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i-niUME 1" —-- — --
We wiil sell you anything
in our Store Cheaper than
any other house in town for
the CASH. Try us and see.
Our Dry Goods Department is
complete and our Groceries are
W. K. Buchanan.
Tomato, Potato, Celery, On- :
ion. Pepper and Eg-T Plants.
Wes ' not -■ ses
We don't depend on others to
fill our orders We grow them.
More than RfdJO orders handled
past thirty days. Evorv town
West of Mississippi River •
grows our plants.
Potato Plants, H75 bu. bedded), 10O
40c; 2"" 7>'*• *1.25; KXK) 52.01),
TOMATO PLANTS: (100 lbs. seed
planted) Fur canning offer Red Rocks
arid Greater Baltimore the kinds
used by 7 an ( amp and Rider Pack
ing Companie> and all tbe Giant
Canners, also Chalk’s Early Jewel,
Favorite, Paragon. Matchless. New
Stone and Ihvarf Champion 100 40c;
20»i 70c: .Hiii >1.25 100" $2.on prepaid
Charleston. Hat Dutch. Succession,
Allhead. Surehead, Wingingstadt.
Early Summer, (100 lbs. seed sowed)
100 40c; 200 7"c; 500 $1 no, 1000 $1.50
PEPPFK PLANTS Chinese Giant,
Pimento, Ruby Giant. Mexican Chilli
hong Red Cayenne, Neapolitan 100
75c; 200 $1.2.''- 500 52.(III; loud j:(.50
EGG PLArTS: Improved Spineless,
Black Heautv. Florida High Hush
10(| 7.7c. 20H $1.25; 500 $2.0 >; HHK)
$3.5(i prepaid.
In, short, we conduct a real plant
Mlrserv. Catalogue free. We give
careful and promt attention to all
mail ordor>
Ozark Seed & Plant Co.,
"Largc t Plant Growers South'
jNASH711,1 I . - ARKANSAS.
Magic Poultry Tonic, a
“egulator and the one that
Itakes hens lay.
Guthrie Drng Store.
The Bodcaw High School will
i close Thursday and Friday of
(this week. The school has con
tinued for lu months and has
I been a vt ry successful term.
Kver> hodv ir: vited to attend these
closing exercises'. The teachers
and students have prepared a
! splendid program and will enter
tain you.
I Lost—One black hors.- mule, 5
j years old, 14 hands hign weigh
ing about 850 pounds. Left my
place at Rosston. Arkansas on
I Saturday night April 28th. 1017.
j Any information given that will
lead to the recovery of this mule
will be rewarded. Call or ad
dress me at Rosston, Nevada
I County Ark. R. R. Fairchild.
For painful Piles use Penslar
Pile Exit, in 50c tubes, only at
Hesterly I)iug Store.
Midway and Artesian played
an in teresting game of bail on
{Midways ground Saturday. April
28th, scores 18 to 1 in Artesian’s
| Innings 1 2 ;! 4 5 t> 7
j Artesian 2 <1 *< 1 5 5 i* total l.'t
j Midway 0 0 0 (> 0 1 0 total 1
Dr. LeCears Poultry Ponder
will keep your chickens healthy,
25- at Hesterly Drug Store.

Children Cry
suggest that you reduce your cotton acreage
'; _‘ ir‘i. and devote the land to the production of
loo'‘ tT0,,s- If your crop is mortgaged to us, it will
■ itistaetory with us for you to do this.
" ' ari* engaged in the greatest war in the
’ ; > history, and it is necessary for us to raise
n't only lor ourselves but for our allies.
1' farmers of the United States are not being
l i'! • to raise the additional food solely as a matter
e ■ tr.otism, but will find it profitable as well.
1 S. government depository
1 API $50,()0(UH).
1 ’I ; I' KUS AM) t)li;Hi '1 .a.'
Vl w*l .1. Vil. I M fhni-( ( (i lu.-r
' S '111.0, ,|. \| ,<|r I,, 111.
Five days of happiness, patri
otism and instruction might de
scribe the chautauqua which
comes to Prescott this year, be
cause of the unusual list of star
entertainers. There are several
i lecturers of national reputation,
|one whose coming will arouse
particular interest being Senator
! Helen Ring Robinson of Colorado,
the tirst woman to be elected as
I a state senator. In New Haven,
j Connecticut she was pronounced
! by the leading paper as "the
most entertaining and wittiest
woman speaker who ever ap
peared here.”
‘The Melting Pot” will prob
ably be the triumphant feature
of the triumphant chautauqua.
Tnis is a drama of alien Ameri
can life. It is the combined ex
pression of the yearnings of mil
' lions of hearts for that libertv of
'life and thought that native
Americans accept as their birth
right without wonder and some
times without gratitude.
Not when it was first produced,
nor at any time since, has there
been a time when rtiis drama was
so timely as right now. and so
Mr. Charles K. Horner has decid
to produce it on the chautauqua
circuit which includes Prescott.
It will f>e produced as it was in
New York. Many of the origi
nal cast have been re-engaged.
The program includes such
men as Dr. Dean C. Dutton, with
a ver> vital message, apd Chan
cellor Bradford, with his great
lecture, “America's Destiny.”
The musical program includes
the nationally famous Schild
kret’s orchestra which has the
happy faculty of pleasing its
audiences as probably no other
musical company. Sam Schild
kret himself will be here with
the orchestra.
With the absolute assurance
that they will give unprecedent
ed satisfaction, the Mcans-An
derson company is presented to
Chautauqua patrons. The com
pany consists of Miss Edna
Means, reader and impersonator.
Miss Eve Anderson, violinist,
character singer and pianiet, and
Miss Pearl Lowe, singer and pi
Miss Ethel Hinton, “The Joy
Germ,” and "The Sunshine of
Chautauqua is on the Chautau
qua program this season. With
a personal charm and a vivacity
that is infecti she has given
her program i riety and Jspon
taneity that have met every de
mand of the Lycenm and Chau
tauqua audiences, in all parts ol
the country.
Dr. McKsever comes to the
Chautauqua with his Sunshine
Lecture. One million people have
heard this great lecturer and his;
fine lecture. He has lectured;
over 550 times in his own state
and the bureau has yet to hear
of the first place where he failed
to please.
It is a tremendously strong!
program, wtll balanced, with
plenty of humor and happiness
combined with a program of in
spiration and instruction, arid
h an ciassi. a! and popular mush*.

Or*.' of the prettiest honu wed
dings ever s ilmni ed in I r< scott
was that of Miss Florence Daniel
to Maurice liiumnere or the
home of toe i.ride’s parents ;;l
B o’el ck Wednes iay evening.
The quests were received l
Miss Cora i< ci van an 1 ushered
to a flower cki nook in in-,
halt, where delicious fruit nunc?:
was served by Misses Lucy Ma
j Moore and Lillian Haltom. They
then passed into the parlor, trans
formed into ;J veritable bower of
flowers, to await the ceremony.
Just before the ceremony, Mrs.
S. P. Brentlinger of Springfield,
Mo., sang “I Love You Truly.”
To the sweet strains of Mendel
sshon’s wedding march, rendered
by Miss Lottie Williams, cousin
of the bride, the little ring-bear
er, Virginia Waller, daintily at
tired in a lingerie frock of white,
with accessories of pink, bearing
the ring in the heart of a lily,
entered. Then followed the
bride and groom, who stood be
neath a beautiful wedding bell
! suspended from an artistic arch
of evergreen, studded with white
carnations. The impressive ring
ceremony was said by Rabbi R.
Farber. The bride wore a beau
tiful gown of blue and gold taff
eta, embroidered in gold and cor
sage of bride’s roses and lilies of
the valley. As an only ornament
she wore the chain worn by her
mother on her wedding day.
After the ceremony an infor
mal reception was held and the
color scheme pink and white,
was further carried out in the
dainty refreshments.
For traveling she wore a be
coming suit of blue and a corsage
of white carnations.
The happy couple, amid show
ers of congratulations, left im
mediately for a brief honeymoon,
after which they will be at home
in Dallas, Texas.
The bride, a young lady of
many charms, is the only daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Daniel
of this city. The groom is a suc
cessful business man, with head
quarters at Dallas.
Out of town guests attending
the wedding were: Mr. and Mrs.
Hrentlinger, Springfield, Mo.;
Mr. and Mrs. George Gordon,
New York; Phil Hennegan, Dal
las; J. SafTerstone, Hope; Mr.
and Mrs. Stein. Hope; Mrs. Will
Gilham and Miss Juanita Gilham,
Hot Springs.
Your kidneys deserve the best
treatment-Penslar Kuchu and
Palmetto. 50c and $1.00 will do
the work, only at Hesterly Drug
Chancellor Rules That Constitu
tion Does Not Prevent Issu
ance of $750,000 Notes
Autorized by Letf
Former Gov. Geo. W. Hays
Wednesday afternoon lost bfs
fight in Pulaski County chancery
court to block the issuance of the
$750,000 of State notes authorized
by the last General Assembly,
when Chancellor J. E. Martineau
sustained the State’s demurrer
to the injunction suit. Chancell-1
lor Martineau’s decision will be
appealed to the Supreme Court
immediately, Mr. Havs said.
Chancellor Martineau handed
down a verba! opinion that there
is nothing in the State constitu
tion to prevent the note issue.
The opinion supported to conten
tion of I'. W. Campbell of Attor
ney General Arbuckie’s office
that the contemplated note issue
is not a “loan of the State’s
credit as prohibited in the con
stitution. While .tlie constitu
tion expressly prohibits the issu
ance of bonds b> cities, towns
and.,counties, the only prohibi
tion in which the Stat 1 is men
tioned is ibar against lending its
credit. This provision, it is said,
w,ts aiun-d ov the framers of the
•on-titoti n against the practice
’ railroad subsidy.
A dry goods' merchant was
starting down town when his
wife reminded him of his most
important duty during the day.
“Now my dear, he sure and send
to tiie city for that new Stanhope
so we can have it for Sunday.
You know our old bu^cy is pet
ting so that it is not lit to be
.lust a few blocks away the;
merchant who handles vehicles
and implements was sitting at
breakfast with his family. The'
conversation drifted around to
the near approach of school, i
‘‘And that reminds me, John,”i
said the lady who sat at the head
of the table, “I m ist be going to
the city not later than next week.
1 must get school clothes and see
about a fall suit for myself, and
wtiile there perhaps 1 had better
see about a new rug for the par
lor and some lace curtains for
the front windows.” *
An hour later a leading grocer
stepped into the bank to buy a
draft which he was going to send
to a catalogue house for a swell
bedroom suite.
“How’s business?” asked the
banker. “Oh, not so very good”
replied the grocer, ‘‘things aie
dull just now.” Before the bank
er finished writing the draft a
dapper young man with a grip
stepped up and asked how every
thing was. The hanker seemed
glad to see him. He was a rep
resentative of a big printing es
tablishment in another state. '
He and the banker chatted pleas
antly for a few minutes, after
which the young man inquired
casually of his friend behind the
window if he wanted anything.
‘‘Well, yes,” replied the bankei.
“I believe 1 do. Print us 5,000
drafts. 5,000 checks and a couple
thousand letterheads.” The
young man thanked his friend
and hustled out.
That night the I ical business I
men had a meeting at the town
hall to discuss the growth of the 1
mail order evil. Ail the gentle
men mentioned in the narrative
delivered short talks. They
agreed that the farmers were
guilty of treason to their home
merchants when th( y persisted
in buying their goods from mail
order houses, and the meeting
closed by adopting strong reso
lutions against trading awa\
from home. *
W. H. Hendrix will do your
hauling any old time.
Tuesday evening a little after
six oclock I >ave Amos, colored,
shot and instantly killed another
negro by the name of Roy Mul
len. The two negroes worked at
the Ozan Mill and it is alleged
that Amos secreted himself or.
the patli that Mullen was accus
tomed to go on his way home
and shot him. The ball entered
the heart and death was instan
taneous. \\ e were unable to
learn exactly what the troubl*
was, but it seems they had a
• luarrel about some work at the
It' any German-American so
far forgets his duty to his flag
as t > contemplate injury to the
United States by tongue or deed,
it ought to be some restraint up
on him to know that any unpa
triotic word or act on his part
will do more harm to his own
kinsmen than he can possibly do
to this government or to this
country. America first is the
watch-word of every patriot, no
matter from what land becomes.
I have purchased the black*
swith shop of Lon Simpson and
will be pleased to have the pub
lic know that I want their busi
ness and will do my utmost to
please them in all kinds of re
pair work. Horse shoeing will
be made a specialty.
W. R. Whitten, Jr.
Subject- Love.
Leader Mr. C. C. Calhoun.
Song Service.
Scripture Lesson — Leader.
The Love of God —Mae Par
The Part Love has in Life as a
worker in the Church-Agnes
Our Love for the Human Race
' ..juice White.
What Brotherly Love means
to a business man— W. G. Hayes.
Illustrations of Love Servive—
N- Ison Garner.
Do you got up at night? Sanol is
surely Hit' best lor all kidney or blad
der troubles. Sanol gives relief in 24
hours from all I ackachc and bladder
troubles s ,u,i| is a guarantee I reme
dy. :?■><• and 41.00 a I ot11»- at Hesterly
drug store.
American foreign affairs the
country calls for conservat on by every
individual citizen. YOU can do your
share by conserving your resources
save a part of your earnings and put
them to work fo!' the community and
country by depositing them with this
Ranh ir our Savinas Department.
Duly qtiaiined and a ting as a United
States Depo.-iU'r' t\ r -dal Savings
Prescott*, ArkdOias.

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