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In Bad Fix
“I had a mishap at the age of 41, which left me in bad
fix,” writes Mrs. Georgia Usher, of Conyers, Ga.
“I was unconscious for three days, and after that I
would have fainting spells, dizziness, nervousness, sick
headache, heart palpitation and many strange feelings.
“I suffered greatly with ailments due to the change of
life and had 3 doctors, but they did no good, so 1 concluded
to try Cardui. . , , .
’‘Since taking Cardui, l am so much better and can do
all my housework.’’
The Woman's Tonic
Do not allow yourself to get Into a bad fix. You might
get in so bad you would find it hard to get out.
Better take Cardui while there is time, while you are
Still in moderately good health, just to conserve your strength
and keep you in tip top condition.
In this way your troubles, whatever they are, will grad
ually grow smaller instead of larger—you will be on the
up-grade instead of the down—and by and bye you wul
arrive at the north pole of perfect health.
Oet a bottle at your druggists’ today.
Our New Pal Goods
Are Ready Por Your Inspection
Why Buy The Name,
It's The Clothing You Want.
If you knew for a certainty that you could buy clothing
that was cut right, made right and that would fit right, and
the quality of which was absolutely right—with your choice
of hundreds of the newest patterns and weaves to select
from, all at the lowest price garments of such high charac
ter could possibly be sold—would you not trade with such a
firm? Why not try us and let us Drove to you that we have
what you want? New Fall Suits and Topcoats.
Jacob Suckle,
The Store of Qualify
West Main St. Next to McDaniel Hardware Co.
Clothing pressed and
cleaned in a satis
factory manner. A
specialty of ladies’
Killing the Rabbit.
Victoria. Australia, spends $475.00'>
I .-r year in the endeavor to ct'ien. »
»i • tbe rabbit.
The Ideal Newspaper Man.
"la be what you would call a first
etnas newspaper man?" “I should say
so. When the 'end-of-the-world' scare
was at Its height, he had two editor
tala written—one to publish If It did
come of. the other If It didn't"—
Find the Man
Everv man and woman is anxious
to buy some article—necessity or
luxury —every day of his or her life
Single handed it would take you
months to seek out those interested
in your line of business.
An advertisement in this paper
does the work instantaneously.
It corrals the purchaser—brings
him to your store—makes him buy
things you advertised.
(Cop;rtf ht, 19W. b» W N. U.)
Honor Bolonga to Chlnoso.
The first dictionary was mads by
Chinese scholars in 1109 B. C
Is an indication of kidney trouble. It means much to the
victim because the deadly Bright’s Disease begins in just
such symptoms.
Is a successful remedy for diseased kidueys. It
strengthens the suffering kidneys, helps them to
perform their duties properly and by cleansing and
regulating the bowels it drives out unhealthy con
ditions; restores strength aud vigorous health.
(let the Genuine with the Figure In Red on Front Label
Sold by Druggists. Price $ 1.00 per bottle.
Hesterly Drug Store
Little Rock, Dec. 15.—George
H. Grayson, assistant manager
of the Giaysonia-Nashville Lum
ber Co of Graysonia, Tuesday
notified the officials of the Ark
ansas Association of Con Catena
ted Order of Hoo Hoo, tnat a
monster concatenation will be |
held in that town Saturday,
January 7. Arrangements have
already been made for a large |
number of local Hoo Hoo to make
the trip to this concatenation.
Following this will be the annual i
meeting of the State Association,
January 14, and within the two
weeks following, several other
concatenations will follow;Heber1
being the last one to take up
the subject of concatenation for
early February.
VT. u7T%tmeop«x>
about what you’re
selling, but take a tip,
brother, you’ll break
ear drums, not pocket
Sane advertising in
this paper makes
thinking people buy.
If you’re not in the
ad. van, isn’t it trrnr
you took a flyer?
ft ft ft
You have out wo-d
—you’ll never regret it
vCopy right, ljOO, by W N.U )
1. Song.
2. Recitation by Miss Vera
3. Play—"Fun in the Photo
graph Gallery.”
4 Piano Duet—by Misses
lertie Westmoreland and Stella
5. Dialogue—"Who is he,dof
the family?”
0. Recitation by Ivey West
7. Duet and Chorus.
8. Play — “Fresh Timothy
9. Piano Trio by Misses Pearl
Carter, Lela Westmoreland and
Mec Shell.
10. Dialogue—"Coon Creek
11. Recitation by Ismay Mc
12. Piano Duet by Misses
Bennie Snell and Ismay Mc
13. Play—“Burg ulars.”
14. Maie Quartet.
15. Play — "Kansas Immi
16. Recitation by Miss Gertie
17. Piano Duet by Misses
Powel and Effie Shell.
18. Play—"Those Red En
19. Song—Chorus.
The above is a program to be
rendered at Cale by the Garland
Literary Society of the Cale
High School on Thursday night,
Dec. 22nd before Xmas. Every
body is invited to be present. An
admission fee of twenty-five (25)
cents will be charged. We do
not want anyone to think that
this is just for a money making
affairs, but it is only for the
benefit of the Library. All the
money that is collected will go to
help build up our Library. This
program is to be the best that
has ever been given at this
place. Don’t forget the date,
Thursday night, Dec. 22nd 1910. j
Animal Industries.
Whole trilies of birds are musician1!
The beaver Is an architect. builder and
woodcutter; he "Uis down trees and
erect* houses and dams The marmot
Is a civil engineer; lie does not only
build houses, but constructs aqueducts
and drains to keep them dry. Wasps
are paper manufacturers. Caterpillars
■re silk mercers.
Don't dope with cough syrups
containing nerve deadening
v abit forming opiates. Use a
harmless remedy such as you
will find in Gregory’s Antiseptic
Oil. A few drops stops cough in
a few minutes. Cures sere
throat and is good for a cold.
Cali on your Druggist who will
refund your money if not satis
factory after uting,
Gregory Med. Co.
Little Rock, Ark.
A Matter of Tiire.
A Toledo lawyer was recently re
tained to defend hii individual
charged with ho’ist breaking and !ar
ceny. The accused requested that his
lawyer outline ins plan of defense
This being done, the prisoner evinced
much disgust.
"How long is it goin' to take to get
through with this case.'" he growled
The lawyer smiled politely. "I
think,” said he, "that it will take me
about two weeks, but I’m afraid It’s
going to take you about four years."
A national weekly magazine.
Stands for the modern!'spirit of
free and independent thought in
politics and social life.
TOM WATSON, the manjwho
compelled the IRailroadJICompa
nies to adopt safety appliances,
and made RuralJIFree Delivery
possible in this ^country, is the
editor. It contains special arti
cles and illuminating comments
on every topic of current inter
est, and other departments are a
Woman’s page, Veteran’s^Corn
er.Farm DepartMent, Children’s
Club and the Sunny South
Subscription price: $1.00 for
12 months, 50 cents for six
months, 25 cents for three
CASH PRIZES and liberal
commissions to agents. Prem
iums and special inducements to
raisers of clubs. Specimen
copies free on request.
Thomson, Ga.
True Virtue.
Virtue does not consist in doing
right, but in choosing to do right. This
is the great distinction between the
animal and man.
Tit for Tat.
Mnmc "I'n't thI< muff Annt Snr .h
sent me a beauty?" Dorothy—"its
nice, hut I want a much larger one.'
Maine—"Of course you do. i’.ut this
is plenty big enough for my bands.”—
The 'Krrcl;*r.“
Mrs. Crimson^ > i'u;;'re always
‘knocking’ at tty biscuits Mr Prim
sonbeack—"Well. I've got to break
’em some way, haven't 1?”
The Chief Cause of Trouble.
Most people fret not because they
have so little but because their neigh
bors have 6o much.
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hall’s Catarrh
Cure. F.J.Cheney & Co.,Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F.
J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and
believe him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions, and financially
able to carry out any obligations made
by his firm.
Walding, Kinnan & Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists,Toledo,O.
Hall’s Catarrh Cure is taken inter
ually. acting directly upvn the blood
and mucuus surfaces of the system.
Testimonials sent free. Price 75c. per
bottle. Sold by all Druggists.
Take Hall’s Family Pills for consti
THERE’S a lot of money
here and in this vicinity.
Possessors of that money
read this paper; they swear by
it. They want to be shown.
If your goods are right, they
want to buy. This paper
talks to that money at regular
intervals. It’s money that
talks back and talks back
strong. Get your share—do
>our talking through our ad
vertising columns.
(€op«rl«bt. IJtt). hj W. N- t.i
Our Policy
of Values to
Christmas Buyers
We se’l only the REST. A pift
from here i3 sure to be'SOME
THING GOOD, and to be appre
ciated. We try to do everything
JUST RIGHT, mid solicit not only
your business but your criticism
and suggestions.
How to Cure
Chronic Colds
and Bronchitis
Bluevale, Ont., May 4, 1910.
“I was sick for two years with a
chronic cold and bronchitis and a
consequent run-down condition. I
received no benefit from doctors,
and had to give up work. VINOL
was recommended and from the sec
ond bottle I commenced to improve
— I gained in weight and strength,
my cold and bronchial trouble dis
appeared, and I am at work again.
I want to recommend VINOL to
anyone who is in need of sucli a
medicine.”—Thomas Higgins.
It is the combined action of the
curative elements of the cods' livers
aided by tire blood making and
strength creating properties of tonic
iron contained in VINOL which
makes it so successful in curing
stubborn colds and bronchitis.
VINOL is a constitutional rem
edy for chronic coughs, colds, bron
chitis and pulmonary troubles, not
a palliative like cough syrups.
Try a bottle of VINOL. If you
don’t think it helped you, we will
return your money.
Baker Drug Store
Their Heallty.
"Are those in istof? fine girls’
Well, one is a i;.'l<ra and the other
a model." "Ar** they so good as all
that?" "Good in each one's own way.
The pattern girl is a dressmaker and
the model one with a cloak manufac
Notice is hereby given that by virtu*
of a decree of the Nevada County
< haneery Court made and entered of
record on the St'n day of Pecotnher.
1910, wherin C. C. Hamby, (?. H. Hav
nie and John G Renton were pf;tintifTs
and Mo!Ik* Kirby, Cora Eagle, John A.
Eagle, Noel W. Eagle and Pennie
Eagle were defendantf.
I will on the 21st day of January,
1911, as commissioner of said court
otFer for sale to the highest bidder on
a credit ot Three months, the following
real estate situated in the county or
Nevada and the State of Arkansas,
The North Half of the North-East
Quarter Section Thirty-Six Township
Eleven South Range Twenty-One
Said sale will be at the front door of
the Court house in the town of Pres
cott, Arkansas, during the honrs for
judicial sales. The purchaser will be
required to give bond with approved
personal security for the purchase
money, which will draw interest at the
rate of 10 per cent per annum from
date of sale until paia.
Commissioner in Chancery.
ROOMS $1.00 UP
Electric Lights, Electric Elevator*,
Long Distance Telephone, Telegraph
and Typewriting. We use Boiled
Filtered Water. Corner Second and
Center Streets. Little Rock. Arkansas
Notice is hereby given that by virtue
of a decree of the Nevada Chancery
Court made and entered of record on
the 8th cay of December, 1910, wherin
Wesley Mitchell, a minor, by Floia
Jones.his mother and next friend, and
o'heis, Exparte
I will ort the 21st day of January,
1911, as comm ssioner of said court
offer for sale, to the highest bidder on
a credit of Three Months.the following
real estate situated in the county of
Nevada and State of Arkansas to-wit:
The West Half of the South-East
Quarei of Section Thirty (3o) Town
snip Ten ( U) South Range Twenty-One
(21) West.
Said sale will be at the front door of
the court house in the town of Prescott,
Arkansas, during the hours for judicial
sales. The purchaser will be required
to give bond with approved personal
security for the purchase money, which
will draw* interest at the rate of 10 per
cent per annum from date of sale until
Commissioner in Chancery.
Benefits of the Chase.
“You say your husband's love of
hunting Is what enables you to enjoy
hie eocicty?” "Yes." answered young
Mrs. Torktns. “Sometimes Charley
hai to ntay at home two or three
weeks at a time getting the blrdshol
out of hie eyetem ”
When You Think of Drugs,
Think of Hesterly Drug Store.
A complete stock of every thing
in the Drug Store Line.
Hesterly Drug Store,
‘‘Where your trade is appreciated.1'

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