1.00 bottles.
Advertised Letters.
The following is the list of letters re
maining unclaimed in this office for the
week ending Juue 25 1906, and if not
called for by July 9th., 1906, will be
forwarded to the Dead Letter Office.
Brooks Mrs. M. E.
Dawing Mrs. M A
Dover Miss Leiu
Howell Mrs. K. G
Jackson Mrs Sallie
Jomerson Miss Edna
Johnson Mrs. M E
Marse Mrs Helleu
Reece Miss Myrtle
White Louoilla
Gilmore Roy
Hill W. g.*
Landers Charlie
When calling for the above, please
say “advertised.”
Jack Grayson, P. .M
Will Anderson and wife have been
visiting in the city a few days, the
guest of their brother Steve.
Miss Lula Young of Springfield Mo.,
was visiting Miss Hazel Moore Wednes
A. W. Fore of Mt. Moriah was in town
yesterday wi:h the first load of water
melons. He recieved on an averagd of
4o cents for them
I have 20 horse power Boiler in good
condition and a 15 horse power Engine
which I will sell cheap.
Jno. M. Milbum.
f%U90 Sz apioq aJ-nrj sasvug per
suing *s»aog ‘*iuo ‘gmiempaqa^yi.
sajio no in°a pm 3&-I9K SMflflvtl
Blue Bell Potato diggers at Prescott
Supply and Hardware Co.
Y ou can buy the Detroit Vapor Stov ;
on installments at McDaniel Hwd. Co.e 1
We deliver drugs store articles.—
Hesterly Drug Store.
Detroit Vapor Stoves, the best and
; quickest baker on earth. On *ale at
McDaniel Hardware Co.
Drop in and take a peep at the
j Detroit Gasoline Stove at McDaniel f
Hardware Company.
Easy paym -nts on furniture, stoves .
and housefurnishings at McDaniel
| Hardware Company.
When YOur Clothes Need Washing
telephone 200. We do the rest. Pres- j
cott Steam Laundry.
j Let Mrs. Evered order your Olive;
i Oil for table use. the pure article from
j California.
Good appetite and cheerfulness fol- j
lows the use of Prickly Ash Bitters. It
piurities the blood, liver and bowels and
, makes life worth living.
_ , !
ror Sale: . iv store building and 2
lots at Emmet, Ark, storefdewelling
and a good well of water under 1 roof,
$750.01) cash or will take good team and
, wagon for part payment.
C. H. Lee.
THIS handsome “Queen
Quality” Button Oxford
is priced at $3.50. The style
speaks for itself; the quality—
means when applied to “Queen
Quality" Shoes the choicest
leathers; smooth insides, with
no tacks, wax, threads or other
roughness; and flexible ease from
the first day worn. But we have
Other “Queer. Quality” models
that we wish you to see, priced at
$2.50, $3.00 & $3.50
The best Hand Hay
Baler in the world
O. S. JONES <2b CO., Sole Agts
Front of Court House - Prescott, Arkansas
Our Big Clubbing
BY special arrangement with the Southern Agriculturist the popular
semi-monthly farm paper of Nashville, Tenn., we are able to give
our readers the advantage of a cluLbing offer which we believe is the
most liberal ever made by any newspaper in the South. In the first
place we will send the Southern Agriculturist A WHOLE YEAR
FREE to any new or old subscriber who pays us for a year’s sub
scription to our own paper.
This great semi-monthly farm paper goes twice every month into
50,0(XJ southern homes, and the regular price is 50 cents a year. It is
edited by southern men and women to suit southemfcondition, and it
is just what our farmers needs. It answers free of change any ques
tion a farmers may ask, and its advice is given in a plain practical
way which any farmer can understand. All departments of farm life
are covered, including delightful home and children’s pages. Sample
copies free at our office.
Here is Our Big All-Southern Bargain.
INDUSTRIOUS HEN (Poultry) - - 50
Total 1 'jrular Price, $3.00
31 WE will send you all five of the above papers a whole year for onlv
91.50. f These papers are dll sonthernjpublications and each is a leader
in its particular field.30rdoifthia|clubjarid|you will get a big your’s
reading at|nominal cost.®Address all oruers to
Mis«es Winnie and Fannie Haynie
went to Bodcaw yesterday tojvieit for
a few weeks
Miss Julia Logan visited in Texar
kana yesterday.
J. B. Bradley of Blulf City, was in the
city Wednesday.
Mrs. 0. R. McDaniel, Mrs. Dan Pitt
man and master Dale McDaniel pent
the day with Dr. T. W. McDaniel at
Boughton yesterday.
We had a letter from Charley Jordan
yesterday from Oklahoma City, where
he now lives. Charley writes that Okla
homa City is an ideal place to live in,
and that he is hack in his old business,
,,Here lies mine babe, as dead as nits,
Whom Gott has killt mit ager tits.
He would not let him live with rne;
So took him up to live mit He.”
The child would have lived had he
een given Dr. Mendenhall’s Chill and
Fever Cure Sold by Honest Drug
Rev. A. B. C. Dinwiddie of Hope was
in Prescott yesterday on business
Miss Hazel Moore visited in Hope
John Browm is spending a few days
in Junction this week.
Low Cut Shoes At Cost.
W. B. Waller.
D. A. Yeager who has been playing
with the F’rescott team, has gone to
play with the Little Rock league. In
his first game he suffered with “Buck
Ager” but withall he did well havihg
nojerrors marked against him.
The game of ball between Prescott
and Texarkana yesterday was a good
game, the score being 5 and 4 in favor
of Texarkana. They play there again
Rev. J. H. Barkwell of Little Rock,
was in town yesterday. Bro. Barkwell
at one time was paster of the C. P.
Church of this place and has many warm
friends here who are glad to see him.
School Books
New and Second-Hand for
| the whole county, also
School Supplies, all kinds
and at bottom prices, at
mm nn

5 . iron Mountain & Southern.
s icu.:
r itoaj.j ■ i
ttost ' a
.4:4o a.m.
. .7:50 p. m.
.11:34 p. m.
...10:09 a. m.
11:53 a. m.
,_.1:0S p. tn.
£ itsn:.'
4 does
m *u*i
. 5:30 a. m.
..10:45 p. m.
...5:15 p. m.
.. .8:18 a. tn.
. 9:30 a. m.
■in' ,■!•■'.
'cadulphia. Malvern.
T, TEAL. Ajrent.
. ..• i : ‘
Arrive F.... it I rn ■:
j-U..'- i '
Am.-- hi . • * ■11 '
O' INC i;\'T.
,.i "t True at :• 4 .... c
Arrive at i'r. U ; * 12 v ' P. «r.
4- |.err • :■< ! ■ Tr . at 4 p r
trai": T, • i>r< .•!. • • • *18.
M tKer.
Local News.
Inte. e*liog HapnenioKi in and
ArouiiC Town.
KT-^f - i.'M?* 3®fc
' ~ ! ’ e 11 ■
[Iste^ Huy Presst*.- for
br-Kd >r..-u H L' > •
it Horn, ami Farr.: ami tin; Tw'ci
fc?K Pi ff
I •. - I • . A . I < 1 '
at? at •'i'.' . " Givi
it Commercial Appeu American
ner an-’ Twicv -a*w« I acayu.-ie for
iy the V. ter . .ilkitv. Machine ur
rds from A. Mon son, ra-v lot jus"
ve'your laundry f.*r n • . i will •-»
it. Jno, T. Milourr Agent for
»<iel|>hia Steam Laundry.
esterlys Vegetable Liver PiiL
anteed t grive ~ a tis faction. pri>
per bottle
ir trade co .-tantly gn »•? bveaust
:ive people whai tin;, want and i.t
lee that 1- fair. — Hesterlv Drun
* Pica;, n.e t r- you the be:
>wg list ever offered in this county.
Twict-a-ve*-'.. Picayune, the Am«*r:
Farmer and the Commercial Af.
al! for the price of one—all three
rs for one doliai
The most particular
could not ask for a more
shortning than
s wholesome and economical
Exclusively By
itt Bros, Grocery Co.
Go out to the Farmers In
stitute this evening at 2
i o’clock at the Court house.
See Mrs. Wade for Duck Hats.
Miss Etta Evans of Murfreesboro is
visiting her cousin, Mrs. Ira Gee.
Mrs. Sam T. White and children visit
ed in Hope yesterday.
Car Hay Presses just received by
McDaniel Hdw. Co.
If you are hunting for Duck Hats
call on Mrs. Shankle.
Aelx Grease in large pails at Prescott
Supply and Haudware Co.
Mrs Tom Tacket and baby are cm the
sick list week.
Don’t forget the game here on the
fourth between Hot Springs and Pres
Mrs. I. J. Matheney retuned to her
home in Bateaville Ark., after a few
weeks visit to her parents here
List your timber lands with us to
sell for you. Satisfaction guaranteed.
W. A. Hatley & Co.
See Mrs. W. A. Moncrief when you
v uit a hat. She is selling them at
uced prices.
•. Evered would like the patronage
■ ladies of Prescott and vicinity as
resents a tine of toilet necessition
K . W. McKay of Little Hock
•ly pastor of the church here
.. a .. ■ tnt visitor in our little city
s of Texarkana, came up
T . . ’ompanied the remains
P. Rogers home, near
Wo, county. He called on
t.:> T a . here and informed
tr,a- \vu- ■ me correspondent
: a! r •• ire he was raised.
How 10 Break 'p a Cold.
It may - u • : ;se to many to
•an be com
i : 'it-!; broken op : > - - cr two days’
time. Ine first -. mptc-ms of a cold
a’ , a iii . . lid cv.j . ] 11 >: ise watery
di-charge from the m.sv a: J a thin,
•c • ating or. tr.i torg When
Chamberlain - cough remedytis taken
i-vi-n hour or. the first appearance of
mi*ti-r: '. it counteract? the effect of
the co •; and restore* the system to a
conditiot within a day or tw®,
F<*r sale oy Bader Drug Store Whole
sale and Retail.
Nothing equal to 1 r.cKiy Ash Bitters
for removing that sluggish bilious fe 1
mg. so comm")' in hot weather. It
creates strength, vigor, appetite and
cheerful spirits.
If you knew the value of Chamber
lain’s Salve you would never wish to be
without it. There are some of the dis
eases for which it is especially valuable:
sore nipples, chapped hands, burns,
frost bites, chilblains, chronic sore
eyes, itching piles, tetter, salt rheum
and eczema. Price 25 cents per box.
For sale by Baker Drug Store Whole- ,
sale and Retail.
Unknown friends.
There are many people who have us
ed Chamberlain’s Colic, Cholera and ’
Diarrhoea Remedy with splendid|Jre- j
suits, but who are unknown because
they have hesitated about giving a,
testimonial of their experience for
publication. These people, however,
are non ethe less friends of this remedy. |
They have done much toward making
it a household word by their personal
recommendations to friends and neigh
bors. It is a good medicine to have in
the home and is widely known for its
cures of diarrhoea and all forms of
bowel trouble. For sale by Baker
Drug Store Wholesale and Retail
There will be an all day Holiness
meeting at Main Spring Camp Ground
on 4th. of July. Come and bring din
ner. There will probabey be a visiting
Evangilist with us, if not, there will be
plenty of local help, and good singing.
Come and help maka itja profitable day.

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