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?7bW« »' ““ U ’'*'*"*
#.« “ pr?tt. •
, , Hall .od J C. McKelvey of
0I,'..K I” 'O'"1.'0?".
, lp Tom Raiford of Stockton is
n at cl.y today- siting old frtata
w It *Whitteu of Sutton is a
DgV. ’’ •
B*»« 'f r.
t F, HofModf- of^Emmet, came up
ttllmotn!.ie on No. _
. tc Loe of Mt. Moriah, was a picas
„t »»r '.'"V’T". ,0dM'
_ v Poole of Little Hock, spent the
j/y here yesterday on business .
j Shell of Jackson township,
transacted business here yesterday.
At Moore and Martin’s the board will
be-caUed ’ next Tuesday evening May
»rd- ...»
j M McFarland of Emmet.
_gs in our city yesterday, the guest of
ur and Mrs. Levi Moore.
J A Moore and wife of Emmet, vis
lted the families of Ebb Moore and
Theodore Elgin her. yesterday
• • • •
Countv Clerk Algia Dillard lssue.1
marriage license this morning to Ar
thur Williams and Marguerite Morgan
colored, of Emmet.
f • ♦ • •
The Ozan Mercantile company pre
eents a classy show window bedecked
with dollar bills, announcing some real ,
bargains tomorrow.
• • • •
Sloan Cummings left for El Dorado j
this morning where he resumes work '
for the Standard Oil company, on the
pipe line between El Dorado and Ho
mer, La.
• • • •
Miss Amy Moore, who graduates this ;
year at Henderson Brown college, and
who Is a member of the champion bas
tet ball team of the south, will spend
the week end at home here with hei
parents. Mr. ami Mrs. Levi Moore.
Mrs. Cora Munn. her son. John C
Munn. Eugene Ward. Homer Graham.
Elva Bush. Clin Virk and Nancy Wil
son. were in the crowd leaving this
morning for Camden. We hope to see
them bring back again the big silver
• • • •
If you kill only one mosquito, it may
meau the saving of one life: and that
one life might he some day given over
to the service of his country as pres
ident, newspaper reporter, or road ov
erseer, or any of the ‘'minor" occupa
tions. Get busy.
We are pinning our faith to Homer
Graham today in the Athletic events to
be staged in Camden. Homer will en
ter the loo yard dash, 220 yard low
hurdle, running broad jump, and 1-4
mile run lie appears in the pink of
condition and is confident of the out
come of tiie contests today.
• • • •
Hon. Steve Meador spent last night
in th!s city and was up bright and
early this morning ready for return to
Okolona on No. ".2 The activity and
popularity of "Cncle" Steve increases
"ith the passing years, as does the
Okolona Messenger. whose pages
breathe the welcome weekly message
from his gifted pen.
• • • ■
W K Martin of Kosston. route 2,
transacted business here this morning.
i • • ♦ •
J. A White and wife are invited to
the Gem fought ii' guests of the man
J. II. McKinney and brother. Bernice,
McKenney, of Will sville, were in town
this morning
A. J. Brooks, whose home was de
stroyed by the recent storm, was in
the city yesterday.
• • • •
Lawrence Price, son of Mr. and Mrs.
H. H. Price, of this city, is out of
school today on account of sickness.
• • • •
The committee in charge of the Ed j
Rational campaign for the Prescott
'strict of the eMhtodlst church, met
®t the District Parsonage this morning
•t 10 o clock. Those present were Rev. j
• H. Cummins, Mr. Bert Johnson, of
ashvilie, Mrs. D. B. Thompson of
°pe, ^ev- S' T. Baugh of Blevins and
H. B. McKenzie of Prescott.
• • • •
Traffic is now open on the Lane
"r8 and Sutton and ('ale roads. Judge
ranks reports completion of a new
•ridge at the south end of the levee on
niH I'un<‘,'UrK button road, where the
jk bridge recently washed away.
hP*ere ar° some l°w Places washed out
bridge on the Cale road,
tnm ',Udg<' Franka «ays. will be fixed
IT-- Evon now’ however, the!
is apssable. Repairs are being
. * rapidl-v as Possible at all dam
*PM points.
Jno. Moore of Emmet, Is here today
on business.
• • • •
George Duke of Laneburg, is in the
city today.
• • • •
Fred Anderson left for Little Rock
on No. 6 today
• * • •
“Deep Waters" a paramount picture
at the Gem tonight.
• • • •
L H. Thomas went up to Gurdon on
No. 32 this morning
• It • •
J. M. Duke and son, Roy, are visitors
in Little Rock today
• • • •
Gould Wilson of Prescott, is in town
today.—Star of Hope.
m m • m
.T. F Schooley of Jackson township,
was in town this morning.
* * * *
Prof. L. L Mitchell of Bodcaw, was
a court house visitor today.
• • • •
Hon. J. O. A. Bush went to Little
Rock today on legal business.
T. E. White and A. II. lLcks of Cale,
were Prescott visitors yesterday.
• » • •
F. J. Johnson of Mena, one of the
state feed inspectors, is here today.
• • • •
Cecil Gee of Texarkana, is visiting
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Gee.
• • • •
J. M Klnser, of Prescott, is visiting ;
his son, Tiios. Klnser.—Star of Hope j
N. N. Daniel and family of near Lane
burg. are spending the day in Prescott.
• • • .
Sale starts at 10 o'clock a. in.. Satur !
day April 30. a tNelson Jewelry Store ;
A. D. Beaver of Bluff City, was in
this morning, paying tnxes on 1,200]
acres of land
• • • •
Judge Franks is nut on the Cale road
today, overseeing the repair work on
the bridges and culverts made neces
sary by tiie heavy rains.
• m • •
Prescott is planning to send a large
delegation to Camden tomorrow, when
the 14th annual cup contest will o|*en
to the eight schools participating there
• • • •
X Water is reported running over the
iron bridge between this place and Calc,
18 inches above the floor of the bridge
Also, the water is over the levee in
many places making a new high water
record in that locality.
• • • •
The April number of the Dynamo is
Just off the Picayun Press. The Dynn
mo is published by the Juniors and
Seniors of the Prescott schools, and Is
devoted to the educational interests
of Prescott and Netted* County.
• • • •
The tax books will tie closed Sntur
day night at the court house. Those
not having paid by that time will nee
essarily have to be placed on the de
linquent list, the making up of which
list will begin the minute the books are
• • • •
Mrs. Klinore Regan went to Cauidcn
this morning to witness the school con
test. Accompanying her were, Miss
Nannie Maud Stubblefield. Horace lb
mis, Carlton McRae. John Sage and
Carl Reed. The Prescott students will
participate in the contest as follows:
Miss Stubblefield, piano; Horace Re
mis, debate; Carlton McRae. Spelling.
John Sage and Carl Reed, truck events.
• • • •
We notice that a committee of ne
groes from this state will call on Pres
ident Hard'ng. to make application for
certain federal jobs, tl isbelieved that
the janitor of the Prescott court house
is In line for the Liberia ambassador
* m m m
The National Guard Company shows
up well in uniform and drill. Last
nights maneuvers on the streets, indi
cute the boys readiness to grasp mill-,
tary training, and their knowledge of
commands and quick response thereto,
could not but challenge the admiration
of tin* home folks who watched them
perform. Prescott is proud of her
Nutional Guard.
• • • •
Chicago, April 28.—While her for
mer chum. Miss Katherlyn Davis, was
reported out of danger, death hovered
closely over the bedside of Miss Jean
nette Hoy today. Miss Hoy shot Miss
Davis yosteray. while on a crowded
elevated platform, and then turned
the gnu on herself. Miss Davis had
spurned her strange friendship.
Miss Davis, attending physicians said
had been loss severely wounded than
at first reported, and her recovery was
regarded as certain. Physicians, how
ever, suid Mis Hoy had little chance of
Miss Davis announced today thut
should Mis Hoy recover, she would
prosecute her assailant. Detectives be
gan a round-up of witnesses to the
Whereas, God in his infinite love
and wisdom, has called from our midst
or friend and loved brother! W. H Gor
inon; and
Whereas, his life was an example of
a true husband, a father, a friend, a
follower of Jesus and in the calling of
him by Him who doeth all things well,
we have given up a changeless friend,
bis children a loving father, his wife
a true companion, the Sunday School
one of its most ardent supporters (he j
was most happy when in Sunday j
school) and the church in the flesh one j
of its strongest pillars; and
Therefore, Be it Resolved, That we |
as members of the Boughton Bapt'st j
church of which he was a loved mem- j
her, while bowing in humble submission j
to the will of our Supreme Maker do \
offer to tlie sorrowing wife, children i
and friends, our deep and sincere sym
pathy : and
Be is Resolved Further. That we
cherish the memory of tics dear broth
er now gone on before, and that we;
by his noble example of unselfish love
and devotion to God and man; be in
spired to follow more closely in the
path of love and duty; and
Be is Further Resolved, Since God
again in his sheltering love and with
his guiding hand, had made known to
our departed friend the fact that his
earthly pilgrimage was nearing its
close: had repeatedly given him a
glimpse of heaven, a foretaste of joy
I divine and that we take renewed cour
■ age and press on toward the mark of
| the high calling as it is in Christ Je
! sus; and
Be is Resolved Further, That we lie
inspired to follow the example he set
in daily Bible reading, the Word of
God was his daily bread, like David.
! he loved the Law and it was his ined
I tation all the day. of the Bible he could
My Book, my Book, my gram! old Book,
by inspiration given,
Thy every page from age to age. re
veals the paths to heaven;
My lamp of light; in nature’s night
thy unbeclouded ray
Has turned the gloom of death’s cold
tomb to everlasting day,
My chart, my chart; my changeless
chart; by those 1 guide my bark.
A simple child on ocean wild, o’er moun
tain billows dark;
By thee 1 steer my safe career, with
canvass all unfurled.
An onward sail liefore the gale, to
yonder blissful world.
My Staff, my staff: my trusty staff:
I’ll grasp the in my hand.
As faint and weak on I’isgah’s peak,
I view the promised land :
Not sadly told, as one of old. to see
but to explore.
I My hold I’ll keep through Jordan’s
deep till safe on Canaan’s shore
My Book; my Chart; my Staff; hea
veu speed thee on thy way,
From pole to pole, as ages roll, the
harbinger of day.
Till Christ the light, shall banish night
from this terrstrial ball,
And earth shall see her jubilee, and
God he all in all.
Mrs. Nina Britt,
Mrs. Maud DeLaughter.
T. \V. McDaniel.
In II. A. Hamilton's Dry Goods win
dow today, is an odd collection of In
dian relics, recently ploughed up on the
old John Hays farm near Okolona
This collection of pottery represents
the handiwork of the red men who
once infested this country. It is thought
that the old Hays place was used as an
Indian graveyard, since jaw bones and
skulls have been unearthed in that lo
That the Indian was a skilled work
man in his line is evidenced by the
fancy finish of the pottery on exhi
bition at II. A. Hamilton's.
Ttie Nevada County Wekly Picayune
was 14 years old yesterday. Its present
owner Mr C. R. Andrews, lias guided
and directed its course for the past 17
years. It lias weathered some mighty
storms in days gone by, but backed
up by the honest yeomanry of Nevada
County, tin* P'cayune has pursued a
positive policy all the way through,
and enters upon the 45th year of its
busy life a bigger and better newspaper
than ever before It has tried to
serve the tiest interests of the Democra
tic party on all occasions—standing
firmly fo rthe upbuilding and develop
ment of Nevada County, the happiness
and prosperity of all her people.
"There may lx* those who will dispute
that we fought u good fight, but none
will deny that we have kept the faith.”
Kor the measure of success allotted to
the Picayune, its owner is profoundly
thankful, and as evidence of his keen
appreciation of a rapidly growing pat
ronage, he means to make the Picayune
of 1921 a newspaper of which every
citizen may feel justly proud.
Instead of once a weke, the Picay
une will come to you 6 times a week.
County Judge J. W. Franks. W. V.
Tompkins. W. W. Rice and S. T. White
commissioners of Road District No. 1
and Dan Pittman, John A. Davis, M.
L. Moore and W. L. Britt, commission
ers of Road District No. 2, met with tlit*
following members of a committee of
the Chandier of Commerce, towit: It.
L. Blakely. Geo. F. Cress. It. P. Hamby,
Nat Martin, H. V. Scott. C. M. Hirst.
A. M. Penman. A M. Westmoreland and
Joe It Hamilton, at the City Hall Fri
day evening and discussed the question
of the building of the Nevada county
link of the Bankhead National H’gh
Statements of the condition of the
two road districts were made by W. V.
Tompkins of District No. 1. and by Dan
IVttman of district No 2. A short
statement of conditions was made by
Judge J. W. Franks. Members of both
commissions and the county judge an
swered all questions asked them by
members of the Chamber of Commerce
committee, giving the comm ttee sue!)
Information ns they could.
The committee announced it would
make further investigations and as soon
as they are fully advised as to nil
phases of the road proposition and after
conferring with Judge Franks and oth
ers interested in the building of the
Bankhead road, will call another meet
ing of the commissioners, county judg°
and .committee and file with them their
written recommendations. No action
was taken nor recommendations made
at the meeting last night; the purpose
of the meeting being for the committee
to receive what information it could
and get assurances of the county judge
and road commissioners that whatever
recommendations the committee sees fit
to make after a thorough investigation
will be considered by them, in the spirit
they are given. 1. e., looking to a settle
ment of the differences of the various
factions and the early building of the
highway under some plan agreeable to
a majority of the people.
Vincennes. Ind—My dear friend: It
is indeed with deep sadness and regret
I anonrtce to you the passing of our
old and estimable friend into the shades
of evening twilight and the purple va
pors of Ponemah. The echo of the final
toll that marks his going yet mingles
with the midnight air. J. Bahrli-Korrn
is no more, and with him in joint com
munion has gone his old friend and
trusted diciple Mr. P. Rooney.
You and I can only bow our heads in
silence, my friend, for the comanlou
of our old festivities, and the solace of
our bygone sorrows. His presence
mingles with all those little occasions
enduring dearest in our memories; his
the comradeship of that Fairyland of
our Youth, from which we now are ever
exiled. His sparkle and his flavor gave
a radienee to the candle lights, lent a
charm to the music, and tinged the
cheeks and warmed the lips we used to
love. His was the key to the arbor of
Romance; his spell wove the witchery
in the moonl’ght and the magic in tin*
Firefly’s lantern.
He was the companion of kings, the
i delight of queens, ami the friend of
knaves. He has been the inspiration of
poets, the muse of authors ami the toy
of fair women None more proud, none
more democratic; the palace and the
hovel alike knew his footsteps. He
fought more battles than all the famous
generals, gave forth more eloquence
; thun all the famed orators.
H s was an old lineage coming down
from the vaguest antiquity; among his
family retainers he numbered the con
querors of the world. He broke the
power of Alexander and took the head
of Holofernes. and stripped the power
of noble Antony.
Many are named for his noble station.
Mr. Lemmen Kehstrak and .1 Makey
Jingrer. being held in high esteem, but
I the former on aceout of his German
name probably will not be considered.
Mr. B Vatix is well thought of. but
whoever he Is and wherever found, his
can never be the power, or the glory
or the strength of the noble John.
Let us lower him In silence to the
j tomb of Recollection, ’mid the droop
ing willows where the woodbine twinefh
and the whangdoodle walletli. and the
tweetweet singeth forevermore.
Sadly yours,
B Sager.
Mexico City, April 20.—Francisco
Villa, former rebel chief, now holds ab
solute title to his ranch in the state of
Durango. Final payment of 500,000 pe
sos to the former owners of the ranch
was ordered by President Obregon yes
Villa’s activities have figured con
spicuously in newspapers here recently,
it being said that he seeks the gover
norship of the state of Durango. His
crops are all planted and the harvest
is several months away, and it is said
the former bandit leader seeks diver
sion and will wage an active campaign
for political honors.
Subscribe for the Dally Picayune.
Block Island. R. I., April 29.—Three
hundred passengers tonight were taken
off the Portugese steamer Mormugao. |
which ran aground on the west side of
Block Island in a thick fog this morn
ing while bound from Lisbon for New
Bedfor dand New York.
Women and children first, was the
rule, and the mine sweeper Grebe start
ed for New Bedford with 1 to of them
Site was followed by the destroyer Mc
Calla with 1(50 other passengers. It
is planned to transfer the remainin
1-48 passengers tomorrow morning. An
effort to float the vessel will he mad"
at high tide tomorrow.
All the holds were full of water to
night. and the extent of the damage to
the steamer could not be determined.
...— n
Hot Springs, April 28—Tin* Hot
Springs District, Arkansas Federation
of Women’s Clubs, convened in Un
Fast man hotel here today. The dele- j
gates were welcomed by Sidney M. !
Nutt, president of the Business Men's
League, and the response was made
by Mrs. C. M. Roberts, president of
the local federated clubs. The cheif
address at today’s session was deliv- .
ered by Mrs. C. W. Harrison of the
State Health Department on child wel
fare work, and by Dr. Francis Sage (
Bradley of the Children’s Bureau.
Washington. Home economics was the
subject of an address by Miss C. .T.
Bonslagel, state director of home econo
mics, which was delivered at the after
noon session. The convention will ad
journ Friday afternoon.
Responding to the invitation extend
ed by the faculty of the Sutton High
school, Hon. W. V Tompkins last night
delivered an able and eloquent address
to the graduating class, in the presence
of the largest crowd that ever attended
the commencement exercises of that
splendid educational institution. In
his usual forceful manner he laid stress
upon the importance of High school
training, and paid a glowing tribute to
the showing made at Sutton. His ad
dress was pronounced a gem of elo
quence and logic by those who heard
Belated returns from the city election
held at Emmet show the following offi
cers chosen. Mayor—Ambrose Adams:
Recorder—C. Ward: Treasurer—R. F
Elgin : Aldermen—W. I*. Cromer, J. H.
Johnson. E. W. Beaty. Tom Enell, G.
F. Haltom. Two mill city tax defeat
ed by vote of nearly 2 to 1.
-o -
North Little Bock.—The number of
men who will lie put back to work when
the Missouri Pacific shops, which have
1 been closed since April 7, reopen Mou
day, according to anouucement form the
shops yesterday, will be 370. All of
the various crafts represented at tic
shops which employed approximately
All makes and all styles $16 up. Home that were
I used and released by the U. 8. Gov’t, bargain*.
I State your needs and we will describe and quote.
The LINOWRITER, a printing oflice necessity!
1 Ribbons any color 75t delivered. Give name and
model. Carbon paper 8e13 100 sheets $1.95 deliv’d.
Empire Type Foundry, Mfgs. Wood Type,
Metal Type,l"rinter> Supplies, Buffalo, N-k •
1.700 men when the shut-down came are
In eluded in this number. It is believed
that the remainder of the men will be
reinstated within n month aThough no
official anouneement lias been made.
Following a conference of represen
tatives of eacli of the crafts with Mis
souri I’aeific offie'als in St. Louis re
cently, th omen will resume work on
the wage scale ihat was in effect whoa
Suffer? j
Cardui “Did
Wonders for Me,”
Declares This Indy.
"1 suffered for a long
time with womanly weak
ness.” says Mrs. J. K
Simpson, of 57 Spruce
St., Asheville, N. C. “I
> finally got to the place
where it was an effort for
me to go. 1 would have
bearing-down pains in
my side and back — es
pecially severe across my
back, and down in my
side there was a great
deal of soreness. I was
nervous and easily Up
The Woman's Tome
M1 beard o! Cardul and I
decided to um it/* con- I
1 tlnues Mrs. Simpson. "I
mw shortly it was bene
fiting me, so 1 kept It up
and It did wonders for
me. And since then 1
have been glad to praise
Cardul. It is the best
i woman’s tonic made/* *
Weak women need a
tonic. Thousands and
thousands, like Mis.
Simpson, have found
Cardul of benefit torthem.
Try Cardul for pour trou
Liberal Terms. Prompt Action.
No delay nr red tape.
\ on get all you borrow.
( all or write
Prescott. Arkansas.
l >fflee : First State Bank Bldg.
Prescott, Ark.
Eye, Ear. N ose and Throat
Office:—First State Bank Building
Prescott. Arkansas
Second Floor Scott Building.
Pbonee: Office *45; Res. 404.
leading Music House
I in Texarkana since Mij‘f
1 Pianos'Hager llanos' Victrolastiecorff.
V Mail ordersgiven careful attention
'\Q<tfMr£anaf i^k^rM'D/eX‘

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