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Is universally liked |
try it and you will
know why this is g
■ |
j true. 5
Prescott Ice &
M'lling Company
Prescott, Arkansas.
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The weather continues hot anc
dry. Crops are beginning tc
suffer, especially corn. Cottor
has not suffered much yet.
Several have been saving ha>
the past week. Mr. James Pau
1 has saved quite a lot of nice al
I falfa hay.
The Artesion school begur
VIonday the 21st, with s good at
tendance. We have one of the
! best teachers in Nevada county,
Vliss Abbie Hale, and hope tc
; have one of the best schools we
iave had for years.
The literary society was well
ittended and quite an interest
1 ing program was rendered.
Mr. Phillips has a very sick
boy this week.
The Musical at Paul Firchan’g
was well attended. All report a
i pleasant time.
The Womans’ Improvement
Club meets with Mrs. Sam
Witcher Thursday, the first of
July. Hope to have every mem
ber attend, as that is the day to
elect all new officers.
Misses Edith and Elsie Dobbins
and VV. C. Smart and Geo. Crum
by attended the Singing Con
vention at MeNab Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. N. Dobbins spent
Sundayjin Emmet.
Messrs. Guy S. Witcher and
Drewery Avery and MissZula
Hale visited at'JSam Witcher’s
Sunday eve.
Clinton Dickerson visited Jo
seph Smart Sunday.
Misses Ethel and Ha/.el Collins
were guests of the Misses Lan
ders Saturday and Sunday.
• ►
The Nevada County Singing
Convention will meet at Salem
church, two and one half miles
south of Prescott, the lirst Sat
lrday Sunday in July. Ail sing
irs and lovers of good music are
invited to be present.
Sunday afternoon will be giv
en to the ’’Old Sacred Harp" sin
gers. Classes desiring the con
vention next year will please
state same in their letters.
A. F. Callaway Prs.
W. E. Downs Sec.
Health is very good in this see
ion of the country.
Corn and gardens are begin
ning to tire up for want of rain.
Hveryone rej ort a nice time at
Westmoreland church Sunday.
There was a nice program, and
Bro. Moore preached a very in
teresting sermon.
Misses Thelma Westmoreland
and Lois Wood took dinner with
1) B Westmoreland and wife
J. N. Sobe and family attend
ed prea thing here Sunday.
Most of the farmers around
here are laying bv their crops.
There will be a protracted
meeting begin at Westmoreland
church the third Saturday night
in July. Bro. Haynie of Little
Rock will be the preacher. All
are invited.
The farmers around here are
done cutting oats. On account
! of the dry weather they didn’t
hardly get high enough to cut.
Ledger Sherrill visited in this
neighborhood Saturday and Sun
Miss Mary Yarberry visited
Miss Sylvia Westmoreland Sun
Brice Barham and family at
tended preaching at this plain
Malaria or Chills & feva
Prescription No. (>l»6 is prepared espc i. " ■
j Five or six doses will break any case. an<
j if taken then as a tonic the 1 ever will no
return. It acts on the liver better that
Calomel and docs not gripe or sicken. 2S<
I—Mill mill III.I !!■ mil I ■III—
We have a Complete Stock of
Fruit Jars, Tops and Rubbers.
Mason Fruit Jars, Pints, 50c a doz.
Mason Fruit Jars, Quarts, 60c a doz.
Mason Fruit Jars. Halves, 75c a doz.
Mason Tops - - 20c a doz.
Economy Tops • 20c a doz.
Schram Tops - - 20c a doz.
Jelly Glasses with Tops 25c a doz.
Rubbers - - 5c to 10c a doz.
Let Us Supply You!
Ozan Mercantile Company
Prescott, Arkansas
We are having some hot wea
ther at present.
Our Sunday school was not j
much last Sunday on account of
so much sickness in the commu
Mrs. Shanks is reported to he
in a serious condition at present.
She has been sick for some time
and is not expected to get well.
Our Literary Society will mett
here next Saturday night and we
are expecting a swell program
come out and be with us.
Mr. Clarence Billingsley says
j if the girls don’t want him to go
with them it will be alright says
he will wait for the next genera
tion probally they will be better
looking and more up to date.
Mr. Bill McAnally and M iss
l Ruby Staudt were visiting Mr.
: Carnelas folks last Sunday,
Some of the folks here atten
ded Singing at Boughton last
Thursday night and report lots
of good singing.
We are going to give in and
report next week about the new
“pants" the boy was wearing
last Sunday. Watch the “Pic"
next week and vou will learn
more about it.
Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Buchan
an were visiting friends at Caie
last Sunday.
J. I). McGuire lost a fine mare
and colt last week which is hard
luck for a poor boy.
Our schooi starts at the Buc
hanan school house next Mon
day and we want every child
who is old enough to start.
Mrs. Emery Mur re Cam Mc
Guire. Geo. Mcoiv, Clarence
andJola Billingsley were at a
loss last Sunday v. ten they went
to singing and gained 1.0 girl’s
presence, but don’t get discou
rage at first you don’t succeed
try try again.
Mr. Brad McGuire made his
regular call at Emmet last Sun
day and reports plenty of pretty
girls cola and ice cream. I can’t
blame him for going to Emmet
can you?
Crops are suffering awful here
and if we don’t have a rain so< n
they will be a complete tailure
The regular monthly meeting
of the farmers' institute at Bel
ton will be held on Saturday.
July drd 1 p. m.
Ma'ters of much importance
will be up for cons'deration, and
it is hoped that every farmer in
the community will be present.
N >t only this, but every man is
urged to bring someone with him.
I • A. ' ark ham,
Extension Agent.
For Sale-A scholarship
Draughon’s Business Cow
Little Rock Arkansas. Call•
write this office.
Pain leave* »Wj
as if by magic **
Drops thefam
remedy f°r ^
tism, Lumbago* jj
Sciatica, Ne“' L
and ktndred ^
It goes rtgbf ^
spot, stops tne
and pains and
a bottle of •‘j,
today. A booklet^
each bottle g|V ^
directions to>
Don t delay
i '‘5'I>r0pS,hin?el*»
c* pt anv'htnt,
V—.—^ placet it Any«^f
gist can supply you. If you "poiiaff
from a drug store send One ^b
Swanson Hheumatic Cure t 0,„'wji|H
Ohio, and a bottle of
sent prepaid.

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