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. ..3g-~~S|
Sound Busines
Methods t
Eresell tt",has*ever .stood Jfor %
met hods-fand followed a
rst — and Always.
; car. give you assurance
lope si ted here are as se
P 'ssibly wish them to be. jK
ison that our 1500 ’custo
tancy in recommending
ir friends,as often as oc
S tfe’B mhiforiYou.
Presc uit,ArK.
" -lA
ery Clerk of P'..;.i3k: County.
w bondsmen ARE SUED j
k of Roger* Was Official Depo*i- j
f*ry for Benton County Funds.
,r" N>wapap*r I nlcri Nrwi Srrtlc*
entonviiie. — Attorneys Rice &
[,0B- W- S. Floyd and W. O. Young,
*ted by the County Court to repre
sent Menton county, filed nit in the
Menton Circuit Court against the sign
ers of the bond tiled by the Bank of
Rogers at the time the bank was
made the county depository, for the
recovery of the county funds on de
posit with the Bank of Rogers at the
time of its failure.
When the bond was made the sure
Ties filed affidavits showing ownership
of unincumbered real estate to tlie
total value of $??". 000. as follows: W.
K. Taney $75,000, W. R. Kelker $100.
000, ,!. E. Kelker $10,000, K. K. Free
man $15,000. A. Williams $25,000.
In Cue suit the amount af county
funds involved in tlie bank failure is
given as $53,073.43, belonging to the
following funds: School fund, $41,772.
til; road fund, $5,962.89; general coun
ty fund. $5,236.93; bridge fund. $100.
Funds belonging to every school dis
trict of the county, save one. were on
The suit will be heard at the next
terra of Circuit Court, in September.
The attorneys state that in their
opinion, based on such facts as they
are so lar able to secure, the' will he
at le to recover the funds, though i1
may take some time to do it on ac
count of the complications growing nut
of the failure of the haul: \ttortn \s
also stated that tlu-y contemplate-,
otl. i ; - -dings which they could
not at pt - tit divulge ot discuss.
President Kays Seek To hers.
Jonesboro Bit-sklent V C Have
has gout to the KniversKv < Illinois
and other points in tin t ;c where
he goes to consult some teai lu-rs whom
he expects 1o employ as members of
the faculty of the State Agricultural
College, to take the place of some of
the teachers who were elected, hut
have declined to serve.
Through our July taking stock, |
*nd find ourselves long on certain |
Merchandise, which we are anx- |
ious to sell—consisting of Summer |
Dress Goods, etc.--Also Men’s SOx- |
f°**ds. See us before buying, for |
we can and wil! save you money. ♦
Agents for Ladies Home Journal Patterns |
All Circuit Judges, Chancellors and
Supreme Judges, and Governor
Hays Are to Be Present.
Western Nfwipiprr I'nion N«*w» Scrvlrs.
(’onway.—Judge Eugene Lanleford
of the Seventeenth district has just,
issued an invitation to all circuit
judges, chancellors and members of
the Supreme Court of Arkansas to
meet in Little Hock August S to dis
cuss means of remedying the criminal
laws of the state, which he says are
defective. Judge Lankford has stud
ied criminal law extensively and is
well versed in them, having spent
some time in New York, Colorado and
other places studying laws, including
the juvenile systems.
Me said that Governor Hays has ac
cepted an invitation to be present and
that he has received assurances from
a large number of the judges that they
will attend.
Thirty-Seven Must Answer For Mur
der, Riot and Arson.
W'ni^rn N>p**r V n!<»n Sew* Serflc#.
Fort Smith. Vfter being in session
five days, the Grand Jury investigatin'' j
the riots, »11 < ued murders and destrn- j
tion of the ilaclie-Denman coal syndi
cate's mine at Prairie Creek, mar
Hartford am! \rkoal, returned its final
report in Circuit Court Friday night
The jury returned 157 indictments.
! Four of the indicted men are in cits- !
| tody. With the exceptions of the names j
I of these four, the identities of the
other defendants have not been dis
I closed.
The indictments charge murder, ar- '
I son and riot. It is said that seven i
! charge murder.
The indicted men and the charges
against thpui are as follows:
Hee Tro«H Hartford, murder.
Frank Grfpando. Hartford, riot.
Lloyd Blackburn Jr . Hartford, riot
Valentine Viterbo, Prairie ('reek,
They were all taken into custody on
warrants issued earlier in the week
and have been confined in the county
jail at Greenwood.
It is alleged iliat they are all mem
hers of the Miners' Union
Water Is Unfit to Drink.
Little Rock. The long drawn out
contest between the riiv of Little
Hock atid the Arkansas Water Coin
pany, the company that .-.implies wa
ter to citizens, readied a i Umax when
t'iiy Phwisian Milton Vaughan issued
a public warning against t.ie use of
the water for drinking purposes. The
physician says:
"Examination of city w«.ler todav
shows that it is unsafe lor drinking
purposes until it h:.s been boiled.”
The case is vending in court.
Indications That It Will 6* Greatly
Increased Over Last Y.^ar.
Fayetteville. The pre-enrollments
already coining in for the n--xt session
of.lhe State University indicate that
the increase in attendance seen a
year ago will be more than met in
September. Fayetteville .<1 .ays fills
up with new families in the early fall,
but this year the few vacant houses
are being occupied earlier man usua'
1 hv families moving here to secure the
advantages of the University and the
new’ Training High School. Last week
seven enrolled from Texas.
During the Summer txohool just
closing there were students present
from the slates of Arkansas, Kansas,
■ Missouri, Tennessee, Missisippi, vla
lania. Louisiana, \ew Mexico, Arizo
na, Texas and Oklahoma—indicating
the position the University is taking
among her sister institutions. The
pre-enrollments Indicate that the name
of the State University will draw front
an ever increasing circle.
Will. Instruct Farmers of Dallas
Fordyce.—The college of agriculture
of the University of Arkansas has giv
en Dallas county a summer school for
the instruction of farmers, it will be
i held the last week in August at Pine
I Drove, a town centrally located in the
county. Mxperts will he present to
. instruct the farmers in the iatest scl
l intific methods of farming.
Property Involved in the Receivership,
Forced by the Strike, Esti
mated at $700,300.
W^terp N>w*p.'ipf*r t’ni»»n N»*w« SVrTlw.
Fort Smith.—- Franklin Bache, head of
the so-called Biiche-Denman syndicate
of coal companies, upon a voluntary
petition filed in the United States Dis
trict Court was Saturday afternoon ap
pointed receiver by Judge Frank A.
Youmans for the Coronado Coal Com
pany, the .Mammoth Vein Coal Mining
Company. West Virginia Corporations,
Bache-Denman Coal Company, Sebas
tian County Coal Company, Mammoth
Vein Coal .Mining Company, Mammoth
Vein Royalty Company and the Prairie
Creek Coal Mining Company, Arkan
sas corporations whose combined capi
tal is said to approximate $1,000,000.
’I he receiver? iip is the result of the
destruction of fve plants of the syndi
cate by rioting strikers a week ago.
Bache gave bond of $10,000.
Petition, for a receiver was made in
a bill of equity filed by the Coronado,
the Denman Coal Company. Mammoth
Vein Coal Mining Company, Bache
Denman Coal Company, Hartford Coal
Company, Cache & Denman Coal Co.,
and the Kali inla Coal Company, own
ed by the syndicate, against the Se
bastian County Mammoth Vein Coal
Company, Mammoth Vein Royalty
Company, Prairie Creek Coal Mining
Company. Speer Hardware Company,
and the Sabastian County Coal and
.Mining Company.
The petition recites the syndicate’s
efforts to operate its No. 4 mine at.
Prairie creek with nonunion labor, the
■•ubseriue’'.t riot on April f> and the
riots on JuB 17. when thn mine and
two others wore destroyed, the de
struction of the Coronado mine at Ar
ioal last Monday and damage inflict
ed to Hartford company's mine at
Dallas last Saturday night. It is stated
that since the outbreaks creditors are
demanding payment of their accounts
and that the suspension of operations
prevents the companies from meeting
Uiese claims. It is stated that unless
a receiver is named the creditors will
secure judgment in court and the prop
. rtv will be sold on execution.
The suit plates the value of the prop
trty involved it $700,001). The peti
tion states that the Sebastian County
Coal Mining Company is the assignee |
of the Cherokee Construteion Com
pany. owners of coal lands which have
been leased to both plaintiffs and de
lendants and udder present conditions
can exercise its right to cancel the
Roads Contemplate Improvements.
Helena. If plans recently made
known by thi Yazoo A Mississippi
Valley ami ihe Missouri A- North Vr
k&nsas railroads, both of wrtich have
leriuinals in this ci'y, are followed up.
in vast amount of work wifi be com
pleted in Helena before Ihe coming of
18If,, Both these railroads contem
plate improvements here which will
cost a large amount of money and
give employment to hundreds of men.
Prescott. Monroe Graham a farm*
i er, residing near here, iias already
sold $<il) worth of watermelons from
less than one acre of ground and > s
timates that he will realize as much
ns $t>0 more.
Vaccinating Against Anthrax.
1/onoke.—I)r. R. A. Harris, a local
veterinarian, has been kept very busy
tor the past three weens vocdnatlns
(he horses and cattle of this communl
ly for prevention of anthrax. About
two weeks ago anthrax was reported
to be present in nearby ton'tory and
every one made a scramble to have
the serum administered to his stock
Dr. Harris has vaccinated more than
200 in tlie past two weeks
5,000 Crates of Blackberries.
Decatur.—More than 5,000 crates of
blackberries were shipped out from
this district during the- season just
ended, (lood prices prevailed all
through the season, the market offer
ing from $1.75 to *2.10 per crate oa
the track.
Elbertas Are Scarce In Sharp.
RatesvlUe.—The Eberta reach crop
around Hardy, Sharp county, is re
ported short this year. It is estinia
ted that only six cars will be shipped
from that point, and these have been
sold on a recent contract at $1.30 per
i{oturncdji3o5 TrueJ Bills Ovi r
300 Being for Violation of the
Anti-Seining Law.
I’o the lion. J. M. Carter, Judge
of the Eighth Judicial Circuit:
We, the Grand Jury, empanel
ed for the July 1914 term of the
Nevada County Circuit Com ,
i)rg leave to submit the follow
ng report: —
We have examined 143 wit
nesses and have returned 355 in
We have rciurmd indictments
wherein rur judgment the evi
ilence would warrant us in doing
We find many minor offenses
are brought before the Grand
Jury that should be disposed of
before Township officers, there
by saving thejeounty much un
necessary expense.
We find that several dealers in
smoking tobacco allow cigarette
papers to be t stored awayjin a
convenient place, in their places
of business and customers are
permitted to carry them away.
And we would suggest to such
dealers in smoking tobacco, thui
they promptly destroy all ciga
rette papers received in [ship
ments of tobacco and not permit
them to remain in their places of
business lor free distribution.
We would also suggest that ic
cal wholesale dealers destroy all
cigarette papers received^by
tiiem in shipments of tobacco.
Most witnesses before our body
have testified willingly for which
we commend them.
We find the public records ol
the county neatly and well kept.
We have not made an exten
sive investigation of the accounts
of the collecting officers of the
county, but have relied on the
report of the commiss oners of
a counts, which report we have
before us.
We find that all th i Justices of
the Pcacejexcept one have filed
report as required by law.
We find also that all Consta
bles, except one have reported.
We also find from the reports
of the Road Overseers, that the
public read:, of the county are in
reasonably good conili m .
We have appointed a commit
tee to investigate the Poor Farm
which they found in good condi
tion; the building and premises
being clean and in sanitary con
dition, and the inmates well cared
lor at the timejof the investiga
tion, but some complaint has
b en made to us that the premi
ses have rot been kept in as goi*d
condition as should have been at
all times.
We recommend '..at the prem
ise?. at all firm s be kept in a
sanitary condition aim not only
while the Grand .Jury is in ses
We find that the County Judge
is havingJsGine much needed re
pairs made on the county jail, by
having the wall around the west
room rebuilt, and a.-, soon as com
pleted. will be in good condition.
We also find that the jail is
kept in unreasonably sanitary con
dition and ^prisoners well cared
We have complaints of drink
ing and^drunkem.cas at public
picnics and gatherings, but find
it difficult to get positive proof
of same.iand would recommend*
that the township officers use
their best efforts to punish such
In conclusion we desire to
thank your Honor for courtesies
extended our body by you. We
desire also to thank the officers
of the court for their kind and
courteous treatment extended us.
Having completed our labors
wo now beg to befdischarged.
F. E. Murrah, Foreman.
J. A. Hood. Clerk.
The Texas wonderjcures'l kidney and
bladder troubles, dissolves gravel, core
diabetes, weak and lame backs, rhen
matism, and all irregularities of the
kidneys and hlarider(in both men and
women. Regulates bladder troubles in
children. If not sold by yeur druggist,
will be sent by mail on receipt of $1.00.
One small bottle is two months’ treat
meat, and seldom fails to perfect a
cure. Send for testimonials jrom this
and other states. Dr. E. W. Hall,
292(1 Olive Street, Si. Louis, Mo. Sold
by Hesterly Drug Store and others.
This enterprising institution
has the plans for their new bank
building and constructioi will
begin at once. This will be one
o le of the prettiest bank build
ings in this part of the state
when finished.
The management of this bank
is always looking forward with
an eye to keep abreast of the
times and the old building is not.
a iequate for the increased busi
ness of this popular bank, so*
they are going to make this im
provement that they may more
efficiently handle *t:ie business
and accommodate their patrons
- -
“A big borne grown, corn fed
girl may nut be able to tango as
gracefully as her slender hot
house sister,” says an exchange
“But she is there with oells or»
when it comes to doing the kitch
en scrub, and the dustrag dip,
and the broom stick balance, and
the cooking canter.”
Prescott, Arkansas. jj
Has been in business for more than thirty years.
Your account “whether large or small” is appreciat
ed at this bank and will have our most carer id atten
YV. B. YValler, President W. R White, Jr., Asst. Cash.
W. R. Barham, Vice-Pres. H. E. Dorris, Asst. Cash.
Geo. F. Cress, Cashier H. E. Rouse, Secretary.
W. B. Waller YV. R. Barham, Geo. F. Cress,
YV. R. White, Jr., A. H. Smith, Mrs. J. C. Young K
H. A. Hamilton. f
Organized, Equipped and Conducted for SERVICE, j
The Bank For Your Savings Account

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