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The Nevada County picayune. (Prescott, Ark.) 190?-current, September 30, 1909, Image 7

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Special Sale At The
At v
It w
ch time wo are offering $25,000 siock of Bright New, Seasonable Clothing, \
^ Gents ! urmshings at !e s than 50 Cents o i t ; i Ilex,
i giving ever
1 his is the greatest j
i II
the business h story of Prescott, ‘v ou cannot afford to miss this sale. j
■ vou we 1 to come to this great sale even though you live miles away. \ ins sale
.om ordinary sales because o' the great superior quality o! th< goods we seil. Your 1
does d uble duty here. .*. *
;nnss l;-* . 4 • o.
tfa I'-.-mrr * j i Y * \ srfc
C«pvnfh«rd I 909 fey
stm oss Duos a co.
fix Cltikn ilikm
■ mrtiti S<» Tprfe
No goods will be charged during sale.
■——— ■ — ■'■■■■ mm—mmmm mm — ——■——« — ■ -
Take no one’s word. Not even ours. If you are skeptical and
think the prices and values are too good to be true, come and see. You
will be thoroughly convinced as to the genuiness of this great sale.
The prices quoted below are only an tinkling of the money saving op
portunity offered in this Great Sale. Come and be convinced.
Railroad fare paid for anyone living 25
miles from Prescott who buys $50.00
worth from us during this sale. Get a re
ceipt from your agent for amonut.
HOSIERY - Our brands are the best product of the mills of the
country for Ladies’, Gents, Children and Infants 50c grade, 24: 35
grade,' 19; 25c grade, 1 l-4c; 15c grade. 10c; 10c grade 5c.
lie ha\ h- best line the market
JFortU .1. Ik Stetson $5. ha's
iale price 2.50
<ong)e\ Law and Alexander
agular '< •") Hat, Sale 2 95
tegular mi Hat, Sale . 1.55
tegular I >0 Hat. Sale 1.25
tegular J 1 a» Hat, Sale 1.10
tegular 1.25 Hat, Sale 50
Weals ! ave a complete line
'Men’s <1 Boy’s Hats, Prices
10c to $1.50
i.00 S; 1 Value $3 00
,00 2.00
100 S; w - 1.00
1-50 Sa due - .50
■tips, Cases and Trunks
at ; -eat» sacrifice.
ckerhocker and
lit Pants.
o $1.00
We have a complete line of Mens
Shirts in all Shades
Regular $1 75 Shirts at 90
Ragular 1.00 Shirts at 74
Regular 75 Shirts at 40
Men’s 50c- Ribbed Underwear at - 25
Men’s Fleeced Lined Underwear at 80
Men’s Lisle Underwear, regular $1.
value at. 75
For Men. Boys. Girls and Chil
dren -all the latest styles and
shapes—Prices - * 15, 25c
Suspenders and Ties
[tegular 75c Ties Sale price 45c
Regular 50c Ties Sale prce 24c
Regular Mac Ties Sale price 9c
Regular 50c Suspenders at 24c
Regular 35c Suspenders at 19c
Driving and Dress Glove*
$125 Values at &4c
Regular $1.00 Values at .. 74c
I Regular 75 Values at 43c
All the leading brands of New
York City. Regular $5. and $0.
Grades at this sale $3.00
Special $3.50 and $1 sale at 2.00
Special $2 and $3, sale at 1.00
Sweet, Orr and Company Brand
$1.25 Grade at Sale 89
75 Grade at Sale 47
50 Grade at Sale 30
for a
Boys and girls can win big
prizes in the great drawing
contest given by the manu
facturers oi
Selz “Liberty Bell” Shoes
—the guarantord P.iui for ch bon.
A k nt our st.'rr t ir th • • booklet tr ail
about the io.ooo prke. • n children urvr i>
Fancy Vests that are all the go,
all the latest shades $5 and $(>
Values go at
$1.25 to $2.00
No. 1 For Men, Youths and Boys.
This is gaing to be one of the best and most import
ant sales of Men’s Cloteing that has ever been advertised
in this county before, for it unquestionably contains some
of the very best values. All these clothes have been
manufactured and made uy by the best tailors of New
York City with reputation for the superior character of
style and workmanship. You will find in these suits the
careful tailoring that characterizes the products of the
made-to-order kind and you pay not even half the price.
Men, this may not ever happen again. Your choice of
2,000 strictly bandtailored $20.00 and $25.00suits ^0 0^
must be sold at once. In this sale they go at
A Special purchase of Men’s Youth’s and Roy’s Suits.
Magnificent line of fine soft Cassimeres, Cheviots and
Worsted, in all shades and styles. All the latest shades,
Brown. Tan Green, Smoke and Invisible Stripes. (A good
many in this lot have been manufactured by Schloss Bros,
and Hart, Schaffer and Marx. Never before has such an
opportunity been accorded in the eity of Pres- C | | Jjj
cott.) These are 25.00 and $30 values, go at -
$15.00 and $18.00 Suits go at - -
Serges Regular $15.00 and $20.00 at
As a specialty we olfer in this sale one lot of Men’s,
Youth’s and Boy’s Suits which are made up of the best
material and latest shades. You can get them in all sizes.
Regular $11.50 valbes. This whole lot will be
sold in this Great Special Sale at - - - -
To the fathers ond mothers of this county: 1 will make a
special offer for the school children of Clothing and shoes
$7. Grade Boy’s Suits $4.78. $0 Grade. Boy’s Suits $3.45
3. Grade Boy’s Suits 1.74. I 2 Grade, Boy’s Suits .75
2.50 “ Boy’s Suits 1.74. I 1.50 “ Boy’s Suits ,75
Only one suit, will be sold to a customer.
All Colors and sizes Jackets less than 50c on the dollar.
Regular Value -SIS.00 go at $! i.00
“ “ $15.00 goat
$7.50 go tit
$5.00 go at
5.50 !
5,000 pairs must be sold at once.
Men’s Ladies’ and Childrens. We have
not enough space to mention all the best
qualities about them.
Men's Solid Leather Shoes worth $2.60,
will go at .$1.49
Men’s Shoes, $3.00 values go at _ $1.95
The celebrated Florsheim $7 shoes at 3.95
All $0.50 Shoes, go at .. -- 4.25
$1.50 Values, Sale price $1.10
We also carry a complete lino of boys
and twirls shoes. Regular 2.50 and 2.00
dollar values go at 75c to 1.25
If you want a fancy shoe for yourself,
son or daughter, you will find it at this
sale where I am prepared to suit yftu in
quality and price.
3.00 Values. Sale price
1.25 Values. Sale price
f*Ce& the Lowest., Quality
^ ®esL. You can*t afford
1 *ks this Sale.
New York Store,
The time and the place to save
money. Come i early, Late
Customers may be Disappoint
ed. i • • • • •

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