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Oh.Y y Kid!
See Ward & West
and Company
at the
Opera House
October 16th
Look, Special Prices:
25 & 35 Cents
A Few Choice Reserved at 50c
Free Street Performance at 5:30 P. M.
Nearly everybody has a solu
tion of the “negro question” to
offer the ignorant public, and
“Fuss” is no exception to the
The negro is an IMITATOR.
He is an imitation of the human
being, just as the ape is an imi
tation of the negro. In Africa
he acts naturally. In the United
States he tries to imitate the
white people.
The negro is what the white
people make him. When he does
something here that he does not
do in Africa it is a trick picked
up from us white people.
So long as we continue to hang
Coco-Cola “ladies” in public
for Bro. Sambo to gaze upon, so
long we may expect for such
hellish crimes to be enacted by
the ‘ ‘beasts of the fields. ”
So long as we continue to talk
immorality in the hearing of the
negro, just so long we may ex
pect him to play the act.
So long as we continue to sell
goods to the negro on credit just
so long we may expect to be un
able to control him in any way.
Human beings use reason in
all things. Beasts have no
reasoning power. This is why
hanging Sambo to the crooked
trees in oar land does not deter
him from repeating his crimes.
If your old ram jumps the
fence in the presence of your
billy goat the billies will immedi
ately try to imitate the old ram.
And if you s oot one of the dear
billies as an object-lesson to the
balance as to what they may ex
pect if they do the same thing, it
has just the same effect upon
them that hanging Sambo has
upon the balance of his species.
Quit displaying immoral
pictures and otner things of like
nature in the presence of the
negro. Mind how you talk in
his presence. Never argue with
him. Do not sell him pistols and
other things he should not have.
Do not sell him anything on
credit nor loan him anything,and
you will thus throw him on his
own resources, and when you do
this you will see Bro. Sambo and
and his “cullud ladies” go to
work. When you get them
strung out at work you will see
signs of contentment and happi
ness growing among them, and
worry on the part of the whites
will die away, and crimes by the
negro will be few and far be
The white women can do a big
part in solving the “negro ques
tion” by doing al tlheir own
i cooking and other household
work. It will force the negro
woman to go to the fields, where
nature intended them for and
this will force millions of big,
black, greasy bucks to go to
work that the negro women are
now feeding out of your kitchens.
And when all this takes place
there is going to be fewer jobs
than hands, and as they must
work or starve, they will beg
you for a job instead of you beg
ging them to work for you. Then
wages will be cut to where they
can make only to live off of each
l day they work, which will
naturally force them to work
every day. And when this is
done the “negro question” will
be a thing of the past. And
they will then have to quit send
ing their kids to public schools at
the expense of white people.
And when we prevent them get
ting a book education we are do
ing a favor to them as well as
ourselves. An educated negro
compares favorably with an edu
cated billy goat. Both are a
Treat a negro right in every
particular. But stop right there.
Jimmie Vardiman and Tommie
Watson can peel and repeal, codi
fy and modify the U. S. Consti
tution all they want too. But it
will not amonut to much until
our plan is put into operation,
and they ought ot know it.
As to what the Northern fa
natics say about our plan, we
don’t give a cuss. They DO
NOT know what they are growl
ing about. — From “Fuss, ’’
Toombsuba, Miss.
Provided, the following coun
ties shall be exemped from the
provisions of this Act:
Arkansas, Ashley, Baxter,
Boon, Bradley, Calhoun, Clark,
Chicot, Cleburne, Columbia,
Conway, Crittenden, Cross,
Dallas, Desha, Drew, Hempstead
Hot Spring. Howard, Izard, Jef
ferson, Lafayette, Lee, Lincoln
Little River, Logan, Lonoke,
Marion, Miller, Mississippi, Mon
roe, Montgomery, Ouachita,
Perry, Phillips, Pike, Poinsett,
Polk, Pope, Pulaski, Saline,
Searcy, Woodruff, and Yell.
Approved May 12, 1909.
— —--——
For Sale At a Bargain—One
1 Black Jack, Tenn. Stock, 7 years
old, 14 1-2 hands high, well broke
and sure foaler. Has produced
some as fine mules as the country
has. Will sell him cheap or
trade for other stock.
Vaughan Realty Co.
If you want a home in Pres
cott or a farm for half price, see
our lists.
For this week we have:
One of the prettiest and most
desirable houses in the city, situ
ated on West Walnut St., ad
joining business part. A two
story 10 room residence with all
conveniences. Lot 150 x 150
feet Concrete walks and side
walks. Shaded with maple trees
—an ideal home. Title perfect,
and you can buy it for $3,500.
No. 295. 99 acres 5 miles
northwest of city on R. F. D.
and telehpone line. Dirt land. 5
room residence, barns and out
houses. 2 acre orchard, fine free
stone water. 70 acres fenced.
Good fruit and melon land. $600,
No. 294 80A. sandy land, 35
I acres in cultivation. 4 room resi
dence, barn and out houses.
| Best of water, and orchard. — A
truck, orchard and melon propo
sition. $500.
No. 301, 81A. 3 room dwelling, j
barn and.fine water. 30 acres in j
cultivation, balance timber and
pasture. $500 buys this. Good
school and churches. R.. F. D.
and telephone line.
No. 299. 80 acres 5 1-2 miles
northwest of city. 60 acres
fenced. 5 room house, 2 wells,
one in lot other at kitcheu door.
$450 net, worth double the price
48 acres of Redland 2 miles
south of city, on R. F. D. No. 1;
33 acres in good state of culti
vation;^ room dwelling, good
water, bam and out-houses;tract
all fenced and includes a good
pasture, good.for truck, grain or
anything you want to raise. $700.
120 acres of sandy and dirt
land 5 miles northwest of city; 60
acres in cultivation, 2 acres in
orchard of peaches, pears and
apples, 12 acres in pasture; 5
room dwelling, one 2 room ten
ant house, barn and stables; 1-4
mile of R. F. D., good school
and churches. This land is fine
for fruit, melons, potatoes and
anything you want. $1,300 buys
it; 1-2 cash, balance notes. This
is a good home.
272 acres 6 miles northwest of
city, on R. F. D. No. 5 and tele
phone line; 80 acres in cultiva
tion; 4 room frame dwelling with
brick chimney, barn’and stables,
best of water, one 2 room tenant
house; fine fruit land, sandy; one
acre orchard of English walnuts,
pears and Elberta peaches; 100
acres of pasture land, lays well
and prductive. Will sell all or
part and you can buy it for $6
per acre; best truck and fruit
land in the country.
Something Real Fine.
120|acres bottom land 1 1-4 mile
east of Bough ton; 40 acres in
cultivation; one small|house and
outbuildings; some good oak and
cypress timber. This farm has
produced over a bale of cotton
and fifty bushels of corn per
acre; good water. $1820 buys
this; 1-2 cash, balance terms.
See or write us for anything
you want.
We have several nice city
residences for 1-2 what they are
worth and can get what you
want. Write for lists. It will
pay you to see us.
An Army of ClownJ
ANINE /'ll
_ _MJ
THE Pony With A Human Brain
Arabian Horses
The Great Equine Spectacle
Gathering the Garlands
2-Shows aily-2
3 and 8 P. M.
ig Free Exhibition
On Show Grounds at 2:30 and

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