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Let Every Body Work For The Rail Road And The High School. Concerted Action Is What We Need. Get Busy.
Over 1000 Pairs Men’s 00 OC
$4, $5 and $6 Trousers,
lfM«* »*0® Br
hi11QSS b*OS ft l®.
n-t Llvtkci Raker*
®«IUa»rc iW Kcv lark
Great Sale o f
Men’s Trous
THIS is the most important sale
of Men’s Trousers that we have
ever announced ana the response
I sheuld be very large to-morrow.
| This sale begins at 8:30 in the
I morning. Trousers for all oc
I casions; whether tor work, for
the business office or for dress
up occasions.
AT $2.85
The public who want Shoe
style in Combination with moder
ate Price and Longest wear will
find for $2.00 and $2.50, in our
Btore, the Best Shoes ever produc
ed for Men and Women.
3,000 Pairs of Men’s Fine Shoes
Pasent Leather and Gun OQ HO
Metal Calf, lace, blucher OZiUU
Mens 4.00 and
Shoes at
Women’s $3.00, $3.50 and
$4.00 Pumps and Oxfords
I!« New York Store
There will be something like
30 or 10 Automobiles'here next
Monday for dinner, or that is,
they are billed to be here if
nothing “draps”. This is the
Glidden Tour of the American
Automobile Association which
left Cincinnatti Ohio, last Tues
day and are headed for Dallas,
This is a sight worth seeing.
Every body come to town and
see the Automobiles.
The annual session of the Ne
vada County Singing Convention
"ill be held at Prescott on Sat
urday and Sunday July 2 and 3,
1910. Every class in the County
is urged to send delegates to
this meeting. The committee
has not suggested a hook to be
used, but come on and bring all
your books.
J. A. Hailey,
The Confederate Reunion of
camp Asa Morgan will meet at
Serepta Springs on Thursday and
Friday, July 21st and 22nd. A
nice time is anticipated by the
old soldiers.
Irish Potatoes are now ready
for shipment out on the P. tVr N.
W. R. R. Several cars were
taken out for that purpose this
Will yop have ladies low shoes offered
to you a, such low prices. We are
going to close out all our low shoes—
Including Oxfords, Pumps and Strap
Sandals. Below is all you will have to
pay cash:
$3.50 Ladies low shoes, at $2.90
3.00 “ “ “ “ 2.50
250 “ “ “ “ 2.00
2.25 “ “ “ “ 1.00
2*oo “ “ “ “ 1.50
1^40 “ “ “ “ 1.25
Prescott, - Arkansas.
Try a Sack of “ELECT FLOUR
Met at call of President. Call
ed to order in Mr. Greeson’s of-!
fice at 8:30 P. M. June 8, 1910.
Present: McRae, Greeson,
Gordon, Thomas, McCelelland
and Ellsworth.
On motion, resolved that we
organize and incorporate under
the law for Fair Associations,
On motion, resolved that the
CIATION be adopted.
Committee on premiums made
a partial report as follows. We
your Committee report as fol
lows and recommend that first
and second premiums be offered
as follows.
Best Horses or mare any age.
Best sucking colt, Best yearland,
2 year old, 3 year old, 4 year old.
Best single driver horse or mare.
Best sadler horse or mare, Best
pair drafters, Best all purpose
farm team horses or mares, Best
brood mare with 3 of her colts,
Best stailion with 3 or more of
his get, Best Shetland pony.
Best pair Shellands.
Best sucking mule colt, Best j
yearling. 2 year old, 3 year old, j
Best mule any age, best pair,
any age.
Best Jersey Bull any age, Best
Jersey Bull Calf, Best Jersey
Cow any age. Best Jersey Cow
with first calf, Best Jersey Calf.
1 year old heifer, 2 year old
heifer. All above duplicaetd for
beef cattle.
Best Ram. Best ewe. Best wet
her. Best Lamb, all wool breed
and duplicated in mutton breed.
Best five fleeces wool.
Best Boar any age, Best sow
any age. Best Gilt, Best pig un
der (> months old. Above prem
iums will be offered in each
breed as follows, Poland China,
Berkshire, Duroc Jerseys.
Sweepstakes Best sow’ and lit
ter of pigs any breed.
Best Pen (4 hens and cockerel
or cock). Best Cock, Best hen,
Best Cockerel, Best Pullet, in
each of the following breeds;
White Rock, Barred Rock, White
Leghorn, Brown Leghorn, Rhode
Island Red, Any other Breed.
Best Bron/.e Tom Turkey,
Best White, Best Naragansett,
Best Bourbon Red, Same for i
hens. Best pen Guineas. Best j
white Guineas.
Committee continued until
they report on Horticultural and
Agricultural premiums. Ad- ;
jorned to meet Thursday at 7:30
p. m. A. M. Elsworth. Sec.
Mrs. Emanual Moutz and
children left Wednesday after
noon on No 6 for Festus, Mo.
where they go to join Mr. Moutz
who went on before several
weeks ago. Mr. Moutz has
been a citizen of Prescott for
a number of years and has many
friends who wish him success in
his new home.
Camden and return $2.00, ac
count Arkansas State Baptist
Sunday School Convention and
State Women’s Association. On
sale June 18-19*20 and 21, good
until June 29th.
Will Mitchell, carrier on route
1, has received a Motorcycle and
now expects to hand the farm
ers the Picayune right on the
On last Monday night the local
lodge of Knights of Pythias had
a very interesting and well at
tended meeting. It had been
previously announced that there
would be refreshments served
and cigars passed around and
this induced quite a number of
stay-at-homes to turn out.
The real intention of the gath
ering was to present our grand
Chancellor Commander, P. F.
Chappell with a small token of
the esteem in which his subordi
nate lodge held him. and to show
the appreciation of the lodge on
account of his having been pro
moted to the exalted office of
Grand Chancellor Commander of
the Domain.
The presentation speech was
made by Keeper of Record and
Seal, R. P. Hamby, inj a
very appropriate talk, recalling
the many virtues of Bro. Chap
pell as a man snd a Pythian.
Brother Chappell accepted the
gift, which was a beautiful
charm emblematic of the order,
in a few well chosen words,
which clearly showed that it was
a complete surprise as well as
highly appreciated.
The lodge then addjourned,
and partook of the splendid
lunch that was prepared for
them which consisted of coffee,
sandwiches, ice cream and cake.
A most delightful hour was
Health is very Rood in this
community at this writing.
Mr. and Mrs. VV. B. Calloway
were visiting in this vicinity
The singing at F. P. Harris’
Sunday nfght was largely at
tended. All report a nice time,
especially Ot. He says he enjoy
ed himself almost to death.
S. E. Connel and family visit
ed in Hope Saturday and Sun
Mrs. Mamie Moore and hus
band, of Hope, attended church
at this place Sunday.
Any one wanting a patent on
a country automobile, just call
on Edgar and Elbert Leverette.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Brooks
visited F. P. Harris and family
The farmers are cutting oats
this week. These cold nights
and mornings are making the
cotton look sick.
W. V. Ellis has quit farming
and has gone to peddling churns.
Our school will begin the fifth
of July. Mrs. Cora Munn will
have charge of the school.
Elder J. H. Hile will preach
here Saturday night and Sunday
morning. Everybody come and
bring some body with you.
Jake Suckle returned from Lit
tle Rock Tuesday night and Mrs.
Suckle who has been in a sani
tarium there for serveral weeks,
where she underwent an opera
tion, came home with him,
greatly improved.
We positively will not publish
letters without they are signed
by the writer. We will withold
the name if desired, but MUST
know who the writer is.
Little Rock and return $3.90,
account Semi-annual State As
sociation of Lumber Dealers and
Semi-annual Hoo, Hoo Concate
nation. On sale June 16-17 and
18th. Good until June 1A).
Health is very good jn this
community at present.
Farmers are having some fine
weather, and most, of them are
laying by their corn this week.
Dwight Westmoreland was
visiting his sweetheart, Miss R.
and friends at Blutf City Sun
Miss Katie Starnes was called
up by Mr. Pat to attend preach
ing Sunday afternoon.
There were two very interest
ing sermons delivered here Sun
day, and was enjoyed by all pre
Mr. John Parker and family
were visiting friends Sunday.
Julius B, lost his hat some
where and told Rufus Starnes to
look it up for him by Sunday
Messrs. Joe Meador, Garland
Starnes, Edgar Pruitt and Miss
Teressie Mosely returned from
Prescott Saturday, having spent
the week attending the teachers
We were sorry to here Alhert
C’s disappointment Sunday, and
hope she will be at home the
next time he calls.
Lige B. says he took the wrong
road Sunday, but it led to Miss
Clara’s just the same,
Success to the Picayune.
Commencing at once the Pres
cott and Northwestern Railroad
Company will sell Week End
Excursion tickets on Saturday
and Sunday good returning on
any regular train up to and in
cluding Monday at one fare the
round trip.
This will afford all who desire
to spend the day at Highland
looking over the large peach or
chards or to go to Norvelle where
the fishing is good, an opport
unity for a days outing.
Train leaves Prescott Sundays
at 8:00 A. M., returning, arrives
at Prescott at 5:50 A. M.
The coolest place in thwn,
Fred Murrah.
Some cows and calves for sale
or trade. Hunter Scott.
To the Teachers of Nevada Co:
Feeling grateful for the pleas
ant and profitable time spent in
thi.s institute, wish to express
our thanks to the county exam
iner for his courtesy, to Prof.
Dunaway for his thorough treat
ment of the subject of Agricul
ture, to Prof. Torreyson for' the
instruction given us in the art
of reading, to Prof. Newth for
his courtesies while manager,
and to the good people of Pres
cott for their kind treatment to
us while in their city.
J. E. Meador,
L. J. Bryson,
J. M. Thomas
Health generally good and
plenty of rain and grass.
People are all done chopping
cotton around here.
There was preaching here
Saturday and Sunday. Brother
James preached a good sermon
at Car.ey last Sunday.
Westmoreland Brothers are
putting in another saw mill on
Caney Creek this week. They
are hustlers and know how to
cut lumber.
Mr. Carter of Cale, went to
Prescott Tuesday.
There was singing at Mr. Ben
Turners iast Saturday night.
Cebe Martin and his new bride
attended church here Sunday.
A splendid singing at Mr. Bur
ket’s Sunday evening.
Sid Almond filled the circuit
Sunday, He attended church at
Mt. Moriah, Rockymound and
wound up at Caney that night.
That’s going some.
Miss Stella Almond retuaned to
Hope Friday.
Fratus Rhodes took dinner
with Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Also
j brook, Sunday.
Clint McCuller, carrier on
rural route No. 4 broke all re
cords for (juick trips on his Mo
torcycle last Tuesday, making
the round trip of 25 miles and
making 80 stops on the round,
in .'i hours and 2 minutes.
Mason Fruit Jars
Quarts, Per Doz. 65c
Half Gal “ “ 85c
Extra Caps 20c
Rubbers “ u 5 & 10
Ozan Merc. Co.
Prescott, Arkansas.

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