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finally wa* Re*t°rc^ *°
Heatih by Lydia E. Pinkham a
Vegetable Compound.
tj0Wel!, Mass. - “ I was all run down and
i?ri an awful pain in my right side was
persistently consti
pated and had very
dizzy spells. I suf
fered for three years
and wai. perfectly
| miserable until a
|friend was telling
me to try Lydia E.
Pinkham’s Vege
table Compound and
1 found it a wonder
ful medicine. I can
now do twice as
much work and I
recommend the Vegetable Comp-und to
other women. You can use thesc
f»ets as a testimonial. —Mrs. M.
Theall Bessey, 186 Appleton Street,
Lowell, Mass.
Why women will continue to suffer so
lone is more than we can understand,
when they can find health in Lydia E.
Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound !
For forty years it has been the stand
ard remedy for female ills, and has re
stored the health of thousands of women
who have been troubled with such ail
ments as displacements, inllammation,
ukeration, irregularities, etc.
If you want special advice write to
Lvdia E. Pinkham Medicine Co. (confi
dential) Lvnn, Mass. Your letter will
be opened, read and answered by a
woman and held in strict confidence.
Oh, No! Not to Eat.
"Mir. 1 have' one more jelly, please?”
entreated Bobby at the party.
•■put do you think you can eat it?"
asked the hostess.
••()]i_ no!" answered Bobby. “I
could not out any more, but I wanted
to drop it down Peters neck !
"Cascarets” is biggest selling
Laxative-Cathartic for
Liver and Bowels
Twenty-five million boxes of ('as
carets were sold last year to folks who
wanted relief without injury, from
Constipation. Biliousness. Indigestion,
Gases. Colds and Sick Headache. Cos -
carets work while you sleep, retnov- !
inp the toxins, poisons and sour, Indi- |
gestihle waste without griping or in
convenience. Casenrets regulate hy
strengthening the bowel muscles. They
never weaken or shook the liver like j
calomel or harsh pills. Cascarets cost i
so little too.—Adv.
Steam Never Visible.
Actual steam is not visible. Tim
visible white vapor which is frequent
ly referred to as steam is in reality a
collection of line moisture particles
which are formed hy the condensation
of true steam.
Just say to your grocer Red Cross
Ball Blue when buying bluing. You
will bo more than repaid hy the re
sults. Once tried always used. 5c.
Human Dynamo.
"That tedress is a dynamo of oner
' "Yep; perpetual motion,"—Lou
i- ville i 'ourior-.Iournal.
jfi c.rM'<t Jr
6 Ee clans
Hot water
Sure Relief
U. S. Army Overalls and Khaki
$ 11
Breeches, 95c per Pair
' h* 5m> Ai niv »lru.» wuui ^hii tv SI.7a
$ l •. ..ft ijo/ Uusstft hIum* , worth now
5 '• l»r Hot. nxi. .1 Hh«i< •. SJ.:*r» j.r
v • t •< ill a- - ! by army, hut an* cl»*ai» I
: \ ii • ;i l»l • • W,. rarry » lino of!
1'’" ' "• >'• trlKi*i’ *torn an I all oth« r army [
'Aril- for romp..-!' itM S-n.l cash |
If not p!i wo Will Klaill} »o
V (VMpAW .m s «’
IF.*»icrfts Color and
Beauty to Gray and FadcJ Hair
: ■ <
<11 x <' i-ni. >\ k*. i* iU’ht'trno. N.Y
II a W t W ^0 O FJ W Kerrovcn C^ms, (’:.!•
J"' • pu i ■« Ml | .-ttu, i»n. rvy r 'inf*., t t» tho
'■1 r- umure ^Hikiru; oat % 1/k\ by tiiMl >r at l>rti£
«•. u, ii. o;a i 'i. iuictti Worth, i N. 1.
* His b H, ‘ill*., lj«M nil . \u
«*K r.'iiutly all • t',.«
n’*f out ui burn*. .h -h'
!‘! !»Jnl (|UU‘Wly I rum IIIH
Vy ' tt a «• «>r 70c: bottle it day
l‘",!l yo^r dnur^.at.
■ i v
fcseiia^aiBKBStt «asrv
*««*■■* "v»MittarTt airra-i usb
®21l9e to KodaRersS
<w!?d »*«•»*’•«* nnu tnis :i 1
£ ‘« r- ‘!1 ^ad you a prin * ot i a*.a
JZL****R-*iME co
Litiln Kock, Ark.
*0- k i<
ov«r world. .•
•*o * • «
QPOamVKLV REMOVED by l* lUrtr't
“r*cbi* Oinomi t- Your UrutKi^t or by
-A. - rinUMk. Of. C H B*rry
i Midv.yin A««nu« C*pc i**^
* I»*cL
d KliaSV.I
i i * |j—; ..ti-$ iuu wceiU) ; li t* ve
* PfHencf* unHiiH'HiiHryi Auit-ri
A*c> . U04 Syndicate, «t. LouU
Goatskin clothing Is Interesting, bnt
certainly not new.
Those who won the war are willing
to give it to those who need it.
Potatoes are used for money iri Po
land. So cheap currency there
A man of sterling worth would he ct
B pretty heavy discount just now.
The absence of hotiles is going to
cause a direful shortage of corks for
It is surprising that the “Mad Mu'
lah” does not become good-natured
once in awhile.
The farmers are going info polities
and expect to raise somethin)' beside*
wheat and corn.
Tlie German mark lias practically
; gotten into the class with Germany's
i respect for treat In.
The same men who led in the light
against military training led in the
light against tlie draft.
Often Caused by
How can anyono with a sour, gas*
stomach. who la constantly belching, has
heartburn and bu Tf*rs from Indigestion have
anything but a bad breath” All of th-vse
: rtomacli disorders mean just one thing—
* ciil-SWmuirli.
BATONTP, th » wonderful new stomach
remedy lr. pleasant tasting tablet form that
you rat 11 he a bit of candy, brings quick
relief from these stomach miseries EATON*
IC sweet* ns the breath because it makes the
stomach sweet, eool and comfortable. Try It
for that nasty V»ste, congested thro.it an i
**heady feeling” after too much smoking.
Jf neglected, Acid-Stomach may cause you
n lot of serious trouble. It leads to ner
vousness. heada-'h-'s. insomnia, melancholia,
rh umutlnm, sc ,at lea. hurt trouble, ul *ir
and cancer of the stomach. It makes lt^
millions of victims weak and miserable,
listless, lacking In energy, all tired out. It
oft-'n brings about chronl • Invalidism, pre
mature old nge a shortening of one's days
You need the help that I-J ATOXIC can giv •
you If you or' not feeling as strong and
well us you should. You will be surprised
to see how much better :■ <»u "ill feel just as
•oon as you begin taking this wonderful
stomach remedy. Oct a big 60 cent box
front your druggist today. He will return
your money If you are not satisfied.
in New York City alone from kid
ney trouble last year. Don’t allow
yourself to become a victim by
neglecting pains and aches. Guard
against this trouble by taking
The world’s standard remedy !*or kidney,
liver, bladder and uric acid troubles.
Holland’s national remedy since 1636.
All druggists, three Bizes. Guaranteed.
Lock far the name Geld Medal on every boa
and accept no imitation
T t
Everybody Smiles
When Stomachs do their work,—
and Bowels move natnrally.
dr. Tirrrs liver pills
make the stomach digest food
and Bowels move as they should.
Kilt Ail Flies!
J’I'ut*! anywhere. DAISY FLY
lull* al’ tlies. NVat. clean.
_KILLER attract* and
ornamental. convenient and
cheap Lasts alia* "
ho". Mu le of met. i.
•nn't spill or tip over;
will not soil or inju’^i
nything Guaranteed.
at youi doalcr or
6 hv EXPRESS. nrepaid. ♦1 25.
, lf.0 l>* Kalb
alb A vc . Bmcklyr. N. Y.
Baby’s Health
in wonderfully protected ar.d
colic, diarrhoea, constipation,
ar.d other stomach ar.d bowel
troubles are quiclcly banished
or avoided by urine:
Tb« Iftiaati' ted Ch.iiirea’t Tecnlttof
Tide, remedy quickly aids
the otoir.ach to digc.t food
and produces moot remark
able and satisfying results in
regulating the bovvals ar.d
preventing sickness.
ricr.EC.nt to c? We—pleasant to take.
Ham*less,ptircly vegetable, Infants'
nrd chiM-cn's rerulator, forr ul.t «n
eve*> label. Owira»'t rJ non-ni*rcot:c,
At AilDrvggittt
Active and Heaithy
With Cuticura Soap
Soip 2Sc, OUimeat 25 and 50c, Talcu 25«.
f‘My Sides, Back and Head
Pained Me Just All the Time,'’
Says Alabama Lady, Who
Took Cardui and Got Well.
Uniontown, Ala.—“After the birth of
my baby, I caaie near dying,” writes
Mrs. Maude Felts; of Uniontown. "I
was In an nwful condition. ... It
just looked like I would die.
“I couldn't bear anyone to even
touch me, I was so sore, not even to
turn mo in bed. My sides, back and
bead all pained me, just all 'lie time.
“We bad the doctor every day and
be did everything be knew bow, it
looked like. Yet I lay there suffering
such intense pains as seems I can’t
“Finally, I said to my husband. Met
us try Cardui’ . . . lie went for it tit
once, and before I bad taken tbe first
bottle tbe . . . eanie back, the soreness
began to go away, and I began to
mend. The intense pressure seemed
all at once to leave my bond, and be
fore long I was up.
“I took three bottles and was well
and strong ami able to do my work.
I believed Cardui saved my life. . . .
I cannot praise .t enough for what
it did for me.”
If you are a woman, and need
a tonic—
Take Cardui, the Woman’s Tonic.
Appropriate Path.
•‘This is a complicated sort of place
to gel anywhere. How can I find tie*
needle baths?”
“You’ll have to thread your way.”
“California Syrup of Figs"
Cliild’s Best Laxative
Accept “California” S.vrup of Figs
>nl.v—look for the name California on
the package, then you are sure your
child is having the best and most harm
less physic for the little stomach, liver
and bowels. Children love Its fruity
taste. Full directions on each bottle.
You must sav “California.”—Adv.
Those Girls.
“Of course you talked about me
as soon as 1 left."
“No. dear, we thought you had at
tended to that unite sutliclently.”—
Fusion Transcript.
By keeping the bowels and liver active.
The best reined'- for this is BONDS
LIVEli PILLS. They not only act di
rectly on the liver, hut remove all poi
sonous matter from the bowels. At 1
the very tirst sign of a cold, take a
Bond’s IMIl at bedtime.—Adv.
Can’t Do a Good Turn,
First Class Scout—Did you read j
about the scout who swallowed hi> j
Tenderfoot—No; what happened to !
First-Class Scout—Oh, he can't
stir.-- Boys’ Life.
Cuticura Comforts Baby’s Skin
Wlu'ti red, rough and itching with hot
baths of Cuticura Soap and touches of
Cuticura Ointment. Also make use
now and then of that exquisitely scent
'd dusting powder. Cuti-ura Talcum,
one of the indispensable Cuticura
Toilet Trio.—Adv.
Obstacle in Matrimony's Way.
Her Suitor You surprise me. I did i
rot think you would interpose any oh- |
jeciiou to m.v marriage to your daugli ;
tor. Why. 1 thought you liked me.
Her Father I do. my hoy. But there
is one thing insuperable in the way.
“What in the world—"
“Mv daughter (Thesn’t like you."— •
Loudon Tit-Bits.
I>o you know you can safeguard
your child agn'iisi spasmodic Croup by
keeping Vachcr r.alni handy?
It gives instant relict and is also
the lust thing lor till kinds of hurts.
Keen it handy, and avoid imitations.
If you cannot gel it locally, send dOc
for a Iu!>e, to K. \Y. Vachcr, luc„ New
Orleans. La.—Adv,
Kind to Hie Rslatives.
"Mil, is Mr. l'u lionise very old?”
"No, dear; why did you ask?’’
"1 think he must he, ’cause I heard
pn say l:ist niglit that lie raised his
inte."—Huston Transcript
mumrif tmafiL
*d'V# Abnndoniri'gl Old’ ffrug! f'»Y
''Dodson's' lliver" Tone,”’
(4'e‘re' irP £outh'.
flgh!’ Calomel'makes you'sick. It’s
horrible! Take a’ dose' of the' danger
ous drug tonight and' tomorrow you
lose' a1 day.
Oaiorpel is mercury! When it comes
into’ eontact with sour bile, it crashes
into’ it, breaking it up. Then is when
you feel that awful nausea and erarop
’ng. If you are sluggish, if liver is
torpid and bowels constipated or yon
have headache, dizziness, coated
tongue, if breath is bad or stomach
sour, just try a spoonful of harmless
Dodson's Liver Tone tonight.
Here’s my guarantee—Go to any
drug store and get a bottle of Dodson’s
Liver Tone for a few cents. Take a
spoonful and if it doesn’t straighten you
right up and moke you feel line and
vigorous, go back to the store and get
your money. Dodson's Liver Tone is
destroying the sale of calomel because
it can not salivate or make you sick.—
F oresight.
‘‘Tills soonis id Im>' ii cnso of iio*ir
“Wliiit kind' is Hint?"
“A beautiful yoimir creature' prom
ised' an elderly 1 ni 11i• mhiir<>‘ unbounded
i* T^-t’nn if in1' ‘vniilif first settle' Jfn00',
iM» cn her in insure1 that l'ovt*’s! labor
vdiihl not bo lost." l’ii'ininttlimni Ajre*
Doesn’t hurt a hit and costs only
few cents
Magic! Just drop a little Freezonfi
on that touchy corn. Instantly it stops
rolling, then you lif^ the corn off with
the tinkers! Truly! No humbug!
Try Freezone! Your druggist sells
a tiny bottle for a few cents, sufficient
to rid your feet of every hard corn,
Ft ft corn, or corn between the toes,
and calluses, without one particle of
pain, soreness or irritation. Freezone
is the discovery of a noted Cincinnati
The Native Tongue.
Sir—While I wnited for a box of
sweets to Ik» wrapped:
First Candy Damsel—“What are
those cute little red flowers—you know
those kind that hang down like ear
Second 0, n.—-■Oh. that's wandering
.few. but i don't know what you call
it in Fnglisli.—-Mrs, Sib in the. Chi
cago Tribune.
Another objection to the proposed
standardized dress for American wom
en Is that we have no standardized
Very little can be accomplished in
big ways without co-operation. There
is in this country entirely too much
Not to Be Forgotten.
A very homely man returned to ids
ns five town in the South after 1 •”
years’ absence. One of the first to
recognize him was an old negro.
“So you re me m ben' me, do you,
“Couldn't neither forgit yo' fare,
!Tau,mond. nebber,” grinned I'omp,
“Til's o> kinder eornplieuied."—Fus
ion Transcript.
But “Dinmcnd Dyes” Her Old, Apparel
Fresh and New.
Don’t worry about perfect results.
C“Diamond D.ves,” guaranteed to
give a new. rich, fadeless color to anv
fabric, who 'her it lie wool, sill;, linen,
rr (on or mixed goods,—dresses,
houses stockings, skirts, children’*
ci ats, feathers—everything!
Direction Book In package tells how
to diamond dye over any cuter. To
match any material, have dealer show
yen “Diamond Dye" Color Card.—Adv.
Daily Thought.
V (Vw in<irt* smiles nf silent syin*
pnihy. a few more tender words, a
llrlu* mm o rust mint <>n temper may
nwVcp nl! ih ' difference in our lives.
State of Ohio, City of Toledo, Lucas
Fran,; J. Cheney make? oath that he la
senior pnrine. of the firm of K. J. Clienev
li i‘o , doins business in the City of To
ledo. t'ounty and State aforesaid, and that
said Arm will pay the sum of ONK HUN
11itED DOI LARS for any ease of Catarrh
that cannoi he cured h\ the use of
FRANK J. rtlilNET.
Sworn to ' eforo me and subscribed in
my presence this 6th day of December,
A. hi. 18i>6.
(Seal) A. W. Gleason, Notnrv Public.
en Internally and acts through the Rlood
on the Mucoi a Surfaces of the System.
F. J. Cheney A Co„ Toledo, Ohio.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
The vdsp ninn never h.msts because
he has never been la Jail- yet.
The greatest
five-cents worth)
of beneficial
gfR possible
to get.
20 n~ KAIWT
a Plant fo?d ?,iand have the'i asfar**16Q ‘
... ^j?“'//ourc,»*ra~
Nitrate As-en^"*'0*"^
tno Atlantic uZr*T^T'***
d Gul' Powtm
Often owe their start toward fortuna to their first little lease*
SALESMEN send for our proposition (KSES,)
IMVrCTADC Write for Particulars—Positively
IflYUdlUKS Promotion or Oil Stock
Fixing the Family's Locatibn.
“And iuiw whore do you live?" the
teacher asked .liiiiiny, n tittle hoy of
six on his first day of school.
“With |in|»n and tiitinuna,'’ lie re
plied a hit scornfully, ns thoiurh any
tciichcr oiittht to know that much.
“Yes. I know; hut where docs your
papa and uunnnia live?” the teacher
"W'y. they live with me." and then
hearing ili« other ehlldren laugh at
his reply and thinking maybe he had
made Siam* mistake after all. .Ilnunjj
hastily added: “Kxeept wheu we all
•;o nut to grandma's."
Young Author- l><> you think
piny caught tile nudienee?
Manager it did this time; but I fear
It will never do so again.
v :
Jop pa Mattresses are the world’s best cotton felt
mattresses, and they are made right here in Arkansas.
Our successful endeavors are known from Maine to California, and we
have indeed established a cotton felt .nattress standard heretofore un
realized. Jop-pa 100% pure -otton felt mattresses cost no more than
any other ^ood mattress. Ask your dealer to sell you Jop-pa. If ho
hasn’* it, it will be easy for aim o get it for you.
Jop-pa Brancb ... Little Back, Ark.

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