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Conference Report Is Adopted hy Sen
ate by Vote of 38 to 19. President
Will Sign It.
Washington, July 1—The w ir with
Uormany and Austria is over so far ns
the Congress of the United Utah's Is
concerned. The final legislative ac
tion to end the conflict was tukeu to
day nnd as soon as President Harding
dees his part, as he has pledged h'm
*elf to do, peace will l>e formally re
stored .approximately two and a half
years after hostilities ceased.
The conference report on tli * peace
resolution was adopted by flu* Senate
today by a vote of 38 to 10, following
favorable action on the ineasur hy I lie
House yesterday. The report was tlu n
6ent hack to the House signed by the
speaker in regular session. A in .incut
later it was back again before the
donate. where Vice President Coolidge
attached his signature. It then was
sent at once to the White Hous*> It
will probably lie forwarded to Presi
dent Harding at the summer residence
of Sera to! Freliugluijsen in New Jer
Restoration of peace may be an a
complished fact tomorrow- although be
lief prevailed In some quarters that
the president might withhold the for
mal proclamation until J ily Fourth to
give Independence Day a spe.-.al sig
nificance this year.
War Declared at End.
The resolution, as finally adopted
by Congress, merely declares the war
with Germany and Austria at an end
and reserves to the United States all
rights and privileges which this nation
would have obtained under the treaty
ot Versailles. The provision ••T-ating
the declaration of war was s"token
out because of the contention ot' the
House members that it might !» con
strued as a repudiation of the war
The Senate Republicans, a' usual
presented a solid front in favor of the
peace resolution. All lit vote* against
it were cast by Democrats Three
Democrats, Shields of Tenne-soe,
Walsh of Massachusetts and Watson
of Georgia, supported the resolution,
while several others who were abseil*.
Including Reed of Missouri, wore in
favor it it.
The vote preceded by hours of debate
described by Senator Brandegee ot'
Connecticut as “inconsequential, idle,
fruitless and nnneeessary.”
Warns Against Treaty.
Senator Brandegee, one of the most
influential of the “irreconcilable?,”
served notice that any attempt to re
vive the treaty of Versailles, in whole
or in paVt. would he most bitterly con
tested. Resubmission of the trea'y
he declared, would he “untoward
Democratic senators wanted to know
if the American troops would be
brought back from Germany upon the
proclamation of peace.
“It s my hope and n>y expectation.”
said Senator Brandegee, “that the
troops will he returned from Germany
as soon as the president signs th;s res
elution. If the troops are in Ge ma
ny to enforce the terms of the Versail
les treaty, as some of my Democratic
colleague's have intimated, then there
Is all the more reason and my desirt
for it is all the greater -that they may
be returned. My h ghest hope is that
America may get hack to a peace st*
tus with Germany and mind her own
business as far as Europe will allow
us to do so.”—Gazette
A. B. Luck died th > morning about
2:45 at the homo of hi* son, Joe Luck
near Rosston. Unele Alf is another
of the old pioneers gone from us. lie
moved from Georgia to this state when
lie was 21 and settled near Ros-ton,
where he has lived since.
He hud been sick for some time and
his recovery had been doubtful for
several days. If he had lived until
the 4th he would have celebrated liis
84th birthday.
The deceased is survived by nine
children. Six hoys, W. It. of Shrevo
j>ort. I^a.. J. L of Houston, W. 11 of
Mi mien. La., J. L. of Springhill, Ark..
T. C. of Little Rock, and Joe of Ross
ton at whose home he died. Three
girls, Mr*. G. M Taylor of Rosston,
Mrs. Jjeon Martin of Rosston and Mrs.
J. W. Reed of New Mexico.
Rev. J. W. Erwin will conduct the
funeral services and interment will tie
made in Mt. Olive Cemetery at 10
o’clock to-morrow
D. B. Lindsey of Philadelphia called
on Joe Boswell today.
• • • •
R L. Phillips of Willisville Is a
Prescott visitor today.
• • • •
I P Seals returned from a business
trip to Guidon today.
Accused of Implication in Derailment
of Sunshine Special at McAlmont—
Arrested at El Dorado.
Memphis, July y.—Thomas Harris, a
negro, is under arrest at El Dorado,
Ark., charged with having been impli
cated in the wrecking of the Sunshine
Spedul ,a fast Missouri Pacific passen
ger train at McAlmont, Ark., May 7
last according to advices received here
John Slocum, a fireman, was killed
in the wreck and it was said a warrant
tins been issued at Marion, county seat
of Crittenden county, charging the ne
gro with murder.
Dispatches received here said that
Harris also was being questioned as to
the recent wrecking of a Southern Rail
way train near Hattiesburg. Miss , in
which two trainmen were killed, and
the derailment o fan Illinois Central
train near Paducah. Ky., about two
months ago.
Harris, whose home is said to have
been in Baton Rouge, Da., formerly was
employed by the Missouri Pacific rail
road. but was dismissed, according to
railroad special agents. He was ar
rested in El Dorado on a charge of
highway robbery and inter was recog
nized by railroad detectives, it was
said, as the man wanted in connection
with the derailment at McAlmont.
Partially Identified.
El Dorado, July 1.—Thomas Harris,
negro, who was arrested here 10 days
ago on a charge of “high-jacking" a
poker game, lias been partially identi
fied by Missouri Pacific special offi
cers as the perpetrator of the wreck
on May 7 of the Sunshine Special, near
McAlmont, in which Fireman John Sl<>
cum was killed Harris probably will
be taken to Marion county tomorrow
for trial.—Gazette.
Ends Much Heralded Bout For World’s
Championship in Fourth Round With
Famous Hook.
Jersey City. N. J July 2.—Carnival
of blows for which thousands amassed
j today opened at 12:10 with a pair of
I bouts that served as form cocktails for
the feast in the battle between the
American Dempsey and Carpentier of
France. The first bout In which no de
cision was rendered account of the
New Jersey boxing laws was, between
‘ Mickey Delmont and Jacksey t'ustin.
Seven other preliminaries were on the
j schedule. Announcement was made at
1 :30 that the house was “sold out”
meaning that 91.000 seats had been sold
' It was estimated that 5.000 women
I were in the crowd.
Dempsey arriwul at the arena at 2:39
p. m. Carpetier had urrived at 1 :4.">.
Carpentier proceeded by Manager
DesCamps and followed by Trainer
Gus lVilsoti entered tin1 ring at 2 :">i;
Ha was given a great ovation.
Two minute- later Dempsey came in.
Eir-t round—Carpentier landed one
light left and clenched : fought at close
range n clinch. Dempsey caught w!"
left toe and Carpentier missed with
r glit. Dempsey punished him tinnier
I eifully and Carpentier bleeding at nose
and groggy. Latter fell through ropes
trying to avoid punishment and landed
event 1 blows on champions body at
I M'11S I111.
Hound 2—Carpentier missed w h
left. Clinched. He backed away
Dempsey caught him with hook to jaw
Carpentler retorted with left hook and
staggered champion with six rigid*
and left> to jaw. Dempsey staggered
back and split Carpentier’s left eye
with a hook. Cut under right ey* Holh
missed right swings just before the
No report on round three
Hound four—Dempsey knocks out
(a rpetier.
The Hoy .1 Abner Sage, who is a
son of Rev T A Sage of Prescott, and
who hn< been engaged in ministerial
work in San Francisco. California for
the past three years, expects to return
| with his family to Arkansas in a few
days. They w'tl visit the home folk*
here at Prescott for a short time but
: will probably make their home at Con
way. the home of Mrs. Sage’s parents.
Rev. and Mrs. .Tames A Anderson, un
til this fall when Mr. Sage expects to
take a pastoral charge somewhere in
his home Conference. He will spend
the summer and fall in evangelistic
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Buchanan who
have been visiting n. A. Buchanan and
family returned this morning to their
home in Hope.
T. A. Woosley spent yesterday at
Mt. Moriah.
• • • •
Ben Phillips of Sutton Is a visitor
j here today.
• • • •
B. H. Logan went to Ho today
on business.
• • • •
E. B. Wells returned to his work at
Gordon today.
• • • •
Larry Morton made a business trip
to Hope today.
• • • •
D. W. Woodul went to Shepard to
day on business.
• • • •
Bert Scott of McCaskill is a business
visitor here today.
• • • •
N. M. White and family of Calc are
visiting J. B. White.
• • • •
Fred Guthrie is visiting points in
Oklahoma this week.
• • * •
J. B. Stone of Hope is calling on his
trade inthe city to day.
S • • •
Tbeo Pnttee of Little Rock is the
guest of Conrad White.
• • • •
Rev. J. E. Moore of Little Rock is
v iing in the ciiy toda /.
• • • •
E. M. Tompkins of Emmet was a
business visitor here today.
• • • •
Misses Lula Beth Gee and Selma
Herring spent the -1th in Texarkana
• • • •
S. II McMahan and son W. C. of
Arkadelpliia are business visitors here
Brooks S. Montgomery of Lewisville
Arkansas was here yesterday for a few
• • • •
J. S. Mayo from near Boughton has
i gone to Highland to work in the peach
i orchard.
• • * *
Miss Nora Dickinson of Hope spent
; the 4th the gue-t of Dennis Dickin-on
; and family.
a • • •
G. M. Jones of Hope after a short
business visit here returned home this
• a • a
U. B. Buchanan is calling on the
trade at Mena, DeQueen and other
points this week.
a a a a
Mr. and Mrs. It. W. Davis and Mr.
and Mrs. John Norman motored to Min
eral Springs yesterday.
• • • •
Fred Powell after spending the 4th
here with Mrs. Powell returned this
morning to El Dorado.
a a a a
Cecil Gee of Texanon-i spent a
few hours with his parents Sunday
afternoon between tra’ n.
a a a a
Mrs J. E. Wren and children went
to Emmet this morning to visit E. M.
Tompkins and family.
a a j a
Mrs. J M Stripling is home from a
very pleasant visit with her sou Aimer
Stripling and his wife of Dallas, Texas.
• • • •
Miss Vera Wortham returned this
morning to her work at Hope alter
spending the 4th with home folk' at
a a a a
L. H .Thomas returned this morning
from Guidon where lie has been look
ing after the shipping of tomatoes from
that place.
Mia- Enla Krliols of Cotton Plant,
i Arkansas, is the guest of Miss Ger
I trade Mavis She will attend the White
Mavis wedding.
• • • •
Mrs. Etti e Nichols is a relief opera
tor at the telephone office, relieving
1 Mrs. Ada Fuller who Is taking a 10
days vacation
Mi-- Until Sewell who holds a posl
| ii.n with the firm of Mo- 1 tun! Martin
spent the 4th with her parents Mr. and
Mrs. Sam Sewell
. . • •
Mr and Mrs. M L. Edwards who
have been visiting W. It. Riggs and
family returned to their home at El
Dorado this morning .
J Ma. and Mrs. Roy Stainton and
; baby. Robert of Mierks motored over
Saturday and are the guests of Mr.
Stainton'.- parents Mr. and Mrs. W. G.
j Stantion.
. • * •
M -- Ruby Mendenhall who spent the
week-end with her parents, I>r. and
Mrs T. ,T. Mendenhall of Ross ton re
turned to her work at Hamburg this
. * • •
Col. S. C Thornton leaves this after
noon for his annual visit wflBfcis sou
O. E. Thornton of Columbus, Ind. Col.
Thornton will probably be gone until
• • • •
Mrs. Ellen Arnold and son llerltort
from near Washington wj-e In the city
this morning en route for a visit with
with her sister Mrs. Maybelle Jackson
of Rosston.
• • • •
Mrs. W. S. Gladden who has been
visiting her sister Mrs. G. O. Marsh
went to Hope this morning for a few
days visit before returning to her home
in Shreveport.
• • • •
The management of the local tele
phone company insists that the pub
lic call by number. This is very neces
sary now as a new operator is in the
office and it would consume so much
lime in calling ny names.
Misses Mary and Martha 1-iiedelman
will entertain Tuesday for the very
popular bride-elect, Miss Gertrude
Mrs. Gertrude Moncrief is the guest
of Mrs. .7. M. McFarlane In Hope to
day. Mrs. McFarlane will be remem
bered here as Miss Phles Stone and is
in Hope visiting her parents Mr. and
Mrs. .7. It. Stone. Her home is in New
• • • •
Remember to call by number. It
will save the operators time as well
as yourself. With a 'new operator
in the office it is doubly necessary that
you comply with the request of the
management to call by number.
• • • •
J. E. Butler of Union is in the ci'y
• • • •
W. S. Roe of Arcadia is a business
viitor here today.
• • » •
Gurtta White of Hope spent the 4th
with relatives in Cale.
• * • •
B F. Wynn and O G. of Route
5 are visitors here today.
• • • •
Andy Calhoun of G<Mrg’a township
is among the visitors in our city today.
• • • •
Ct Alexander of Little Rock is a
business visitor in our city this week.
• • • •
Mrs. Douglas Brooks of Little Rock
is visiting relatives and friends in the
• • • •
Miss Kati Mae Shaukle of Arkadel
phia is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Jack
Mrs. A. G. Stewart and little dan
ghter Eunice are visiting in Emmet
• • • •
Mrs. Odessa Cox of Hope spent yes
terday in the city returning home this
• • • •
Roy McLaughlin of Bengin Arkan
sas is taking treatment at the Talk
W C. Nutt and daughter Ruth went
to Hope this morning. Mr. Nutt is
having liis arm treated.
Miss Verta Honea who has been
, visiting Miss Eunice Phillips returned
to her home at Cale today
Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Daves returned
to their home at Hope after spending
u pleasant 4th with friends here.
• • • •
Mrs. J. L. Galloway who has been
taking treatment at the I’ark Sanitari
um is spending a few days with her
family at Lewisville.
• • • •
Mr. and Mrs George Christopher
accompained by Die'.; Christopher and
Sid Carrington, motored to Highland
Nashville and Hope yesterday
Yesterday a number of happy couples
chaperoned by Mrs. C. W. McKelvey
spent the 4th at the mouth of Garland
I creek.
Boating and swimming were the
sports enjoyed. There was one pa
thetic accident occurred to a member
of this party and our hearts go out
in sympathety to the friends of this
young man who lost-“his shoe.”
Any one finding a shoe floating down
the river the brand of Paul Jones on
it, will please return same to Hesterly
Drug Store and oblige this young man
very much.
Those enjoying the occasion and
sympathizers of the bereaved one were.
Mrs C. W. McKelvey. Mrs. Robert
llambright. Misses Berva Ilitt. Mildred
Hitt, Lillian McKelvey, Thalia Carring
ton. Messers. Robert llambright. Wells
Hamby, G. W. Alspaugh. and Vernon
Early Sunday morning County Clerk
Algia Dillard was aroused from his
peaceful Sabbath slumber by the call
of Cupid’s victims. The victims were
S. E Melton of Valusia Florida, and
Miss Edna Loe of Deanyville Arkansas.
The marriage license were Issued as
Mr. Dillard Is always obliging and the
couple were married at 5 a. m. at the
court house by Judge Franks, who also
lost hls morning nap to help htework
ing of Cupid.
( eorge R. Munn wh- has recently
returned from a Linotype Instruction
school in New Orleans has accepted a
position with the Picayune as linotype
George is a Nevada County boy. and
is n product of our home schools, al
though he has not had the experience
of many years as a linotype man, yet
he has a promising future and we be
speak for him a place in the front
ranks soon. He succeeds M. O. Wal
thall who has accepted a position as
linotype operator for the Smith Print
ing Co., at Camden.
Conway, July 2.—Conway physici
ans today announced a reduction of $1
in fees for professional calls. For day
visits in the city limits the new foe
will be $2. instead of ?.°>. Night visits
in the city have been reduced from
?4 to $3. Reduced cost of living was
given ns the cause.
Henry Luther Pittman.
Henry Luther little 20 months old
baby of Mr. and Mrs .Toe Pittman who
live r> miles north of town died yester
day morning about 0 o’clock.
Burial will be made in old New
Home graveyard this afternoon.
New Orleans, July 4.—Two young
men and a girl were drowned, and
two othe:' girls, all of socially promi
nent families had narrow escapes
when a sudden squall on Lake
Pon ch art rain caught them in swim
ming today. The dead are < ather'Tie
Mary Hortman. aged 1": Claud Hort
man. Jr., a cousin, yard superintend
cut of the TTortman Lumber Company,
and Kenneny (Tilly Tlie rescued gills
are Antoinette TTortman. sister of
Catherine .and Ethel Dearmes.
The party had motored out to a camp
near the mouth of the indu trial canal
From there they went swimming in
wnter five feet deep. The storm blew
up from an apparently clear sky.
Young Hortman. a powerful swimmer,
brought two of the girls to safety, and
was on his way hack for t at.herine
when he was swept under. His body
wa recovered an hour later.
Mr and Mrs. H E. Thornton arrived
Saturday night from Little Rook for
a visit with Mr. Thornton’s pnrents
Mr. W. R Thornton. They attended
the singing at nolly Springs Sunday
and Mr Thornton returned home yes
terday while Mrs. Thornton will re
main here for a few days.
We offer for fall delivery of 1921 a genera
vaarietiea of Fruit and Nut Trees, Grape Vim
Vines. Hoses. Hedge Plants, Etc.
All the items we list and sell will be ipiari
showing government inspection, large thrifty
known varieties best for your locality leave the
produce heavy crops of fine fruit, kinds beat to
Write for our prices and order early, pa
Money on anything you want to plant. Stock
ialty. If we do not have a representative in
sponsible and ambitious representative in e
Winchester, Tenn.
**-- muiuui thiukin
was all off In the twinkling T*
—Pittsburgh Chroniele-Telegu^
It is a pity that so many *
a college training without gZ
education.—Washington Post
Don't encourage small I,,,,
large cannon. 1
• • • •
Mrs. Jas H Large of WeM
Kansas arrived Sunday to attm
White-Da vis wedding. She is tin
of Mr. and Mrs. j„o A. Day),
• • ' *
J M. Duke was a busineaa*
to Gurdon tliis morning.
• • • •
R. B. Almond and daughter
Ethel of Route 5 are in the city j
• * • •
Lee Marble of Conway lg jn ^
today. He was at one time a t«
n the school here and will be plea
ly remembered as Coach Marble
• • • •
Mrs. Pearl Baumgardner of ]
j son Arkansas and who is Worthy I
Matron of the Grand Chapter j
O. E. S. of Arkansas was the pa
Mrs. W. W. Rice Sunday. Mrs J
I gardner met with the 0. E. S. Sad
! night and made a talk. Got
j McRae also addressed the meetig
the report comes that it was 11
did meeting Mrs. Baiijngrdd
! vc it rday for Benton.
-.)-. i
Notice is hereby given that the unfa
1 as Commissioner, under and by virtu
authority in him vested by that cerUh
made and entered by the Chancery &
Nevada County. Arkansas, in that i
case therein pending, wherein Clint I
Ex Parte, will sell at public outcry toll
«*st and best bidder, on a credit of
months at the front door of the Court
i in the Town of Prescott, in said cofa
State, between the hours for judicial t
JULY 1877/. 1921 i
: the following described real property,
East half of the Southwest quartern
SW 1-4) ; Northwest quarter of theS«l
quarter of Section Five (5), Tl
Eleven (11) South, Range Twenty«t|
West, Nevada County, Arkansas
Purchaser will be required to extfa
with approved personal security and i
be retained upon said property to Ml
due payment of the purchase money.
| WITNESS my hand and seal on I
| 17th day of June, 1921. ]
I (seal) A. 8. ITGfl
Bush and Bush Attorenyi I
-o— j
For Sale. j
My farm consisting of 188 UN
acres in cultivation and all t*lH
der fence. Three oil well* gofai
within five miles of this farm,
churches within one and one-hitt
1 and two school within one ui
quarter miles, two store* wlltt
mile, 10 miles from railroad, •
seven room bungalow, good w*H
ham and tenant house. Bull
Getting old and want to sell
P. T. PM
5-20 2mo Rosston, Ark, t*
1 line of nursery stock, inoludinf »B
*, Berry Plants, Ornamental Flomrw
intend clean, heathy stock eowraifcMj
trees and plants, true to name, os
selection to us. we wll send you UB«
r your loeaity and soil. _ ,
y when you get the order. »
suited for commercial orchard panu"
your locality »vrite ua at once, "V—
rery county. SHAHAN BROS.,
Louis C. Bernap
little rock
Will be »t
: Monday, I uesday, Wednesday, July *
E and 20.__^
Kryptok Toric Lenses are the best in the ro*rW
for Far and Near Reading ^
: Special attention {riven to children. Examina 10
E All work Guaranteed. Oflice hours from 9 a.m-to
Hughes’ Chill Tonic
(Palatable) . tf/A
Better Ilian Calomel and Quinine. - (Conta
The Old Reliable.
As well as for Cbille aw) Fevers, Malarial Fevers, ■
and Bilious Fevers Just what you need at ^
Try It. .Don’t Take Any Substitute. .60c and
Prepared by ROBINSON-PETTET CO, Louisville- **

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