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I Car Owensborro Buggies and Wagons.
I You can not afford to place your order
I until you see our line.
■ •
I The Style is right.
I The Material is right.
I We Make the Price right.
McDaniel Hardware Company
Prescott, - Arkansas
Take G ood Advice
from those older than
yourself with regard to
your Bank Account. The
nearest thing to perpetu
al motion ever discover
ed is
Money at Interest
and the best way for a
business man to create
confidence is to be identi
fied with some responsi
ble bank. Bring your de
posit here and realize the
strength of our advice.
Nevada County Bank
Prescott, Arkansas
Rheumatic sufferers
should USE
Tho Boat Remedy
For all forma of
M^-uunn i wquri re
u roi sMd
civ OS Quick
inr amu'1^ ar>d down stairs, sweep
not ni«e-d,ng over ,naklI1«- beds will
ful. eu U Woman healthy or beautifu
a iniif! * ftnust Ret out of doors, walk
berlain’a TVkieyery .dayand takeCham
ion anH * ,let8 to improve her digest*
hy au (j( '^ 'late her bowels. For sale
Weekly Letter of Jchn H, P ge, j
Commissioner Mines, Manufac
tures and Agriculture, j
The time is drawing near at
hand to begin preparations for
next year’s crops. Two matters
of importance should be consider
ed right now. One is seed select
ion and the other is deep- fall
plowing. The seed corn for
planting next Spring can be se_
lected during October and Nov
ember. The best plan is to go
through the field and select the
best ears by hand, and put the i
away to dry. You can make a
gold rack for drying corn for
seed by the use of woven wire
fencing. Take two strips six
feet long, and place a sufficient
numberof six inch blocks between
the stripes and fasten then with
staples, so they would have the
same appearance as if two strips
of wire fencing were fastened
on each side of fence posts. The
ears of corn can be placed through 1
| the wire meshes, letting one end
l of the ear rest in the mesh of onei
strip of wire and the other end
of the ear in the mesh of the ot
her strip. This will make a
simple home-made rack that can
be suspended from the rafters in
the barn if you like, and will
make a good way of drying the
seed corn. In selecting the ears,
get the best filled out ones from
strong stalks.
There are various simple
methods of testing the seed for
germination. You can take a
piece of domestic and mark it off
in squares and number the squar
es. Then take three or more
grains from each ear, and place
i them in the squares, and number
or tag the ear accordingly. Take
the grains from different parts of j
; the ear. Then cover the cloth ;
with another, and roll it up and j
wrap it in a piece of an old sack,
or 'some such material. After
j this, soak it in warm water for
about thirty minutes, and then
take it out and lay away where it
1 cannot freeze. Keep it moist un
til the corn sprouts well. Then
m’a k e an examination of the
grains. If they germinate well
and the roots put out are strong
and healthy, save the correspond
ing ears. If not, discard them.
Continue these tests through the
winter, as you have time, and
when spring comes you will have
good and reliable seed to plant.
Seed corn that will germinate
only 80 percent will depreciate
your veild ten bushels per acre,
if your land will produce at the
rate of fifty bushels per acre.
Test your cotton and grain seed
tee. By all means select your
cotton seed this fall, taking into
consideration the stock develop
ment, and the boll, and all the
characteristic that make good
cotton. You will profit by it
By all means break your land, or
as much of it as possible, this
fall, and break it deep. It is
safe to go two inches deeper than
you have plowed during the past
year. It will pay in most instan
ces to use a sub-soiler after the
turning plow. Remember that
just as deep as you plow your
land this fall you will have a stor
age for water and plant food next
year when the crop is growing.
The drough of the past season
should emphasize the importance
of deep fall plowing.
We have good folks and good
farmers in Arkansas, and I want
to see all of the farmers getting
the benefit of the best methods.
Begin now to prepare for better
farming next year. Do not over
look the importance of stock.
Look well after the brood sows.
Now is the time to get a good
male if you haven’t one. With
a good male you ?can take the
scrub hogs and soon have a good
strain of stock hogs. Breed the
sows in November and December
so the pigs will come early in the
spring and make mature hogs
next fall and winter, and be
ready for meat instead of having
to be wintered.
John H. Page,
While we were living in Montechrist
Texas, last winter and spring we had a
severe breaking out on our hands and
it was so severe at times it made us
get up at night we pnt on some of
your “Hunt’s Cure” and only had to
rub it on a few times till we had ix.
cured. — H. Mendenhall, Audubon lows.
I Poetively guaranteed. No cure no
j pay. Price 50c. All dealers.
And For Three Sommers Mrs. Vin
cent Was Unable to Attend to
Any of Her Housework.
Pleasant Hill, N. C-—“I suffered for
three summers,” writes Mrs. Walter
Vincent, of this town, “and the third and
last time, was my worst
1 had dreadful nervous headaches and
prostration, and was scarcely able to
walk about Could not do any of my
I also had dreadful pains ia my back
and sides and when one of those weak,
sinking spells would come on me, I
would have to give up and lie down,
until it wore off.
1 was certainly In a dreadful state of
health, when I finally decided to try
Cardui. the woman's tonic, and 1 finaly
believe I would have died If I hadn't
taken it
After I began taking Cardui, I waft
greatly helped, and all three bottles re
lieved me entirely.
I fattened up, and grew so much
stronger in three months, 1 felt like an
other person altogether."
Cardui is purely vegetable and gentle*
a<$ng. Its ingredients have a mild, tonic
effect, on the womanly constitution.
Cardui makes for increased strength
improves the appetite, tones up the ner
vous system, and helps to make pate,
sallow cheeks, fresh and rosy.
Cardui has helped more than a million
weak women, during the past 50 yearn,
it will surely do tor you, what it has
done for them. Try Cardui today.
ITWfa tot ChatUnoaea Medicine Co.. Ladle*' AS
vieAry Dart.. Oauanuaga. Teaa., for Special M
ttrurlujnt co >our taja *&4 H-PW book. Hcm?
I Tf fart far WaMa-MKIa WMa wrapper. 12*

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