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I riii.'larship in two
I .
Le Martin, ot,r next County
fk' was in t'"vn Monrav,
I, ,e. \ hniai>liip in two
I cial * ■ i
Last Tnorsd.i;.. to Mr
Jyfrs. Wat v, w lit'1. ' 1 • »>'
[ and Mrs. A. F. Smitn. of
Irnta, art visiting relat.v s
>this week.
jyj Murry of Albany town
, was in the city on business
[ Saturday.
jjas Mann who lives on Esq.
rv Murry’s farm near Lane
, one day last week, killed a
e snake that measured <5 and
•eet lonj? and had 16 rattles.
you live in the country and
,en to think of anything you
| in the Drugstore Line tele
ie us and we'll send it out by
mail with Postage Paid.
rie Drug Stors. Tele
;e 76.
i'hen you want the finest of
brantf. pressing or dye work
jr c»me to see me. It 1 d< n t
■6 you the finest work that can
burned out, I dont want vour
jfjey. Respectfully,
A J. Oliphant.
^irs. J. C. Gibson died at her
nea few miles east of Pres
et last Wednesday night. Her
nains were buried at Liberty
ursday. Rev. McClanahan
[iducted the funeral services.
leaves a husband and three
llriren to mourn her death.
M. Duke tells us that his
Jerds are very sauguine over
prospects for sheriff two
b:s hence. Jim says that it’s
little early yet, but that he
I certainly be in the race and
e-j not want his friends to for
; that fact.
p years in Music Business in
kscott. This fall 1 will put in
jrtime, not to make money but
toj rrake salt -: (of pianos) ai d
MM * A - 1 can not carry din*
accounts anv longer,
PI-as* -n:lit* and *»tt **,
lhio A. Mon son.
It want do to t >ol will) Pres
(M i papt-i s, every t me 1
■t an add in t hern. I have to
Bvertize for help. 1 have the
best busmen 1 e\er had and
are the cause of it oecause
Jev te . ; • ople w hat 1 do
1 i.i• > -orm to me for
rK I .m\•* them what thev
tci;. A J. ()liphant.
Optometrist and Optician
Licensed to Practice by the State
Hoard of Optometry.
Twenty years in the business
and a graduate of one of the
best Schools of Optometry in
the country.
Eyes Tested and a Fit Guar
Why patronize Traveling Opticians
when you have a man at home in
every way qualified to render you
the best service and at lower prices?
Give your home Optician the pref
OfficeatBuchanan Drug Store
Mr. Stainton leaving littvil himself
for this work offers his profesoional
seJvices to the people of this and
adjoining counties.
If not convenient to come to office
call Phone Tt and I will call at your
MAXIMl'.M Rubber Goods are
Guaranteed against defective
work. When you buy a foun
tain syrings, water bottles, etc.,
insist on a maximum. Guthrie
Drug Store. Telephone 76. We
pay the postage.
20-acre Suburban Home with
city conveniences without the
high city taxes, in the very heart
of the swellest suburban resident
section adjoining the city, new
6-room residence. For price and
further particulars write or see
Moore & Martin.
W.TH NERVE. Good pay.
short hours, opportunity for tra
vel, advancement; normal phy
sique, pood reference required.
TION, 6:509 S. Eppleston, CHIC
Strayed From the Allen Fran
cisco place 2 miles west of
Prescott, last Saturday nipht
Sept. 215. One full blooded Poland
China brood sow. Will pay
liberal reward for imfortnation
leadinp to her recovery.
J.L, Ward
Prescott, Ask. R. F. D.b
0. G. Wynn and family left
yesterdsy for Uvalda. Texas
where they po to make their fu
t ire home We repret vt rv much
to see this l’anii'\ leave Arksn
r-as, but we tiust t tat it will be
to their profit, both from a
health and prosperity standpoint.
Children Cry for Fletcher’s
Tho Kind You Have Always lionglit, and which has boon
In iiho for over IiO years, has borne the signature of
> and has been made under Ids per
sonal supervision since Its Infancy.
- Allow'no one to deceive you in this.
All < onnterfelts, lniitations and ** .1 ust-as-good ” are hut
experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
infants and Children—.Experience against experiment
Casforia is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare- 1
gori.'. Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
^'distance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
niid allays Feverishness. For more than thirty years it
‘as been in constant use for the relief of Constipation,
latiihney, Wind Colie, all Teething Troubles and
•arrluca. It regulates the Stomach ami ltowels,
•J'suiiilatcs the Food, giving healthy and natural sleep.
,UJ Children’s Panacea—Tlio Mother’s Friend.
genuine CASTORIA always
In Use For Over 30 Years
‘he &ind You Have Always Liought
' 1 ^motainaE.', rji. . i ■ —■ini ■mm i i
I am doing some advertising
tor home seekers and expect
some business this fail. See me
and give me a price on your
land. I do not want an exclusive
listing and it will cost you noth
ing if I do not sell.
M. vV Greeson.
Gold weather seems to have
given way and farmers are fin
ishing gathering
School opens Monday Get. 10th
with the same teachers we had
last year.
We had a splendid crowd and
tine singing Sunday afternoon.
Quite a number of singers from
Holly Springs and Pleasant Hill
were with us. We appreciate
their help and shall show our ap
preciation by going to Holly
Springs next Sunday and Pleas
ant Hill the 4th Sunday.
We have organized a Sunday
j school and prayermeeting at Mt.
| Olive which is to be held at 10
o’clock every 1st and drd Sunday
Don’t forge! the singing at
W iilisville the first Sunday after
noon in Nov.
Mrs. Glen Waters has tried
every known method in his wild
matrimonial career and all have
failed, so now he has resorted to
the inevitable Ford system. You
can hear the sputter of his Hen
ry at all hours of the night.
Should he be successful. Corry
Warmock swears he must have
a car.
Say Martin why did you quit
the nest Sunday night? was
Buck’s price too stiff? or do you
still love your little mule?
Dallas Atkins started to sing
ing Sunday and met himself at
Herrings gin Monday morning
about 9 o’clock on his way back
to Waldo.
Mr. Carl Munn is out on some
kind of law business, so you boys
had better w atch out or he’ll get
your cotton crops.
Willisville is all astir on account
of Herbert remaining in town all
day Sunday, say ”Bo” you.ve
broken your own record.
Several of the elete from here
motored over to Bodcaw No. 1
(“Real Bodcaw”) Sunday was a
week to an all day singing and re
port a splendid time.
Well Wide place in the road.
How are you this week? You
poor old skinny thinp, we love
and pity you. you mean well but
tiosh! how homely you are. If
you are a married guy there is
sti• 1 another to be pitied.
Now Bodcaw don’t forget that
we love you. Thanks for the
name, Robt. Ingersol.
‘ ‘That tired feeling.” aceord
i ng to a Bavarian pathologist, is
not superinduced by the warm
weather, as has been supposed,
but is caused by a specific bacil
lus. He has succeeded in isolat
ing the jerm and is studying it.
It is to he hoped he will succeed
finding the serum needed fur 'its
elimination from the system. If
the human race can get rid of
the lazy germ there is no reason
why we shouldn’t have universal
prosperity in a short while. But
the vendors of fishing tackle will
suffer 'losses.
Any avert coming to your
do u whom 4vou d*» not know ,
m tv ’k* a scoundrel and he may
he as h* ot st as the day is long.
But • oi. don’t know and it is
your du!> to be prudent, and not
nibble at every bait. You don’t
want to be caught,yt L many are
b> signing “orders, ’ “agive
ni ts” ‘ r* Ct ipt.-’’ or (tiierinno
cent ,o<ng ;> [>: ,'"*■ * ran : .
These irmhss and simp'-'
<i cmnenta haw •. ady •. i at*
i'} ;>t. alter as h >nu-i‘ide nm-s.
The road to success is paved
wite goo i ai!ve< tisements
- ----— v\i
i'\ / _ ROYAL H
//' Superior ^
Bridge and Beach Superior
Stoves and Ranges have been
the Recognized Leaders in the
Stove Busines, and today they
stand alone in quality and ser
vice, satisfactory use, long life,
Superior Stoves
Have been sold in Prescott for over thirty years and we find
numbers of them now in use that were sold thirty years ago,
which is proof enough that they are the best, also cheapest in
the long run.
Come look the new patterns over, and let us show you that
we can save you money on that new stove you are to buy this fall.
McDaniel Hardware Co.
A well known minister who
had been preaching a begging
sermon concluded it as follows:
“I don’t want any to contribute
who have not paid their sub
scription to the home paper, for
country papers need money a
great deal more than do the
heathen.” That minister knew
what he was talking about.
Have you any news, tell the
editor and he will serve it a la
mode. In case you do not hap
pen to meet him. use the tele
phone or the mail, Vou will be
helping to make your own town
paper of greater interest and
thereby serve the general com
i munity. Whatever news may
: interect you, must surelv inter
| est many others.
Some people often wonder why
it is that editors generally wear
Ioiik tailed coats. We don’t
think it will be telling tales out
of school when we state that the
skylights that our wives often
! put into our pants do not always
match color with the other tfoods
and a lon<r tailed coat is the most
appropriate under the circum
stances or over it either, f°r
that matter.
In the stomach of a calf killed
a fn\\ days atro was found a sil
ver spoon, a salt cellar, a table
fork and a curling iron. Kvi
, dent! v this young bossy was Iv
lin^ in a store for a chafing dish
parts or had run across a hatch
of hot'd ha \ som> whore.
A >m:*.M went into news
pap* ■ • i!i • t• and wished to ad
vert for her husband who had
dm. .wed. When told that
1 they area >! t wo lolia: • an in di
she at >at, say ing i w >ul*l
break her at that rat* as her
husband .asov*u six feet ta!'.
. Pew luc .V it is tint the man in
the moon is blind.
Condensed Statement of
First State Bank
At close of business September :39th, 1916.
Loans «nd Discounts $10, 566 11
Overdrafts 22.72
Banking House. Furniture and Fixture lo.imo no
In Vault $ 5,878.20
With other Banks 28,017.01 21, 195 21
Total - $85,081 05
Capital, fully paid
Undivided Profits
Other Liabilities
1,026 •>• i
55,181 71
$85,081 05
Deposits, September 12th, 1916 $27,241.88
(Date of Bank Com. call for statement)
Deposits September 29th, 1916 $55,18171
Operating under direct supervision of
C A Smith, Pres
(ieo. F tress,
W. B. Waller, Vice-Pres. I M Snarp, ( :t-l ,er
.1. ('. Woodul, A. II. Smith, .1. M. stripling
When you want a good job of
printing done just take your
copy to a printer and tell him to
do you a Ruud joh. and he will.
If you think you know more
! about the husinesa than he does1
and select your paper and in
struct him what type to use and i
all the little details >ou will pet a
botch joh.A printer working un
, der instruction.- rom one who
knows knothinp about the bus;
ness,n matt r • he i > an e\
j t„Tt.evm"t y' ■ *;• a tf ' job. j
Will cure your ItheuuiHtism
'Neuralgia, Headaches, Champs,
y olic, Sprains, liruises, Cuts and
! Hums. Old Sores, Stings of Insects
Tre Antiseptic Anodyne, used in
j ternuily and external.y. Price 25c. (
i F;rst State Mink Kink: 'it
Prescott, Ark.
1 A K K
In »' (’;tl' me!
Dim S NV 1 i "!{>.. . .1 * Su . .it
If you forget the name spell
calomel backward
Hesterlv Drug Store,
Children Cry

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