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Will Examine Your Eyes
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The Picayune is twice-a-week,
and full of county happenings.
Most I’rescott People Have a Weak
Part a’:d Too Often It's
The Back.
Everyone has a weak spot.
Too often it’s a bad hack.
Twinges follow every sudden twist.
Dull aching keeps up, dav and night.
Tells you tne kidneys need help
For Backache is really kidney-ache.
A kidney cure is what you need.
Doans Kidney Pills cure sick kidneys.
Cure backache and urinary ills.
Prescott people recommend the remedy
Mrs. J. J. Wilson, Prescott, Ark.,
says: “I have used Doen’s Kidney
Pills with such good results that I am
pleased to recommend them. I suffer
Ini from a dull ache in the small of mv
back and kidneys for years. I was al
io subject to headaches and dizzy
spells and was very nervous. Doan's
Kidney Pills were so highly spoken of
that I procured a box at Hesterlys
drug store and they brought me won
derful relief although other remenies
had failed to help me. 1 continued
taking Doans Kidney Pills and before
long all symptoms of my trouble had
disappeared. ”
For sale by all dealers. I’rice 50c.
Foster - Milburn Co., Buffalo, New
York,sole agents for the United States.
Remember the name- Doan’s—and
take no other.
Read the Picayune.
Relieves Urinary ami Kidney I'roubles
Backache, Straining, Swelling
Stops Pain in the Bladder, Kidneys
and Back.
Wouldn’t it be nice within a week or
so to begin to say goodbye forever to
the scalding, dribbling, straining, or
too frequent passage of urine; the
forehead and the baek-of-the-head
aches: the stitches and pains in the
back ;the growing ur scio weakness;
spots before the eyes; yellow skin,
sluggish bowels; swollen eyelids and
ankles, leg cramps; unnatural short
breath; sleeplessness and the de
I have a receipe for these troubles
that you can depend on, and If you
want a Quick Recovery, you ought to
write and get a copy of it. Many a
doctor would charge y ou *.'!.f>o just for
writ eng this prescription, but 1 have it
and will be glsd ?6* Send it to you
entirely free, ♦h'ot.i r..e a line like
this; Ur. A. C. JRol'dnspn, X 525 Buck
Building, Detroit, Mica , and I will
semi it by return mail m a plain ,u
velope. As you will see when you g, t
it, tins receipe eohtaihs on ;, pure,
harmless r< nied cs. I„i» ■ greai
healing and pain-cor.queMt . ■ ower.
It wi 1 quickly shmv It- • . ,vcr mu
you use it, o 1 thin., you i ad 1 ett* i
see what it is without d> lay 1 v> i 1
send you a copy tree ymi ca t use u
and cure yourse:i a. hon
m wnmrmsvw mr iiwr t-tt -r m yg At
5 or 6 doses ”666” will cure any
can** of Chills and Fever. Price 25c'
For biggest bargains in Pianos
and Organs, go to A Monson’s
music store.
Will Waller attending the
Waller-Slayton nuptials at
Brownswood Texas last Sunday.
Co]. G. R. Haynie led the
ticket in Miller county for state
officies at the recent election.
He received 1574 votes in that
”1 have a world of confidence in
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for !
have used it with perfect success,”
writes Mrs M. I. Hanford, Poolesville,
Md. For sale by all Dealers.
A. W. Newth, who has recent
ly returned from Texas, is now
ready to make all kinds of Photos
for you. Studio on West Main
For Sale Some young Rhode
Island Cockerels,
Mrs. C. E. Buchanan,
Route 4.
It is not the quantity of food taken
hut the amount digested and assimi
lated that gives strength and vitality
to the system. Chamberlain’s Stomach
and Liver Tablets invigorate the
stomach and liver and enable them to
perform their functions naturally. For
sale by all Dealers.
Cures every time: “Your Hughes’
Tonic for chills and fever has never
failed yet. and I have sold it to a
number of chronic cases. It cures
them every time.’’ Sold by Druggists
-50c.and $1.00 bottles.
Prepared by
“Mound City Paints may cost
a trifle mere, but—! W. B.
Waller ”
■ ■ IS T I I —^ I t '"fc I
Qity Con- l
) fectionery
i — !
1 When you are hungry i
} eat with u s. Every *
• thing clean and fresh, i
i One of the best places *
1 in town for cold drinks, j
J cigars and tobacco. •
\ Hex! Do:r To Pcstoilice /
f ^ ^^ ;i ..<L -> *
I sell l’ an os and I’iayer Pianos
of quality at the most reasonable
uric Call and see the wonder
ful sweet toned little Boudoir
Player Piano. Price only $3b0
Sold bv A. Monson Music Store.
W B. Wall, r Dr*'*. M W. 'invert. \ I*». - * *. H. (midon. Cashier.
The Business Man Tomorrow
NKVADA C'Ol’NTY HANK was chartered in 181*0, and has
had twenty years of unbroken business. A ways prompt
ami reliable. This is the secret of the Hank’s success.
During the past every dejiositor’s check was promptly paid.
Very few hanks are in a position to say the same. The Direc
tors direct. The affairs of this Hank are under the direct su
pervision of the Hoard of Directors, each of w hom has been
successful in whatever business undertaken. The combined
judgement and advice of this Hoard is at the service of the
Hank at auy ami all times, making a thoroughly safe institu
tion. Your money is absolutely safe when guarded by such a
body of men, especially when their money is back you, guaran
teeing the protection of your ow n. VVe allow 1 per cent on all
time deposits.
Give us your accounts. You will alwas find in this Hank
courteous attention and every accommodation |eonsistunt with
good^and safe banking methods.
Tiie Nevada County Bank
Prescott, : Arkansas
VV. B Waller, President. Fannie H. Young
W’. R Barham J. T. Nichols
H. A. Hamilton O. B. Gontai
M. W. Greeson Alex V
__ -----
Ed Coppock spent Sunday at
tending meeting at Elm Grove,
near Lone Oak corner.
John Meador left for home in
Tenn. last Thursday.
Mr. Parks has bought a new
suit of clothes. Look out girle,
he is looking for a molasses eat
Monroe Scaggs went oun at
Mr. Meadors last Sunday to get
a bucket of water and was gone
so long that the party went out
to see what had become of him
and found him turning the grind
stone. He said that he thought
that was the windlass to the
well and that the thing was at
least four miles deep.
Just ask Clarence Crumby
who that was driving him home
on a mule with a ox-whip Sun
day night.
Earnest Summers was badly
| scalded at the mill last Saturday
while unloading logs. We trust
that he will soon recover.
The Doctor went bird hunting
last week and shot a bird that
had four legs. When it fell it
ran through the woods like an
Ix>ok out girls, Lawrence
Purtle made two tea cupsfull of
molassess this year.
Pure Gold Crown, $4.50. Full
upper and lower Sets of teeth,
$10.00. All work guaranteed
through the Bankers.
J. F. Herdford.
Painless Dentist,
Hope Ark.
For bowel complaint in children
always give Chamberlain’s Colic,
Ceolera and Diarrhoea Remedy and
castar oil. It is certain to effect a
cure and when reduced with water and
sweetened is pleasant to take. No
physician can prescribe a better
remedy. For sale by all Dealers.
Mrs. H. Stainton returned
Monday from a three months’
visit in the north and in Canada.
Can be had by ambitious young
men and ladies in the field of
“Wireless” or Railway telegra
phy. Since the 8-hour law be
came effective, and since the
Wireless companies are establish
ing stations throughout the
country there is a shortage ol
telegraphers. Positions pay be
ginners from $70 to $00 per
month, with good chance of ad
vancement. The national tele
gram institute operates six offi
j cial institute in America, under
supervision of R. R.and Wireless
I officials and place all gradu
ates into positions. It wdl pay
you to write the n for full detail
at Cincinnati, ()., Philadelphia.
P. A. Mempis.Tenn.. Davenport,
L. A., Columbia, S. C., or Port
land. Ore,, according to which
you wish to enter.
N 0 T I C E
l have sold the 40 H. P. Boiler
1 had advertised, hut will have
another 40 II. P. in a few days.
I have one (50 ana one 80 H. P.
' Boilers in good condition, no
patch, no bulges. Cheap for
cash or land. Office next door
to Picayune Office. C. B. An
drews will represent me during
my absence. Don’t stand hack
:on account of the size of the
boiler, if too large I will lose the
[difference. Jas. Snodgrass.
$100 REWARD. $100
Tht> readers of thi3 paper will be
pleastsl to learn that there is at least
one dreaded disease that science has
been able to cure in all its stages, and
that is catarrh. Hal 's Catarrh is the
only positive cure now known to the
medical fraternity. Catarrh being a
constitut onal disease, requires a con
stitutional treatment. Hall’s Catarrh
Cure is taken internally, acting di
rectly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the systen, thereby de
stroying the foundation of the disease,
and giving the pa'ient strength by
building up the constitution and assist
ing nature in doing its work. The pro
prietors have so much faith in its
curative powers that they offer One
Hundred Dollars for any case that it
fails to cure. Send for list of testi
Add mss F. J. CHENEY & CO..
Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by all Druggists. 75c.
Take Mall’s Family Fills for consti
—t v, •> 4 '
*■ .*r *
The many friends of H. Gree
son will regret to learn of his
death which occured at his home
in the eastern part of town last
Tuesday night at 8:30 o clock,
after an illness of a very lew
days caused from old age. He
was 91 years old, and had lived
in Prescott for 15 years.
Mr' Greeson was born in Tenn.
and moved to Arkansas in 1852,
in Vanburen County, here he liv
ed until he moved to Prescott
and has been one of our most
honored and beloved c tiz°ns
during ti e past 15 years.
He was a man of genereous
impulse and never forgot the
hospitable ways of the pioneer.
I The stranger, even though a
beggar, never failed to find food
and shelter if he sought it at his
hands, and he was at home bv
| the bedside of the sick and de
lighted in all kinds and neigh
borly offices. He had borne ad
versity bravely and enjoyed
prosperity quietly. He had fill
ed the various relations of life,
as son, husband, father, brother,
friend, and filled them well.
Who can do more?
But he is gone! Anotner name
is stricken from the ever lessen
ing roll of our old settlers, and a
solitary woman in the sunset of
life, and a lonely home, are left
to attest how saddly they will
miss him. It must be so; these
tender human ties cannot he
severed without a pang. Yet in
such a death there is really no
cause for erief. His life work
was done, and well done. He
had passed his golden wedding
day and wearied with life’s
duties and cares, weary of suf-1
fering and waiting, he lav down
to rest.
“Tired! ah, yes! so tired dear,
I shail soundly sleep tonight,
With never a dream and never
a fear.
To wake in the morning light. ”
He was a man who united
sound sense with strong convk
tions, and a candid, outspoken
temper, eminently fitted to I
mould ihe rude elements of pio
neer society into form and con
sistency, and aid in raising a
high standard of citizenship in
our young and growing state.
How much this community owes
him and such as he, it is impos
sible to estimate, though it
would be a grateful task to
trace his influence through the
more direct channels, to hold
him up in these degenerate days,
in his various characters of
husband and father, of neighbor
and friend, to speak of the sons
and daughters he has reared to
perpetuate his name and emulate
his virtues. But it comes not
within the scope of this hr, f
article to do so. Suffice it to
say, he lived nobly and died
| peacefully at the advance age of
91 years. The stern Reaper
found him. “as a shock of corn,
fully ripe for the harvest.”
Not for him be our tears!
! rather let us crown his grave
with garlands; few of us will live
as long or as well, and fewer yet
will the Angel of Death greet
with such a loving touch.
The funeral was conduct'd
from the Methodist church
Thursday, Sept. 22,1910, by Rev.
| W. A. Steele, assisted by Rev.
W. C. Hilliard and R. W. McKay.
Burial in DeAnn Cemetery.
“The Circular Stair Case.”
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
5 or 6 doses of “666“ will cure any
case of chills and Fever, price 2">c.
We will appreciate your local
bills in rough or dressed lumber,
house blocks, fence posts etc,
Prompt attention to country and
city orders. Free delivery.
Fhcne 13,
^ ^ Home Lumber Cy.
The Picayune
M /«i i m.1 __ Aa
SURPLUS $15,000.00
Our customers know this. A checking account
with this bank will eliminate any difficulties of using
your funds as you wish.
We will keep your papers without charge.
Lock Boxes for valuable papers, jewelry, etc.
for rent. . . .
Your business will be welcomed.
THOS. C. McRAE, JR„ Cashier.
T!.E MoST neglected organ
of the body is the liver
N wad vs everybody treats the
stomach hut it’s the liver that
counts. Ji you suffer from consti
pation, had tv >d, half-sick miserable
feeling—it’s year LIVER mnetimes
out of ten.
And today doctors are reeommend
and endorsing
Liver Purifier
because it’s the on * liver remedy
that energises the liver, brings
back its natural function stong and
young again.
Tell vour druggist you want SIM
nothing else; emphasize SIMMONS
(in yellow tin boxes only), and in
sist upon tt. It’s the one cure
thet cures the liver remeey that
does its work without griping or
At all druggists everywhere,
25c and $1
A.B. Richards Med,cine Go.,Sherman, Texas
/ J ^
1 v.lit to be the most reason*
able mu.: dealt r on earth. huf
can notwait always for the mon
ey. All who have notes and ac
count t ast due, will please come
and pay or make satisfactory ar
All small goods are cash to
every body after this.
A. Monson,
Every thing up-to-date,clea
towels and sharp razors
Hot and cold baths.
RING 192
when you want a nice
Steak, Pork Sausage,
Hot Barbecue meats,
Baker’s Bread and Pick
ROOMS $1.00 UP
Electric Lights, Electric EtevitJ
Long Distante telephone, ^
arul Typewriting. "c M
Filtered Water. < orner
Center Street*. Little KocL ArMH
We Want You To Deal
With Us
And assure you in advance that nothing on our Par*
will tie left undone in our effort to satisfy you in every
transaction. We are satisfied that you can do best
here and we want you to think carefully before y°u
have any medicine prepared knowing that you 11 decid
to come here.
Hesterly Drug Store,
“Where you • trade is appreciated. ’

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