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A few tablets of “Pape’s Diapepsin”
bring relief almost as soon as they
reach the stomach.
“Pape's Diapepsin,” by neutralizing
the acidity of the stomach, instantly re
lieves file food souring and fermenta
tion which causes the misery-making
gases, heartburn, flatulence, fullness
or pain In stomach and Intestines.
“Pape’s Diapepsin” helps regulate
disordered stomachs so favorite foods
can he eaten without causing distress.
Costs so little nt drug Flores.
£1 , ■'
The powerful, healing warmth ^
of Hunt'" Lightning <»ii g'lwt- fa
In* tan? and punitive relief fron. «/$3
throbbing, nerve racking i>Hin« mm
of Hheumatmm. N e u r a l g ' a .
heaiiiiche. etc and 7<>i* bottle w
B Notice to Kodakers!
Send us two frood negatives and th's ad
|H and we will send you a print of each /:«
H o/eAorsr. „ERT R> KIMR CO.
^ little Rock, Ark.
Home Rot end 1 sere Monthly payments
NW develop. Will produce $1,000. Request
Hook 1H. Suburban Acres Co.. Biloxi. Miss.
Where One Victim Was.
Policeman (after tlit* smash)—You
sa.v the owner of this motorcar (11(1
not run away after the collision? Then
lie Is above suspicion.
The Other Victim—I know tiiat, be
cause Ik1 is under the motorcar.—Lon
don Answers.
i i
It's Mercury! Quick
silver! Shocks the
... _ l
You're billons, hut take “Cnsenrets”!
Ton have a throbbing sensation in your
head, ft bad taste in your mouth, your
eyes burn, your skin is yellow, with
dark rings under your eyes; your lips
nre parched, your bowels are consti
pated. No wonder you feel foggy,
mean and ill-tempered. You need Cas
on rets tonight. Don’t continue being
a bilious nuisance to yourself and
those who love you, and don’t resort
to harsh physics that irritate and in
jure. Remember that most disorders
of the stomach, liver and bowels nre
< ml by morning with gentle, harm
less Cnsenrets—they work while you
sleep, never gripe, shock, sicken or In
convenience you. They’re grand! Adv.
Arctic Advantage.
"An Eskimo will stay in his house
for months at a stretch."
“That’s his luck,” replied Mr.
Orowehor. "It’s too cold up there for
the landlord to travel around and
serve notice that the rent lias been
Everyone needs VACIIER-BALM
this time of year as a preventive, or
relief for Colds and Flu. It is un
doubtedly the best tiling to use.
30c in jars or tubes. Carry u tube
In your pocket.
If you cannot get. it locally send 30c
stamps for a tube to E. W. VACIIER,
Inc., New Orleans. I.n.
Avoid imitations,-—Adv.
Esc a peotij for rubbing mud from
clothing it pro- iiie^ an edge that is
not too sharp.
Cuticura Soap for the Complexion.
Nothing hotter than Cuticura Soap
dally and Ointment now and then ns
Deeded to make lie complexion clear,
scalp clean and hands soft and white.
Add to this the fascinating, fragrant
Cuticura Talcum an l you have the
Cutlcuru Toilet Trio.—Adv.
A married cynic’s idea of a wise guy
is n fellow who had a chance to marry
his wife hut didn't.
Ask for
Star.daid cold remedy for JO years
—>a taulet (on;.—sale, sure, no
>1 lai.es—'ir>. .« up s cold in 24
hours—relieve* trip in 3 days.
Money ‘ sc't tf it falls. The
i genuine bos has a ked
S lop with Mr. Hill’s
'!>, picture.
a*. dl All Drug Staff
» Irritating Coughs
Promptly treat ha, colds, liwrsenesa.
. bronohi*is an 1 si*- i lodamt-U and irritated
tocd.uwu oi the throat with a tested remedy
i©’: S
Apply few drops then lift sore,
touchy corns off with
fingers—No pain!
Doesn't hurt n bit! Drop n little
Freezone on an aching corn, instantly
that corn stops hurting, then you lift
it right out. Yes, magic!
A tiny bottle of Freezone costs but
a few cents at any drug store, but is
sufficient to remove every hard corn,
soft corn, or corn between the toes,
and the calluses, without soreness or
Freezone is the sensational dis
covery of a Cincinnati genius. It is
Hapsburg, meaning ‘‘Owl’s Castle,”
was a castle which stood irrtiie canton
of Aargau, Switzerland, the reputed
I cradle of the Hapsburg dynasty

Rub Backache Away With Small
Trial Bottle of Old “St.
Jacobs Oil."
When your hack is sore and lame
or lumbago, sciatica or rheumatism
has you stiffened up, don’t suffer! (Jet
a small trial bottle of old. honest “St.
Jncobs Oil" at any drug store, pour a
little in your hand and rul) it right
on your aching back, and by the time
you count fifty, the soreness and lame
ness Is gone.
Don’t stay crippled! This soothing,
penetrating oil needs to tic used only
once. It takes the pain right out and
ends the misery. It is magical, yet
absolutely harmless and doesn’t burn
the skin.
Nothing else stops lumbago, sciatica,
backache or rheumatism so promptly.
It never disappoints!—Adv.
Comparative Values.
“Don't you think the starlight is
so romantic?’’ “Yes, hut moonshine
is more substantial.”
Women Can Put Bright, Rich Color in
Shabby, Faded Garments.
Don't worry about perfect results.
1 Use “Diamond Dyes,” guaranteed to
give a new. rich, fadeless color to any
fabric, whether it lie wool. silk. linen,
cotton or mixed goods,—dresses,
blouses, stockings, skirts, children’s
coats, feathers—everything!
Direction Book In package tells how
to diamond dye over any color. To
| match any material, have dealer show
you “Diamond Dye" Color Card.—Adv.
Quite Fitting.
“1 low was the labor strike do
“By capital management."
If Your Back Hurts or Bladder
Bothers, Drink Lots of
When your kidneys hurt and your
hack feels sore, don’t get scared and
proceed to load your stomach with a
; lot of drugs that excite the kidneys
| and Irritate the entire urinary tract.
: Keep your kidneys clean like you keep
vour bowels clean, by flushing them
: with a mild, harmless salts which re
| moves the body's urinous waste and
stimulates them to their normal activ
ity. The function of the kidneys is to
filter the blood. In 24 hours they
strain from It 500 grains of add and
waste, so we can readily understand
the vital Importance of keeping the
kidneys active.
Drink lots of water—you can’t drink
too much; also get from any pharma
cist about four ounces of Jnd Salts;
take a tablespoonful In a glass of
water before breakfast «nch morning
for a few days and your kidneys will
act fine. This famous salts Is made
from the acid of grapes and lemon
juice, combined with lltbla. and has
been used fur generations to clean
nnd stimulate clogged kidneys; also to
neutralize the acids In urine so it no
longer is a source of Irritation, thus
ending bladder weakness,
.Tad Snlts is Inexpensive; cannot In
jure: makes a delightful effervescent
litbla-wnter drink which everyone
should take now and then to ke-p
•heir kidneys clean and active. Try
this, also l.-eep up the wafer drinking,
and no doubt you will wonder what
became of your kidney trouble nnd
Public schools can teach the speak
ing of good KngliHh, but environment
teaches harder.
> 6 Bell-ans
’ Hot water
J Sure Relief
Money back without question
If HUNT’S SALVE fails in tie#
treatment of ITCH. ECZEMA,
Itching akin diseases. Price
75c at drujrijists, or direct from
A S Richards Medicine Co.Stiermen.Tei.
liu ®dlilT©kid©
Ain ■ flit GutrilStiti(Uiili{ Title. At All Dr«| Stint.
This soothing, healing.penetrat*
lug remedy takes all of the smart
lug |>a!n out of burns, scalds, cuts, |
sprains, etc., and quickly heals the
Injury. «»et a :i:»c or 70c bottle today #
from your druggist. \
(ONSTIPATION, Indigestion. Torpid Liver
| and Biliousness are relieved by L. & II. Lax
ative Tonic; a valuable Anti-Malarial medi
cine for men. women Price $1 Bottle. Agts.
Wanted. Cosmo Chem. Co., Memphis. Tenn
Freckle Ointment---Your drujrtriet or by
mail. G. c. Fr*m hook. Dr. C. M. Berr*
Co., 297S Michigan Avenue. Chicago.
“Wliy are you letting your children
leant those classic dances? Don’t you
think it is a foolish fad?”
“Not a bit of It. It saves shoe
Look at tongue! Remove Foisono
from stomach, liver and
B U ii i ■ ■
Accept “California” Syrup of Figs
only—look for the name California on
the package, then you are sure your
child is having the best and most harm
less laxative or physic for the little
stomach, liver and bowels. Children
love its delicious fruity taste. Full
directions for child's dose on each bot
tle. Give It without fear.
Mother! You must say "California.”
Looked Like It.
Clerk—You on n't keep me down.
Employer—What are you trying (o
do. bold me up?
To half pint of water add 1 oz. Ray Rum,
a small box of Barbo Compound, and 14
oz. of dycerine. Apply to the hair twice a
week until it becomes the desired shade.
Any druggist can put this up or you can
mix it at home at very little cost. It will
' gradually darken streaked, faded gray hair,
! and will make harsh hair soft and glossy.
It will n >t ci 'or the scalp, is not sticky or
greasy, and Joes not rub off.—Adv.
Never Thought of That.
A lover of the mulberry says' It is
a I no mil isoorbuMc. Now, w o had
moor (bought of that,—Arkansas <ln
Thousands of women liave kidney and
bladder trouble and never suspect it.
Womens’ complaints often prove to be
nothing else but kidney trouble, or the
result of kidney or bladder disease.
If the kidneys are not in a healthy
condition, they may cause the other or
gans to become diseased.
Pain in tlie back, headache, loss of am
bition, nervousness, are often times symp
toms of kidney trouble.
Don't delay starting treatment. Dr.
Kilmer’s Swamp Root, a physician’s pre
scription. obtained at any drug store, may
be just the remedy needed to overcome
such conditions.
Get a medium or large sire bottle ira
nr diatelv from any drug store.
However, if you wish first to test this
great preparation nnd ten <ent* to Dr.
Kilm r A Co., Binghamton, N. Y„ for a
-,u ole Vi 'tie. When writing be sure snd
mention this paper.—Adv.
"1 love nnt' am loved." "Then you
are pen'netly happy.” “Unf it Isn't the
smite man."- The Taller.
Keep Your Eyes
Cloon - Clour •»« Healthy
%r»*o for \r<« t>o Coro book Hormo Co,Ot<*go. U iA
Let “Danderine” save and
glorify your hair
In a few moments you can trans
form your plain, dull, flat hair. You
can have it abundant, soft, glossy and
full of life. Just get at any drug or
toilet counter a small bottle of “Dan
derine” for a few cents. Then moist
en a soft cloth with the Danderine and
draw this through your hnir taking one
small strand at a time. Instantly, yes,
Immediately, you have doubled the
beauty of your hair. It will be a mass,
so soft, lustrous, fluffy and so easy to
do up. All dust, dirt and excessive oil
is removed.
Let Danderine put more life, color,
vigor and brightness in your hair. This
stimulating tonic will freshen your
scalp, chock dandruff and falling hair,
and help your hair to grow long, thick,
•trong and beautiful.—Adv.
All of It.
“Did you have a fine time on your
auto trip?
“Oh, yes. We ran into a lot of
country speed traps and it was noth
ing hut fine.”
For your daughter’s sake, use Red
Cross Ball Blue in the laundry. She
will then have that dainty, well-groom
ed appearance* that girls admire. 5c.
Fireproof dishes that have been
scorched should be soaked in strong
borax water.
Is the feeling and plaint of women who
are “run-down” so low that work drags,
head aches, back aches, dragging down
ii feelings, dizzy, palo
and weak, little
_ things annoy and
■ “everything goes
Look the other way
just a minute arid
see what Dr. Pierce’s
favorite Prescrip
tion has done for
more than a million
women in the last
fifty years.
What it has done
for others it can do
for you.
'If w I A helping hand
' to lift up weak,
tired, over-taxed women—that’s what
you’ll find in Dr. Pierce’s Favorite Pre
scription. It gives you just the help that
you need. To be had in liquid or tablets.
Tablet form, CO cents, at all drug stores.
It is a medicine that’s made especially
to build up women's strength and to cure
women’s ailments—an invigorating, re
storative tonic, soothing cordial and
bracing nervine; purely vegetable, non
alcoholic, and perfectly harmless.
Jackson, Miss.:—“Dr. Pierce’s Favor
ite Prescription is a good medicine and I
have recommended it many times to
women who suffer. This medicine was a
freat comfort to me after motherhood.
had inward trouble and could not walk
upright for six weeks und the doctor
seemed unable to give me any relief or
help, but I had very prompt relief as
soon as I started to lake the ‘Proscrip
tion.’ It cured me of my inward trouble
and restored me to a perfect state of
health and that is why I do not hesitate
to speak a good word for Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription whenever I have
an opportunity.”—Mas. K. U. Suthejk- i
land, 200 Poindexter St.
A man is as old as his organs; he
can be as vigorous and healthy at
70 as at 35 if he aids his organs in
performing their functions. Keep
your vital organs healthy with
The world's standard remedy for kidney,
. liver, bladder and uric acid troubles
since 1696; corrects disorders; stimulates
vital organs. All druggists, three sires.
Lock for the coma Cold M-iilel on every bos
t o J accept ao.uaitattea
All near drilling wells, In seven parishes.
1 ifty per cent of earnings iu Uivliltjntls. Writ*
ns tor lull information.
Louisiana Stale Lease Syndicate, Inc.
307 Milam St. Shreveport, La
Mr. Dodson, the "Liver Tone" Man,
Responsible for Change for
the Better.
Every druggist in town has noticed n
great falling off in the sale of calomel.
They all give the same reason. Dod
son’s Liver Tone is taking its place.
“Calomel is dangerous and people
know it.” Dodson’s Liver Tone is per
sonally guaranteed by every druggist
who sells it. A large bottle doesn’t
cost very much, but if it fails to-give
easy relief in every case of liver slug
gishness and constipation, just ask for
your money back.
Dodson’s Liver Tone is a pleasant
tasting, purely vegetable remedy, harm
less to both children and adults. Take
a spoonful at night and wake up feel
ing fine; no biliousness, sick headache,
acid stomach or constipated bowels.
It doesn’t gripe or cause inconvenience.
Take a dose of calomel today and to
morrow you will feel weak, sick and
nauseated. Don’t lose a day.—Adv.
Cripple Almost Made Whole.
A man who had both arms cut off
between wrist and elbow is able to
dress, shave, oat; do his work and
shake down his furnace by means of
artificial arms which have metal wrist
plates. Various implements, such as
brushes, razor, knife, fork, spoon and
pen, fit into sockets in the wrist plates
and are held by a spring catch.
What’s become of the old-fashioned
fellow who used to remark: “Here,
let me show you how to pull that
The cost of education is said to
have risen 41 per cent. The cost of
getting educated to modern prices has
risen more than that
Show us a man who thinks he under
stands women and we'll show you a
gold brick buyer.
Trouble Gene, Appetite Strong, and
Eats Anything Without
"I liad a case of catarrh and indiges
tion. 01 ten years' standing. I had been
treated by the best medical men In Mich
igan. When I commenced taking Milks
Emulsion, I was in bed. I Improved so
fast that 1 kept the neighbors wondering.
I am now up and working every day. My
cough is gone. My appetite is great, and
f can eat anything without hurting me.”
—11 f>. Lovelee, Rockford, Mich.
Indigestion Is seldom cured by "help
ing” the stomp ’i digc it food. Digestives,
tike physic pliis. usually make slaves of
the stomach and bowels.
Milks Emulsion is a pleasant, nutri
tive food and a corrective medicine. It re
stores healthy, natural bowel Action, do
ing away, with all need of pliis and phys
ics. It promotes appetite and rpilckly
puts the digestive organs In shape to
assimilate food. As a builder of flesh
and strength, Milks Emulsion is strongly
recommended to those whom sickness has
weakened, and is a powerful aid in re
sisting and repairing the effects of wast
ing diseases. Chronic stomach trouble
and constipation are promptly relieved—
usually In one day. It produces remark
able results In colds, coughs and bron
chial asthma.
This Is the only solid emulsion made,
and so palatable that It is eaten with a
spoon like Ice cream. Truly wonderful
tor weak, sickly children.
No matter how severe your case, you
are urged to try Milks Emulsion under
:hls guarantee—Take six bottles home
with you, use It according to directions
and If not satisfied with the results, your
■noney will be promptly refunded. Price
10c and 11.20 per bottle. The Milks Emul
sion Co., Terre Haute. Ind. Sold by drug
gists everywhere.—Adv. •
Burnt sienna Is n paint manufac
tured from the natural eartli obtained
near Sienna, Italy.
I.Iver secretions are among the system’s
rankest poisons and if not effectively
eliminated — cause constipation, bilious
ness and dizziness, allow your system to
run down, making you subject to conta
gious diseases, particularly tbc "flu.”
Pond's Liver Pills are intended specially
to make your Liver function naturally,
eliminating the poison in Nature's own
way—without griping pains or personal
discomfort. A Lac bottle .ill start you on
the road to healtn. Your druggist can
supply you Money refunded if not satis
His Occupation Gone.
X—'Thiil burglar client of yours
bicsn't st-oin very grateful to you for
jetting him acquitted.
Y~ lie says I proved him so innocent
that nis pals daren’t trust him with a
Idg jot).—London Answers.
Ray* Cream Applied in Nostrils Re
lieves Head-Colds at Once.
If your nostril arc clogged and
your head Is stuffed and you can’t
breathe freely because of a cold or
catarrh, Just get a small bottle of
Ely's Cream Balm at any drug store.
Apply u little of this fragrant, anti
septic cream Into your nostrils and let
It penetrate through every nlr passage
of your head, soothing and healing
the Inflamed, swollen mucous mem
brane and you get Instant relief.
Ah! How good it feels. Your nos
trils are open, your head is clear, no
more hawking, snuffling, blowing; n;»
more headache, dryness or struggling
for breath, Ely’s Cream Balm is Just
what sufferers from head colds and
catarrh need. It’s a delight.—Adv.
Popular Place for Children.
It Is estimated that the average
depth of sand In the deserts of Africa
Is from 30 to 40 feet.
To abort a cold
and prevent com*
plications, take
The purified and refined
calomel tablets that are
nausealess, safe and sure.
Medicinal virtues retain,
ed and improved. Sold
only in sealed packages.
Price 35c.
Rich-Tone Is a friend
of the Weak
“It Has Made Me Strong and Well
Again.”—Says J. R. Martinez.
He writes: ‘ItIota-Tone is a woniler.
ful remedy for people who nre weak
nnd lacking .as -Igor, and .ill those who
dealre to «?alr strength and energy
should take tkls truly famous tunic.
It hac ,.*l ven me perfect health and
cured me of ailments from which I had
long auflereJ.”
and gair new energy
Rich-Tone makes more red eorpnsclea,
enriching nnd purifying the blood. It
contains nil of the elements that are
needed most In maintaining strength
nnd vigor. Rich-Tone rrsts the tired
nerves. restores appetite, !n->ucea
healthful sleep—It given you all these
things which meat: energy am’ well
being. Get n b»,»ttle today—-only f‘,00
at nil drug stores.
A. B. Richards Medicine Co., Sherman, Tex»
If not
(Jive tfien
The old reliable
for Stock and pouitry
Ask your t—-.hunt!
Merchants: ask your jobbers
Salesman about BiC DCC!
This Koothing. healing, penetrating
remedy tnkcb all of the smarting pain
out of burns, scalds, cuts, sprains, etc., ,
and quickly heals the Injury. Gsta r
SBc or ?0c bottle at druggist* tqday. ^
Comforting relief from pah
makes Sloan’s the
World’s Liniment
This famous reliever of rheumatic
aches, soreness, stiffness, painful
sprains, neuralgic pains, and most
other external twinges that humanity
suffers from, enjoys its great sales be
cause it practically never fails to bring
speedy, comforting relief.
Always ready for use, it takes little
to Pencil ate without rubbing and pro
duce results. Clean, refreshing At
all drug stores. 35c. 70c. $1.40.
IUomov«; (larulrutl i ,
Restore* Color and
Seauty to Cray anti l adr J Hw
too. and ft '» at drotr= ' v
ITisor 11rn. V> ... .
I 1 a, <‘ti , o|»* a:l pain, riu n*3 c« ml- ; ’
t* i i, tuakfta wa »iruc «iuv. lift Py nm'l ur - 1 “• i
Ku>ii. iiiicox Ciioiiiioai Work*, x*
ShavelvltET ~1
Cuticura Soap
The New V/ay

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