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The Nevada County Picayune.
•C. B. Andrews and J. F. Morris,
Editors and Publishers.
Entered as second-class matter Sept.
8rd, 1907, at the Post Office at Prescott,
Ark ansas under the act of Congress of
March 3, 1879.
Subscription $1.50 Per Year
The Picayune Office . . 232
C. ft. Andrew’s Residence . . 149
Jess Morris “ 251

Any erroneous reflection upon the
character, standing or reputation of any
iBd.viduai, firm or corporation appear
ing in The Picayune will be promptly
corrected if brought to the attention of
the publisher. Statements of facts,
however will not be retracted.
W. W. Ludlow, chief clerk of
the Treasury Department since
1895, when he was appointed by
Secretary Sha v, resigned that
place today and was transferred
to a vacant position in the divisi
on of printing and stationery at
a salary of $1,800 a year. The
post of chief clerk pays $2,500.
James L. Wilmeth, an account
ant in the office of the controller
of the Treasury, has been desig
• . • i • e t i
naiea as acung cmei viei*.
A statement issued from the
office of Acting Secretary of the
Treasury Hilles today sets for: h
•that Mr. Ludlow relinquished
the duties of chief clerk and
was transferred to the lower
position “on his own applica
tion,” making no mention of
any friction that may have led
to the shift. The official stat
ment of the demotion of Mr.
Ludlow sets forth that ‘on two
previous occasious he applied to
be relieved of the onerous duties
of chief clerk.”
Mr. Ludlow has been in the
service of the government since
1880. He was first connected
with the government painting
office, later was detailed to the
printing division of the Slate
Department and subsequently
was transferred to the division of
printing and stationery in the
Treasury Department. He was
appointed private secretary to
Assistant Secretary Keep in
1897. and in May, 1905, Secret
ary Shaw appointed him chief
itisof interest that three of
Mr. Ludlow’s predecessors as
• chief clerk are employed in the
Treasuev Dejiarfment, namely.
Messrs. Kimball, now at the
head of the life-saving service:
Lwasey, in the office of the audi
Sample Helps
frail Women
So many wf>men are dragging out
weary lives just because their diges
tive organs are weak. The result is
pox** circulation, nervousness and the
■verge oi invalidism, it is often very
unnecessary and the woman’s own
The first thing to do is to look to the
wiUaiv of your bowels. There the trou
ble usually lies. All physicians know
that a largo percentage of women are
ti.ibtcu.any constipated, and from this re
sults indigestion, piles weariness, etc.,
ChaJi women constantly complain of.
•But there is no use taking "female rem
edies" and things of that kind until you
tune started your bowels to moving.
You will find that when the bowels move
regularly once or twice a day all your
P'-'ty Ills will disappear. Take a good,
mill! laxative tonte like pr Caldwell'S
Syrwp Pepsin for awhile and vou will
find yourself rapidly g. ttlng better and
stronger, your bowels will regulate them
mtve* and rvork at stated times and
Chew your headaches and dizziness will
disappear Don’t take strong cathartic
pills or salts, but just such a mild and
pleaeant-tastlng remedy as Dr. Caldwell'S
Syrup Pepsin
You can obtain a bottle of vonr drug
gist for fifty cents or on» dollar, and
either sire may tie enough to perma
nently cure you. Thousands of women
keep It regularly in the house and will
no longer be without It, as it cured them
nnd can be used with safety bv every
member of the family, down to the
youngest child, but if you have never
used It take the advice of Mt« Earl S.
Oox *f» Twentv-fifth street Moline III .
and Mrs. Ellen Dungan. Muncle. lmi . and
scad to Dr Caldwell for a free trial bot
tle as they did and learn for yourself
what it will do In your o„ a case That
It will cure you. as It dlu ihem. there Is
no doubt
Pr. Caldwell personally will he pleased
re you any medical advice you may
for yourself or family pertaining to
the stomach, liver or bowels absolutely
free of charge Explain your case In i
tetter and he will reply to you In detail.
F\>r the free sample simply send 'our
mime and address on a postal card or
.otherwise For either request the doctor's
address Is Pr W Ft Caldwell, It.50u Cald
well building, Monticcllo, 111
tor for the Treasury, and Brack
ett, in the internal revenue
Mr. Wilmeth, who has been
designated as acting chief cleak,
entered the government service
from Arkansas in 181)5. after a
civil service examination, as a
clerk in the office of the auditor
for the Post Office Department.
He is a native of Chewalla,
Tenn., and is forty years of age.
Mr. Wiimeth is a Nevada
county boy and we are proud of
him. He married Miss Alpha
Moore, sister to our fellow
townsman, Levi Moore. Dillard's
many friends, as well as those of
his wife, will read the above
with pleasure. This is only
anothi r evidence of what a poor
boy can do when the stuff is in
him and he tries.
Read the Picayune.
Waldron, Ark., Oct. 9, 1909.
Mr. Wm. Brooks, Prop.,
Brooks Med. Co., Russellville, Ark.
My Dear Sir: For several weeks I
have been intending to write you in re
gard to your Baby Balm.
If you remember, when yon wero
here this summer I told you that our ■
baby was sick. He was then having j
his third attack of bowel trouble this i
summer. They were very severe.
The first two were exceedingly alarm
ing and I suggested to my wife tVat
we try your remedy, but she was pre
judiced against patent medicine, so
was I, but I knowing you, gave me
confidence to some extent, (pardon the
modified clause.)
In ihe last case however my wife
agreed to try your Baby Balm. I
went to my doctor and told him that I
wanted to try it. He said that he did
not know what it contained but to
i give it a trial. We did, and it worked
like a charm. Now my wife will not
| oe without it and the baby has not had
| a bad case with his bowels since we
| began using it.
You know how parents are about the
baby. We watch him and if any
trouble is indicated Brooks Baby
Bowel Balm is put into service prompt
ly and it has not failed to keep him
straight so far.
I have been at the drug store here
on different occasions when parties
come in for baby medicine and 1 just
can’t (and don’t try) to keep from
‘‘buttin in” and telling them to get
your Baby Balm. .Just night before
last a man came into the drug store
here to get bady medicine. My wife |
says “tell him to get Baby Balm,” |
but he had already learned its worth !
and that was what he was after.
You yourself know that 1 have al-:
ways found objection to the publishing
of patent medicine advertising in my
paper and I never thought I would be
a person to write a recommendation
for a patent medicine, but I could
hardly resist in this casa, since feeling
the great benefits received from your
Baby Balm.
Very respectfully yours,
W. E. Baker.
The above is one one of the thou
sands of unsolicited lerters received in
support of Baby Balm and this baby is
one of the Ik),OOP Arkansas Babies test
ing Baby Balm last year, among which
was not a single failure or complaint.
Mr. Baker is Editor and Proprietor
of the Advance Reporter of Waldron, |
Ark., one of the largest and best I
weekly newspapers in the state. His I
letter is given space because of his J
known prejudice against patent medi- :
The manufactures offer $1000 for a |
formula or prescription producing a
greater percent of cures than Baby
Balm. They also offer $100 for a case
of bowel infection in children that will
not yield to Baby Balm if given under
specific directions from beginning.
Last Sunday night the Presby
terian Church of Brownwood
Texas was the scene of a most
happy wedding. Mr. Ben Waller
Jr. of this city was married to
Miss Ruby Slayton of Brown
wood. The uncle of the bride,
Rev. W. T. Sullivan, tied the
nuptial knot.
Rev. W. T. Sullivan, who is an
I i
II i
Clothing pressed and
cleaned in a satis
factory manner. A
specialty of ladies’
Diarrhoep is always more or less
prevalent during September. Be pre
pared for it. Chamberlain’s Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy is
prompt and effectual. It can algays
bedeperded upon and is pleasant to
take. For sale by all Dealers.
Notice is hereby given that we, the
undersigned, will on Monday, the 3rd
day of October, 1910, present to the
County Court, a petition praying for
tile opening of a public road as follows:
Beginning at a point where Elm
Street of the City of Prescott ends and
intersects the section line between sec
tions nine (9) and sixteen (16) town
ship eleven 111) south, range twenty
two (22) west, and running west along
raid section line between the property
of C. C. Hamby and Mrs. Lula Brooks, i
and continuing along raid section line
and along the section line between
sections eight (8) and seventeen (17)
township eleven (11) south, range
twenty-two (22) west, until the right
of way of the St. L. 1 M. & S. Ry. Co
is crossed and said road enters or joins
the Prescott and Washington Road.
Witness our hands this the 7th day
of September, 1910.
M. L. Moore,
Nat Martin,
C. C. Hamby,
G. R. Haynie and eight other
freeholders of Nevada County. ;
In Nevada Circuit Court
Tom Phillips, Plaintiff
Lillie Phillips. Defendant.
The defendant Lillie Phillips, is warn
ed to appear in this court within 30
days and answer the complaint of the
plaintiff Toni Phillips.
Witness m> hand a id seal this 7th
day of September, 1910.
F. E. Murrah, Clerk.
“TheCircul.tr Stair Case.”
M. W. of A. meets the 2nd and 1th
Friday nights in each month at W. O.
W Hall.
E. Vautz, Consul.
Thos. F. Dixon, Clerk
When you have cotton that you want weighed, let
us weigh it for you. And when you have cotton seed
for sale, sie us before selling. After we have weighed
your cotton and have bought your cotton seed, then
put up with us at our wagon yard where your stock
will be protected from the weather and where you will
have a nice room to stay in and have nothing to bother
you except wondering why this wagonvard had not
been put up years ago.
Farmers Union Warehouse Co.
Prescott, Arkansas.
ancle of Miss Slayton, was at
ane time pastor of several differ
ent churches in Arkansas, and it
was during his stay in the state
that the two young people be
came acquainted which acquain
tance grew into true love and
culminated in the happy union
of Sunday evening.
Mr. Waller is the youngest,
son of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Wal
ler of this city and is a young
man possessed with many quali
fications that bid lair to make
him a most useful citizen and a
loving husband.
The young couple came home
Monday afternoon and will make
Prescott their future home.
Their many lriends wish them
happiness and success in this
The following is the list of
Justices, Constable and Road
Overseers elected at the polls
Monday, Sept. 12:
Alabama Township.
Justices—W. F. Ward, J. M.
Constable—R. S. McKamie.
Road Qv rseer —Ed Strange.
Albany Township.
Justices —E. B. Murry. B. F.
Constable -W. C. Woosley.
Road Overseer—Ben Phillips.
Roucrhton Townshio.
Justices—T. J. Lamb.
Constable—Sam Graham.
Road Overseer—Van Graham.
Laney Township.
Justices—R. O Westmore
land, J. L. Daniel.
Constable—M. A Hart.
Road Overseer—C. E. Dixon.
Smmet Township.
Justices—W. G. Marshall, L.
E. Armstrong.
Constable — W. E. McFarland.
Road Overseer Jno. Moore.
Georgia Township.
Justices—J. G. Rhodes, Tom
Constable—D. L. Fore.
Road Overseer—Jno. N. Jobe,
lackson Township.
Justices- W. C. Tompson. P.
B. Jones.
Constable—T. E. Blakely.
Road Overseer—T. N. Rowe.
Leake Township.
Justices J, B. Starrett, B. G.
Bryan (col).
Constable—Pink Hodge.
Road Overseer W. B. Carpen
Missouri Township.
Justices—F. M. Smith. G. B.
Constable—Chas Litton.
Road Overseer—J. E. Horne
E’arker Township.
Justices J. M. Hairston, L.
G. Mitchell.
Constable—Seth Logan.
Road Overseer—Marion Fuller
Redland Township.
Justices—L. I). Cox, G. W.
Constable John Barham.
Road Overseer—G. I Nelson.
Taylor Township.
Justices—Fred Wallace. Geo.
S. Allder.
Constable—Otis Herring.
Road Overseer—C. B. Butcher
Union Township.
Justices—J. A. Parker, I. P.
Constable Ike Tunnell.
Road Overseer—Tom Walker.
I have a good lot of hay. I
want to sell at once,as my health
is necessary that I go to some i
health resort in order to recuper
ate. so I must sell at once. Don’t
miss a bargain.
Col. 0. L. Monerief.
Strayed From pasture near
Arcadia one light brown mare
about ten years old, 15 1-2 hand
high, shod all round, little star
in forehead. Liberal reward
for her. Notify A. C. Stout or
0. B. Gordon at Nevada County
What have you got to put on
exhibition at the county fair?
s AVegeiable Preparation far As
fez n sirailaiiiigiheFbodantlRegula
Mai' X ting (lie Stomachs andBowelsof
^<8 ---
S=o$ __
■pkl* “ ._ ._
p*£_v. Primics Di^sticr.JChfcrUl
!2 z ness a nd Rest.Coiitams neither
gSo Opium .Morphine nor Mineral.
pf* Not Narcotic.
pj Itrapr ofMDcHWl WnWA
f\uvpku) Seed~ .
■,laz! Jlx.Smna * ]
ffcgd ■ JkM/eUts- I
RuQ £ ® AusfSerd * \
Xzxtis*. \
1 IHrm Serd- 1
Clartfrd Sugar •
t'.Az h/1/frrnrmi fltrrr. I
B^o -
cflTZ 6 a perfect Remedy forConslipa
&Jz < t ion. Sour Stomach. Diarrhoea
| So- u Worms .Convulsions .feverish
|ao*-* nessaiu'^ossSleep
Facsimile Signature of
P«tS‘ 'Zt0Z3.i
jSSp ‘guaran^eeruoth-ribeFo^^
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
For Infants and Children
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Thirty Years
A Carload of Fencing
T is as much a part of our pol
icy to take care of the hard
ware wants of this commun
ity as it is to look after our
own interests. One is a part
ot the other, and the reason
i we do it is because we make
money by it. This is the rea
son we have bought a carload of
Wire Fencing. We know there is
not going to be much fencing sold
between now and fall, still when a
man needs a fence he needs it, and
we are here, ready to supply him
with it.
A care load of all styles and
sizes has been received and un
loaded by us.
Prescott Hardware Co.
In the Big Building
- —-——
Great Reduction In Clothing.
$22,50 Value Mens Suits, $15.00
17.50 12.50
15.00 10.00
12.50 “ *• “ 7.50
10.00 “ “ “ 6.00
6 00 4.r)0
5.00 “ “ “ 3 00
$6.00 Value Mens Pants, $4.50
5-00 3.50
4.00 3.00
3 00 “ “ - 2.00
^•00 . 1.25
1-75 1.00
100 “ ^ “ “ .60
$5-50 Buys Knicker Bocker Suits $4.25
.. 3.25
3.50 “ “ “ “ 2.25

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