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Will Examine Your Eyes
FREE at the
it tie Sound Advice Will Help Many
a Sufferer in Prescott.
No woman can l>e healthy and well'
if the kidneys are sick Poisons that,
pass off in the secretions when the
kidneys are well, are retained in the
body when the kidnejS are sick. Kid
neys and bladder become inflamed and
swollen and worse tumbles quickly
follow. This is often the true cause
of bearing down pains, lameness,back
ache, sideache, etc. Uric poisoning
also causes headaches, dizzy spells,
languor, nervousness and rheumatic
When sufiering so, try Doan's Kid
ney Pills, a remedy that cures sick
kianeys. You will get better as the
kidneys get better, and health will re
turn when the kidneys are well. Let
a Prescott woman tell you about
Doan s Kidney Pills.
Mrs Fiances Hesterlv, Prescott,
Ark., says: “Ican recommend Doan’s
Kidney Pills as an excellent remedy
for backache and other symptoms of
kidney trouble. A few months ago
1 procured this remedy at Hesterly’s
Drug Store and btgan its use in accor
dance with the directions. 1 was
troubled for a long time by pains in
the small of my back hut Doaus’ Kid
ney Pills quickly relieved me and toned
up my whole system.”
For sale by all dealers. Price 50c.
Foster - Milburn Co., Buffalo, New
York,sole agents for the United^ States.
Remember the name—Doan’s— and
take no other.
Read the Picayune.
Relieves Urinary and Kidney Troubles
Backache, Straining, Swelling
Stops Pain in the Bladder, Kidneys
and Back.
Wouldn’t it ho nice within a w«. ek or
so to begin to say goodbye forever to
the scalding, dribbling, straining, or
too frequent passage of urine, the
forehead and the back • tb l -ad
aches: the stitches and pain in the
back ;the growing n cle weakness;
■pots before the eyes, yellu skin:
sluggish bowels; swoi.en eyeiuis and
ankles, leg cram s; unnatural s.ior:
breath; sleeplessness and th > do j
1 have a rec ipe for those troubles. J
that you can depend o:i, and if you j
want a Quick Recovery, v• -it i.: I • to
write and get a cody of it. Many u
doctor would chargeo.i ■ " j i |'m
writ ng t hi-i prescription, but i . >;
and will be glad to semi i ,o vi
entirciv free. Just drop .
this: Dr. A. E. Kotin.- u ;; I. u-. |
Building, Dc iu,lt. Mi h ,
send it by return mail in plum e
velope. As pu will s. o win r; yon r . 1
it, this receipe coif am; • p; •.
harinlos- r< me I cs, bu .1 hu u a r< .,
healing and .. ni-co:. t 1 •'■ t
It wil quickly . um\ j u\ on.
you use it, so 1 think \ • . ,e ■'
see what it is v. it hem <
send you a copy tree y< , u
and cure yourself at 1
5 or 6 doses “666” will cure any
cas« of Chills and Fever. Price 25c'
Ship Lap And Finish Lum
ber At* Home Lumber Co.
L)r. Mahew, the eminent
Specialist on Chronic and Private
diseases, will be at the Park
Hotel Tuesday, Nov. 8, for one
day only. Dr. Mahew is from
Fort Smith, but now has offices
at Hope and will visit Prescott
occasionally and his first visit
will be Tuesday, Nov. 8. All
sick people are invited to come
and consult him about their ail
ments free of costs.
"Mound City Paints may cost
a trifle mere, but—! W. B.
A. Monson recently sold 2
Organs below Hope. 5 above j
Hope, 1 Piano to Caie High.
School, I to Murfreesboro, 2
Sewing machines to Smithton.
A. Monson delivers some goods
direct from Factories to custo
mer’s nearest station.
Constipation is the rock that wrecks
many lives; it poisons the very life
blood. Regularity can be established
through the use of PRICKLY ASH
BITTERS, it is mildly cathartic and
strengthens the stomach, liver and
There will be services at the
Catholic Church Thursday even
ing at 7:30 and Friday morning
at 8 o’clock.
Father Zahnes.
The new county officers were
sworn in yesterday and enter up
on their respective duties to day.
Lee Dillard succeeds Ed Hood as
Sheriff. !!<• is the only new
man to take t! e oath of office as
far as the county officers are
Concerned. Chts. Litton will
suceedC. B. Moon as constable
of Missouri township and E-q.
G. B. McGraw will be one the
new Justices.
I uoglas Brooks (
i 6, .
j Restaurant and ;
1 Confectionery J
A «
l When you are hungry J
j eat with u s. Every l
t thing clean and fresh, J
j One of the best places l
1 in town for cold drinks, j
J cigars and tobacco. *
\ Noxi Door To Postoffice /
/ ^_ ^^ ^_^ »
YV. B. YVuIUt. l‘iv-. M. YV. Gt'WHon. Y’.-l’rts. O. R. (I* rdon, hIih r
The Business Man Tomorrow
NEVADA COUNTY BANK was chartered in 1890, and has
had twenty years of unbroken business. Always prompt
and reliable. This is the secret of the Bank’s success.
During the past every depositor’s check was promptly paid.
Very few banks are in a position to say the same. The Direc
tors direct. The affairs of this Bank are under the direct su
pervision of the Board of Directors, each of whom has been
successful in whatever business undertaken. The combined
judgement and advice of this Board is at the service of the
Bank at auy anti all times, making a thoroughly safe institu
tion. Your money is absolutely safe when guarded by such a
body of men, especially when their money is back you, guaran
teeing the protection of your own. We allow 4 per cent on all
time deposits.
Give us your accounts. You will alwas find in this Bank
courteous attention and every accommodation |eonsistant with
goodjand safe banking methods.
Prescott, : Arkansas
W. B. Waller, President. Fannie H. Young
W. R. Barham J. T Nichols
H. A. Hamilton O. B. Gordtm
M. W. Greeson Alex Vaughan
Memphis, Oct. 28. — Declining
to assume jurisdiction and up
holding the principle of “state’s
rights,” Federal Judge John E.
McCall late today ordered dis
solved a temporary injunction re
straining the continuance in
business of 114 saloon keepers of
Memphis. Notwithstanding the
declarations of the Law Enforce
ment League of Memphis,which,
through 15 of its members, ap
peared as complainants, that
there appeals to state and local
authorities for redress has been
unheeded. Judge McCall held
that prosecution through Grand
Jury indictments was the*proper
course and was still open. In
answer to the allegation that the
constituted authorities of the
state wme not in sympathy with
the prohibition laws as enacted
and had refused to act on in
formation furnished, he cited
impeachment proceedings as a
method through which their
removal from office might be
accom plished.
Comparatively, the opinion ot
Judge McCall was brief. It de
nied that the plaintiffs had es
tablished the fact that their
constitutional rights, within the
meaning of fourteenth amend
ment to the United States con
stitution and on which the liti
gation turned, had been violated,
and denoted that without this
fact being fully proved, contro
versies between citizens of a
state properly belonged in the
state courts.
Further, it is held that if the
court had jurisdiction, the com
plainants are not entitled to re
lief in a court of equity. If
action was taken in the present
issue, it is pointed out, the
federal courts might be appealed
to to enforce any and all of the
criminal laws of a state, which
would be in direct contravention
to the United States constitutor.
“Taking every allegation o.'
he bill to be true, ” the opinion
•ontinues, “in substance this
court is asked to enforce the
taws of Tennessee between citi
zens of the state, notwithstand
ing that article 4 of section 4 o1
the constitution of the United
5tat s guarantees to every state
i republican form of govern
That Tennessee is amply pro
‘ i (i with such a government is
i inled out in conclusion and
hence the issue held not proper
c before a federal court.
Immediately following the
gening of the formal order dis
-.olv.ngfhe injunction tonight,
• in' which ha\ e remained closed
■ Saturday were reopened,
u : Intss was resumed, and Mem
phis was “as wet as ever.”
It is announced that an appeal
■vi I be taken to the United
Suite s Circuit Court of Appeals
.it Cincinnati.
City Commissioner, Fred
Ihorburn. has his cilice tempor
arily at the Picayune office.
ililiousncss isdneto a disordered cor.
diiit.n of the stom ich. (Chamberlain’s
tablets are especially a stomach medi
cine. intended eapecially to act on that
organ; to change it* strengthen it.
lone and invigorate it, to regulate the
aver and to banish biliousness positive
ly ar.d effectually. Sold by al| Dealers.
For Sale —Eight poland China
males, all subject to registry.
J. W. Marshall,
Prescott, Ark.
State of Ohio, City of Toledo,) aa
Lucas Countv, )
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he
is senior partner of the firm of F. J.
Cheney & Co., doing business in the
City of Toledo,County and State afore
said, and that said firm will nay the
for each and every case of (Catarrh that
cannot be cused by the use of Hall’s
Catarrh Cure. Frank J. Cheney.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in
my presence, this 6th day of Decem
bJr, 1836. A. W. Gleason,
(Seal) Notary Public.
Halls Catarrh Cure is taken Internal
ly, and acts directly on the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. Send
lor testimonials free
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall’s Family Pills for consti
W. C. T. I).
The convention Echo meeting
held with Mrs. John M. Pittman
on yesterday afternoon was quite
a success in point of numbers
present and reports given by
the delegates who attended said
convention. Mrs. Steen’s report
fairly bristled with enthusiasm,
and one could plainly see that
she only reflected the animated
spirit that pervaded the t ntire
delegation. Certainly there
as no note of discouragement
given, but the watch-words:
“Enter and possess the Land
were the slogan of every speaker
heard on the platform of the
convention. We who heiped
compose the delegation from
Prescott felt that when Mrs.
Beauchamp of Kentucky, who
was the main speaker of the
convention, delivered her first
address on the subject, “Roll ye
away the stone.” followed by
the command to Lazarus, “Come
forth,” surely she had exhausted
her supply or argument, out
nay, verily. On Sunday in the
second Baptist church she was
equally as strong when she de
picted the overthrow of the Isra
lites because they had rudely
violated God’s command by tak
ing tribute of the Canaanites,
rather than to “utterly destroy
them” as He had commanded
them. Then on Sunday night
when she depicted the sad fact
that it was hard to find a man to
stand before God forever, (as he
oad promised the Rechabites,
ind which He has held true)
among the vast array of inebrites
and the vast array of the feeble
minded, the prisoners, the in
sane. the deaf, the blind, etc ,
who are tramping the road that
leads only to despair on account
of the drink unless some hault is
made that will stop them in
their mad career.
Her magnificiont picture of
Lazarus represent the yourg
manhood of the nation “dead in
trespasses and in sins,” and
Christ’s command to the dis
ciples, "Koli ye away the stone”
representing the Church of
Ihrist that must roll away the
stone of Liquordom in order that
He may have a chance to call
his young- manhood forth, and
that it. too, may have a chanc
to respond, was one of the finest
ippeals for applied Christianity
this writer t ver heard. May the
womanhood of Prescott and
vicinity respond heartily to this
divine injunction, by joining
forces with the Woman’s Chris
trim Temperance Union, the
largest organized body of women
in the world, and which we be
lieve is the greatest force ex
tant. working for the absolution
of the liquor traffic. This last
statement heard from pulpit and
reform workers every where,
with possibly a few exceptions,
said exceptions generally wedded
to some evil habit.
Next meeting with Mrs. M. H.
Bailey, November 10. Let every
member come.
Texarkana and return account
Buffalo Bids Shjw, $1.95. On
sale Nov. ldth, good for return
Nov. 17.
Little Hock and return. $3.90.
Account Annual Convention
United Daughters of the Confed
eracy. On sale Nov. 7th and
84:, good for return Nov. 12th.
Don’t trifle with a cold if. good advice
for prudent men and women. It may
bn vital in esse of a cnild. There is
nothi g better than Chamberlain’s
Cough Remedy for coughs and colds in
children. It is safe and sure. For
sale by all Dealers.
For Infanta and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Beai-s the
Signature of
5 or 6 dosos of “666" will cure any
case ol i|iiils and Fever, price 25c.
Can be had by ambitious young
men and ladies in the field of
“Wireless” or Railway telegra
phy. Since the 8-hour law be
came effective, and since the
Wireless companies are establish
ing stations throughout the
country there is a shortage of
telegraphers. Positions pay be
ginners from $70 to $90 per
month, with good chance of ad
vancement. Tne national tele
gram institute operates six offi
cial institute in America, under
supervision of R.R.ar.d Wireless
officials and place all gradu
ates into positions. It will pay
vou to write them for full detail
at Cincinnati, O., Philadelphia,
P. A. Mempis.Tenn.. Davenport,
L. A., Columbia, S. C„ or Port
land. Ore., accoiding to which i
you wish to enter.
_ .— '■■■1 ■ ■—
You are not experimenting on your
self when you take Chamberlain’s
Cough Remedy for a cold as that pre
paration has won its great reputation
and extensive sale by its remarkable
cures of colds, and can always be de
pended upon. It is equally valuable
for adults and children and may be
given to young children with explicit
confidence " as it contains no harmful
drug. Sold by a 1 Dealers.
I will take plain sewing.
Nancy Andrews,
West Walnut Street.
"I wouldn’t take a thousand
dollars for the good VINO? u
done me. I was told that Cod Live
Oil was the medicine I needed fa
my weakened condition and
blood. I could not take the nS
mixture, and when our drumS
ine that V INOL contained^
tonic iron but all the medicinal nr J.
erties of Cod Liver Oil without
grease or oil or had taste, I mad"
up my mind that was the medicine
for me. I tried it and to-dav am
strong and well.” y
Mrs. J. T. Snyder,
Greensboro, N', q
We guarantee tlie *<-nuinen«* „r
above teatimonial.
We sell VINOL with the
understanding that if it does
not give the purchaser per
fect satisfaction, we return
his money without question.
Will you try a bottle un
der these conditions?
Baker Drug Stori
The Picayune is twice-a-weel
and full of county happenings.
“The Circular Stair Case.”
For biggest bargains in Piano
and Organs, go to A Monson1
music store.
light ninguIL
is tr™ one urfailing scientific
dressing which instantly relieves
are1 nerniarently cures all hurse,
cut<. burns. Hruises. sprains and
wounds of every kind. Pain
leaves at. once because the air is
exclud'd, and the oil covering
acts ns artificial skin. The quick
est. fastest hoalirty oil known —
cents and :>0 cents bottles.
A.B. Richards Medicine Co..Sherman. Texas
- ■ ..3
Readthe Picayune.
RING 192
when you want a nice
Steak, Pork Sausage,
Hot Barbecue meats,
Baker’s Bread and Pick
T1iO>. McRAE, fits. TFFOS. C. McRAE JR Cuhier.
JAMES G CLARK, Vice.Pr«. T. R. WRIGHT. Am. C«h,
SURPLUS $15,000.00
Our customers know this. A checking account
with this bank will eliminate any difficulties of using
your funds as \ ou wish.
We will keep you** r a per3 without chargo.
Lock Boxes for valuable papers, jewelry, etc.
for rent. ... •
Your business will be welcomed. j
THOS. C. McRAE, JR., Cashier.
We Want You To Deal
With Us
And assure you in advance that nothing on our P3**
will be left undone in our effort to satisfy you in eV®^
transaction. YVe are satisfied that you can do
here and we want you to think carefully before y00
have any medicine prepared knowing that you 11 decid*
to come here.
Hesterly Drug Store,
“Where your trade is ^predated.

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