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r.h> Calomel makes you sick. Take
, d09e0f the vile, dangerous drug to
and tomorrow you may lose a
mercury or quicksilver
causes necrosis of the bores.
Calomel, when it comes into contact
5* sour bile crashes into It. break
. ’ up This is when you feel that
iw'ul nausea and cramping. If you
Jj sluggish and "all knocked out. if
.our Hver is torpid and bowels constl
2,ed or vou have headache, dizziness,
oatrd tongue, if breath is bad or
stomach sour, just try a spoonful of
h rmipPs Dodson's I.iver Tone.
Here's niv guarantee—Go to any
dru - store or dealer and get a 50-cent
b0,tle of Dodson’s I.iver Tone. Take
a spoonful tonight and if it doesn’t
straighten you right up and make you '
feel line and vigorous by morning I
want you to go back to the store and
get your money. Dodson’s Liver Tone
is destroying the sale of calomel be
cause it is real liver medicine; entire
ly vegetable, therefore it cannot sali
vate or m'ke you sick.
I guarantee that one spoonful of
Dodson's Liver Tone will put your slug
gish liver to work and clean your bow
els cf that sour bile and constipated
waste which is clogging your system
and making you feel miserable. I guar
antee that a bottle of Dodson's Liver
Tone will keep your entire family feel
ing line for months. * Give it to your
children. It is harmless; doesn’t gripe
and they like its pleasant taste.—Adv«
\flfa SLn D O C La
S3 S3-5G $4 $4.50 $5 $6 $7 & $8 andVo&en
Save Money by Wearing VV. L. Dougins
shoes. For pale by over 9000 shoe dealers.
The Best Known Shoes in the World.
W/. L. Douglas name and the retail pri e is stamped on the hot
W tom of all shoe, at the factory. The value is guaranteed and
the wearer protected against high prices for interior shoes. The j
retail prices are the same everywhere. They cot no more in San J
Francisco than they do in New York. They arc always worth the |
price paid for them. 1
The quality of W. L. Douglas product is guaranteed by more
than 40 years experience in making fine shoes T he smart
styles are the leaders in the Fashion Centres of America.
They are made in a well-equipped factory at Brockton, Mass.,
by the highest paid, skilled shoemakers, under the direction and
supervision of experienced men, all working with an honest
determination to make the best shoes for the price that money -
can buy. i 4^
Ask your Kline dealer for TV T.. Douglas shoes. If he ran- /' V_
not supply Toll with tin- kind you want, take no other |
make. Write for interest ini; booklet explaining how to L W
get slim*, of the highest standard of quality fur the price, \
by return mail, postage fro©.
LOOK FOR W. L. Douglas
name and the retail price
ttamped on the bottom.
kz J
S Boyt’ Shoes
x Best In the World
$3.00 $2.50 & $2.00
Pre4f<1ent & \V. I,. Douglaft Shoe Co.,
185 Spark St. Bro«*kton. Mans.
H— to 3 « Fovcrt Epizootic
Ant! all ill eases of the horse aff' ting his throat speedily
c- •• . ills and horses in me stable kept fr.-m having
tl by using Spvhn'n Distemper t timpound, 3 to 6 doses
often cure, ore- buttle guaranteed to cure one case-. Safe
f. r brood mares, baby colts, stallions, all ages and con
ditions Most skillful scientific compound. 50c and fl
I" r iiftle, J . and 110 a d an Any druggist or deltv
i red by manufacturi rs. SI*till \ MEUICAt IU, (.osben, lnd.
Both to Be Congratulated.
Ariadne Tic ii!: g.li*I didn’t
marry Percy. II* — so unreliable.
Pen e I opi *— llmv mi?
Ariadne—Why. in* swore he'd pine
aw r. .*1 (!!*• i1 i i fusel liitn and now
look at him!—Judge.
F.:,n; '* -. 1 N, < rl.unch", dry up and
(i -j; ■ * tr with Doctor l’lerce's Holden
M* . d Discovery, in tablets or liquid.
Celestials Planned to Trip Up Foes,
Throw Water in Their Fa;es and
Then Cut Off Their Heads.
At tie- beginning **f tin* < 'hiim-Japa
nes,* war. says a contributor to the
Washington Star, one of our military
attaches saw a Chinese regiment take
tin* held at a review and go through a
very curious performance.
The s -Idlers curried long humhoo
poYs !i 1:* fishing rods, and with those
they rushed at one nnothcr, yelling
"1 : and making very queer gestures
and grimaces.
"What's the gauieV asked tin* Amer
"That regiment," a Chinese general
answered, "is one of our very oldest.
It Is now practicing a form of assault
that dutes from prehistoric times. The
idea is to trip the enemy up with tin*
long wand, throw water In his face
and. in the midst of his bewilderment
at tigs extraordinary treatment, to
cut off his head.” Youth's Compan
Very True.
F.iy of course one run't believe ev
erythin}; one hears.
(ih. no, but one can repeat It.**
The Measure of Grief.
by is Miss l'itleij;li wearing only
half lnouruinj; for her brother?"
“Beeause he wits her half brother.**
Force of Habit.
■\\t.v did your wife leave you?"
1 on e of habit, I j;uess. She was
a cook before I married her."
Admirable Precaution.
"When I eat in public 1 always pc
win re there is a free lunch."
"No. 1 haven’t an ear for music. I
want to ear standing up, so as to he in
proper position in ease somebody starts
’The Star Spangled Danner.’”
but possessed by few—a beautiful
head of hair. If yours is streaked with
gray, or is harsh and stiff, you can re
store it to its former beauty and lus
ter by using "Da Creole” llnir Dress
ing. Price $1.00.—Adv.
Not the Whole Truth.
"I have nothing against the Edin
burgh people," said a gentleman who
hied from the great outer world, "hut
1 must say I’ve found greater fellow
feeling elsewhere. My hat blew away
on Saturday, and though everybody lie
Milo me took a warm interest in its
perambulations, nobody joined in pur
"Eli. 1 iut ye wrong Edinburgh folk,"
replied one of his hearers, "D'ye ken
what I saw on Setterday? A man’s
hat blew off just as a cable ear wls
parsin', and the driver stopped the ear
and sprinted awa doon the road eftcr
it. Can ye bent that Ln the sooth?”
The stranger said he really couldn't,
and would chalk it up to Edinburgh's
"Wls It uct’lly true, Tam?” asked a
friend, after the “foreigner” had de
"Aye, wis It. hut d'ye think I wud
tell that it wls the driver’s nln cap j
that blew off?"
The Wise Fool.
“Tln-re Is no such thing us luck,” ob
served tin* Sage. "Did you ever have
a set of lours Waten?” askt*<l tin* Fool.
Unloading the Responsibility.
“•'an you keep a secret?'’ “Yes.”
Then listen while 1 give you one that
I can't keep any longer.”
dills think that old bachelors don't
understand women, but widows know
"There's a Reason”
Delegates From the Courties Met at
Little Rock, Elected C. E. Becker
Vice President For Arkansas, Dr.
T. E. Bradford, Director.
Little Rock -
Representatives from counties
through which the proposed Hankie ..d
highway will pass met in Little Rock
to discuss plans for arousing interest
in the project and tentative methods
to obtain aid for construction of the
propi'Sed highway There were be
tween r»u and 75 good road enthusiasts
1:err for the meeting.
The Hank head Highway would run
from Washington to Los Angeles,
from Memphis it would penetrat*
Crittenden. Cro^s, St. Francis. Wood
ruff. Monroe, Prairie and Pulaski
counties to I.ittle Rock and west (if
this city would pass through Faulkner,
Conway. Pope, Johnson, Franklin.
Crawford and Sebastian counties.
C. L. Pecker, Little Rock, was elect
ed vice president for Arkansas, Judge
Thw eatt of In*Vail s I Huff and Dr. T.
B. Bradford of Cotton Plant, directors.
It was decided to assess each county
$10 for preliminary publicity for the
Defense Board Named.
Gov. Brough announced appoint
ment of a state committee on nation
al defense, creation of which was
urged by the War Department. The
committee will aid tlie War Depart
ment in defense measures in U1I3
state. Lloyd England, adjutant-gen
eral of the Arkansas Militia, was nam
ed chairman of the committee. Other
members are: .1 . V. Futrall, Fayette
ville; O C. Calvert. Fort Smith; Gen.
John R. Gibbons, Bauxite; Moorhead
Wright. Little Rock: H. L. Remind.
Little Rock, and J. M Futrall, Paia
Approved Road Plans.
,T. D. Fauntleroy of Fort Worth.
Tex., district engineer for the Sixth
federal aid district, which includes
Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas and Okla
homa, who was in conference with
Commissions. \V. B. Owen of the
State Highway Department on de
\ails of Arkansas road work, said that
preliminary plans of all roads he has
visited are feasible. There will be a
greater diversity of road work in Ar
kansas than in any other state, he
Richard Rose Pardoned.
A pardon signed by Governor
Brough before he left for Birmingham,
releases Richard Rose of Conway
county from a one year’s sentence in
the penitentiary for assault. Rose
was sentenced March 15. Penitentiary
physicians petitioning the governor
for his pardon say that he is mentally
Must Reduce Express Rates.
The Arkansas Railroad Commission
has issued an order requiring the
Joncr.boi* >. Lake City and Eastern
Rsttroad to adopt the same express
schedules as those used on trunk line
roads The Jonesboro road is private
ly owned and its express rates were
in excess of those prevailing in the
Issues Pardon To Boy.
Governor Brough granted a pardon
to Garrett Osborne of Sebastian coun
ty. a 15 year-old boy, who was santenc
oil to four years’ imprisonment Jan
uary 1, 1917, for forgery. The pardon
was recommended by the trail judge,
prosecuting attorney and residents of
Sebastian county.
County Judge Named.
G. S. Parsley, former circuit clerk
or Madison County, was appointed
county judge of Mad<son county by
Gov. Brough. Mr. Parsley had been
holding a temporary appointment, sue
c«*eding the late Judge J L. Young.
Incorporation Matt?rs.
The Fair No. 33. Mulberry, general
merchandise, capital $10,000, of which
$5,050 subscribed, F. It Michell presi
dent, B. V. Tyson vice president, W.
F. (luber secretary-treasurer.
Southwestern Builders' Supply Com
pany of Texarkana, capital $10,000, It
F. Britton president and treasurer, tl.
M M'dd gh vice president, II. M Bar
ney c,' .1 tary.
Harrelson Bu tuber Company of
Nlckey Spur, *25,000 captial, $15,000
subscribed, J. M. Harrelson president.
Incorporation papers were tiled by
the Farmers’ Union Exchange of
Prescott, and will engage in general
merchandise business with an author
ized capital of $10,000, of which $GS0
Is paid in.
Articles of Incorporation were filed
by the Adie Bee Coal, Oil and Gas
Company of Arizona, a $500,000 cor
poration which Mill devote its entire
capital to developing leases In the
Ozark mountains.
Bate Grocery Company ot Newport
filed articles of incorporation with an
authorized capital of J-to,000.
Put Pen On Cash Basts.
Uov. Hrougn and inembeis of the
penitentiary board of commissioners
and representatives of hittle Rock
bank reached an agreement whereby
a market will hereafter be created for
the handling of penitentiary warrants
at a minimum discount.
Tlie banks agreed to purchase war
rants, beginning this month, a( 92
cents on the dollar, the discount to
decrease 1 per cent each month The
agreement provided that the total ex
penditures under the plan shall not
* xceed $180,000.
The agreement provides that the
bank will be given notice when peni
tentiary money is to be deposited in
the state treasury, thus enabling them
to get warrants cashed. It also pro
vides that the cotton crop will be
market* d as rapidly as possible, and
all w arrants taken up under the agree
ment must lie retired by December t.
Penitentiary officials fared a rendi
tion of paying < \liorbitant prices he
ea i-c no money could be obtained un
til the 1917 cotton crop was ready for
market. The proceeds from the 191*1
crop were consumed in meeting the
outstanding indebtedness against the
Occupation Tax Flection.
Tiu' i>venue ordinance passed by
the city council "ill be submitted to
the vole!;- of l.h'le Rock on May -I.
The ordinance propos* to tax n< arly
every occupation in the city. The last j
Legislature passed a bill authorizing
<11 i - of the first cl a s to pass such
measure;', hut also required that the
ordinanci must receiv a majority of
the votes of tlie qualified electors of
the city In lore it becomes efft ctive.
The revenue to lie received from the
tax is designed to make up for the
loss of the moneys received from sa
loon license in the past The saloons
netted the city about ?60,000 a year.
Wants Job For Prisoner.
T!ie State Employment Bureau re- j
ertved a letter from the Ih v. A. J
Soldan. chaplain of tiie federal peni
tentiary at Leavenworth, Kan., seea
ing employment for a federal prison
tr soon to be discharged. The chap
lain desires to place the man at or
near Hot Springs on account of his
health, and said that he will work for
a very small salary.
Calls For Berry Pickers.
('alls are coming in from Judsonia
to the free eniplovmi tit agency at the
labor commission asking co-operation
in securing several thousand berry
pickers for the season whicli will open
about May 1. Pickers are paid two
cents a quart and applications will be
received at the agency offices at the
state capitol.
Bribery Trials May 1.
The trials of S. 0 Sims of ITazen
and 1. C. Burgess of Russellville,
former senators, on charges of solicit
ing and accepting bribes, orginally
were set fur April 16 on the docket
of the First Division Circuit Court,
but through recent agreement by at
torneys tlie cases were moved to May
1 on the docket.
Dr. E. B. Smith Reappointed.
Hr K 1! Smith of Arkadelphia, for
the pa t five years a member of the
State Hoard of Optometrists, was re
appointed by the governor for a five
voar term.
The Arkansas strawberry crop has
begun moving. The first crates were
shipped from Alma, Dyer and Moun
tainburg. The prices ranged from
to fS per crate, considerably more
than last year. This is due to the
While plowing near Alicia T. M
Green plowed up an old stump under
which were five snakes. There were
two moccasins, two ground rattlers
and one rattle snake. They were
coiled together.
Food preparedness work has begun
In ('lark county under the supervi
sion of County Agricultural Agent A.
K. Ferguson and Canning Club Agent
Miss Mamie Weaver.
Hoad Improvement District No. 3
lias been formed and a rock road w ill
be built from Walnut Ridge to Tor
tia. The distance will be about eight
John W. Holin lias retired as editor
and publisher of the Wynne Progress
and has been succeeded by W. S. Os
Sheridan Freeman of Simpson,
Popo county, killed an eagle recently
that had a wing spread of eight feet.
A slack barrel factory Is being
moved from White Hall, in Poinsett
county, to Georgetown.
Work has begun on the new ? 10.(it'd
brick building of the Ilaptist Church
at Earle.
A slight earthquake was felt at
Corning last week
The G. M. I«-ittig farm of 295
acres of Current rive r bottom
land, near Pocahontas, was sold by
H H. Roglin, Chancery Court clerk,
at public auction. It was bought by
H E. Richardson of Reyno for S4.
'ii response to a plea from the Wo- j
man’s Silver Service Commission, the I
Merry Maidens, a social club, lias
taken charge of the silver service fund
in White County, with Mrs. hi A. Rob
bins, cf Searcy, chairman.
Josh—I wonder why they advertise
this as a snappy show. All there Is to
It are some good-looking chorus girls.
Joslier—Why, they call it snappy,
you poor minnow, ’cause all you do Is
Weak, Painty Heart, and Hysterics
can be rectified by taking "Kenovice ' a
heart and nerve tonic. Price 50c and 11. My.
The Man Hire Up.
‘‘Hello, hello, is this the fire depart
ment?" asked an excited voice on the
“No, madam,” answered the manager
of an employment agency, whose phone
bell bad been rung by mistake. ’’This
Is the hire department.”
“Plantation” (’hill Tonic Is guaran
tied and will do the work in a week.
Your money cheerfully refunded by
dealers if it fails after giving It a
proper trial. Price 50c.—Adv.
Quite a Kidder.
Max Hitter, township .assessor of
Pigeon township, Kvansville, tells this
’Have you it dog?” asked flit- spe
cial tax assessor of an Kvansville
“No, sir," was the woman’s answer.
Tin'll from the kitchen came: "Bow
wow, gruff, gruff.”
“Then that is your kitten?" asked
the assessor.—Indianapolis News.
Allen's Foot-Ease for the Troops,
The antiseptic powder to shaken into the
rthoes or need in the foot bath. Young it,,1,, in
every community are using Allen's Foot-Kase
in their drills for Military Preparedness. I’sed
by the Allied, French ami Kngllsh troops Is*
cause it rests the feet, takes the friction front
the shoe aud makes walking easy —Adv.
One Too Many.
Mr. Bruce Burton, editor of Every
Week, was describing tin1 mental trepi
dation of a friend of his who was mak
ing his first putilic speech.
When he got up to speak the audi
ence seemed to him like the result of
a test a wife tried on her husband
who came home early one morning
from a banquet where there had been
a quantity of some unknown bev
I The wife, who found tier fears had
been realized, placed two clmirs fac
ing each other, sat down In one and
applied the stare test, looking upon the
inebriated one with a cold, fixed glare.
“Til tell you all about It, my dear,’
lie hiccuped, "but that woman In the
other chair looks so much like you I
can’t tell which is which.’ ”
“I can’t take that. I must have Red
Cross Ball Blue. 1 have used it for
moro than ten years. My v'btte
dresses, linens and laco curtains are
snowy white. I simply can't do with
out Red Cross Ball Blue. You will get
it? All right, I'll wait.’’—Adv.
Bright Idea.
A brilliant girl spent half an hour
trying to capture a big miller that was
flying about the room.
“Finally the child, with a shout of
triumph, cornered the moth, and soon
had it imprisoned in a chubby mand.
When the miller finally lay still and
quiet the child opened her hand.
“What is it, dear?” her mother asked.
Then site gave tin ejaculation of
“This miller has put about 200 eggs
right in my hand,” the youngster re
The father, who had been reading
his paper, looked ifp and said:
•‘Itun out, Mabel, and see if you can
catch a hen.”
(Jetting up in the mocnlng Is a strug
gle for those people who do not make
It worth while.
People make much of little troubles
If tjiey have never had any great ones.
’1 tie Isle ot Man lias Home rule unit
woman suffrage.
Kcltoes are more resonant in the eve
nlng than la the daytime.
As n rule, Japanese plays last from
six o'clock In the morning until nine
ut -night.
Octopuses have been known to at
tain the extraordinary length of 70
There is one chance In iriH.7r»0,O0U,
<>00 of getting a hand of 11 trumps ut
Women pause to reflect—when they
see u mirror.
Many a mail who Isn't quite sure
of the Hible lias unlimited faith in
the almanac.
Oon't be stingy with kind words.
They are worth nothing until you
scatter them ubout.
Not every widow culls for help
when a man attempts to kiss lo r.
Sometimes it is tin- man who needs
There Is an element of success in !
every man. yet lie seldom utilizes it
until some smart woman takes him in
Did you ever notice how cheerfully
a woman gives her order In a restau
rant when there is a man along to pay
the freight?
When a man vents to make sure
he Is right he.ore going ahead lie |
may find himself distanced by n less
conservative individual w ho wus will
'ug to lake some chances. t
Can't our scientists find som4 sub
stitute for an appetite?
By the way, what became of that
movement to popularize jack rabbit
“Hatch early for size " reenmstands
the department of agriculture. Chicks
or plots?
A scientist says that fish have a
sense of smell. How they must hut*
their neighbors.
Beatherless si.. may constitute the
emancipation proclamation to tlu
great American toe.
No man who shortwelghts a cus
tomer lias any right to believe he is
better than n horse thief.
Nothing 'n this world is more pa
thetic than a swelled head on the
shoulders of a young man.
The < tiief objection to using pota
toes for money is that they arc apt to
spoil on a thrifty person’s hands.
Tuft's Pills keep the system In perfect order.
They regulate the bowel* and produce
Remedy for tick headache, constipation.
Tuffs Pills
Not the Usual Kind.
"Old Gadabout's return to his native
heath doesn't match up with the usual
traditions surrounding the homecoming
of a globe trotter.”
"So? llow is that?"
"Oh. he was gone long, but lie came
back short.”
A dlgp'stlvo liquid lax an to. cathartic and liver
tonic, i ninhlncs Mtrongih with palatable, ai'mu&Uo
tattle. Dues not gripe or disturb stomach. 60c.
Couldn’t Keep It Up.
The City Man (to ninety-year-old
peasant)—Tell me, what must one do
to grow to he as old as you are?
Peasant—Don’t drink, don’t smoke,
keep out In the fresh air.
City Man—My father did all those
things and died at sixty.
Peasant—Yes, but he didn’t do them
long enough.—Fllegende Itlnetter (Mu
People who talk a great deal seldom
llnd time to snv anything.
For Horses, Cattle, Sheep
and Hogs. Contains Cop
peras (or Worms, Sulphur
for the Blood, Saltpeter
for the Kidneys, Nut
Vomica.aTonic.and Pure
Dairy Salt. Used by Vet
erinarians 12 years. No
Dosing. Drop Brick in
feed-box. Ask yourdealer
for Blackman’s or write
Kill All Flies!
riae*d anrwhere.Oalay Fly Filler at tract* ant] kill* all
Qiaa. Neat, clean, ornamental, con?ament, aad cheap.
LaataaUaaaaaa. Mmdm
,-f b* tal. cm ' t epUl ae
tip over; will MnII «W
. JK«asir2rcr
Daisy Fly Killer
•old by dealer*, or f nd
by axpraaa, prepaid. $l.aO.
Sold for 47 years. For Malaria,Chill*
and Fever. Also a Fine General
Strengthening TootC.
- - - ■ -.a
W. N. U., LITTLE ROCK, NO. 17-1917.
; Trouble—Something that u J ;
man's fool friends are always I '
\ getting him into. ; >
The damage done hy hull to the
world's crops Is sr.id to amount to
$1100.1100 per year.
The light til the north star Is esti
mated to he 11*0 times stronger thutt
that of the sun.
The hintem-lly of South America Is
said'to lie hy far the most brilliant of
all luminous insects.
A mixture of linseed oil, slaked lime
and cotton fiber is use In some por
tions of Turkey as a substitute for ce
Hricks made from lava have recently
been made in Hawaii.
A recent invention i s a combined
disbptiii ami draining board for dishes.
A newly invented lemon squeezer is
operated by a small electric motor.
A shipping box of steel, almost un
bnukalde and thief-proof, is u recent
American invention.
A woodon-solcd shoe which Is flexible
has been perfected by u Hungarian io
\ ell tor.
A rubber ring to prevent a thimble
from slipping from the linger has been
A new Dutch invention Is au urtifl
cliil rubber made of freshly caught sea

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