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;V tstSPluid Draehinj
^ ti- »• 4
,-3 PER CENT. |
h> Preparation for As i
fp tH Food by Reijula j
mm I
14 Tkercbv Promoting D^estfan j
U2J C4,ecrlulnessftndRestContat»
neither Opium. Morphine n
5 it l Mineral. STor Nahcoticj
.<&<"?&£&*w/wax ,
?4i r^Jin S*d >\
5jJ:« ArkrUrMt*
;< x»/j»W I
|3-j v tiliMtbtmtttStJn
JiJSfi t Unfit* W
;A»>y>»iw Afcwr_•
k*jtg« I A helpful Remedy for !
: Conslipationaml Diarrhoc*
alt fa y iiml lWerishncss nnd
?*> ;« Loss of Sleep
4; «fe f, resulting thercfrowMnlnfaft<?
\lt |,j Facsimile M4na£iof
itjJ'i |j ctmrffj*
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
For Infants and Children.
Mothers Know That
Genuine Cas-oria
for kidney and bladder troubles, gravel,
weak and lame backs, rheumatism and
irregularities of the kidneys and blad
der. Regulates bladder troubles in
children. If not sold by your drug
gist, by mail $1.25. Small bottle is
l.wo months’ treatment and often cures.
Send for sworn testimonials. Dr. E.
W. Hall. 2!*2l! Olive srteet. St. Louis
Mo. Sold by druggists.
Phone Watson Porter and have him
call for your clothes when they need
cleaning and pressing.
II without question 1/ Hunl'i Selsr
II fall* in tba treatment of Beseem
/ Tetter Ringworm. Itch.etc. [ten t
[ become dlecouraged becauee other
| trea talent a failed Hunt's Salvo
hat relieved hundreds of eueb
caaee. You can't loee on our
I Mersey Bee* Guarantee. Try
It at our rink TODAY Brice Tie
* Foe tale locally by
Westerly Drug Store
Watson I'orter will call and got your
: clothes and clean them and deliver
' them to you.
Gas Users Would Dislike to
Be Without It Permanently
v'et few consumers realize what expense,
efforts and hazards the producing company
must undergo to keep the supply constant
Gas producing areas are less numerous than
they were a few years ago. Locating new
territory has become highly expensive in
keeping with rising costs ol ail commodities
particularly as the ihiding of such territory
is becoming more and more of a problem.
The present price received for Gas is not in
keeping with the condltons which producers
are now called upon to meet.
Has received medals of high awards for ex
cellence of construction and tone quality at
-i-dd expeditions: The Pan-Ameri
can, The Pacific Yukon, and The Panama
I can save you money i nthc purchase.
Come and see and let me prove it to you.
C. B. Andrews_Editor.
Entered nt tin* l’ost Office nt I’m
eott, Arkansas, as second-class mad
Subscription $1,511 per ft*
Teleph ones
The Picayune Office - - 23l
C. B. Andrew 5 TvrsiJcnee 14'
ptJRUaiirn i' 1 >.v •n-u iu i /1
We are authorized to announce
as a candidate (Tv tli office of Tax A
sessor of Nevada County, subject to
Ihe action of the democratic primur;
(Mir stmdents are with 11s from mam
different states and the majority of
them do nut go home fgr the holidays!
owing to the grout distance, therefore,
we teach r'gh'j through tin* holidays.
The sooner you enter, he sooner yon!
will he holding a good position. Our |
seliool is like a big bank or mereanlil‘j
establishment, it runs throughout the |
jeir, wi* are always well organized
and receiving new business every day.;
IF.cry student gets individual ills!rue-i
t on; In* is no. held back by slow stu 1
dents, or crowded to fast by bright ^
ones; lie goes just as fast as his abil j
ity will permit;. Should lie happen to
lie slow or backward in his work, In
is not embarrassed by others knowing
how lie is getiing along. With our
methods of individual instruction, and
our own copyrighted systems, we are
demonstrating that it is useless to at
tend a commercial school teaching oth
er systems and requiring from seven t >
ten months to finish the course, when
I they can finish with us in half that
[ time at half the cost, Ik* more efficient
and get a better position, because o.
their thorough and extensive training
It is our practical methods, our per
sonal attention and our modern systems
that enable us to accomplish so much
in so short a time.
Our literary subjects, which are giv
en free with our courses, are woven
into the main courses in such a praeti
cal way that they are mastered in half
the time required by the old methods,
and are thoroughly understood from
practical application. We guarantee
a better course in less time.at less ex
pense and a better position than any
other school, and it is evident that we
have lieen securing these results or we
could not have built up an annual en
rollment of more than 3500, and drawn
patronage from 31* states and seven
foreign countries, and received the ap
proval of tin* Government to retrain the
returning soldiers and sailors.
Wri;e for our large illustrated ca
<* longue.
Tyler IViiimereiul <’ liege, ;
Tyler. Texas. !
Name _ _
Address _ _... ;
i our: e interest 'd in . __ _ !
\I-:.\KS O I)— i ll \S A FIDDLE
I iiiiii u bad e.ist1 of stomach and]
> i ttvuhh that f iir doctor could!
si■ >i ; "l|i. snii’ercd ail kinds of pain.!
a.- i511»• with „us ami eon tipntcd I'm I
on is. I was .••dvi-td to Use Mnyr'.-j
W ondcliid Hcuicity. Since tu.Elig a |
ionise of it four years ago my rottbli j
is disapii-.ned ami ha'ie felt like ..
. oiuig ufiiii. Although M> ii. a .
I feel tit as a tiddlo"
it is a ample, harmless preparation
that removes t lie catarrhal mucus |
from flic intestinal tract and allays
the iullauuition which causes pine
rally all stomach, liver and uite.'iinn
ailments, including apponilii itis, One
dose will convince or money refunded
Westerly Drug Store and Druggist;
< OM.mvMO.il Sis MALI.
NOi'ii'l: l> If Ell Ell V :»l\ EX That ;
II plUslUiiiee f 1 ill ‘ i! >1' " i > .111 ot .
Deciefal ih'der m the Nevada ruin - r»
' on. 1 i. :• ; 1 '.u*i ut .i d i1 . lie '.Mo
day oi' a iciolici. into, in a catee tin rein :
.end I ■ tween Board of improve
oeiit i f. Sewer Improvement District
\'o i ei tlie City of l'n -tot . Arkansas,
piaint.it, and A .M Denman et ul. de
.eiidnnls. tlte undersigned as cntuuiis !
-ioner of -.I d omul vi ill offer for stile
ill public vendue ill tile North Boor
iie Nevada County Court House in!
Prescott, Arkuusa.-. within the hours <
prescribed by law for Judicial Sales, on
Saturday, tlit- tith day of Dec. itiUt.
tin ‘'ollowing descriiicii real estate or!
so milch thereof as will pay the as
sessmcti s. penalties, attornt'ys fo<*s set
out in said decree and the costs of lltej
court, to wit :
Lot 11 in Block 2. and Southwest 1-2
Lot 7 in Blocs 21. and the Northwcs.
!*U feel of Lots o and d in Block 2\
all in iiailroad Survey of Prescott.
Arkansas; Lot A in Block d. and Erne
hail Block .* and the West 120 feel of
Block is. uml Lot - l ami 2 and Erac
tiounl Lot .‘1 n BIihk 44. and the Ha-I
Half m Blocs .i1.*, ,iuil a. of i»Ioc...' In >
and lot. except i.o s Jl, 4. and 12 in!
Block ini. ail in Brad Stir i s Addition
to Prescott. A; ..meats : and Fractional'
Lot i and the West 1 ot Lot 2 in
Block t. BrynuV Addition to Prescot;
Arkansas; Fnie.ioual Northwest *»;
Blocs 2 Barksdale's Addition «• Pro •
iott. Arkansas; Lot » Block tin in Bn, 1
i Scott's AddiUoit to Prose 'll. Arkun - -
All lying and situate in th. ('••utuy of
Nevada and State of .Viva:;-a
j 'forms of Sale . i'ash.
<;iv i'll under my liand ties llitu il ,
of November, Bill*.
A s. McBoruH. i
11-14-2! 1 lUUinisioBOi in i iuiItCCI V .
at he c!o; e of business September 12tli# 1919.
Loan3 and Discounts-$ 720,385.40
Overdrafts -"- 2,370.96
United States Libe ty and Victory Bonds- 95,000 00
City and County Warrants- 677.43
Building and Real Estate- 8,500.00
Furniture and Fixtures- 10,188.75
Other Real Estate_ 2,350.40
Advances for Customers for Victory Notes- 23,122.40
Due from Insurance Department- 548.55
Total Resources-$1,009,446.63
Capital Stock, fully paid-$ 75,000.00
Surplus, certified- 75,000.00
Undivided Profits- 14,690.93
Bills Payable- 85,000.00
Bonds Borrowed- 12,000.00
DEPOSITS - 747,755.70
Total Liabilities-$1,009,446.63
The above statement is correct:
THOMAS C. McRAE, JR., Cashier.
Had you ever though!
how often you use
your cook store *r
Did you know thai:
the Cook stove or
Range is the MOST
Oy-iiE* piece oi' house
hold goods that you.
can possess ?
Then Why Buy
Cheap Stoves?
They are never satis
factory, and in some
cases you should be
GLAD when your
CHEAP stove is
‘YE - tt. (B* T 4/hi Vp<
sSfcJ * Tr\*| 1 gli> V w
FACT<mEulE**S“f*Ct0ry’ ** ‘° life’ and “ SATIS
We have sold these stoves right HERE for more than
-wen y-hve years, and have had NO DISSATISFIED
customers as tar as we know.
NfNJ"T^^e ^ a,2acf1 Stovea have been on the market for
N‘NE*1 * ears» anCi tJley KNOW HOW to buiid stoves.
Our s.ock is complete, priced from
. $20.oo TO 88O.00
Com in and lets talk it over with you.
;«^pfA'5c. * B ~ ViiitiJ
. ' fiii-iiJ'-rj ^
• i r?";..;;
&ae House That Quality Built.”
lit:, ill:, ill lit 11 ilH H III lllll III Him i it tmnnii .....

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