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The Nevada Comity Picaymae.
c. B. Andrews and J. F. Morris,
Editors and Publishers.
Entered as second-class matter Sept.
Rrd, 1907, at the Post Office at Prescott,
Ark ansas under the act of C ongress of
subscription $1.5() Per Year
The Picayune Office _ . 232
C. h Andrew’s Residence . . K9
Jess Morris “ 251
notice to the mine
Any erroneous reflection upon the
character, standing or reputation of any
Individual, firm or corporation appear
ing in The Picayune will be promptly
corrected if brought to the attention of
the publisher. Statements of facts,
however will not be retracted.
The publice school statistics
for the year ending June 30,
1910, which are now being com
piled by State Superintendent:
Cook, show the average length
of school term for the year to be
106.5 days for the entire state,
with an average daily attendance
of 255,135. The year before the
length of tern was 98.2 days,
with the daily attendance 243,
232. The increase of actual
schooling for the year, over that
of the year before is equal to
giving to 2,608 children the full
common school course ot seven
years with nine months school
each year. Or, the net gain is
equal to common school educa
tion of 4,408 children, based on
the present length of school
term in Arkanaas.
Farmers are getting busy now
making molasses and gathering
Mrs. Geo. Auld is quiet sick at
this writing.
Miss Bulah Hamrick is on the
sick list.
There will be speaking and
dinner on the ground at hair
view Wednesday, September 14.
Let everyone go and carry a
well-filled basket.
Mr. Herman Abernathy, of
Halls, Tenn., who has been
visiting his grand-father, Jno.
W. Barham for the past two
weeks returned to Halls Wed
The young people of this place
enjoyed an entertainment and
ice cream supper at the home ot
John Barham on last Tuesday
Miss Attie Arnes, of Ti, Okla.,
is visiting friends and relatives
in Albany.
Another series ot meeting will
begin at Fairview next third
Sunday in September.
Madam Rumor contemplates
another wedding in the near
We were sorry to hear of the
serious accident which happened
to Epsy Weaver last week at a
base ball game and wish for him
a quick recovery.
Success to the Picayune and
its many readers.
Can be had by ambitious young
men and ladies in the field of
'“Wireless” or Railway telegra
phy. Since the 8-hour law be
came effective, and since the
Wireless companies are establish
ing stations throughout the
country there is a shortage of
telegraphers. Positions pay be
ginners from $70 to $!M) per
month, with good chance of ad
vancement. The national tele
gram institute operates six offi
cial institute in America, under
supervision of R. R.and Wireless
-officials and place all gradu
ates into positions. It will pay
you to write them for full detail
at Cincinnati. 0., Philadelphia,
P. A. Menipis.Tenn., Davenport.
L. A., Columbia, S. C., or Port
land, Ore., accoiding to which
you wish to enter.
I have sold the 40 H. P. Boiler
I had advertised, but will have
another 40 H. P. in a few days.
I have one 60 and one HO H. P.
Boilers in good condition, no
patch, no bulges. Cheap for
cash or land. Office next door
to Picayune Office. C. B. An
drews will represent me during
my absence. Don’t stand back
on account of the size of the
boiler, if too large 1 will lose the
difference. Jas. Snodgrass.
Rro Bajrj?erly preached at this
place Sunday to a very - small
Kid Crumby went to the
Brushy shed meeting Sunday.
Ed Coppock looked sad Sun
day until he saw Miss Gracie and
tHfrn he was all smiles.
Clarence Crumby came very
near knocking Mr. Ross’ house
Waldron, Ark., Oct. 9, 1909.
Mr. Wm. Brooks, Prop.,
Brooks .Med. Co., Russellville, Ark.
My Dear Sir: For several weeks I
have been intending to write you in re
gard to your Baby Balm.
If you remember, when yon were
here this summer I told you that our
baby was sick. He was then having
his third attack of bowel trouble this
summer. They were very severe.
The first two were exceedingly alarm
ing and I suggested to my wife txat
we try your remedy, but she was pre
judiced against patent medicine, so
was 1, but 1 knowing vou, gave me
confidence to some extent, (pardon the
modified clause.)
In the last case however my wife
agreed to try your Baby Balm. I
went to my doctor and told him that I
wanted to try it. He said that he did
not know what it contained but to
give it a trial. We d(d, and it worked
like a charm. Now my wife will not
be without it and the baby has not had
a bad case with his bowels since we
began using it.
You know how parents are about the
baby. We watch him and if any
trouble is indicated Brooks Baby
Bowel Balm is put into service prompt
ly and it has not failed to keep him
straight so far.
1 have been at the drug store here
on different occasions when parties
come in for baby medicine and I just
can’t (and don’t try) to keep from
‘‘buttin in” ar.d telling them to get1
your Baby Balm. Just night before j
last a man came into the drug store '
here to get bady medicine. My wife
says “tell him to get Baby Balm,”
but he had already learned its worth
and that was what he was aften
You yourself know that 1 have al
ways found objection to the publishing
of patent medicine advertising in my
paper and I never thought l would be
a person to write a recommendation
for a patent medici :e, but I could,
hardly resist in this casa, since feeling
the great benefits received from your
Baby Balm.
Very respectfully yours,
W. E. Baker.
The above is one one of the thou
sands of unsolicited lerters received in
support of Baby Balm and this baby is
one of the fiO.OOO Arkansas Babies test
ing Baby Balm last year, among which
was not a single failure or complaint.
Mr. Baker is Editor and Proprietor
of the Advance Reporter of Waldron,
Ark., one of the largest and best
weekly newspapers in the state. His
letter is given space because of his ;
known prejudice against patent modi- |
The manufactures offer $liXX> for a
formula or prescription producing a
greater percent of cures than Baby |
Balm. They also offer $1(K) for a case
of b iwel infection in children that will!
not yield to Baby Balm if given under
specific directions from beginning.
down Saturday night pounding
on it trying to wake them up
and they were not at home.
Slone Hawley lost his talk
with his best girl Saturday night
in the 5th round. Vester San
ders won the championship from
him. It was to have been a 25
round contest.
Anyone wishing to play Snap
just snap West Daniels and he
will snap-snap.
Sid Collins saw some girls pass
the road close to where he was
loading hay on a wagon and he
got so excited that he could not
find the w.'gon after he had
loaded it. Sid dont look so long
next time you will ruin your
A. VV. Dickerson moved Gov.
Jones fora peck of peas. He
now thinks that half of them
will winter him and will have
half of a peck to sell.
Misses Gracia and Robbie
Sanders spent Sunday with
Misses Mattie and Gracie Ross.
E. L. Jones is now hauling
saplings. He is selling them to
the Ozan Lumber Co. by the
Hons. Jas. McCollum and J.
W. Ellis spoke at Blevins to a
pretty fair sized crowd on the
removal of the county seat from
Washington to Hope.
Sam Mullen was called to Hope
Wednesday on business.
Three molasses mills in the
community and they can’t begin
to catch up with toe cane.
Thursday evening of last
week quite a crowd from this
place started to the river on a
couple of days hunting and
A couple of weeks ago we
made about a two hundred pound
Odd Fellow of T. 0. Holt, of
near Washington. Some of you j
Prescott boys ought to come to j
our next meeting Saturday night
before the third Sunday in this
month and hear some discussions
on Odd Fellowship.
Mrs. Mullen has been laid up
for about three weeks with rheu
Diarrhoea ia always more or less
prevalent during September. He pre
pared for it. Chamberlain’s Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy is j
prompt and effectual. It can ulgays
be depei ded upon and is pleasant to
take. For sale by all Dealers.
In Nevada Circuit Court
Tom Phillips, Plaintiff
Lillie Phillips, Defendant.
The defendant Lillie Phillips, is warn
ed to appear in this court within 30
days and answer the complaint of the
plaintiff Tom Phillips.
Witness my hand a id seal this 7th
day of September, 1910.
F. E. Murrah, Clerk.
“The Circular Stair Case.”
M. W. of A. meets the 2nd and 4th
Friday nights in each month at W. O.
W. Hall.
E. Mautz, Consul.
Thos. F. Dixon, Clerk
When you have cotton that you want weighed, let
us weigh it for you. And when you have cotton seed
for sale, see us before selling. After we have weighed
your cotton and have bought your cotton seed, then
put up with us at our wagon yard where your stock
will be protected from the weather and where you will
have a nice room to stay in and have nothing to bother
you except wondering why this wagonyard had not
been put up years ago.
Farmers Union Warehouse Co.
Prescott, Arkansas.
matism in her right '• r.n, it was
perfectly useless. You may
imagine what a happy time your.
scribe had cooking his own grub.
Some of our farmers are
gathering corn before it is quite
time but necessity compels them
Col. Mullen ha; been laid up
for nearly two week; on account
of a horse step; ing on his foot.
The people of Hope are hiring
hands for $2 50 per day to ride
over the county to distribute
circulars favoring the removal ot
the county ..eat.
Si-nee the last-b.g iisit -Monday
night of last week nearly even
body that can are sowing turnip
According to the rule, one
regular mail rider has laid off for
15 days to give his substitute a
Henry Stingley is now running
the store at the old stand
formerly owned by E. T. Wells.
YVe expect to move the Local
from Sweet Home to YY'allace
burg but retain the same name.
Our County Union will meet
with the local at Holly Grove on
September 29th and 30 of this
month and business of great
importance will be transacted.
Every local in the county is re
spectfully requested to send full
On the fourth Sunday in Au
gust Professor Brockman with
his class from DeAnn was here
and had an all day singing at
the Baptist church and reports
say they had a fine time.
Ye scribe and family took in
the Old Folks Camp Meeting at
Old Sweet Home in Pike county
the ’ast Sunday in August and 2
or 3 days in September. It was
estimated that there was at least
fiOOO people at the meeting on
On Friday our school at this
place will expire. Bro. Queen,
we learn, will re-enter college
for another term YY’e will be
sorry to lose Bro. Queen for he
has given better satisfaction to
all the people than any teacher
that ever taught this school, but
he is preparing himself for the
ministry and our loss we trust
will be his gain.
Joe YY'oodson of Hope and his
brother, Ben, of Blevins, took a
day off last week and went to the
river fishing.
Severel of our neighbors start
ed for Oklahoma last week with
a view of looking out a location
up there. YY'e have some of the
best neighbors in the world.
They rendered us very valuable
assistance during our wife’s ill
ness, for which we feel thank
This whole section just got up
and left Friday of last week for
Prescott to hear YV. Jenning
Bryan speak and to take in the
Mrs. T. P. Lemav of Lewis
ville returned home Sunday.
She was accompanied by her
mother. Mrs. Melissa Scott, who
will visit her for several weeks.
0. F. Bolls has 'sold his shoe
shop and will move to Conway.
He sold his residence in the south
part of town to Luther Hitt. We
regret to see Mr. Bolls and fami
ly leave Prescott, but Prescott’s
loss will be Conway’s gain.
Good luck to you and your fami
ly. Mr. Bolls.
Amendment No. 10 will carry
intuis county bv a handsome
B. F. Wynn member of the
Farmer’s Warehouse committee
was in the city Monday looking
as wise as an owl. Ben is for
the 1 and R. all right.
TRADE MORAL—The quality ot
wnat you have to sell is known
to some people all of the time
and all of the people some of
the time, but advertise regu
larly with us and you'll reach
all of the people all of the time.
AVegelable Preparation for As
lingtlie Stomachs andBowekof
Promotes Di^eslionf hrerful
ness and Rest.Contains neither
IOpium.Morphinc nor Mineral.
Not Narcotic.
fljjifAin Sttd“ .
jUx.Smna * I
• AW/r&tff- /
0 AusrSttd * I
l {
8B-.tn5 Worm Sr r4- 1
Clarified Sugar • i
^ H/nfoyrpeurkrrnr. '
tC A perfect Remedy for Constipa
i < tion, Sour Slomach.Dlarrhoea
I-®-1 Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
ness and Loss of Sleep.
Facsimile Signature of j
pyc| im iitlifirBi
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
For Infants and
Always Bought!
Bears the / j
Signature //yl
For Ovk
Thirty Years
A Carload of Fencing
T is as much a part of our pol
icy to take care of the hard
ware wants of this commun
ity as it is to look after our
own interests. One is a part
ol the other, and the reason
we do it is because we make
money by it. This is the rea
son we have bought a carload of
Wire Fencing. We know there is
not going to be much fencing sold
between now and fall, still when a
man needs a fence he needs it. and
we are here, ready to supply him
with it.
A care load of all styles and
sizes has been received and un
loaded by us.
Prescott Hardware Co.
In the Big Building
Great Reduction In Clothing.
$22.50 Value Mens Suits, $15.00
17.50 12.50
15.00 10.00
12.50 7.50
10.00 . 6.00
600 4.50
5.00 “ “ “ 3 00
$0.00 Value Mens Pants, $4.50
5-00 3.50
4-00 3.00
3.00 2.00
2.00 “ “ “ 1 25
1.75 1.00
1.00 “ “ “ .60
$5 50 Boys Knicker Bocker Suits $4 25
4.50 “ “ “ “ 3.25
3 50 “ “ “ *• 2.25

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