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The Nevada County Picayune
< B. Andrews, - - Editor
Entered at the Pltet Office at Fres
cott, irkanaas, a.' second-class mail
Subscription $1.50 Fer Year
me Picayune Office _ . 232
C. B. Andrew’s Residenrr . . i <9
The lowly peanut hat- develop-1
ed into an industry of s?me im
portance, The 191 < crop in the
United States is valued at $225,
000,(KM). Besides still being the
standard circus delicacy, the pea
nut is now turned into vast
puantities of oil, butter and dour.
The dry bed of a former lake
in the Nevada Desert is consid
ered by motorists the finest, lar
gest and safest speedway in the
world. It is twelve miles long,
three miles wide, and its surface
is as smooth, level and hard as
Plenty of It Has Been Done Bight
Here in Prescott.
To thoroughly know the virtues of a
medicine you must investigate its work.
Doan’s Kidney Pills stand this test, and
plenty of proof exists right here in
Prescott- People who testified years
ago to relief fiom backache, kidney and
urinary disorders, now give confirmed
testimony—declare the resnlts have
lasted. How can an , Prescott sufferer
longer doubt the evidence.
W. R. White, E. M »in St., Prescott
says: ‘‘I had been troubled off and on
for years by lament w and stiffness a
cross my kidneys. I had a (dull heavy
ache through my loins and other kid
ney disorders. This induced me to try
Doan’s kidney pills. I got a box of
this medicine at HesUr.y’s JDrugStor*
and found it to be suited to my case.
I improved rapidly and it was not long
before 1 was in good health.”
Over Five Years Later—Mr. White
said: I hold just as high an opinion of
Doan s Kidney Pills as ever. The cure
they brought me has been permanent. "
Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't sim
ply ask for a kidney remedy - get Doans
Kidney Pills-the same that Mr
White had. Foster-Milburn Co., Props.,
Haffalo. N. Y.
China, first in many things,
had women soldiers long before
they were known in Russia.
During the Tae Ping rebellion.
185). women as well as met.
served in the ranks. In Nan
king, in 1853, an army of 500,000
women was recruited. They
were divided into brigades of
13,<XX) each and were command
ed by women officers.
The safest way to guard
against spontaneous combustion
in large piles of coal, according
to the British Fire Prevention
Committee, is to insert vertically
in the fuel heaps, at the time
they are built, iron or earthen
ware pipes, about four inches in
diameter. A ventilator should
be provided for every 3<)h square
feet, and the ends should be at
various depths.
Wanted Stenographers.
Be patriotic; go into training
immediately and serve your
country well. In line with the
Selective Conscription Bill pass
ed by Congress, the Government
is making an extraordinary ef
fort to fill the great number of
clerical positions now open. Our
Government is hard pressed for
more help and each of us can re
lieve this need somewhat by of-,
fering our services. Read the:
following letter and be con-1
Washington, I). C.
Tyler Commercial College.
Tvler, Texas.
The present emergency condi
tions are taxing the resources ; t
this Commission to furnish sten
ographers and typewriters in
sufficient number for the depart
inerts at Wax'.'n• For the
p i. • xa ii .itioiis for botii
men and umirich are being held
“very Tuesday in 40*^ cf the
pr nc'pa! citi« s.
Inclosed are two pester an
nouncements of stenographer
and typewriter examinations. It
is requested that they be dis
played where they will come to
the notice of your students and
other stenographers, that you
personally make an announce
ment in the class-room of the
need of the Government, and
tfiat if practicable you eommuni
cate the information to your
The civil as well as the rr.ili
tary forces must be recruited to
meet the unusual situation.
Stenographers a d typewriters
in large numbers are needed. It
is the patriotic duty of citizen
who have this special knowledge
to use it where it will be of most
value to the Government.
The Commission will be grate
ful for your co-operation.
Very respectfully,
John A. Mclihenny.
President, U. S. Civil Service
Uncle Sam is refusing to draft
for military service any who
have industrial or commercial
training and are needed more at
home. Can you say that a young
person fighting a typewriter or
pushing a pen for Uncle Sam is
not as patriotic as one who shoul
ders the rifle? Certainly not.
Uncle Sam has already so many
men for draft that he has not
enough training camos to call
them out. Yet he is sending ap
peals for help in his work at
home. Then, too, you have the
following uoints to consider. You
are not required to enlist, ar.d
you may resign at anytime. You 1
will receive a training worth
thousands of dollars to you after *
Peace is declared and will have
the permanent recommendation 1
that you have heid a Govern- '
ment position. The entrance sal
ary is from $1000 to $1200 per
year. Can you equal them in any '
other wav.considering the duty 1
you owe your country? Young
ladies and young men who are 1
physically unfit for military ser
vice have this excellent opportu
nity to serve our country and t
draw pay for so doing. The-e |
positions are permanent for busi- ,
ness never gets dull with “Uncle £
Sam.” The Government has \
long since recognized the Tyler ,
Commercial College as the great- t
est institution of its kind for
preparing young people for this
work. Get busy. Do your bit. 1
Write today for free catalogue t
snd enlist now. «
Tyler Commercial College, s
Civil Service Department t
Large Trial bottle of Sanol for 35c 1
Sanol is a family remedy. Sanol is .
sold on an absolute guarantee. He c
member if it says Sanol it is all right
5*)c and $1.00 at Heeterlv Drugstore.
The American Girls —A com
pany of long experience on the
Chautauqua and Lyceum plat- j
form. Instrumental and vcoal t
music. i
Brooks Fletcher— Everybody 1
knows Brooks Fletcher, who ‘
worked his way up from an em- '
oloyee in a boiler factory to J
America’s most vigorous and >
dromatic orator. There is punch '
and power in every sentence. '
Musical Guardsmen—Another J
unusually tine musical organiza
tion. Rousing, stirring military
Lieutenant Sharman — Yon will '
listen spellbounJ at the recital
of war incidents by this soldi* r.1
and publ:c speaker. Mot alone I
hautauqua Begins June #
At The Prescot: Chautauqua
The American Girls Brooks Fletcher
Patriotic music, instrumental and vocal America’s foremost era mafic orator
The Musical Guardsmen Lieutenant Sharman
A iotner thrilling musical program A soldier with a brilliant \v:r record. Thi
crowds come to their feet with loud cheer
ing when Sharman tells his stirring ston
Fine People Excellent Music A Wonderful Progran
Adrian Newens, monologist The Sterling Artists
in “To Him That Hath” or “A message from Mars.” A musical Program, of genuine meril
The De Marco Entertainers Robert L. Finch
In a class by itself for popular Just returned from FRANCE as a memberol
entertainment and rousing music the American Red Cross Commission. An un
usually effective speaker with a tremendous
ly important message.
, recital of personal advenuures
iut some things to think about
luring and after the war. He
pas a member of the 2nd Batal*
ion of Canadian Infantry, and
ias had many thrilling exper
ences, and has addressed clubs
mu societies in the iargest cities,
pith remarkable success. His
alk is based on his own exper*
Maupin’s Band—This is a fa
nous musical organization. which
ias delighted thousands of Cha*
auqua audiences. I ne company
ippears both as an orchestra and
»and and includes several cornet
elections by Conductor Maupin’s
wo small daughters.
The De Marco Entertainers—
■our clever people with a lively,
nergetic program, —mostly in*
trumdntal music but a few
ketches which will make their
irogram seem altogether too
hort. A real feature. Cornet,
larp, piano, violin and clarinet
,re used.
The Sterling Artists present a
'rogram of high class music,
dusic plays a prominent part in
he great 1918 Chautauqua and
his is one of the best attrac
Robt. L. Fince—Just back
rom France to tell the story of
he war. Finch’s lecture, “Shift
ng Gears” is gaining a wonder
ul reputation and with the add
'd feature concerning the war
vill be a masterpiece. He has
ust returned from France, hav
ng gone under the auspices of
he American Red Crosa Society,
de has been in a position to se*
:ure reliable advice and infor*
nation, and is able to tell it ia a
onvincing manner.
Adrian Newens—One of Amer
i’s best known entertainers,
-iis “Message from Mars” ia
mown from coast to coast. A
vorld of humor.
Oj Msroo of th0 O * >mroo £mmnain0< *
Who O >mo u tat■fuqtt't
Lost One black guiltS months Food Administrators blanks
old. one rej male 8 months old. can he had at this offi :e. VY
Marked two splits in left ear and keep a supply on hand,
o le split in right ear. Left Her- ---
biTt Ridgell S place about two Dizziness, vertitfe, (blind sta^e-s'
weeks ago. Will pay for their *H low complexion, fli'ulenee are sym
wherebbmta. Roy OH more. •• ~i *-'1 *hile the live- is mi.t.v
Prescott, Ark. ’« -bin* i* •» powWu liver Stim.ij.u.
-- A lose or **o will cax-e nil t»il : »u*
irnum v Dnvino *v npUKna to dtsapoear. Try it. Price
f UY LIBER . Y BONDS. jbtlc. Sold hy Gu'hrie D-ug Store.
Ah^s at Yn
Service for
Pr'"ug Needs
Is there something K*
need In the follow
ing HJ0
Birth Aaaeooa******
Weddla4 9taMea*r>
Eavelope loda****
Sala Bill*
Btad Bill*
PHc* U*t* _
Admladea TjBj*
Baalaaa* Cah
BUI Head* *f**JS?
Calllad Cerda
Milk Ticket*
Mad Ticket*
Sblpplad T*<*
\ >
lad tattoo*
I v H#**H*
■ D*dd*»J .
Prompt. carefnl**f^
dent attention Pf
to every mere
DoBtSend YojrW]
Oat of Town UfJJ
See What We CiM
your NA
Is it on our
tion list’
gfttt YOlB Mjl

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