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Failed in Health
“My mother died six years ago,” writes Miss Ruth
Ward, of Jerseyville, 111., and left me to care for six
children. I had never been strong; and this, with the shock
of her death, was too much for me.
“I failed in health. I was tired all the time and did
not want to go anywhere, nor care for company. 1 had
the headache all the time and such bearing-down pains.
“A very dear friend advised me to take Cardui, as it
had done her so much good, so I commenced to use it
and now 1 am in good health.”
Take 1
The Woman’s Tonic
Women’s pains are relieved or prevented and women’s
strength is quickly restored, by Cardui, the woman’s tonic.
You yourself know best if you need it, or not.
If you do need it, do not delay, but commence to use
it at once. Every day of delay, only lets you slide further
down the hill. «
Don’t wait, then, but begin to take Cardui today, for its
use. no matter how prolonged, cannot harm you and will
surely do you good.
Write to: Ladies’ Advisory Dept.. Chattanooga Medicine Co.. Chattanooga. Tenn..
tor Special Instructions, and 64-page book. "Home Treatment for Women.” sent free.
THE Jeffries-Johnson fight is over and yet there is still
coming in the near future events of great note, which is cal
culated to render Arkansas more famous, one of which is the
opening of the Hot Springs Fair when ail sections are to be
represented. While these events are transpiring we are un
loading great loads of seasonable Merchandise, such as
Clothing. Shoes, Hats and Gents Furnishings Goods. The
best fabrics and the lowest prices ever heard of in South
Ark., and while we may never be able to figure with Taft
or Rosevtlt^on a suit of winter clothing, we do expect to
gladen the hearts of all our friends by selling them goods
that can be sold at such prices only by a man versed in quali
ty. and buying. Our ability in buying is at the service of our
friends and when you trust us you get the lowest prices at
which goods of quality can be procured.
Com*1 in and let us show you.
Jacob Suckle,
The Store of QualiLy
West Main St. Next to McDaniel Hardware Co.
The best wheat milled in the best mill into the
best flour on the market.
White Dove I v . .......
f Fancy patent Illinois
Kobin Red Breast Wheal fIour
Butterfly ...
Good wheat, better mill, best flour manufactured.
Please . .»
White Lily. , / Fancy Patent Missi*
Banner • A ouli wheat f,our
White Glory
Best flour on the market for the price.
Perfection . . j
Cupid’s Dart . . Standart patents.
Blue Ribbon . ^
The above represents the different grades and brands
°f pateut flour we make. The second patents and low
grades we do not advertise.
Demand our flour made in the finest mill in thh United
Stades; where “The heart of the grain, plus the art ot
the brain” is milled into the flour that is putting Arkan
sas on the map.
Arkadelphia Milling Company.
ClOTHES cleaned
> toescctt. - . Arkansas.
The kind that does not fail. It is
1 Laxative, Sodative, Digestive, Neutra
lizing, Aromatic and highly Antiseptic.
! In 60,000 special tests, not one failure
or complaint. The greatest record
known. A $1,000 offer for a Prescrip
tion or Formula producing, under test,
more cures than Baby Balm if given
under specific directions from begin
PraLed everywhere, sold everywhere.
'5c & 50c.
Moberly, Mo., Sept. 9—“If
I am elected speaker of the next
House of Representatives, I will
drive a team of Missouri mules
down Pennsylvania avenue.”
The foregoing is the promise
Congressman Champ Clark made
to a crowd of visitors at the
home-coming celebration here
yesterday in the course of an ad
dress. The promise pleased the
crowd, and for several minutes
the speaker was unable to pro
ceed with his speech, owing to
the cheering and yelling.
It was Mr. Clark’s assigned
duty to welcome home Missouri
ans who have strayed from the
borders of the “show me” State.
He welcomed them all right,
but was inclined to ask why
they ever went away in the first
Also did Mr. Clark reproach
his hearers for permitting Mis
souri to take a back seat as he
said it had done.
“Missouri has taken a back
seat too long’” he said. “We
have done the work and the
other fellows have got the
glory. Missouri has never had
a president, a vice president, a
justice of the Supreme Court,
nor a Speaker of the House. It
is time we had all of these offices
and I’m going to see to it that
we get one of them right
For the good of the order will
say, I wish to say I am in the
commission business next door
to the Picayune office. I have
secured the two large brick
buildings from G Clark, for
merly owned by Wm. Gee. I
will occupy the two ground
floors, 50 x 100 feet. My object
is this: In traveling over South
west Arkansas, I find thousands
of dollars worth of Sawmill ma
chinery out of commission on ac
count of the timber being cut
out, hundreds of feet of gin
shafting and numbers of pulleys
as good as new that I could sell
Sample Helps
Frail Women
So many women are dragging out
weary lives just because their diges
tive organs are weak. The result is
poor circulation, nervousness and the
verge of invalidism. It is often very
unnecessary and the woman's own
fault. I
The first thing to do Is to look to the
welfare of your bowels. There the trou
ble usually lies. All physicians know
that a large percentage of women are
habitually constipated, and from this re
sults indigestion, piles, weariness, etc.,
that women constantly complain of.
But there is no use taking "female rem
edies" and things of that kind until you
have started your bowels to moving.
You will find that when the bowels move
regularly once or twice a day all your
petty ills will disappear. Take a good,
mild laxative tonic like Dr. Caldwell'*
Syrup Pepsin for awhile and you will
find yourself rapidly getting better and
stronger, your bowels will regulate them
selves and work at stated times, and
then your headaches and dizziness will
disappear. Don't take strong cathartic
pills or salts, but Just such a mild and
pleasant-tastlng remedy as Dr. Caldwell'*
8yrup Pepsin. ,
You can obtain a bottle of your drug
gist for fifty cents or one dollar, and
either size may be enough to perma
nently cure you. Thousands of women
keep It regularly In the house and will
no longer he without It. as It cured them
and can be used with safety by every
member of the family, down to th*
youngest child, but If you have never
used it take the advice of Mrs. Ear! 3.
pox. tn9 Tvventv-flfth street. Moline, 111.,
and Mrs. Ellen Dungnn, Muncle, Ind., and
send to Dr. Caldwell for a free trial bot
tle. as they did. and learn for yourself
what It will do In your o-,i case. That
It will cure you. as It dla them, there I*
no doubt
Dr. Caldwell personally will be pleased
to give you any medical advice you may
desire for yourself or family pertaining to
the stomach, liver or bowels absolutely
free of charge. Explain your case In a
letter and he will reply to you in detail.
For the free sample simply send your
name and address on a postal card or
otherwise For either request the doctor’*
address Is Dr W B Caldwell, R.60U Cald
well building, Monticollo, 111
Will Examine Your Eyes
FREE at the
If it’s a surface to
be painted, enameled,
stained, varnished or fin
ished in any way, there’s
an Acme Quality Kind
to fit the purpose.
jPf Strong Reasons
for Fall Painting
1. The wood is thoroughly dry.
. tamer' s sun has removed ad moisture.
2. Paint pc net rains deeper into
dry wood.
C " e dt yer it ^es th ■ better it buhls.
3. P: d *.ver.i!)cr i > \/arm, dry and
e de <hr r rh, ■ 7. d any, rainy days,
v./r •'/ endanger /.• < dtrat 'ey of the paint.
v. \ > V; wca'du:* decays and de
stroys ur protected surfaces.
2. . e ' f:: / f-:iu.'. j :fitly and less
'I'ulualt: property.
5. Fall painting keeps out winter
The greatest enemy to the life and beauty of
all structurei.
PAINT. It insures the greatest protection and
beauty, at the least cost per year of service.
Questions cheerfully answered.
mcdaniel hardware Oo.
at a good margin for the owner
and make some money myself if
I only had them where I could
show them. A number of gin
and mill men have turned their
second hand boilers and engines
over to me to sell on commission.
I have just sold the last bciler on
hand, but will have two more
tomorrow, one a Sixty Horse
power the other 8o-Horse power,
no patch, no bulge in either. I
positively will not handle any
patched or bulged boilers,nothing
I can.t guarantee to do good
service and a bargain to pur
chaser. I have ample room to
store all shafting, pulleys and
gin machinery and would like for
you to bring it in and let me sell
it on commission for you or any
thing else you may have. I have
some gins practly new to sell. I
positively will not handle any
old rundown gins or other ma
chinery. I will take all size pul
leys, shafting, boilers and en
gines or anything you want sola
on commission. I want all arti
c'es brought in except boilers. 1
can sell you good second-hand
saw mills. I can sell you any
kind of plumbing goods, bath
tubs, lavatories and sinks as
cheap as they can be bought. As
my time is pretty much taken up
in the above business, can give
but little time to plumbing but
will have a good man here soon.
P. S. — I do not want any extra
large mill pulleys 6 and 7 feet in
diameter. In the event you are
willing to trust me with the sale
of your goods on commissions I
will treat you th i best I know
how. On account of some
speeches I had to make and some
I promised to make this week, I
failed to write anything for the
good of the order. In my ab
sence inquire of me at Picayune
office. Jas. Snodgrass.
One of the largest crowds that
Prescott has witnessed for many
years was here last Friday to
hear Hon. W. J. Bryan on the I
and R.
Bobby Fountains show was
here Friday and gave two per
formances, one in the afternoon
and the other at night. There
was a good sized crowd at the
night show but owing io the de
ay of the show and the fact that
Bryan was also late, the evening
performance was not well attend
F. P. Harris one of the best
farmers in this county was a
pleasant caller Saturday and
brought us a gallon of fine sor
W. H. Gorman of Boughton
Township was a very welcome
visitor Monday.
The election as we go to press
is moving along quietly.
J. M. Neal a prosperous farm
er out west of town was a pleas
ant caller last Monday.
Will Newth returned from
Mineral Wells Texas last Sunday
where he has been for the past
few weeks for his health. We
are glad to note that he is im
proved in health.
Robt. Adams of hot Springs is
spending a few days with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Send Them
$ s $ $ $ $ $
An ad. in this paper tor
any business whatever is
a moneygram to the buy
ing public from you.
They appreciate your
belief in their financial
They buy your goods.
A moneygram never was
marked “collect.”
The currency pours into
your cash box of its own
free will.
If your bargains are advertised
* big,” your sales are big.
People appreciate big, strong,
forceful trade announcements.
Such ads. inspire commercial
1 Copy i . ut, 1a&. Ujf W. H L )
^/Id. XOisdom
If Wisdom’* way*
you wisely leek
Five thin** o’
'op^!»$let tn the forgonrn poet~>
!!t m vrr lUufinjtd.
n’opvr.t ht. 1WU. hv \V V *’ >
Notice is hereby given that we, the
undersigned, will on Monday, the 3rd
day of October, 1910, present to the
County Ceflirt, a petition praying for
the opening of a public road as follows:
Beginning at a point where Elm
Street of the City of Prescott ends and
intersects the section line between sec*
tiona nine 19) and sixteen (16) town
ship eleven (11) south, range twenty
two (22) west, and running west along
said section line between the property
of C. C. Hamby and Mrs. Lula Brooks,
and continuing along said section line
and along the section line between
sections eight (8) and seventeen (17)
township eleven (11) south, range
twenty-two (22) west, until the right
of way of the St. L. 1 M. & S. Ry. Co
is crossed and said road enters or joins
the Prescott and Washington Road.
Witness our hands this the 7th day
of September, 1910.
M. L. Moore,
Nat Martin,
C. C. Hamby,
G. R. Haynie and eight other
freeholders of Nevada County.
Clothing pressed and
cleaned in a satis
factory manner. A
specialty of ladies’

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