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had a nice rain Sunday after
a,„l everybody is feeling better
B<MeR»e Gann and family visited X
N Daniell and family Sunday.
A A. Murry and Mrs. .Toe Hood of
Emmet have been visiting relatives
here this week.
Mr Keuieth Williams of Murfrees
is visiting his grandparents, Mr.
mil Mrs. ,T. TV. Gann and other rela
in Laneburg.
! p Munn and family, Mary Me
Gongh and Quitman Steed spent Sun
dflT with r. It. McGough and family.
pr (• f. Nelms. J. W. Gann, Jim
•e Hall. W R- Whitten and son Ellis
,11 attended church at New Salem
Sunday morning.
Some of our young folks attended
the singing at New Salem Sunday
pr and Mrs. C. F. Nelms made a
Jving trip to Rosston Monday after
W R Whitten made a business trip
t0 Prescott one day last week.
Miss Keren Hudson is visiting Miss
Omak Jordan this week.
Well as news is scarce this time I
goes* I’d better go.
Good luck to the Picayune and its
many readers.
teachers examination
The regular examination for teach
erss license tvill he held at the court
house Thursday and Friday, Sept. 21
County Supt.
»■ ' —1- T
— -n-.-+
After a few weeks rest, T will let
yon know that I am still a friend to
the dear old Picayune and it* many
Elder Henry Boswell and wifi* of
Theo, and Mr. and Mrs. William Mos
ley of Ouachita county, visited rela
tives and friends in this community
the first of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Wade Jarvis visited
Picket Brothers nnd mother near Si
loam Sunday.
Uncle Henry nnd Aunt Julia White
and little niece, Denver White, are
visiting relatives at Texarkana at
present They left old Lemolae and
little brother to batch, and we are
farcing sumptuously every day.
Mr. and Mrs. John Bums visited
Mr and Mrs. Ben Burns Wednesday.
Misses Bessie and Dame Swinney
attended church at Holly Springs
Say Uncle Bubh Bennett, you re
member I told you last spring that I
wanted to plant the mortgage lifter
eotton: 1 made a mistake nnd planted
mortgage closer. Well. I am sorry to
say that I did not stick to my work ns
close as I should and T let Gen. Green
vain some of it. and the little that T
worked good, is sorry.
Mr Editor. I have been wondering
*h.v Alex was not writing to the
Picayune. Ho has a very beautiful
*irl at his homo 1 wonder that
some pleas' re s hindering our noble
W'ribe. William Crane.
' " 1 1 nmerr mm unite have neen
(Inins: *otne good preaching for Holly
Sprincs nnd community for (ho pnsl
*ee*c- T am perfectly satisfied that
they are honest men and 1 will say that
honesty means something. 1 learned
Oniir years ago that we had good men
•tid women in all of our churches and
*°me "’ho have never united with any
din roh.
's it is growing late, T will close and
fmne again next week, if all goes well
with me.
Twenty acres more have been added
o the grounds of the Arkansas State
Falr for October 0—15. The cattle pen
*hieh Is a large circus tent 150 x 300
ee* will be erected on the extreme
*£stern part of the grounds. This tent
* iwlee as large as that of last year
n ^ indications are that it will be
^owded to its capacity. The swine
8 "A win be much larger than last
" the number of entries already
^"i'ed being about twice as many.
, le inferest is very great, especially
® the f«urity class.
S(l11 From the War.
hat is the world coming to,” ex
daImed the reformer.
lit s when is It coming to that inter
s me.” retorted the Tired Business
Horn to Mr. and Mrs. Marshall
Whitt* of route 1. Wednesday, Sept.
<'*tli. a 7-pound girl. The young lady
was at once named Ruth Inez.
Mrs. John Vickers and two children,
• •race and Hay. and her nephew, tleo.
I own send, left Monday for Monroe,
F-a.. driving through in their car,
where they will visit Mrs. Vickers’
daughter. Mrs. Ira Brooks of that
Mrs. Ed Thomas entertained nine
young ladies of this city with a bunk
ing party on the night of September
6th. The nine enclude Misses Mae,
Lois and Ella P.enty, Ora Wylie, Jewell
Bautts, Hazel Mouser , Cleo Dougan,
Lueile Thomas and Rosalie Arnett.
J. T. Snell visited relatives in Hope
Sunday and Monday.
Prof. L. L. Mitchell, principal of the
Emmet high school, moved to this city
Monday. His school will begin Sept.
Mr. and Mrs. Claud Hirst and little
daughter, Ruth, of Prescott, spent Sun
day with Mrs. Hirst's sister and lius
band, Mr. and Mrs. Lester White.
Miss Mary Christie and Mr. Howard
Segler letf Tuesday for Arkadelphia,
where they will be in school in Hender
son-Brown College this year.
Miss Lucy Wade was the guest of
Miss Mary Christie from Friday until
Miss Mary Day of Nash, Texas, is
visiting her sister Mrs. Ware Garret
of this city.
Miss Elsie Beaty of this city is
visiting relatives in Stephens.
James Ware, the infant son of Mr.
and Mrs. Ware Garrett, who has been
seriously ill from diptheria is improv
Miss Vera Phillips of Prescott, was
in this city Monday.
Elder Carr a way of Serepta, La.,
preached at the Apostolic church Sat
urday and Sunday.
Rev. .T. W. Erwin preached an inter
esting sermon at New Liberty Sunday.
Elder E. C. Bright has been engaged
in a revival meeting at Rocky Mound
the past week, assisted by Elder J. W.
L. A. Grant is on the sick list.
J. I). and Walter Sutton, Porter
Carlton and Charlie Bennett went fish
ing near McNab last week. Had very
good success.
There will be singing at New Liberty
church Sunday at 2 p. m. Everybody
is invited to come and bring your
Miss Lyda Garrett of Little Rock,
after spending a few days visiting rela
tives, returned home last Monday.
Among those who took dinner with
.1. M. Bennett and family Sunday was
Cal Bright and daughter, Glenn, Lee
Hamilton and family of Antioch, and
r A Bennett and family.
Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Simpson spent
Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. Ver
non Bright.
Cohen Garrett made his regular trip
to Antioch Sunday afternoon.
Mi-s Vera Simpson returned to Lit j
tie Rock last Wednesday after visiting
j home folks a tew days.
Misses Mary and Mnrtlm Strong of
Kooky Mound attended church at New
Liberty Sunday.
livnuni Easterling of Hope, spent
Sunday afternoon at the home of .T.
W. Erwin.
Misses Helen Murry and Jearl Jor
dan spent Saturday n-ght with Lois
Wood ul.
Miss Jewel I’ate spent Sunday with
Miss T.eota Almond, who has been suf
fering for the past week with appendi
citis, and is no better today, Monday.
Cyril Pate and Miss Helen Murr.v
Lena Hamilton and Claud Sutton,
Medford Hazzard spent Sunday even
ing with Miss Clommie Mitchell.
Well if Mr. W. R. don’t get this, will
come again next week.
MANY entries received.
Entries are coming in rapidly for ah
the departments of the Arkansas State
Fair, Oct. 9—15. The number of entries
is especialy large in the Baby Health
Contest and are being received from
almost every county in the state.
Fool Questions.
A. L. B. asks: “What does a layer
cake lay, eggs or bricks?" Don’t shoot
b'm officer; the poor boob isn’t in his
right mind.
Mrs. James Thomas, wife of Rev.
]>r. James Thomas, presiding elder of
the Little Rock conference of the
Methodist church, died at the family
residence in Little Rock last Monday
morning at C>:.'!() o'clock. The deceased
who was a daughter of Rev. and Mrs.
T. W Hays, was reared in Prescott,
where she was first married to Mr.
C. ('. McRae, and where she continued
to reside for some years after Mr. Mc
Rae’s death, until she was married to
Or. Thomas. She was a woman of rare
strength and beauty of character, and
was well known in church and social
circles throughout the state. She has
a great host of friends in Ferscott who
are sincerely bereaved by her death.
The Standard Training School for
Sunday Ssehool Workers, which was
held in Prescott last week, was a most
gratifying success. More than 100
persons were enrolled in the various
classes for instruction. Of this number
00 completed the required course and
received certificates.
Resolutions of thanks were heartily
adopted at the closing session Friday
(‘veiling expressing appreciation for
Ihe work of Rev. Clem Raker and the
faculty: of the generous hospitality of
the people of Prescott, and for the
kindness *>f the newspapers in giving
publicity to the work of the school.
, -CM
Last Saturday morning, September
2, 1!)22, the sad news came to Ham
burg that Mr. Nick Wells, who for a
number of years has been a resident
of our town, had passed away at two
forty-five o'clock that morning at the
home of his brother in Monticello.
Mr. Wells was born September 1,
1S73. and came to Hamburg a num
ber of years ago to make ids home.
He was married to Miss Willie White
side, who with their little daughter,
Carolyn, and two brothers and two
sisters survive him.
Mr. Wells was one of our best citi
zens, prominent in church and busi
ness circles of Hamburg. He was local
manager of the Dermott Grocer Co.
In the Methodist church he was one
of the leading and most active officials,
Chairman of the Board of Stewards
and a teacher in the Sunday school.
He possessed thi* true Christian spirit,
the spirit of unselfishness, thinking of
the comfort and welfare of others,
rather than self. In his church work
he never tried to shift the hard tasks
to others, but always willing to carry
the biggest burden himself and ask
ing others to do the easiest task.
Funeral services were conducted in
the Methodist church in his native
town. Monticello. last Sunday after
noon, at three o'clock, by the lb v.
T. P. Clark, his pastor, and the Uev.
W. P. Whaley, his Presiding Elder,
and his body was laid to rest beside
that of his mother in the Monticello
The church was filled with many
sorrowing sympathetic friends from
Montioello, Hamburg and other neigh
boring towns. The active pall bearers
were Mr. .1. F. Tiln- and Mf\ Oscar
I'.iuoiy of tliis place, and four of his
business assoc ates from Oermotl.
while the honorary pall bearers were
the members of his Sunday school class
in Hamburg.
He was a good man. What greater
epitaph could be written of any one?
If this could be said of all of us when
we come to the end of our earthly
journey, then we would know that
this life had not been lived in vain,
that this world is a better place, be
cause we have lived here.
The flowers that covered Ids casket
and grave were many and beautiful.
Weak, Ailing
should take
Sold Everywhere fll
JO 00
pnrwf—.. r?f—
nm ... i"i .1 ww"Biff"Ht'i;T!,!.;:i.lJaEim
Condensed statement of condition of
First State Bank
Prescott, Arkansas
at close of business Sept. 12, 1922, as disclosed by re
port to State Bank Commissioner by Auditing com
mittee of Board of Directors.
Loans and discounts_$188,515.58
Stock, Federal Reserve Bank_ 1,750.00
Bonds, Scrip, Warrants_ 1,032.90
Banking House, Furniture and Fixtures.. 12,953.44
Other Resources_ 1,343.58
CASH _ 73,416.59
Total_ $279,012.09
Capital _$ 50,000.00
Surplus and Profits_ 10,021.22
Bills Payable_ 35,000.00
DEPOSITS_ 183,990.87
Officers and Directors
C. V Smith, President
E. M. Sharp, Cashier
J. C. Woodul
•T. M. Stripling
VY. 15. Waller, Vice-President
\Y. If. A. Terry. Ass't Cashier
(Jeo. F. Cress
A. 11. Smith
To show their respect and apprecia- i
tion for both Mr. and Mrs. Wells, who j
were among our very best citizens,
floral offerings were sent by the busi
ness men of Hamburg, t he Hoard of
Stewards, ids Sunday school class and
the club of which she is an honored
Mr. Wells will be greatly missed in
many places. He proved by his life,
that he believed in the scripture that
“Faith without works Is dead.” Many
hearts are sad because he has passed
away and hosts of friends sympathize
with Mrs. Wells and Carolyn and
other loved ones in their great be
reavement. but their real solace and
consolation must come from the
“Father of Mercies, and the God of
all comfort who comforteth us in all
our sorrow.”—Ashley (Vainly Leader.
(Mrs. Wells is a daughter of Rev.
and Mrs. J. A. Sage, of Prescott, and
she and little daughter will make her
home with her parents here for the
’’Everything my little 12-year-old
girl ate distressed her; even a glass
of water would cause her to belch gas
and she was unable to go to school
for nearly a year. I bought her a
bottle of Mayr’s Wonderful Remedy,
land since taking it she is eating us J
out of house and home and it attend j
ing school again." It is a simple. ]
harmless preparation that removes tin* 1
catarrhal mucus from the intestinal j
j tract and allays the inflammation
wh'ch causes practically all stomach, j
liver and intestinal ailments, indud
ing appendicitis, one dose will con
vince or money refunded.
For sale by all druggists.
District Court of the I'nited States '
Western District of Arkansas
Texarkana Division
In the matter of .T, A. White & Co.. |
a partnership composed of J. A. White, ;
.1. A. Bailey. D. B. Dillard, Guy Ellis,
and E N. Bolten and .1. A. White, J
A. Bailey, D. L. Dillard, Guy Ellis and
E. N. Bolten, individually, Bankrupts,
No. 5(>(i, 507, 508, 50!t, 570. 571 in
Notice on Petition for Discharge
Notice is hereby given that the said
.1. A. White, J. A. Bailey, D. L. Dillard.
Guy Ellis, and E. N. BoP n have filed
applications for a dscharge in bank
ruptcy from their partnership and in
dividual debts, and that it has been
ordered by the Court that a hearing
be had upon said application before
said Court on the 28th day of October,
1022, at Texarkana in said district,
at 10 o’clock in the forenoon, at which
hearing all cred tors and other per
sons In interest may appear and show
i cuuse, if any they have, why the prayer
; of said petitioner should not be grant
Texarkana, Ark., September 11, 1922.
(Seal) W. S. WELLSHEAR, Clerk,
By J Warren Stevens. Deputy Clerk.
Notice is hereby Riven tnat on thp
3rd day of Octover, 1022 there will
be held at the several regularly estab
lished voting precincts In Nevada coun
ty, Arkansas a general election at
which election the following officers
will he elected, to-wit:
One Congressman
One Governor
One State Senator
One Representative
One Secretary of State
One State Treasurer
One Commissioner Mines, etc
One Commissioner Lands, etc
One Associate Justice
One Attorney General
One State Auditor
One Supt. Public Instruction
One Prosecuting Attorney
One Circuit Judge
One Circuit Clerk
One County Judge
One Sheriff
One County Clerk
One County Treasurer
One Coroner
One Surveyor
One Public Weigher
Two justices of peace for each town
ship, except Missouri, in which four
are to be elected, and one constnblo
in each township.
Given under my hand this September
3. lf»22.
Sheriff of Nevada County, Ark.
I 24 lb sack_$ .85
! 48 lb sack_1.65
1 bbl 4-48 lb sacks. 6.50
Other prices on feed and
groceries are as cheap as
can be found anywhere.
We are still buying coun
try produce.
Try us on the next bill of
groceries and feed.
i w. r. steed &
I Phone 131

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