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warns against
Washington. May l.-Asserting that
-we nation cannot continue to spend
,t this shocking rate,” Secretary of the
' „ry Mellon in a letter to Chair
man Fordney of the House Committee ;
YVor* and means, says that the tax
on ”
burden under which the people are
staggering ran he reduced only by “sub
erantial cH* current expenditures/’
At tht. rate the government is expend
ing money the secretary does not think
possible any material reduction of taxes
and he proposes a revision program em
bodying not so much a decrease as a
^distribution of taxation, excess nrof
,tg ,ax and the substitution
Mr Mellon favors repeal of the addi
tional "corporation taxes, reduction of
surtaxes and other readjustment of in
come taxes, refill ion of the transport a
tion and present sales and excises taxes,
but repeal of the soft drink and other
taxes difficult to collect, and an in
crease in stamp taxes or levy of an an
tomobile license tax. A general sales (
tax he is not prepared to recommend. ,
The secretary also urges restriction .
0f the issuance of tax free securities, j
particularly by states and municipal!
tips. He also wants a measure to ona
ble a taxpayer to deduct the net losses j
0f one year from the income of sue 1
ceed’iig years.
Big Deficit \liead.
Mr. Mellon says that there will bo
a def'eit June .‘!0 next of nearly $11.V
OOO.iMHt • In the next fiscal year the
government will expend about $1,000,
000,000 less than this year, but will
have a prospective deficit ot $18,tKM),
000. P;sbnrsement this year will total
$5,602OOo.oOo inel ding $000,000,000
for debt retirement. Next year the dis
bursement will he $4.*-OO.OOO.OOO, in
cltnlinc $."-00,000,000 tor debt retirement
Internal taxes v oiding s t.ooo.ooo ooo
next yaer and the year thereafter, o-n
l-areil with $4..V»0,ooo.ooo this year the
secretary regards imperative.
• With the nation's f nance sound hut
the people staggering under the tax bur
den and clamoring for nTef the present
rate of spending should he stopped, says
the secretary. Enlarged expenditures
can he financed only by increased taxes
or new loans," says the letter.
The unexpectedly heavy etirron; ex
penditures. Mr. Mellon says, have upset
calculations as to debt retirement. and
the government cannot expect to retire
any of the outstanding $2,oOO.(HH).OOo of
floating det-t in the next two years out
of eurent revenues. Nor.can tre eoun
try "look to any plan for funding lh->
floating debt to reduce* the burden of
internal taxes during the next two
Through the operation of the sitiK
iug filial and miscellaneous debt retire
ments, the treasury expects to reduce
the short dated debts $1,000,000,000 in
the next two years, and the remaining "will have to he refund
Texarkana. May I John Howard
ami Htiirx Howard, negroes, who wen*
plai-ed in jail Thursday morning charg
«l with assault with intent to kill .1
Robinson, a former dairyman on
Carmichael Hill, are still being held
i njail on the Texas side, and will he
Eiven a preliminary hearing sometime
this week or as soon as Robinson is
able to attend court. Robinson, whose
face and throat were badly slashed with
a knife is rapidly recovering, and it is
said he has never been in danger since
the flow of blood was stopped follow
h>B his arrival at the hospital.
Thursday night following the arrest
"f the negroes, they were taken across
the state line and placed in the Arkan
sas Jail, but wore returned to the Texas
side jail the next morning, after the au
thorities had satisfied themselves that
there wn< not any danger of mob vlo
* hief of Police Lanier said today that |
theie is strong evidence available i
M*lnst the negroes, both of whom, how
Pver- having cut Robinson. It is '
now sli'<' that Robinson was attacked
when he undertook to stop a fight he- j
twteii the two negroes and a whit? '•
mnn namd Sherrod. The negroes admit 1
iav'ng been in u fight with Sherrod. ^
I--' years separation
H. Johnson and wife of San Bar
ln<le, California, arrived in this city
ii morning on No 4, and are guests
the home of Mrs. A. M. Chappell,
w 0 is a sister of Mrs. Johnson. It was
aI'I'> meeting of sisters who had not 1
|101' °tlier in 45 years. Mr. and |
fs- Johnson will visit here several
flys before returning home, where Mr.
mson is carpenter foreman of the
huuta pe railroad.
Washington, May 1.—Is there to he a
separate peace with Germany?
The Senate treaty irreeoncilables
think there is and are elated over the
Has President Harding yielded to the
irreeonilable element to the extent that
he has abandoned the common under
standing of his declaration to the Sen
ate and Hotise assembled in joint ses
sion on April 12 that in making peace
with Germany the wiser course would
he “to engage under Ihe existing trea
The irreeoncilables answer again in
the affirmative, or. rather they con ten 1
tire president never intruded by these
woids to indicate he would resubmit
the Versailles treaty to the Senate with
the League of Nations eovennnt elirai
nated and the treaty proper amended
"by such explicit reservations and mod
ifications as will secure our absolute
freedom from inadvisable commitments
and safeguard all our essential inter
ests,'’ to quote the president's words in
his address to congress.
Lodge Lpsefs Things.
The whole question of what the pres
ident intends to do with respect to re
storing relations between the I'niP'd
States and Germany lias been thrown
into a state ol' confusion by the deela
ration of Senator Lodge in ite Senate
during the debate on the Knov peace
resolution indicat’ng that til' Versailles
t• eaty could not lie amended to meet
the requirements of the I'nited States
and that a new treaty with Germany
was necessary No interpretation of
this statement is obtainable, but. irre
concilable senators show a supreme eon
fidence that the Versailles treaty will
inner aga’n go before the Senate in any
form f'ertainly the impression lias
been given that President Harding is in
accord with his senator-al associates
in their desire to ditch the whole Ver
sailles pact and negotiate a separate
peace with Germany.
Since Pres'dent Harding delivered
bis address of April 12 not one word of
an authoritative character lias been ob
tainable from e ther the White House
or thi' State Department as to the pur
poses of the administration with re
spect to making peace with the Ger
man government. Efforts to obtain in
formation on tlic subject have produced
no response. Informally and unofti
eiallv. however, the understanding lias
been that the president intends to re
submit the Versailles treaty in some
form, thus carrying out his declaration
that this would be “the wiser course.”
<;. W. llaye-. wife anil sou. arrived
here yesterday after a strenuous auto
trip from New Bern. North i arolina. to
Little Rock. Ark . where the machine
was abandoned for the more comforta
hie conveniences of the railroad sleep
tug car
Leaving New Bern, they motored
through North and South Carolina.
Georgia. Alabama. Mississippi. Tennes
see. and Arkansas. The party encoun
tered high waters and winds all along
the route and barely missed being in
the midst of the Mississippi cyclone that
Idled a number of people. Mr. Hayes
says that while there is room for lm
provements of Arkansas roads, that the
general run of highways in this state
are in better condition than in any one
of the other six states through which lie
Mr. and Mrs. llayes and son. l>onnId
are guests at the home of Mrs. Hayes
parents, Mr. and Mrs. (' B. Andrew-.
.Too Hailey has resigned as secretary
of the Stnte Highway commission, in
order to give his entire time to his l>u<
iiov_; interests in this city. The State
Highway Department lost a very valu
able official when Mr. Hailey severed
his collection with that office. Hut nev
ertheless, we are glad to have him hack
with 11s at home, hoping that Guy
Freellng, who was appointed to succeed
him ns secretary of the Stnte Highway
Department will follow the pattern of
efficiency established by our compe
tent and painstaking fellow townsman.
New York, May 1.—The American
schooner <\ W. Mills bound from Pas
cagoula. Miss., for Havana with lum
her. is on fire off the Florida coast,
said a wireless message received here
tonight fro mthe steamship Agursun.
The crew had abandoned the vessel an 1
no trace of them could lie found, the
message said.
The schooner, which carried a crew
of nine men, sailed from Gulfport, Miss.
Little Rock, Ark.—Saturday night at
police headquarters was one of the bus
iest experienced in several years, ac
cording to old members of the depart
ment. A total of 00 arrests were made
between 8 p. m and 0 a m. yesterday.
In addition to this several more were
ordered to appear in court this morning
to answer charges of violating traffic
ordinances. Sergeant Grover Adkins
was in charge of the keys.
A total of 1,026 arrests were made
during April. The record was set in
1020 when the police arrested 1.100 in
one month.
Of the arrests Saturday night, the
gambling charge predominated. A total
of 41 were arrested on that charge,
three being whites and the remainder
negroes. One raid near Ninth and
Gaines streets early yesterday morn
ing netted .11 negroes.
The following is a list of each offense
charged and the number arrested on
that charge: Holdovers. 2.1; drunks. 4;
reckless driving. 1 ; refusing to move
on. 1 : immorality. 16; soliciting, 5: va
grancy, 1 : violating license ordinance,
1 : disturbing the peace, 2: suspects, 1:
transporting whisky, 1.
Ten more negroes were arrested yes
terday afternoon on gaming charges,
bringing the total arrested on that
charge since Saturday to 51
The holdovers were soldiers merely
held for military police for transfer to
i camp.
Nine of the men who pleaded guil
! ty to night riding charges were receiv
ed at the penitentiary here yesterday
afternoon to begin tho;r sentences. .Ml
nine have one year to serve.
They are: Clarence Burrow. Harri
son Duty. Virgil Coffman, Boy Morgan.
I,. Cas:lemon. DeWill Barrett, I.. C.
Byrd. Noel Housley and fleas Ashley.
Several more of the .‘>1 arrested in
connection with hurtling of house* and
barns in Craighead county last year,
also have been sentenced, but have ob
tained stays of executions to prmit
them to straighten out business matters
and make crops. Only two of the 31
arrested were d-missed. Some of tin
men have had their eases postponed.
With the nine men the officers also
brought the following prisoners:
Charles Wheeley. criminal assault, 10
years: Carl Bundy, grand larceny, one
year: Van Fincher, selling whisky, one
year, and I.on Ishmael. grand larceny,
one year.
Chicago. May 1.—The first list of the
draft evaders in the Sixth Army Corps
area, affecting Illinois, Michigan and
Wisconsin, was received Saturday by
Colonel Helniick. chief of staff at Fort
Sheridan. With it the War Department
vent instructions as to how to round up
the 17,000 evaders in his territory.
The list will not be made public for
four or five days. Colonel Helmick sa’d.
It was sent to the military printing
office at Camp Grant, where 200 copies
will be struck off. These lists will then
be sent to the newspapers, post offices,
draft boards, state adjutant’s office,
county sheriffs, United States marshals
and chiefs of police.
A reward of $50 is offered for the
capture of each man named on the
list, and every citizen is authorized to
make an arrest according to one of the
articles of war. The old guardhouse
at Fort Sheridan is being repaired for
the reception of the slackers Other
places to which they will bo taken are
1 Fort Brady at Sault Ste. Marie, Fort
' Snelling and St, Paul, Camp Grant, Jef
ferson Barracks, Chanute Field. Ban
tonl. 111 . Bock Island Arsenal, Fort
: Wayne at Detroit and Camp Custer at
; Battle Creek.
The War Department has compiled
a list of 100.000 slackers throughout
the United States. Gazette.
Harrisburg. May 1. Two warehouses
a grocery, barber shop and icehouse
were destroyed by fire about 2 o'clock
yesterday morning, entailing a loss es
timated at *10,000. The blaze originat
ed in the A B. Jones Grocery company's
warehouse. Fight thousand bushels of
rice was stored in the building The
loss was practically covered by insu
rance. The Farmers’ Union warehouse,
which also houses the J. II. Stafford
grocery and the J. W. lledditt barber
shop, and the Home Lumber company's
Icehouse were destroyed. All buildings
probably will be rebuilt.
$125,000 IN BONDS GONE.
New York, May 1.—Disappearance of
$125,000 in nonnegotiable securities, be
lieved to have been stolen by a youth
who represented himself to be a mes
senger furnished by a reliable stock
messenger service, was reportd today
by H. C. Duval & Co., stock brokers.
The robbery occurred yesterday, and
was not made public in the blief that
I further information might be avail
jable, or that the messenger would re
Willie Gulley, colored, shot and kill
ed his father, Travis Gulley at Bluff
City Friday evening, while the father
was engaged in whipping the boys moth
er. according to those who witnessed
the tragedy. Young Gulley was ex bon
orated before the Justice Court there
Rev. S. T. Baugh of Blevins is in
our town this afternoon.
• • • •
D. L. McRae is at Kosston on busi
ness toduy.
• • • •
At the colored baptizing here yester
day. several of the brethren and sisters
had their sins washed away.
• • • •
Tax Assessor Woosley and Deputy,
Mr. Garrett, are at Wire Road school
house today.
• • • •
Mrs. Katie Allspatigh left yesterday
for a visit to Kansas City an dother
• • • •
C. C. Parker and little son, Glenn, of
Hope spent Sunday in Prescott with
Mr. Parker’s sister, Mrs. Jessie Free
• • • • • .5
Fred Fuller and Algia Dillard of tle>
court house force enjoyed the singing
as well as the dinner at Salem church
• • • •
G. B. Wells returned this morning to
his drilling work at Gordon. He says
that oil indications near Gurdon are
very promising.
i • t t
R. H. Irvin of Little Rock, special
representative of the Liggett & Myers
Tobacco company, is making Present,
• • • •
Roy Bonds and family of Blevins, vis
ited his mother and sister, Miss Eva.
yesterday, who are here in the Park
Sanitarium. Mrs Bonds and her
daughter are victims of the recent cy
• • * d
Mrs. Wylie Fairchild returned to
Hope this morning, after a pleasant
visit with her parents. Mr. and Mrs.
Lee Dillard.
The singing at Salem church yester
day where dinner was served on the
grounds, brought out a large attedance,
many going from Prescott. If the sing
ing was grand, the dinner was grander,
and everybody reports a splendid good
• • • •
The many friends of Clyde Nelson
are glad to see him hack at his desk
at the Prescott Hardware company. He
has been gone a month, but returns
highly benefit ted by the operation per
formed on him by the Mayo brothers 1
at Rochester.
• • • •
Sheriff I., C. Steele and Constable
I Fred Mnrrali returned from Bluff City
j this morning bringing with them Han
Robinson, colored, in whose possession
'was found a barrel of Choctaw beer.
Bobinson admits making the beer. and
1 lias been lodged in Jail pending his pro
jliminary hearing before Sipiire Burns
• * • •
Mrs. M. O. Walthall and two da ugh
ters. Misses Mildred and Marion, and
Mrs. Jean Magee of Texarkana, drove
through from that city to Prescott Sat
urday afternoon, spending the nigtP.
here and returning Sunday in their
beautiful Nash 0. accompanied by
Messrs M. O. Walthall and Allen Moore
The jolly party made the trip wthout
mishap, Messrs. Walthall and Moorg
returning to this city on No. 4 this
• • • •
J K. Barham, Post commander of the
American Legion, Is in receipt of a tel
egram from Leight Kelley, department
commander, stating that Frank L.
Whiteman from National headquarter*
of the American Legion, will deliver
an address in Prescott, Saturday night,
! May 7, to ex-service men and all eit
I tzens who care to hear him. All the ex
service men of Nevada county are es
pecially Invited to come to this meeting.
• • • •
She I've heard the expression “the
evening wore on"; will you please tell
me what it wore?
lie Must have been wearing the
dose nf the day.- Whiz Bang.
• • • •
When Dempsey and Carputicr meet
In Jersey City, July 2. Tex ltickard will
have the distinction of having promo
ted the biggest sporting event in the
history of the world.
» • * •
One fourth of lifJl is now t matter of
• • • •
Goodbye old mosquito, goodbye is the
song of Inspector Willingham and his
clean up officers, who are getting rid
of the city's rubbish.
We have some unusual bargains in second
hand Road AVagons, Low Wheel Wagons,
Banner Top Buggies, Oliver Walking and
Riding Cultivators.
Most of the above are practically new and
will serve your purpose as well as new, so we
ask that you come in and look these over if
you are in need of a Wagon, Buggy or Cul
Nevada County Hardware
Every man in ^Ke
class knew ibe answer
► i
• • •
WAS A kindly soul.
• • •
BRIGHT ON some subjects.
• • •
iSTUT SO absent-minded.
• • •
THAT ONE day at (be barber’s.
• • •
HE TOOK off his collar.
• • •
TO GET shaved.
• • •
AND FORGOT where he was.
• • •
AND KEPT right on.
• * •
TILL THE cash girl screamed.
• • •
AND A barber stopped him.
• • •
HE WAS a great smoker.
• • •
BUT HE'D often put.
• • •
THE BURNT match in his mouth.
• • •
• • *
• • •
HIS STUDENTS loved hltn.
• • •
HE WAS so full.
• • •
OF FUNNY surprises.
• • »
ONE DAY he had a tube.
• « •
OF RADIUM and be told.
* • •
THE STUDENTS all about If.
* • •
AND FINALLY, by mistake.
• • •
INSTEAD OF the tube.
• .* •
HE PULLED out one.
t I »
OF HIS cigarettes.
• • •
AND ASKED the class.
• • •
"WHAT IS the one thing.
• * •
• • •
• • •
FROM ALL others on earth?"
• I •
AND THE class roared.
• • •
• • •
WHAT is it you've always wanted
a cigarette to do? You know the
answer. Chesterfields do it— they not
only please your taste, they satisfy!
It’s all in the blend—a secret blend of
fine Turkish and Domestic tobaccos.
It puts Chesterfields where none can
touch them for quality and value.

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