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We in" offering for a lluiirotl
lime a wide range of light
patterns in 27 inch percales
25 cents
per yard
p(. sure to get your supply
at this price.
0„r line of low shoes is com
plete. anil we are sure we
can save you money.
Strict!.' Cash. One price to all.
II pays to pay cash.
Prescott, Ark.
Phone 23
I’KOit\ltl.\ NO ONE’S
The young man Imil been accepted,
■•purling." In' i-rii'il. •'we'll get married
lit nine' tit' course. at first, we can't
keep a servant.''
"(i. .IneU. hailti'f we better wait,
tlietiV" she prirested. “What wnnlil
the neighbors say if they saw me doing
my own work?"
Jink looked puzzled. “Why. sweet
heart." lie said, "whose work do yon
went to do?"
Men's rights are a great deal of
trouble to them. They assert them,
and get them, and then they don't
know what to do with them. A man's
rights, half of them, are meant to give
away. The beatitude of your r'glits is.
they are your henevolenees. You can
yield them, give them away. And the
law of soelal unity is this law of asser
tion "f a man's individuality, and the
use of that individuality as a benevo
letiee for those Mint are around about
him Henry Ward Ileeeher.
Hat Dye, all colon* and makes; 25
cents, at llcstcrly Drug Store.
Always at Your
Service for
Printing Needs!
Js there something you
need in the follow
ing lislf
Birth AnnounceatnU
Wfddln^ Stationery
Envelop* ladoraru
Sal* Bills
Hand Bills
Price Lists
Admission Tlchaln
Business Cnrds
Window Cards
Time Cards
Letter Heads
_ Mole Heads
BUI Heads Envelopes
Cslllad Carda Leaflets
Milk Tickets
Meal Tickets
Shipping Tads
Blotters Circulars
Invitations Postass
Ledal Bleaks
Menu Cards
Post Carda
Prompt, careful and effi
cient attention given
to every detail
Don’t Send Your Order
2®* of Town Until Yon
See What We Gan Do
$20,000,000 IN CASH BY MAY 1
Evangelistic Campaign Calculated To
Reach Thousands of Unsaved Per
sons is Announced For March
and April of This Year.
Now that the subscriptions to the
J Baptist 75 Million Campaign have
1 passed the $90,000,000 mark, leaders
in a*i the states composing the terri
tory of the Southern Baptist Conven
j tion havo resolved to place this sum at
' $100,000,000 by the meeting of the Con
vention at Washington early in May.
It is also planned to bring the total of
cash offerings by that time to $20,000,
000. The convention at Washington
will be the seventy-fifth session of that
body and it is deemed appropriate to
celebrate the diamond jubilee of the
organization with an enlarged sub
scription and cash sum with which to
carry forward the missionary, educa
tional and benevolent work fostered
by the convention in all parts of the
■ ------_ Tn
Chairman of the Baptist Campaign
This additional sum will he sought
from churches which did not have a
part in the original campaign, from
members of churches who did not sub
scribe then and from other persons whc
made subscriptions in the fall hut whc
feel disposed to increase their sub
scriptions now. This effort for in
creased funds will be made during the
last week in April so that everything
can be completed before the convention
meets in Washington May 12.
Returns By the States.
The reports on the original drive for
funds in the 75 Million Campaign to
daie. as made by the several states,
follow: Alabama. $4.1 OO.OOo; Arkan
sas, $2,263,000: District of Columbia.
*250.000; Florida. *1.370.292; Georgia,
£10,100,000; Southern Illinois. $830,704;
Kentucky, $7,167,713; Louisiana, $2.
875,000; Maryland. $907,760; Missis
sippi, $4,144,902; Missouri, *2.062.506;
New Mexico, $732,260; North Carolina.
*7.250.000; Oklahoma. $3,200,000: South
Carolina, $7,554,772; Tennessee, $5.
010,000; Texas. $16,560,000; Virginia.
$S,298,488. Returns from the foreign
mission fields and ot.hor sources not
Included in the above bring the total
subscriptions beyond $90,000,000.
This vast sum of money was raised
at a total expense of three-quarters of
one per cent, making this probably the
most economically conducted campaign
in the history of the country.
Plan Evangelistic Campaign.
Prior to this effort for additional
subscriptions and cash, however, a
South wide campaign of evangelism,
stewardship and emphasis upon the
fundamental doctrines of religion is
planned for the month of March and
the first three weeks in April, when
the churches will employ their organ
ized forces in seeking to win to Chris*
many thousands of the 20.(KM),000 peop’e
within the territory of the Southern
Baptist Convention who are not affi'
iated with any church. A day of pray
er in behalf of the success every
Item on the Baptist program for the
spring and summer of 1920 has been
set apart. Many of the states have al
ready got their evangelistic campaigns
well under way.
In the hope of arousing as large in
(crest as possible, city-wide, county
wide and associational campaigns cf
soul-winning have been planned in
many places. In other places, espe
cially the rural districts, where the
summer months are considered mors
desirable for evangelistic work, the
special program will be deferred until
July and August. This will make it
possible for city pastors to aid the
rural pastors and thus double the evan
gelistic force of the denomination.
The program of evangelism, steward
ship and emphasis upon the fundamen
tal doctrines of religion is calculated
to conserve the victory achieved in the
campaign for funds. Dr. George W.
Truelt, pastor of the Kirst Baptist
Otourch at Dallas, Tex., is chairman of
the campaign commission, while Dr.
L. R. Scarborough continues in the c%r
' pacity of general director.
.1 M. Thomas. Kmmct. Ark.
It serins like you there is are going
to roh the tax payers of til's county
and hey have no say alum: it. The
honest people have no protection in thej
courts and are forced to take the dartj
for protection mid the next day you j
work on this I’rescott road you will be
delt with in the dark you low down:
thief. The fax payers.
1’. S. At some convenient time if you
think more of your job than you do of
your life go ahead.
The above note was placed in my
mail box on the night of April 12tli.
and found there next morning by the
mail carrier, who thinking it was left
there by some of my family for him.
started to read it. but delivered it to
my son on discovering that it was in
tended for me.
Since the gentleman who wrote it
hadn't the courage to sign his name,
and 1 might have to make two or three
guesses Indore addressing the right
party. 1 take this method of saying if
that is the way you feel about it. go
ahead. You <‘<111 do it. of course. I
have no show at all when it comes to
dealing with an assassin, and since 1
have no desire to take the life of. even,
the dirtiest murderer. I promise you
that you will find me unarmed.
I might undertake to defend myself
against a man who tights in the open,
but 1 know how hopeless the task of
trying to defend one's self against a
sneaking assassin.
1 will go on with the road work until
they are ready for the coroner.
Very truly yours.
.1. M. Thomas.
Monthly night at the home of M. I.
Moore, was the first time in twenty
six years that the brothers and sisters
of Mr. Moore had been together. Of
the ten children horn in the fa m;iy.
five are deet'asetl and five are living;.
A general good oltl tilin' was had. in
which old songs were snug, old times
recounted, old memories related and
interesting and never-to-he-forgotten
incidents lived over again, after which
Steele, the eleven-year-old son of M. E.
Moore, read from the Hihle and prayed.
Incidentally we might add that Steele
is the only hoy of the -It) grandchildren
with the family name of Moore.
The five children present were Mrs.
Elizabeth Wilson of .loncshoro: Mrs.
Mattie Ogden of Manning. Mrs. Alpha
Wilmeth of Washington. I>. ('.. and
I'ssery and M. 1.. Moore of Prescott.
The Nevada fount.v sfini-aiinual sing
ing con volition will be hold at Bodcaw
tin* first Sunday in May. Everybody is
cordially invited to conn* and bring
your new song book and a well filled
basket. Come and bear soqie of the
best singing in the South. \V. M. Crain.
Pres.; Perry E. MeCargo. Sec'y and
One who was present tells in the
London Times this story of the way
in which Lord Fisher reconciled two
of his friends who had (pinnoted. He
invited both of them to dine with him
When they took their places at the
table each of them found in his napkin
a pistol readj for use. The fun in
Lord Fisher's eyes did the rest.
"Yist'day," says I'nele Zeke. "All
drapped foah cents on do tloah. an' (lev
made a big racket. Ef dey had or b:n
foah dollar liiils nohody would 'a' heard
’em drap. People* is jos' lak money:
dem dat make de mos' noise ain't alius
do mos' aeeount."
Forge tin* right key today if you
would unlock the right door tomorrow
Does Your Letter*
head Get It?
The appearance of your letter*
bead may mean success or
failure. Do youraelf justice
in tbe quality of yourbuaineae
We do not advocate extrava
gance. We recommend tbe
use of a very moderate priced
Standard paper —
— which has won recognition
for its quality and the service
it gives. We are prepared to
famish that paper and to print
you a letterhead that is a dig
nified representative.
See What We Can Give Yon
Before Yon Place an Order |
Flash Light Batteries, Globes ant!
Cases a! Westerly Drug Store.
* »Ii * * m
j Pasture for liorses anti eat tie, one
mile west of Luiteburg. Sam Gautsehe.
* * . - *
Sal-Vet will keep your stork in a
healthy roiidition; we have all sizes.
Westerly Drug Store.
.1. F. Hendrix, of route 5, was a
caller one (lay lust week.
Face Powders, Face Creams, Talcum
Powders, Toilet Waters, Tooth Paste.
We have all the leading makes. Wes
terly Drug Store.
The leading mail order Drug
: Store pays all the postage. Guth
rie I >rug Store.
Mr. and Mrs. Kinond Logan returned
from tlitir honeymoon trip this week,
and will make their home at the pres
ent with Mr. Logan's parents. Mr. and
Mrs. It. IL Logan, on Chrisriuti Itidge.
Send or bring us your lllms to be
developed; 21 hour service and the
price is right. Westerly Drug Store.
Sid i’urtle, one of our very best
fanners and citizens, was a nailer la>i
o-- >
; All the new Kemedies at Guthrie |
Drug Store.
K(>K SALE—One good miik cow with
young heifer calf. Phone 121, V. I>.
Daniel. 4-8-tJl
* * * » *
A. L. West of Willisville. was in the
city yesterday and mad ■ this otiiee a
business call.
Shoe Dye, all colors at Westerly Drug
lion. Tilinai: IS. I’arks. formerly pro
secuting attorney for this district, lias
announced his candidacy for the office
of Congressman from this district. He
is a well known mail, one without a
mar on his record, and one who com
mands the admiration and respect of
all of the citizens of the city and coun
ty. He is the kind of man that we
need in congress and we would like to
see him go there.— Hope News.
j Every gallon of Sure Shot Tim- ;
her Killer fully guaranteed. Gutli- 1
rie Drug Store.
Eastman and Ansco Films, we have
a complete stock. Hesterly Drug Store.
W. X. Munn lias been in the Lane
burg settlement this week looking after
Imsiness interests on his farm.
Vick’s Salve, all sizes, ‘i.>c, f»Oc and
$1.00. Ilesterly Drug Store.
If you need a good Spring Tonic
call Guthrie Drug Store. We han
dle every standard remedy you
* * * V *
FOlt SALE—Good pair of mutch
work horses. Weigh 1300 or 1400 lbs
Well broke. Cash or good bankable
paper. I'hone 121. D. E. L. Daniel.
Last Saturday afternoon at the home
of the parents of the bride, Miss Mary
Julies and Harold White were united
in marriage. Iter Walters of the lhip
tlst church otticlr.ted. Mr. White is the
son of Wat W. White of this city, and
is a young man of sterling worth, while
his hrhle is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. O. S. Jones of this city. Both
these young people are of prominent
families and have hundreds of friends
who wish ttyem happiness and sueeess
in life.
W. D. Rhodes of Rosstou, died at
the local sanitarium here last Friday.
He died from blood poisoning caused
from a blister on the hand which lie
cut open with a razor. He laid lieen
cutting some bushes in the Held and
caused several blisters in his hands,
he undertook to open them with a
razor and cut one a little too deep,
causing it to bleed. He was brought
here where he could get the best treat
ment possible but all of no avail.
deceased leaves a widow and nine
children. 5 boys and four daughters.
The remains were carried to old Mt.
Olive cemetery where they were laid
to rest to await the tinal resurrection
WHETHER it’s cows, horses, hogs, sheep, or poul
try, and
WHETHER they’re sick and can’t work, or
WHETHER they’re just not doing as well as they
ought to,
meet their every need.
Our Prices Are Right—As Usual.
Let Us Be Your
Your partner has a knowledge of your
business and you look to him for advice and
counsel on important matters. You are en
titled to all the help he can give you.
Do you get a partner’s help on your printed
matter? Do you get the most from the special
ized knowledge which we have regarding
printing and paper, and above all the service
which a combination of the two can render?
Our job department has every modem equip
ment for doing work on rush orders. For
letterheads, billheads, and all kinds of forms,
we carry in stock, recommend and use
^ mm
The \/tility "Bu-tinesj Taper
Let Us Serve You asaPartner
Here is the
That has what you want when you want it.
RIGHT on the corner, and
RIGHT on the Price.
2 Registered Druggists. 15 Years of Service
Where Your Trade is Appreciated
Phone 73 for Prompt Service
I use only Genuine Ford Parts
Radiator Repairing ,
In the Picayune Block (
Phone 281

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