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B Satisfactory I
ter than at any time in past, and We
or this to the same high quality and
ive the buyer; they are unquestiona
th in serviceland durability; always
in life and lasting qualities.

We have not advanced prices on any of the line, still the
Factory have advised us of two very material advances to us, still
by placing orders for this stuff last year, we are enabled to sell at
the same prices as before, which is as cheap as any of the many
IMITATION of the line.
If you want to know something in regard to the service and
satisfaction they give as your neighbor, he has one or more OLI
VER tools, he will tell you. j
Come in and lets talk it over, it will pay vou.
McDaniel Hardware Company.
The Great Worm Deatryer Sal
'et at Hesterly Drug Store.
A. 0. Chamblee of Cale was in
le city Tuesday on business.
For Sale Good horse, cheap
i>r cadi. Douglas Brooks & Co.
T. E. White of Cale was in the
londay and called at this otlice.
Popular Sheet Music I.uc a;
lesterh Drug Store.
For Sale—Nancy Hall s^ed
sweet potatoes. U. L. Moore,
Prescott, Ark., Route 2.
Thanks to our good friend J.
J. Rogers for a contribution this
(iet rid of worms, stop wast
ing feed Sal-Vet is guaranteed at
Hesterly Drug Store.
1). L. E. Daniel one of our
prominent farmers out on route
5 was in the ci'tv one da> last
week and main this office a very
P e i ant call.
Children Cry for Fletcher’s
TIu uil;df^0"v,VlVPl^1"avs bought, and which has been
r o\cr .iO years, has home the signature of
■* ami lias been made under his per
sonal supervision since its infancy.
All 77—7* .. A,,oW 1,0 0,‘« to deceive you in this.
1 \i..-ri„trf°..ts’ ,,nit:‘tions and “ .Tust-as-good ” are but
eorit,0rii‘LlH !l ,,iT,n,oss for Castor Oil, Pare
^ntains VmiHa,Ul S> ™P*- It is pleasant. It
Kiibshmce iV«*r 0VIU,V'’ M‘,r*»,,i,Ui nor other .Narcotic
and alia vs iwTI ls S B"aninU‘e. It destroys Worms
has been 1 1 ish’iess. I or more than thirty years it
Flatlilen. v V,*” f”,r, 11,0 r,'Ui'1 of Constipation,
Piarrha i ' W *? > * ‘1’ U l Tecthlnff Troubles and
assimilates ti. egulates the Stomach and Bowels,
«•» —*
genuine CASTORIA always
In Use For Over 30 Years
T~he Kind You Have Always Bought
For Sale--Cow and young calf.
B. T. Ward.
Route 6, Prescott Arkansas.
J. T. Manning of route 3 was
in the city Tuesday. He will be
a reader of the Picayune after
this date.
We pay the postage on any
thing ordered from us. Wester
ly Drug Store
Duane Asncraft lert last week
for his home in Leroy, Wyoming.
Mrs Ashcraft will go to him
within thirtv days.
Bermuda Hay thirty cents per
Hale at Barn, five miies south of
() R. McDaniel.
J. M. Cummings of route t>
was in the city last Monday and
called at the Picayune office. Jim
is always happy and full of opti
m ism
If its in the drug store line
you can get it at Westerly’s Drug
Dr. (\ C. Hurtle of Murfrees
boro, was a Prescott visitor the
fir-t of the week. We are al
ways glad to have Doc. come
over to see us.
The Great Live Stock Condi
tioner—Sal-Vet at Hesterly Drug
Hon. BobJWarnock, candidate
for Congress, passed through
Prescott Wednesday morning Jon
hi s way to Boughton, where he
had an appointment to speak.
For sale —100 i ushel Rowden
and Greenseed mixed cotton
seed. Ask any cotton buyer in
Prescott as to the grade of my
cotten. Price 85c per bushel.
H. M. McCain.
R.ute5, phone 841A.
Born— Last Monday night to
Mr. and Mrs. |McRae Gann of
Laneburg a boy. Mother and babe
getting alon./ tinelv. and Grand
ma Gann, thinks that she ard
Grandpa Gann will pull through
The little 10 year old danghter
of Mr. and Mrs. LeviJParks had
the misfortune of getting her
finger cut ofF last Tuesday. Her
little brother did it with an axe.
The Tax Collector finished his
rounds over the county at Bough
ton Tuesday. He will be at his
office at the court house until
April loth, when the books will
be closed.
Edna, the 11 year old daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Byron Ep
person, of Cale, died at theGree
son Sanitarium in this city last
Saturday morning. She had“un
dergone an operation for infla
mation of the brain. The opera
tion was performed by Dr.
Sharpe one of the finest surgeons
of New York City. The bereav
ed family and friends have the
sympathy of the readers of the
MELVIlLE commedians
Melville’s Commedians come
to Prescott where they play an
engagement of one week begin
ing on Monday Mar., 6th. In
Little Rock they played an en
gagement of more than four
months, said to be the longest
engagement ever played by a
stock company in that city. The
fact that they played so long an
engagement is proof that they
gave satisfaction, and the Little
pape.s bestowed much praise up
on them. The leading woman is
Miss Lilliar DeArmond, a young
woman not only fair of face and
of excellent stage appearance,
but with emotional gifts of a
high order. Jack Vinson, lead
ing man, is a fine looking man
who can act the hero roles with
real ability, and he has a fine
Barytone voice which is heard
to advantage in the vaudeuille
between acts.
Last Sunday at Sutton, Ark
ansas, Mr. B. M. Saunders of
Sutton and Miss Irma Waters of
Irma Arkansas, were married.
Rev. Will Fincher periormed the
Mr. Saunders is one of Albany
township’s most prosperous
young farmers.
The bride is a daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Louis W'aters of Irma.
A charming young lady with
many lovable graces.
We extend the happy congrat
ulations of our many readers.
Should Re Read By All Readers
Of This Paper.
The firm of Guthrie’s Drug
Store of Prescott, is: taking
this method of announcing to the
general public and especially to
those who suffer, the fact that
they have secured the agency for
"Hays’ Specific,” the great sys
tem tonic. This remedy is com
p jstd prinOpally of herbs, ber
ries and barks and is absolutely
free fr >m any bad after effects.
Numerous letters f rom people
in all stratas of life will be |pub
lished in the columns of this pa
per from now on and we would
suggest that you read them care
We must insist on you getting
your letters to this office not lat
er than | Tuesday morning. We
were compelled to leave out some
this week because they did not
reach us in time. We certainly
appreciate the work of our cor
respondents and will do every
thing in our power to give your
letters publicity, but please get
them in on Tuesday.
In our regular "announcement
column will be found the name
of Hugh White of Caney Town
ship as a candidate for the office
of Surveyor of Nevada County.
Mr. White is too well known in
this county for us to.try to add
anvthing that we mightjsay in
these columns to his qualifica
tions as surveyor. He has serv
ed you before in that capacity.
He has made that almost his life
time study and you will do well
to consider his claims before you
cast your vote for that office.
Health in this community is
very good at present.
The farmers here are getting
along fine with their work.
A large crowd attended Sunday
school here Sunday.
We feel that we have a Sun
day school here that is secondlto
none, it is certainly doing well
under the Superintendency of W.
L. Britt.
Yields To Delicious Vinol
Philadelphia, Pa.—“Last Fall I wm
troubled with a very severe bronchial
cold, headaches, backache, and sick to
my stomach. I was so bad 1 became
alarmed and tried several medicines,
also a doctor, but did not get any relief.
A friend asked me to try Vinol and it
brought the relief which 1 craved, so
now I am enjoying perfect health.”—
Jack C. Singleton.
We guarantee Vinol, our delicious cod
liver and iron tonic without oil, for
chronic coughs, colds and bronchitis.
Hesterly Drugstore
Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist,
Will Treat All Diseases of Live Stock
Will Answer Calls Day or Night.
Examinatian Free. Phone 131.
The sinpinp class did not meet
Sunday afternoon on account of
s me of the members wishinp to
attend the sinpinp at Prescott.
However they were prevented
from poinp by the bad weather,
Rev. E. DeLauphter and wife
made a business trip to Little
Rock Tuesday.
Thomas McDaniel Jr. fell from
a wapon while ridinp from school
Monday P, M. and was run over
by the wapon but we are plad to
8 v that he received no serious
iVlr. T. O, McDaniel Principal
of Bouphton school and candidate
for County Treasurer left Mon
day morninp for the purpose of
seeinp the voters of Nevada Co
unty, in the interest of his candi
Mr. E. L. Smith has charge of
the school during his absence. Mr.
McDaniel is fully qualified for
the office and we assure the peo
ple that he will make them an
honorable and efficent officer if
Boughton has another Candi
date also, Mr. W. L. Britt is
one of Boughton Township’s
most highly respected citizens.
He is a Christian gentleman a
man who knows how to handle
busines affairs.
A better man could not be
selected for Judge of Nevada Co
unty than W. L. Britt.
We say hurrah! for T. 0. Mc
Danial and W. L. Britt.
For Catarrh Wherever Located. I
A sure. safe, time-tried remedy I
for Catarrhal ArtVctlonB of every ■
description. Sold by all Drug- B
gists Write tho Peruna Co., of ■
Columbus. Ohio. They will ad- B
vise you free. 8
Puff your way into the
joys of Prince Albert! /
■KsnsoraattHBi ir^i . ".jk . .YiAW*w mmM^j^cj^wtmaK^nmumrtmmm /
Tnhirro' • •
Go ahead, line!: ar ye i lay in a stock
of the national u» smeke! Fire up a
^ 1 i
pipe or a mu' a ** rurette as though h
you norm o. .1 ! . what tobacco f
bite arid parch meur ' I
For Prince Albert i.; rc: . . ... u Lite
and parch by 'r.L ;toe us
controlled excii:. ively by 1 . Yea
can smoke it vsiIhout u comeback
of any kind because P. A. is real
tobacco delight.
will do for you what it
has done for thousands
of men, not only in thd 1
States but all over the
world 1 It will give you
a correct idea of what a
pipe smoke or a home
rolled cigarette should be.
rad tin you will read: “Process
Patented July 30th, 1907." which
has made /Area men smoke
pipes where one smoked before I
Get this Prince Albert pipe-peace and makin s-peace message,
you men who have “retired” from pipe and cigarette-makin’s pleasure; you men
who have never known its solace! Because you have a lot of smoke pleasure due
Bay Brine* Albert everywhere
ton* » toldi in loppy red hope. Set
tidy red tine. lOe; handsome pound
and half-pound tin humidor* and in
that clever pound eryetal- glare humi
dor with eponpr-moist oner top that
keep* the tohaceo in so th fluo shape.
you quick as you pack-your-pipe or rou-a-cigareue wiuj r.
and make fire! *

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