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The Nevada County Picayune.
a ■ innftcwo I EDITOR
Entered »<? cp(*n*<H-rIn00 matter Sent.
Bud, 1907, al loe i oal Wlilce al Prescull,
Arkansas under the act of Congress nf
March 3. 1879.
Publiahod Every Thursday Morning;
Subscription One Dollar Per Year
The Picayune Office . 232
C.B. Andrew's Residence . . 149
Any erroneous redaction upon the
character, standing or reputation of any
Individual, firm or corporation appear
ing in The Picayune will be promptly
corrected if brought, to the attention of
the publisher. Statements of facts,
however will not be retracted.
We are authorized to announce the
name of D. L. Dillard of Albany
Township as a candidate for Sheriff of
Nevada County, subject to the action
of the democratic primary election.
We are authorized to announce G.
R. Blake as a candidate for Tax Asses
sor of Nevada County, subject to the
action cf the democratic primary.
Wre are authorized to announce Wiley
T. Jobe, of Georgia township, as a can- j
didate for Tax Assessor of Nevada
County, subject to the action of the
Democratic primary.
We are authorized to announce D. T. ,
Milam as a candidate for Road Over-1
seer subject to the action of the demo
cratic primary.
Read the Picayune.
Sam Moore and wife, of
Howard Co. are visiting Mr. and
Mrs. G. W. Ross and family a
few days this week.
John Dougan and wife of Pres
cott spent Sunday visiting Will
Martin and wife of this place.
Miss May Sanders gave a
birthday party last Friday night
in honor of her 19th birthday.
We hope that she will enjoy
many more happy years.
The news was spread over the
country like wild fire that
Earnest Summers and Miss
Annie Black was married on
Thanksgiving Day. The Report
er saw Earnest and he says it
isn’t so but would like to marry.
Harry Wake of this place and
Miss Dollie Clark of De Ann
was married at the home of the
bride. We wish them a long and
happy life.
The singing at Mr. Summers
Sunday night was largely attend
We wonder who those boys
were that that run through Mr.
Summers field Sunday night and
knocked all the corn stalks out
and burned a path through the
We will have a singing school
at this place in about two weeks.
The Doctor.
Thanksgiving has come and
gone and we have all enjoyed
ourselves. There was not a one
but had a reason to be thankful,
for the students were given their
I will sell at public auction on the comer
of East Elm and East First Streets at One
o’clock P. M. on
Saturday, December 5th
A Lot of Merchandise Such As
Hats, Shoes, Overcoats, Sweaters,
Clothing, Hardware,
Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc.
These are not second hand goods but
such as you find in the stores and will be
sold to the highest bidder regardless of the
cost. Winter is now coming on and this
will be a chance to buy winter goods at
your own price.
Be on time and 1 will hand you some
bargains. Remember the time and place.
Ladies are requested to attend.
The service at the church was
enjoyed by those present. Good
talks were made by Revs. Cox
and Dorman. Dr. Atkinson, Prof
Langston and others. The lesson
was John 17, Christ’s prayer to
the Father.
Miss Batchelor’s recital was
! far ahead of all expectations.
| The Chapel was packed, and the
program was a grand success.
Miss Batchelor and her class in
expression deserves a lot of
praise for the big work they are
Several of our young friends
visited us Friday. We are al
ways pleased to have visitors. It
keeps us wide awake.
The Union Athletic Club gave
its first game of Basket ball
Thursday evening. In the first
game Arthur Fuller and Arthur
Caudle were Captains, with a
score of 45 to 12 in favor of
Fuller. Captains May and Stew
art played the second game with
a score of 19 to 20 in favor of
Stewart. The second game (was
more interesting than the first.
The officials were Wyatt. Deak
ins, Hudson, Lafferty and Olive
Our club is already being noticed
and we predict something doing
before very long. The friends
and patrons of the school are
loud in their praise of the con
duct of the players in both
Pink Taylor was in town
Thursday. Pink is always on
hand when the fair sex are un
der consideration.
Owen Waters was called home
Thursday morning by the death
of his grandfather, who had been
sick for some time. The bereav
ed ones have our sympathy.
See another column for our
program that will be given by
the societies just before the
holidays. Come and we will
give you a treat.
Proi. Langston conducted
services at the Baptist church
Saturday night, in the absence
of Bro. Irving. I Tow ver. Pro.
Irving preached Sunday <>n the
Christian's Security, I Kalins
Well! We are having some fine
weather. As every one knows,
this is something to be thankful
The exercise by the children at
Piney Grove school hause on
Thanksgiving Day -vas fine, and
ail present enjoyed it.
Thanksgiving I )av was a sad
one to the family of Mr. Isaac
Sanders, on account of the death
of one of his daughters at eleven
o’clock. Drs. Buchanan, Guthrie
Rice a’d Dickinson performed
an operation on her the day be
fore. She never revived from
the effects of the chloroform.
Mrs. Dickey’s boys are not
through moving from above
Prescott yet. They will make
their future home near Piney
Grove. We welcome them among
Mr. Andy Allen and family
have come hack from Texas.
Mr. Bain has moved on Mrs.
Crumby’s place. He said when
the people of Texas found out
he was from Arkansas they
would not let him stay there.
That’s alright, stay in Arkansas
where you can get plenty good
Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Patterson
and Mrs. Perry Barber visited at
F. P. Smith’s Sunday.
Bro. Whaley will preach at
Piney Grove the second Sunday
in December at 11 o’clock. Now
let all the people attend preach
ing and show Bio. Whaley we
appreciate his kindness in com
ing to us.
Bitting’s Eczema Cure. All
skin diseases and Piles, guaran
teed. Prescott Drug Co.
In Justice Court
Otto Young, Plaintiff
E. A. Short, Defendant.
The defendant, E. A. Short is here
by warned to appear in this court with
in thirty days and answer the the com
plaint of the plaintiff herein.
Dec. 2 ‘09. C. B. Andrews, J. P.
Liver Trouble
Remedy Free
Any intelligent person can be his
own doctor in the ordinary case of
liver trouble, for the symptoms can
not be mistaken. If the white of the
eye becomes yellowish, if the skin be
comes sallow, if pimples and blotches
appear, if the bowels do not move, if
you have sick headache, if you are
bilious, you may be sure that your
liver is torpid or inactive.
The quickest and surest remedy yet
found for the cure of liver trouble or any
of Its symptoms is Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin, the great herb laxative compound.
This wonderful remedy is not only a laxa
tive. but a tonic as well. It will start
the flow of gastric Juice, thereby soon
enabling the liver to do Us work natur
ally. A bottle of this great liver remedy
can be bought of any druggist for 50
cents or tl. and in many cases a single
bottle has cured a chronic case.
For example. John W. Lee, 619 S. Penn
sylvania ave . Indianapolis. Ind., had a
stubborn and very long-standing case of
liver trouble, with pimples, blotches.
Jaundice, etc., and it cured him. Mrs. B.
Flinchum, Jackson. Ky., says the same
of It. Thousands of families keep it In
the house against just such an emer
gency. as you can never tell when some
member of the family will need a good
In order to have you or any other suf
ferer from the liver make a test of Dr.
Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin without personal
expense, Dr Caldwell will send you a free
test bottle if you will send your name
and address The sample will show you
how pleasant It is to take, how gently It
works It will start you on the cure of
your trouble and convince you that you
have found a cure That is the object of
the sample, and the doctor urges you to
send for it today.
ir mere is anyming about
your ailment that you don't
understand, or if you want
any medical advice, writ*
to the doctor, and he will
answer you fully. There Is
no charge for this service.
The address is Dr. W. B.
Caldwell. 500 Caldwell bid*.,
Monticello, III.
TUST that is what you're /
t: vin< to do if you are *
attempting business
without advertising in these
No man was ever satis
fied with well enough.
You are no exception—
you want more business.
Push hard advertise in
this paper.
Tell people what you’ve
got to sell — tell them often
tell it well.
Visit our office we’ll ,
show you how. *
.1 uu»! cUi. law. 1>T W. S. IT.)
In The Nevada Chancery Court.
Bud Handle, Plaintiff,
vs i
Hattie Randle, Defendant.
The defendant, Hattie Randle is wai
| ed to appear in this court within thii
days and answer the complaint of t
the plaintiff herein.
This Nov. 15, ’09. F. E. Murrah, Cl<
Justice of the Peac
Picayune Building
If You Want
Up-To-Date Job
Printing, See
Office With
Calls Ansv.vivJ Day and Nigh
Prescott, \rkansas.
If You Have
c. ucCi ip cion oring
it to the Nevada Couiity
L>:ug :t o It will be en>: ■
!> um!-*d ;>ro; erly by
Registered Druggists
Nevada County Drugstore
Front Street
Never since v\e have been in business have
we been [is well prepared to handle the fall
business as we are this year. Not only have
we bought in larger quantities and greater
variety, but we have bought cheaper than ever
before; we have a bunch of the right kind of
young fellows that know goods and values and
they enjoy showing the stock. This fall we
expect to maintain our reputation as the largest
sellers of dependable hardware and house
furnishings in Southwest Arkansas. In our
store you are alwavs- welcome to look around
and compare our prices and goods.

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