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forty-third year
April 29, 1920
If you invest your money in a I'EK
TIFK’ATE OF DEl’OSiT issued hy
the Bfank of Prescott, yon are the
holder of a marketable investment of
the safest character.
Our Certilientes of Deposit earn t
per cent and tin1 principal and interest
are payable promptly when due. They
are issued in any amount for periods
of six and twelve months.
Prescott, Arkansas
High School auditorium. Saturday.
May 1st, s:00 p. m. Esmeralda, a
comedy drama in four acts.
Cast of characters:
Klhcrt Ungers, a North Carolina
farmer. <lather Hassell.
Mrs. Lydia Ann Ungers, his wife,
Eva Lee lteeves.
Miss Esmeralda Ungers, his daughter
Irba Iluswell.
Have Hardy, a young North Caro
lina farmer. Bryan Warinack.
Mr. Esterhrnok, a man of leisure,
Perry MeCargo.
.lack Desmond, an American artist
in Paris, ('art Mitchell.
Miss Nora Desmond, his sister. Bes
sie Swinney.
Miss Kate Desmond, his sister. Her-]
tie Mitchell.
“Marquis'’ DeMontessin, a French'
adventurer. Austin Caudle.
tieorge Drew, an Avuerican specula
tor. Hamid Parker.
Sophie, a maid, Kosa Lee Caudle.
The story of Esiueralda is that of a
mountaineer family of North Carolina.
Tlie mother. Mrs. Lydia Ann Ungers
has always had ainhition to see tin*
outer world and the discovery of iron
ore on their farm gives the opportun
ity. Mr. Ungers objects to leaving the
old In ic and the mountains, hut. as
UjsuhI. Mrs. Ungers has her way. and
they leave the old home for the gay
life of the city. Esmeralda, their
daughter, is also forced to go and give
us the lover of her childhood—Dave
Hardy—who Mrs. Rogers declares, they
are done with. Hardy at first refuses
to give her tip hut believing true love
will last and that she will he true to
him. lets her go.
Tin* family goes to Paris and tries
the gay life of the city. Mrs. Rogers
tries to marry Esmeralda to a “Mar
lines" hut she is true to Dave Hardy,
who has followed to Paris, is discov
ered by Jack Desmond, an American
artist in Paris, and a meeting is ar
ranged with the Rogers. Mr Rogers,
who has submitted to the rule of his
wife for twenty-five years, asserts him
self and brings Dave and Esmeralda
together—and back to the little house
in North Carolina that has waited so
Admission 15 and -5 cents.
I wish to thank tin* Commercial Flub
of I’rescott for ;ho pis;. I assure them
that my pis; will yet tin* very best of
attention. I. invite them to call and
see my piy any time. 1 am
Yours truly,
\at Woosley.
Ssil-Net will Keep your stock in a
health> condition; we have all sizes.
Hesterly Drug Store.
Ozan Mercantile Co.
Prescott, Arkansas.
Candidates State Position on
Many Reforms in Answers
to Questionnaire.
Washington, April i!7.—Approval of
eo-apeifttive bargaining. improved
rnrul credits, reduction in the “growing
evil" of farm tenancy, and national
conservation was voiced by presidential
candidates, who have answered the
recent political questionnaire of the
National Board of Farm Organizations.
Replies were made public today from
Governor I.owden. Senator Owen, .las.
\V. Gerard, former ambassador to
Germany. Herbert Hoover. Major Gen.
Leonard Wood William G. McAdoo’s
reply already has been published.
Governor Bowden, Mr. Hoover and
General Wood each called attention to
speeches or primed articles, which,
they said, fully answered the question
"I liHii'vi* in bringing the farmer
nearer the consumer,” General Wood
wrote. *1111(1 in giving farmer organi
zations every right and privilege which
other lawful organizations enjoy. I
believe that we should spread the war
burden over a much longer period than
at present contemplated. I am very
doubtful concerning ownership of rail
roads. my doubts arising from our ex
perience during the war."
Senator Owen approved all the
planks of tla> farmers' platform except
that making the nominee for secretary
of agriculture acceptable to farmer or
"The nomination should be of such
character that would naturally approve
the nomination.” he added.
Mr. Gerard approved in part a plank
calling for payment of the war debt,
"‘chiefly through a highly graduated
income tax."
"I am in favor of a highly graduated
income tax," Mr. Gerard explained.
"Hut do not believe that the war debt
should be paid entirely by a few peo
ple in the community."
Senator Leu root submitted a detailed
reply as "a private citizen" reiterating
his public statement that he was not
a candidate. Governor Sproul of
Pennsylvania also denied that lie was
considering entering the race.
These answers and others received
will be sent to the membership of the
farm organizations for their informa
tion, it was stated.
Washington. April '_’7.—Memliers of
the Senate and House were asked to
day 1 y representatives of tIn* striking
railroad men o use their influence with
President Wilson to the end that the
Itailroad I.ahor ltoard migld hear their
demands for inereased ]ia.v.
The spokesmen said the strikers had
found it impossible to maintain them
selves and their families on the pay
they wore receiving, and had (put work
in protest against delays in tin* adjust
ment of flu* wage controversy.
The appeal was in the form of a
joint letter, which declared that tin1
men had asked the hoard to consider
their demands and give a definite an
swer within 10 days. The hoard has
refused to hear the complaints on tin*
ground tha tthey had not reached it in
the manner prescribed by law.
Washington. April 17. The story of
John Lind, former governor of Minne
sota. of his experiences in Mexico as
President Wilson's personal representa
tive. was told today to the Senate in
vestigating committee. Included was
soiih" account of his efforts to induce
Y'etoriano Huerta !o abdicate 'he die
tatoroship he held fallowing the over
throwing of the Madero government,
before the American occupation of
Vera Cruz.
({evolution was necessary in Mexico.
Mr. Lind contended, to rectify social
and economic condition', "though i*
will take decades to *u'!ng tin* people
up to our standards," lie denied with
warmth that he had ever, as Examiner
Kearfnll for the committee asked, ••at
tributed all of the ills of Mexico to
the influence of the t'atholic church."
and denied also that lie had ever made
such statement to Nelson o'Shaughues
s.v. former American elri'-g** in Mexico.
The sen slide tiling for all prospective
candidates to do in his county is to
pay no attention to any man who will
advise you not to announce in your
home papers.
Revolt in Chihuahua City Bring
New Menace to President
El Paso, April 27.—Private advices
received from Juarez this afternoon
said the (>2d Mexican Infantry Regi
ment. under Col. Relarco. in Chihuahua
City, had revolted. No lighting was
reported as a result of the defection.
Wire communication between Juarez
and Chihuahua City has been cut. and
a rtain which left Juarez for the Chi
huahua capital turned hack when this
was discovered it was said
Ague Prieta. Sonora. April 27.—Tht
revolutionary situation in the state ol
Guerrero is more menacing to tin
Carranza government of Mexico at tin
present time than the situation in So
nora, according to Gen. P. Elias Calles
commander-in-chief of the revolution
ary armies in Northwest Mexico.
More than 50.000 soldiers in Mexico
are now in revolt against tho Carranza
government, it was announced at mili
tary headquarters here today. Nearly
half this number, it was said, have
joined tho revolutionary forces in So
Mexico has been divided into four
military zones, the first of which in
cludes Sonora, Sinaloa and Nevarit, ac
cording to (Jen. Calles. Commanders
for the central zone'and gulf coast and
southern zone have not been named, it
was said, nor the boundaries definitely
The first decisive engagement of the
revolution is expected at Mazatlan.
Sinaloa, a west coast port, the posses
sion of which will give the rebels the
key to practically all the west coast
of Mexico. Another rebel force work
ing farther south was expected soon to
launch an attack o ntlio port of Man
zanillo. it was said.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue
of the decree of tin* Nevada County
Chancery Court upon the ex parte ap
plication of Lydia Boswell in her own
right and as next friend for Corinne
Boswell and llilry Mack Boswell, made
at the April. ld'JO, adjourned term, the
undersigned as commissioner of said
court will on Tuesday. May k’5th. 1!>20.
between the hours for judicial sales
sell at public vendue to the highest
bidder at the north front door of the
court house in Prescott. Nevada county.
Arkansas, the following real estate in
Nevada county. Arkansas, to-wit:
An undivided one half interest in
the Northeast Quarto rof the North
east Quarter of Section Eight (s i and
the East Five-eights of the Southeast
Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of
Section Five (51 all in Township Four
teen (111 South Range Twenty-two
I ) West, containing 05 acres, more
or less.
Terms of Sale »m a credit of three
months with interest at the rate of ten
per centum per annum until paid, with
approved personal security and a ven
dor's lien retained for security of pur
chase price; provided that the pur
chaser may at his option pay cash.
April 20th, 1I>20.
A. S. MeCJOrCiH,
-t-2!tt2 < 'ommissioner.
"Even John 1>. will have to hand it
to Itirmingham. While the public was
favorably organizing "overall clubs," to
cut the cost of clothing, the dealers
suddenly jumped the price of overalls
from .$2.00 to $0.00 per pair.—Arka
deiphia 1 tally News. And. now, if the
federal department of justice wants to
lay the heavy hand of the law upon
the hack of real mean culprits, let
every contemptihle scoundrel that has
suddenly raised tin* price on overalls
lie landed in jail. The tlunnel-mouthed
anarchist, the despisahle wretch for
whom all true Americans have a su
preme contempt, is not one whit
meaner, has no blacker heart than a
u;a nwlio will deliberately try to break
down an effort of the people to call a
halt in the mad stampede of prices in
clothing. Those who suddenly raise
the price of overalls are "profiteers.”
and no man has yet been able to say
just how low down, in the scale of
human depravity, a fellow has to go
to he all that the word "proiiteer"
means. -Okoloua Messenger.
FOR SALE—At a bargain, a five
passenger Overland car in good run
ning condition. See Dr. A. A. Reeder.
Building Material
is High
Prolong the life of your buildings with a coat
It makes your old buildings look new, and
makes your new buildings look better.
Hardware and Furniture
Prescott Arkansas, Phone 6
Friday afternoon, Hass day exercise.
Sunday, baccalaureate sermon by L.
M. Myers.
Monday evening, K o'clock, gradua
tion exercise.
Salutatorian, Eileen Marham.
Essay, “Climb Tbo’ tlie Hocks be
Hugged.’’ Allie Marham.
Valedictorian, Harvey Galloway.
Class Address, Hon. T. M. Parks.
Presentation of diplomas, Mr. J. J.
Response by Pres, of class, Harvey
Little Rock. April 2(5.—Senator W. F.
Kirby arrived in Little Rock today
and announced that Ik* will immediate
ly begin bis campaign for re-election.
Announcement was also made today
that Judge Dean Coleman of Ratcs
ville and Judge Jcptlia F.vans of Boone
ville will l*o managers of Sinead Powell
gubernatorial headquarters in Little
Some people are very much exer
cised over the fact that the poor fellow
who owns no hind will not have to pay
road tax. Don’t you worry, my friend,
when it landlord fails to get his, then,
well, but
Chicago, April 27.—The greedy profi
teers in men's clothing are reaping
their reward, but it means bankruptcy
if the “reward” continues along lines
set Unlay by residents of Rogers l’ark
and spreading rapidly over the city.
Tenants in Rogers Park, who have
put up a winning tight against the ra
pacious landlords, jumped into overalls
when the craze first appeared, and to
day they handed together and pledged
themselves to buy no more yvliite col
lars, no silk shirts or socks, no costly
Tin* movement in taking on formid
able proportions. An association lias
Iss'ii formed, all members of which
pledge themselves to wear overalls and
••heap shirts, army shoes and cheap
I socks, until present prices take a tum
ble. Inasmuch as Ungers Park can af
ford (lie best, regardless of the price,
the declaration of war upon profiteers
lias additional significance.
Haberdashers in the neighborhood
admit they are in for a hard heating.
"We can’t make expenses selling hick
ory shirts an doveralis. and that’s all
that goes out here now." said one deal
er whose line of silk shirts ranges from
$20 up.
An indoor golf game that lias liceu
invented includes a plush mat for a
ti-e an dt targetlike pocket to catch the
We handle all kinds of Feed. Feed for
your horse, feed for your cow.
Let us figure with you on your next feed
Our Groceries are always fresh.
W. K. Buchanan & Co.

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