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The Nevada County Picayune.
Entered as second-class matter Sept.
3rd, 1907, at the Post Office at Prescott,
Arkansas under the act of Congress of
March 3. 1879.
Published Every Thureday Morning
Subscription One Dollar Per Year
ritt Picayune Office _ - 232
C.B. Andrew’s Residence . . 149
$1.00 per year. Strictly in Ad\ance
BMP' All papers will po-itiv. . . -top
ped at the expiration of the
which the subscription is paid. W a ten
the date following your name, which
shows to what date you have pain, and
renew in time not to mis- an s.-ue, as
we cannot furnish l»ack numbers.
rant* to tw rmie.
Any erroneous reflection upon the
character, standing or reputation of any
Individual, firm or corporation appear
ing ir. The Picayune will be promptly
corrected if brought to the attention of
the publisher. Statements of facts,
however will not be retracted.
Limit debate gentlemen, of
the General Assembly, and get
through with the business.
The introduction of many new
bills look ominous in face f : ne
great mass of unfinir-hed busines
before the legislature.
Perhaps W. S. Taylor, the re
turning Kentucky refugee, might
give Castro a few pointers about
how to get back home.
A lawyer charges a man $10
for ten Yninutes conversation.
The man insists on paying it. A
doctor charges $1 for a prescrip
tion, and the patient says: “Oh.
pshaw! Is that enough?” An
undertaker charges $100 for con
ducting a funeral, and he is just
perfectly lovely with everybody
inside and outside the family. A
man buys a gold brick and apolo
gizes for not having bitten before
An editor walks a mile in the
hot sun to get facts of a death
or a wedding or a social function
and spends three hours writing
it up and tells lies praising peo
ple until he hates himself. Then
if he makes an insignificent
mission or charges Scents straight
for three extra copies, he is
stingy, careless, good for-r.othing
old cuss who never gets anything
right and charges four times the
price of city papers twice as
large.—Marion (Ga.) Record.
The man Patton is generally
condemned because of his greed
in running up the price of br< ad
by working a cruel corner in
wheat. Such condemnation is
all right: but why should ail the ]
censure stop with Patton .’ Tb r
are men all over the country \ h ■
had on hand considers le s' ek.
of wheat or flour or bread when
Mr. PattDr a: : tl • • s : . it
price. \Y. y d d aii t a
the prie ;mmc 1; .tel;. to t:.c .
ure set by tb- e .a .•
if any who ha a st r.s i eit. r
wheat or flour have left the p: e
to stand at the >nr.t. • i
figure. Men the c untr;. .a r.
the world over, have tab • a
all they e ulu get, and h ..
glad to get it. A >ca; -at r
’j-.^rned devil is an emb>
(j^jnded by human nature ar.d
richly deserved to be chased; but
it is well enough, while stopping
to catch breath, to recall the fact
that this is still that sort of
world—a world in which even
the gamblers can not run prices
up any too high to suit those
who have the goods to sell.
There may be a few Flor Sillins
left; but they are like hen’s
The republican party has long {wast
ed of being the party of “God and mor
i ality;” it has had the support of a large
| majority of the ministers and religious
1 paper.-, and it has constantly charge*.!
! ihe democratic party with being an
j ally of the saloon and in league with
lawlessness. The time has come to put
I it to the test.
The republican party is in absolute
I control of the federal government. It
j ha.- the president, the senate and the
j h> use. It can pass ary aws that it
| wants to pass and repeal any law that
it wants to repeal. The federal gov
ernment is t* *day .ssu:r.g licenses for
the .-a.e of liquor in territory where
the local authorities have prohibited
the sale. Ir. :-e%eral states the sale of
uor is prohibited by statute, in a
number of -tales its sale is prohibited
in a ma or tv of the counties, and in an
,fth. -tat■ ?■ t is prohibited in many
ities ar. t precincts,
f:ut in -pi e of the attempt of local
r. ies :r these districts to pro
Y t the -ale of liquor as a beverage,
the ;*-derai government continues to
issue license- in contemptuous disre
gard of local sentiment and local law.
The government receives $u-5 for each
. vense, and ir. receiving the money it
must either intend to collect that sum
without giving anything valuable in re
I turn i in case the one receiving the
i license does not sell liquor t or to en
j courage the one receiving the license
I to violate the local 'aw. for he can not
! use his licence without violating the
law. Can the federal government af
ford to continue a partner with the
[lawbreakers Can any part\ afford to
longer legalize this partnership?
A democrat, believing in local -elf
govemment and in the right of each
c m muni tv to attend to its own at: airs,
can consistently oppose the action of
the federal government in thus over
riding the laws < 1 -tates, court.c- ar. .
1 c •m.mur.iti-s.
; It matters r.-.t whether u p-ersor.
fa r ■ prehibitioi or • - t. hi
, ought t ie lav r w the t r.force
1 ment of the law whether tr.at lav. suit.
: ;tt; r r.Mt. Popular government rests
upor respect for law. and nothing is
mure calculated t cultivate .tUrespe t
for law than this action of the federal
g- vemmer.t in not only ignoring the
wishes of the people ir. various local
ities. but .n actually reaping a pro:it
from the issue of licenses which stimu
late aw-breaking
Now while the tariff bill is before
congress, it will be an opportune time
for the democrats to propose an amend
ment to the internal revenue part of
the Payne bill prohibiting the issuing
of federal licenses for the -ale of liqu r
in states, counties or communities
where the sale is locally prohibited.
Let the fight be in the q>en. and a
majority of the voters v\ !l be found on
the - ie of law and order wheth r they
believe ' the leg atn>r. f the .iquor
t r ii •• • •
b *;0p
T .r.y :
r:a.v/' - ’ • i 1
There 'vi.i be jrrav vari
work':... at the B . tv.m Swh
House the d 1 Satmwuy **vt-:..n>r
in May.everybody who fei is an
interest will please come.
THOS. C. Pre- THOs C. NLR \E JR Ck ■ ier
JAMES G. CLARR s 1 R ^ RIGHT . .-V t. C«h,
SURPLUS $8,750.00
A man with a checking account can tell you o: its many
It is estimated that ninety-five per cent of the business
of the country is transacted by means of checks and drafts.
Under no other system could we reach the high state of de
velopment attaint in the la^t fifty years.
A checking account with this bank will simplify the
transactions you are now doing on a cash basis.
If you are not a customer of this bank let this be your
invitation to become one. THOS. C. MCRAE. JR.
Neighborhood News
Interesting ^/ews Items Collected
By Our Country Correspondents
The farmers have taken ad
vantage of the beautiful weather
and all seem to be up with their
Bro. Erwin filled his regular
appointment at this place Satur
day and Sunday.
Quite a number of our people
attended the singing convention
at Bodcew Sunday and report a
nice time.
Mrs. Cumming’s visited at the
home of Mr. G. W. Munn Satur
Mrs. Cleve Orr visited her
mother one day last week.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Munn
visited at the home of their son.
J. B. Munn Sunday.
Misses Evie Gatley and Orena
Woodul are visiting near Sutton
this week.
Mr. Evans who was reported
ill last week is no better now.
Unci* Jim Duke is dangerously
sick with appendicitis and con
Mr. and Mrs. Ted McGough
are the proud parents of a boy.
Mr. Cleveland Gann of Little
Rock spent Sunday with his
parents here. He was accom
panied by Miss Jessie Philips of
• There is considerable sickness
in our community at present.
The boll weevel food is coming
up regardless of the cold weat er
we are having.
Mrs. Willie Yarberry and Miss
Fannie Brooks made a trip to
Prescott Monday.
Mr. Clyde Brown and Mis?
Mattie Pye were out driving
Sunday evening.
Mr. B. F. Steel'? letter in la?:
week's issue was fine and worthy
of the consideration o: every
American citizen.
Miss Ethel Ward was visiting
the Misses Butchers’ in New
Home neighborhood Monday.
Messr? Tom Shackleford and
Drew Cummings of Midway
made their regular trip to Mr.
Diggers Saturday evening.
Mr. Will Campbell has been
real sick for the past few days
but is some better now.
Mr. and Mrs. John Austen and
Dock Yarberry and family were
visiting at Mr. Jim Huskey's
last Sunday.
Avis says that he visited Mr.
Is f Miss Nobi
? nday.
Mr. Ire Boy..tt nf r-v.r Emm-1
was visiting at Mr. \N n. Hen i ?
Sun lay t vening.
On tr.e.r return from the sin -
. t Maze u.a Sunday M:.
d Mrs. M-j? • C x d a. .d
spent a part of the a:'tern-»- :
with Mr.an . Mrs. Berry An? n.
Mr. Louis Hines, and Mis-es
E-inu Bute:. : an i Laura Dye at
tended th- singing at Swte*
Home Sunday evening.
Bro. Copeland will preach at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. \\ . \ .
Bhii’ gsleys again Sunday night.
Piney Grove
We are having some real cold
weather for this season of the
year but the crops are growing
fine, although the frost that
came the other night did a little
harm to them.
Farmers are very nearly up
with their work.
Gardens are doing real nice,
they are half the living with
most of us.
There is some sickness but not
serious. F. P. Smith is on the
sick list out is able to be up.
Hoeing corn and hiving bee>
seem to be the order of the day
here. Mr. Mohon has had three
swarms of bees to save.
Mrs. Ella Marburv has gone
to Jonesboro to live.
Mr. H. M. Melson of Prescott
was down in this part of the 1
country to see his brother. A. J.
West ’
The big holiness meeting wTill
begin at Emmet Friday night
in the Methodist Church.
There will be Childrens Day at
Piney Grove on the 4th Sunday
in June, and a lecture in the
afternoon. Let every body come
and bring a well filled basket of
good things to eat.
Our Sunday School is doing
nicely, it is not very large but
the scholars are doing well.
Mr. Sid Padgett of Prescott
was a caller at the home of I-. P.
Smith one day this week. Sid
says it looks like home around
P.ney Grove.
Merriman Smith attended the
sermon at Antioch Sunday.
Monroe Young spent Saturday
night and Sunday with friends
at Rocky Mound and reports a
fine time.
Mr. Bob Moxelv aud family
spent Saturday night and Sun
day at the Mound with friends.
Success to the Pic. J. M.
Wards Chapel
Health is not very good in this
community, several cases of La
giippe caused by the sudden
change of weather.
The cold,frosty mornings have
injured the crops and gardens to
a great extent, but,if the weath
er continues warm they will get
all right in a few days.
Our Sunday School continues
to improve. Every effort is be
ing made to make it second to
none in the country, and if it
continues in the future as in the
past few weeks it will be hard to
beat. We have good singing,
large crowds and everybody
seems to take a great interest in
the work. So listen, those who
have no place to go on Sunday,
come out and be with us.
The singing at Mr. T. A. Bil
lingsley’s last Sunday evening
was pronounced a success.
A great many of the young
folks here attended the party at
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Buchanan’s
last Saturday night and all re
port a swell time.
Mr. Chess Pittman and Miss
Ethel Dillon were out driving
Sunday evening. They were all
Mr. Jro. T. Burns and family
to 'k dinne1 with T. A. Billing
sk-y lust S moay.
Eervuody come to the sc ho 1
ek - t o’ *n th - ’r i Satur lay n
M . Bring . .r .-;u si i lets
Kii up the graves an:i clean • u
T: ere wi:i , j mv a cuing ut the
Chape! next S irday rnght and
ako two .-.rn ons <»n Sunday
w : n< th< gr md. All
ar invited to come and b with
is. Bro. Copeland will preach
Mr. and Mrs. Ward and Mrs.
Di n took dinner with Mr. and
Mi.-. D. W. Moore last Sunday.
Mr. Willie Downs has mine,
the W. 0. W. and taken out a
policy in favor of some one of
the femenine sex. and as “Time
proves all things.” we will just
wait and let time prove who it is.
Those who attended the grave
yard working at Providence last
Saturday say that a hard day’s
work was done and their “city of
the dead” looks much better.
Bon Bon.
The singing at this place was
largely attended Sunday. Come
again next Sunday.
John Crumby and Miss May
Sanders were out to the singing
Joe Ross has been quite sick
the past week. Joe says it is
the log house fever he has and
that he had a relapse Sunday.
We hope he will soon recover.
N.H. Martin and wife.of Prfs
:ott, were visiting in this vicin
ity Sunday.
G. W. Ross and family are
visiting in Howard county a few
days this week.
Douglass McSwain was the
guest of Miss Gracie Sanders
Sunday afternoon.
The county local was out Fri
day night in charge of Conductor
Landers and Engineer Ross.
They made the round trip on
John Graves, of Center, gave us
some nice music at Will Martin s
Saturday night. It was the best
ever heard in these parts.
The Boughton writer says we
did not say what we were going
to gather from that cotton seed.
He ought to know that we would
not gather corn. We have one
patch that came up with men’s
ready made clothing on and
another with little bales of cot
ton. The last has not come up
yet but we think it will be po
tatoes. I guess he will raise
bagging and ties from the cotton
he planted.
The writer was going around
one of our bridges last week and
saw a hat lying in the mud in
the bottom of the creek. I started
to pick it up when someone said:
“Let my hat alone." I asked
the owner of the hat what he
was doing down there and he
said that he had lost a wagon
and team in there somewher*
and that he was looking for
Come on with the brick, or u
me know and I will come afte
them for I want those bad pi^
fixed up right away.
Road Worker
J. V. Ogden will deliver a lec.
ture to the Laneburg I^ocal at
Laneburg on the second Satur.
day in May. This wili be an
open door meeting and every
body is cordially invited to at.
tend. The lecture will be at 2
o’clock in the afternoon.
G. F. Cummings' j
-—-— --
Are you taking the Picayune.
Ml ■ "■ " — I
Talking Machine Records
and small goods cash, and
all who have notes and
accounts due me will
please come and pay or
send the money to me at
my music store.
A. Monson
If You Have
a family prescription bring
it to the Nevada Countv
Drug Store. It will be com
pounded properly by
Registered Druggists
v i.e •; v ■ . ■'> ug Sic e
West Front Street
At J. H. KERSHAW’S and lor sale cheap for
Corner of Second and Main Street
At McDaniels old stand
The J. I. Case f u!ti\: tor lias dom as much as any
thing to make our cultivator business a success. Wo
have sold them continuously for over ten years and
have fulfilled every promise we have made for the i.
They do not decorate the fence corners like so many
other makes have done; they have those adjustments
only that make them do the work easily and well, and
are not burdened with useless attachments.
During the last few days we have orders from De
light. Antoine and Murfreesboro in Pike County and
from Okolona in Clark County for the J. I. Case Culti
vator. We sell quite a few in Nevada County.
This indicates that a cultivator of the right kind
might be of service to you. If you are at all interested
we will be glad to discuss this w ith you more fully, A
visit from you will not put you under any obligation to
_ __

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