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Democratic Pi at form
For 1922 Campaign
TIic Democratic platform for the
jiejo c:itii|'iii*rii. adopted by 11 n• I team
oral ic stall' convention at Hot Springs
Is in its essential features a restate
ment of the Mi llar platform "I lb-0
Il advocates I In* abolishment <>l oar
less offices. ami expresses the regret
of ilio convention that the <Sonora I
Assembly of 11121 iliil not act in no
Cord with the platform A severance
tax also is advocates! Following is
the platform in full :
The Democrats of Arkansas, in eon
vent ion assembled declare:
National Outlook
Our faith in tin* tried principles
and traditions of the national Demo
cracy and our loyalty to its leader
The people have despaired of relief
through the Republican party, whose
platform promises are a list of fa lur
es. and believing that we are up
proncliing a return to power of tin*
only political party that consistently
treats "public office as a public trust"
and bel eving that such return of
stewardship will he met manfully and
well, we renew cur devotion to the
cardinal principles of the Democratic
Abolishment of Fseless Offices
We declare our disappoinpment !»t
the failure of the last General Assem
bly fully to carry out our party dec
laration against continuation of use
less offices and commissions and we
again demand "the enactment of le
gislation providing for tlie consolida
lion of offites, boards and commis
sions where the duties of same are
not inconsistent, and for the elimina
tion of useless hoards, offices and
commissions.” These changes yet to
he made shall include tlie abolishment
of tlie* Hoard of Control, the substitu
tion therefor of honorary boards for
the institutions now under it. the re
organization of the Highway Depart
merit so as to separate it from the
land office, the placing of the power
of employment nnd removal of employ
es and the disbursement of money
under the control of the commission,
and the requirement that all moneys,
Including federal aid. shall he paid in
to the stale treasury and paid out on
ly on the order fo flic commission.
In the Interest of efficient and ef
feetivo service and of economy of ad
ministration, we declare for the eon
polidntion into one department nnd
under one head <>f the several agon
ties for assessing nnd collecting tie*
state's revenues, including among
others, the State Tax Commission and
the inheritance tax attorney.
We declare for tie* eont'iiuation and
extension of the cfl'ii ;ont business
method of Me* present nde nit i.1
tion. which already has sho>\n grati
lying results Tla* Democratic party j
is jt.stiv proud of the tilialU t! coudi 1
tion of the -late fund-, as shown by i
1 he report at the < lose of h
year, .linn* "0, 1!> J Ml tie ■ otmt.i
and insiit>.*ioils i t il ' st; 11 ■ i he.
ad‘*i|uaIely srq>po; ton I ho
! venue funds show ;i surplus of mor
Hum s:;r.o.(MHi. the largest since th
adopt ion <>f the constilut ion. titui th
(,lll\ surplus sinee l'«H A prospeetu
fur the current fiscal year shows tha
nil state funds will have a substantia
surpluses at the close of this bid
State Kevemie
Ktpializat.ion of assessments for th
purposes of taxation as between th
several local taxing units is difficul
of accomplishment. Kfforts having fo
their purpose statewide eipiali/.atioi
have produced friction and irritation
and the results have been disappoint
ing In the interest of an equitabh
distribution of the tax burden and ti
the end that local taxing agencies ma:
have revenue sufficient for thei:
needs, we declare for the abolishment
as far as practicable, of till genera
levies for state purposes, and for se
curing tin1 revenue now supplied fron
such sources by extending the svsten
of excise taxation on inheritances
corporate franchises, insurance prem
imns and similar priv leges.
Purchasing Agent.
We favor the adoption of a more ef
ficient and economical method of pur
chasing suplics for the state. Success
ful business has adopted the plan ol
centralizing purehasng and we helievf
that the people’s business, tlte stab
government should follow the lead
Such a plan would not only providt
more economical purchasing but would
prevent over-expenditures of appro
Law Enforcement.
That life and property may he pro
tected, we favor tin* impartial enforce
men) of all laws. There shall he lie
retreat upon the question of prohihi
tion. The Eighteenth Amendment i< a
fixture in our organic law. The feder
al and state prohibit ion laws must he
enforced. We oppose the repeal of the
Volstead act, or any modification
thereof, which has for its purpose the
legalizing of the manufacture or sale
of light wines or beer, and we favor
the strict enforcement of existing
laws for its suppression. Gambling is
inimical to the best interests of soci
ety. We declare our opposition to any
amendment to provide protection for
race track or any other form of gamb
We favor legi.lation that will re
quire the registration of those who
own pistols and high power firearms.
We favor the support of better
farming met boils for those who are
i ngaged in agricultural pursuits. We
heartily commend the promised suc
cess of newly organized associations
far tte successful handling and mar
ie ing of the farm product'- of our
-i it -a ; We recognize the need of
h. tter liv-ug conditions on the farms,
and as fai a> out organized party can
ia*taler n;d. we pledge ourselves to the
11 li,-: of these conditions.
We reeoinmend tin purchase and
e,|une , ,t of a demonstration and e\
ia .iiia'n farm, to he ioe.ated in the
raaktb food shopping easy at
this store at all times.
(} l A L 1 T Y
makes it to your advantage to
shop with us.
y^E take pride in
the fact that
we sell a high stan
dard of groceries
that give the great
est satisfaction. It
gratifies us to see
the same customers
coming to us week
after week and
bringing others
with them. What
b e t t er adverti. > j
ment could w e
have than this ?
p, a p*- « (t* P» fl & ■% F"s flA/
hLLbuu utnuocn i
Formerly Cooke & ElLs
Phone No. 374 Prescott, Ark.
central 'section of tl»f* state.
We declare for better educatibnal
i ndvnntago Arkansas is in the midst
' ; of an educational crisis. We commend
] the abb and progrcsivc administra
| lion of the present superintendent of
•‘education and advocate further aid
■•!to the Forward Education Movement.
■ ito the end that Arkansas may he lift
,-d from it' low rank iti education. \\*‘
endorse the move of Governor McRae
: io have an honorary commission
j make a survey of educational condi
tions and pledge our party to an or
ganized assistance of the present noni
. inees for governor and superintend
. cut of public instruction in their pleas
i for public support and legislative en
• aetuient for the relief of our schools.
, We favor the transfer of all lands
now owned nr hereafter acquired by
the state to the permanent school
, fund. We recommend that an ample
i number of well framed, patriotic
teachers, tlmroughlj imbued with
American ideals and with a thorough
knowledge of our institutions, be
I maintained in the public schools. In
order that the hoys and girls under
their tutelage may become one huinl
] red per cent American and all idea of
la hyphenated citizenship he abandon
led. necessary funds should be speedily
! provided to the end that the teaching
] force in tin* public schools may be
j well educated, well equipped and tho
roughly qualified. We favor the ade
quate support consistent with the
state’s resources of all the states edtt
! rational institutions to take care of
their growing needs.
Through the agricultural schools op
portunity is offered boys mid girls for
Inn education that peculiarly lits them j
i for the duties of life. We recommend
that the legislature investigate the
needs of these schools and enact such
measures as may he necessary to en
able such schools to carry into effect
the purpose for which created, and to
! meet such contingencies as may he
- (necessary) caused by overtaxing
j their capacities hy the erection of ad
ditional buildings and the purchase of
new equipment, when necessary.
Severance Tax.
We favor such legislation as will
; provide for a severance tax upon all
elements of the state's natural re
sources, including gas, oil. forest pro
ducts, minerals, coal, gravel, sand,
i stone and pearls.
We commend the present able man
agement of the Arkansas penitentiary.
We favor the continuation of the judi
cious exercise of clemency through the
operation of the parole law as ad
ministered hy the Penitentiary Board,
and the furlough as exercised hy the
governor. We recommend that the pa
role law be amended so that more
than one-third of a defin'te sentence
shall he served before a parole is al
lowed on short terms. We favor these
; forin-s of clemency rather than the
| outright pardon, and we commend tho
pi; sou* governor for his refusal to ;
1 pardon.
The fact that tho penitentiary fund j
showed a balance of morp than j
i,s|oo,iHMi at the close of the fiscal
, year of .lone :’.0, 1022, after all oper-j
;iiimr expenses and the interest and j
j ;; i: iif the principal of the old in-,
d< a llie s laid been paid and many j
improvements made, is conclusive **vl- ;
i’i-ih e of the good business methods
of the present administration and we
heivhv commend the same.
l.abor a nil Capital.
We (1 Haro for tin* protection of In -
lhir ns well ns capital. Ha eh is cntitl
ltd lo mlotjuale proto. lion. They arc
‘ i;. T< |it txlent in ; leu re!a I urns. Kadi
has the. indefensible right of organizn
; lion, of collective bargaining, and of
! s:ve.-ikint; through representatives of j
J their own seleetion. Wither should
at : so as to jeopardize the pahl'e web 1
fare, noth should respect and ohey
the law.
Corrective and Penal Institutions.
W. favor increased aid to the Ark-j
' atisas Hoys' Industrial school, the
Ark i e-as Ciris' Industrial school and
the Arkansas State Farm for Women.
The results aeheived by these inslit u
i .u:- are such as to justify this de
We a predate to tlie fullest extenpr
the iinporiance in edueation, increase
it prosperity and comforts of livin'
brought about by good roads and high
Wo favor a system of improving
these highways, the use of which is
statewide, with state funds and the
maintenance of a patrol system. The
funds for this purpose should be, in
i sofa i' as possible, derived from tin*
{ i;sers of such roads. Direct taxes on
| motor vehicles and indirect taxes on
! 1 lie use of them arc suggested as sour
j res of revenue.
We commend the action of the gov
| crnor in appointing a commission to
study our road problems so that mis
. takes may In* avoided and that we
I may profit by the experience of other
I states and lniild roads that we need
| and can afford. We favor a system
that "ill result in roads being con
structed efficiently and economically
and tlmt will reduce the cost of the
Highway Department.
We deplore the fact that in some
sections of the state special road dis
trict taxes tire burdensome to land
owners adjacent to (host; roads. We
favor some judicious means of read
justment of such taxes by which those
who use the roads will be required to
help defray the cost and thus afford
some relief to the over-burdened land
Policy of Conservation
We declare a sane and forward look
ing policy of conservation of our na
tural resources with which our state
lias been so lavishly endowed, and to
that end we insist upon legislation for
the preservation and protection of our
fish. game, timber, coal. gas. oil and
water power against monopolistic con
trol and for the use of all the people.
The vast water power of the state has
too long been neglected. With the di
minishing timber supply as fuel and
with the hazards and high prices at
tending our coal supply we must turn
to cheaper power and heat. Every pos
sible aid and encouragement should
he given the development of water
power in our great state, and we here
by declare for such development.
Is>eal legislation.
We deplore tin* abuses of local and
special legislation. We favor a con
stitutional amendment to restrict it.
and commend Ibis as a proper subject
for a joint resolution in the approach
ing General Assembly looking to such
We recommend that the General As
sembly enact general legislation that
will supersede, as far as practicable,
the mass of local statutes now in ex
tSpeeial Laws.
Owing to the unrest of the people
and the unsettled and unstable condi
tion of the country, we again recom
mend the reperfl of all local and spec
in 1 legislation for the building of roads
and bridges and all other local or
special acts, where bonds have not
been issued, until conditions have im
proved and become more nearly nor
We further recommend that all lo
cal bills for the creation of road and
bridge districts provide that the pro
posed improvement be submitted to a
vote of the owners of real estate lo
cated within said proposed districts
and that such improvements shall not
be commenced or undertaken until a
majority of the real estate owners
within such districts shall vote for
such improvement.
We further recommend that the
one rgency clause shall not be attach
ed to any bill providing for local im
The following stafoino’.i is issued
by Collector of Internal Revenue 11.
I. Rommel of the district of Arkan
sas :
The third quarterly installment of
the income tax for 1M21 is due on or
before midnight tomorrow (Koptem ^
her 1"). No1 lees have been sent to.
taxpayers, but failure to receive a no
tee does not relieve a taxpayer of his j
whole amount due and payable upon
obligation to pay the tax on time. Fail- |
ure to pay the installment renders the i
notice and demand from the Collector. ;
The tax may be paid at the office i
of the Collector at Little Rock. Fay- j
ment may he made by cash, money or j
der or check. Payments sent through
the mail should he made hy check or
money order to avoid danger of loss
in transmission to the office of tin*
Collector. Checks or money orders
should he made out to order of Col
lector of Internal Revenue. Little Rock.
- -——■
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