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A heavy rain fell at this place
Saturday night and Sunday.
The rain was certainly appre
ciated as corn had begun to suf
Health at this writing is only
fairly good.
Mr. .Ino. Knight, who for the
past four months, has been in
Indianapolis Ind. under treat
ment for cancer, returned home
last Tuesday. The cancer is
gone and the l)rs. declare him a
well man.
Mrs. Emma Delaney is still
quite sick but some better at
this writing.
Rev. S. L. Mooty, wife and
daughter spent Friday night
with Mrs. Edd Knight.
On last Wendeeday while un
hitching a mule from the plow,
Mr. Tayte Delaney was kicked
in the face. While his wounds
are quite painful they are not
considered serious.
Prayer meeting at County
Line has been changed from
Thursday night to Saturday
night. Services were rained
out last Saturday night.
MissesJTheeldra Dewoody and
Mattie Creech spent Fri. night
with Miss Gertrude Knight.
Mr. A. D. and Ed Beaver are
buyingtcattle again this week.
They seem to have quite a prof
itable job. having bought over
300 head since they first began.
The iheo writer was surprised
to see Smashup get so “fresh.”
She is one on Theo ’cause she
has never yet heard of the “Ex
pressions and Arn’ts.”
Come^'on all you good old
Methodist . writers. Y‘>u know
that anything without a founds
tion can^not stand, and that is
the reason Methodism was never
known to fail.
Now Smashup 'don’t get mad
because the] Rosston sports die
not stop with you. It does not
pay to be Ijealous, you know.
Ah. pshaw! Enough of this fool
ishness, for as the old inaxin
says, It is better to give than ti
receive. And that’s the way '
am with my advice.
Misses Mattie Creech arc
Jessie Mooty were disnppointee
because Mr. G. S. and C. P
could not come Saturday nigh;
We are glad to say Sunda\
School is progressing nicely.
strong interest is being mam
fested, and there will ! e a Chil
dr«-n's Day sometime in the nca
Mr. li.u pewoody is bavin*
chills this week.
Mr. Brutis McAtoer ar c! Osra
Knight aum id the * m« i tain
merit at Biut: Cit Satur a.
night, and ret o r f n*> tnm
with lots of pretl.. girls t > ta •
Miss \'i'■ i.‘>n Kcnill caught ;
“Martin” Sunday.
Come on Goose Ankle. Thru
would be glad to hear from \oi
each we k. I’d go and give
apa?e tor a more gifted writer
The Woodman of the Work
the Modern Woodman and t> t
Masonic orders of Lauelurg are
preparing to given Troon Picnic
and Barbecue on .July the 1th
There will 1 e sevt ra! import
ant speakers nre-ent to enter
tain, besides sit gii g and
amusement.- Plenty of bar *
cued meats is assured an 1 . :
body invited t>' e-•.! . . ■
the da\
N. X. Daniel!. Clerk,
M aple Camp No. d C
Will cure your Rheunrat-Ki
Neuralgia, Headaches. <
Colic, Sprains, Bruises, Cut an
Burns, Old Sores, Stings of! ^c;
Etc.cAntiseptic Anodyne,
terually and externally. I’rW ».
Hello every body.
Several here are on the puny
J. E. Sarrett was in Prescott
I Friday.
Edgar Alford has been promo
ted from stone making to farm
J. A. and E. M. Parker were
County seat visitors Saturday.
Ira Hart and family of Mt.
Moriah were here a few days
last week visiting relatives and
The rain which fell here last
Sunday came when it was much
needed as crops were getting
Misses May Johnson and Ira
Gray spent the afternoon with
Mrs. Vivian Sarrett last Sunday.
The attendance at Sunday
school Sunday was rather slim
on account of the rainy weather.
S. J. Sarrett passed through
our burg Sunday enroute home
from Prescott.
J. M. Plyler and family were
visiting relatives in the vicinity
of Hopewell Friday and Satur
The farmers of our section are
moving along very nicely with
their farm work and considering
the late Spring and dry weather
crops are looking fine. Most of
our farmers are done chopping
John Stone says alter lighting
a severe battle of about 3 weeks
he has almost gained victory
>ver Capt. Burr and Gen. Green.
With sugar selling at 10c pir
11). and going higher, let us all
try for a bumper sorghum crop
this year. Oh no some fellow
will sayJwho perhaps has a few
more than he can use right now,
and for fear the war might break
out and some Guy will come along
ind take them away from him,
vill not try to raise any mere las
es till he eats up what he bason
landbut ve Scribejhad much rath
r have a surplus than a scar
ify, and quite likely none at all
f we do not try to have ’em.
Everything has been progress
ng nicely for the past few days.
We had a nice rain Saturday
nd Sunday, which was a great
Jessing to the farmers.
We are very sorry to know
hat Mrs. Jewel Robinson is no
letter this week. She has been
m t he sick list for several days.
Ve hope she will soon recover.
Rev. Warren Starnes of Texas
s visiting home foiks and rela
ion at Blntl' City this week.
Several teachers 'eft Bluff City
\1 n lay for Prescott to attend
he N« vi.da i ounty irstitute.
Mr. Freeman Shaver of Beirne
•ame to Bluff City Saturday
norring and played with the
Tluff City team Saturday after
iO"n. We c *rtainly ap treciated
iis work behind the hat.
Rev. W. W. Starnes came
mme Monday after spending a
! few weeks traveling and preach
,ng with R-v. Ihook Stel!.
Mr 1). E. Harvey of Bluff City
nade an important business trip
o Gurdon last Sunday. Gee
" ith good oil liniment. That’s :
' surest way to stop them. ;
, I he best rubbing liniment is 1
Good for the Ailments of
1 lorses, Mules, Cattle, Etc. !
Good for ijour ou'n A ches,
Pains, Rheumatism, Sprains,
Cuts, Burns, Etc.
And now is the time to plant while there is a season in the
ground. We have a full line of seed.
Sorghum for hay - - $1.10 a bu.
Miilett for hay - - - 2.00 a bu.
Whippoorwill Peas for hay - 1.00 a bu.
Sudan Grass for hay - - .20 a lb.
Mexican June Corn - - 3.00 a bu.
Mosby’s Prolific Corn - - 2.50 a bu.
Let Us Supply Your Wants.
Ozan Mercantile Co.
I thats grand,
Mr. R, G. Starns of Bluff City
was a visitor to Emmett Satur
day and Sunday. He left Em
j met Monday for Prescott to at
tend the teachers institute this
I week.
Dr. Buchanan of Prescott vis
ited Mrs. Jewel Robinson Mon
day and reported her to be very
A new cold drink stand was
placed in Henry Bro’s store last
weekbvG. ;H- Henry. If you
| want a good drink just give him
! a trial.
Bluff City ball team defeated
Chidester Saturday afternoon by
I to 12 scores. This is Bluff
City first game this year in the
Grasshopper leagues.

Health is fine at present
The fine rain that fell Satur
day night and Sunday night was
certainly appreciated by all.
| Corn looks fine after the rain.
We did not have preaching
Sunday ^morning on account of
the rain. A large crowd attend
el Sunday school on Sunday
We were sorry to heerof the
illness of Miss Bell Whitten, and
hone she will soon recover.
Messrs. Jewell and Andrew
1 White of Caney were pleasant
| callers at Laneburg Sunday
There will be preaching at the
Nazarene church Sunday morn
ing by Rev. Lambert. Every -
j body come.
Messrs. Grady Simpson and
Henry Woodul made a flying
to Caney Sunday afternoon.
Sunday school every Sunday
afternoon at 3 o’clock. Every
body come with a good lesson.
Along w ith the value of y >r.d
soils, good seed, good 'i v» stock,
and good farming method- tin
young farmer who wi uld ach ve
success must ever hear in mi: d
the value ot a good name Un
man of his word, the man of
honor whose reputation ter
square dealing is known to;:!!
the countryside, has an asset of
uncalculable value.
Most of thie world’s business
today is done on credit, or con
faience in the ability and will
ingness to pay, and were credit
abolished business of all kinds
would of necessity largely stop.
And just so it is with the young
farmer struggling to get on in
the world. Very frequently
without capital of his own. if
credit is denied him he labors at
a sore disadvantage. He may
! need money to buy, clear and
! drain land; to build a home; to
i buy improved livestock: but
without capital and without
credit these things must be gone
without, and a possibly excell
ent farmer badly handicapped.
To all of our young men we
! would say, then, diligently as
' you cultivate your prize acre of
' corn, look even more carefully
j to your good name; fine and
j famous as your prize pig may
' be, strive ever that the fame of
your good name may spread
farther. Your crop may fail or
your pig may die, and still the
loss would not be irreparable;
but once a young man’s good
name is gone something is lost
that a whole life’s work may
never replace.
Make debts, if you need to in
order to better your business, in
order that you may become a
bi. iter farmer; but when you
give your promise, either verbal
ly or in writing, let nothing on
earth keep you from fulfilling it.
The good name you will win will
be more priceless than gold.—
The Progressive Farmer.
Any Hat in the store for $2.50.
A lot of new ones received this
week. Lewis Millinery Co.
We have now procured a prep
aration which we can recom
mend to all our friends as being a
splendid remedy for all forms of
stomach and bowel trouble, in
digestion, bloating, sick head
ache, heartburn, etc., and
those suffering from being
“sick at the stomach.M
Natol Pineapple Pepsin com
pound is sold on a positive guar
antee of satisfaction or money
back. It is made from fresh
pineapple juice and pure scale
pepsin' We ask every man and
woman in Prescott and the sur
rounding country who has stom
ach trouble to call and examine
this splendid medicine.—Guthrie
Drug Store.
Copyright !»t* by
^ *. J HeynulUt Tobtcoo C#k
Slip a few Prrnce Albert
smokes into your system!
1 Albert ttdf
red tin. and In
fact, ever. Prince
Albert 1 ackaiff. h**
. real fa- .■ to VOU
••src.-i-c-i-l'- Vcull
I’.ocsa Patented
• io i" That means
United State-Gcvern
rante.' a patent .in t
ill Prill. ■ Albert IS
, ;,,eh I., vie bite and
j,. C . ..1-SC. -> ii'llhnd
, Albert .Waitins >•»“
, redb.,y.V.ttdy
1 tins I-, bands®®*
i. .trul !m!l-rOUI?d
tin humidors >«!,J j.n
that clover kfvital
. ...ssf.urru! r.vk.t
sponge nioist#n«r
tr.r, that keeps tb*
uvo in •«ch
r conditio®
I way*!

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