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Red Rust Proof
Seed Oats
We have just received a car of Red Rust
Proof Seed Oate, in four and one-half bushel
bags, and will sell by the sack at
Sow now and you will have better oats
and earlier oats than you will if you wait
until spring. „
•< Prescott, Ark.
In compliance with Governor Mc
Rae’s proclamation setting aside the
week, Oct. ‘Jl» to Nov. 5th as public
school week, I call upon all teachers
and boards of directors in the county to
assist in the proper observance of the
week, the object of which is to deepen
the interest of the public in the welfare
of our public schools. Teachers an?
urged to arrange for a community
meeting one night during the week and
to arrange for a program for the same
The following is suggestive:
Community Singing
Two or three numbers by school
How our school should serve the j
community, by a local person.
How parents may help make a school
successful, by a mother.
The future of our school, by the
secretary or chairman of the school
Oportnnity schools, by the teacher.
Teachers may add to the above any
special features desired.
Preeminently the greatest problem
that eonfronts the nation and the State
as well as the loeal community, is the
question of the public schools. With
our ch ldren going to school one-third
less than the average child in America
it is indeed a problem of serious con
<-ern. Local communities have their
problems the discussion of which will
he both interesting and benefie'al.
Therefore, I call upon all school forces
to join hands in the observance of
Public school week. Oct. ‘2b to Nov. '»th.
t'ounty Kup't. of schools.
Miss Willie Lawson, state organizer
of Opportmrty Schools, spent last
week in Nevada county, in interest of
the Forward Education Movement.
Several schools were organized
throughout the county, and other mat
ters pertaining to educational advance
men were looked after by Miss
$1.00— WILL CHAIN IT — $1.00
Carrying: a watch
like riding a horse
When chains cost
can afford one.
We have a new
prices $1 to $8.50.
ferent designs to
Here for your wants
without a chain is
so little, everyone
shipment just in,
We have fifty de
select from. Come
in jewelry.
j Local Team Wins From Nash
ville Eleven Last Friday
Score 28-13.
Lust Friday Loach McGill and his
Curly Wolves, accompanied by a crowd
of rooters journeyed to Nashville to
play the Nashville high school football
boys. The final score stood 128 to K>,
with Prescott on the heavy end.
Prescott's fans and supporters claim
to have never seen «ucb a poor show
ing of spotsmanship as was put up by
the Nashville men. They did all in
their power to discredit the local boys,
fa ling miserably, and Succeeded in
showing only their lack of real foot
ball spirit.
Graham, Griffith, Jones and Sage
played remarkable games Graham's
line plunges showing more pep than
usual, even for the hard playing cap
Griffith played a stellar game as
tackle, pounding the Nashville line
time and nga'n.
Jones made some remarkamble gains
around the ends. Jones is a good man
to have in the backfieki, steady, reliable
and a sure gainer.
Sage played hard, as usual. He
made long gains almost every try. Sage
made the hist touchdown ox the game,
when, with a minute to play, he inter
cepted a forward pass one yard behind
his goal line and raced the full length
of the field for a touchdown, dodging
every man on the Nashville team..
The boys go to Pine Bluff Saturday,
for out* of the hardest games of the
season. They need, and deserve the
support of everyone in Prescott.
H. ... .Hrahain
H. _Tones
F. _Fomby
\ mi1 i irotuu
Flood L.
<\ Kildy _H
Humphreys (el _
1J. Powers
('. Powers
(1. Kildy
j.I. Floyd — <'
Substitutions:—Wiliams for Fomby.
Fnip're, Tennyson, H. it. <\ ; llefree,
l’.oone, 11. It. r.; Head 1 neuian. Itush.
... L. <J
It. <J.
l. r
_U. T
I.L. E.
A) Johnson
. .Hubbard
... Griffith
_ Boyd
H. K. ..._White
That there is a revival of interest in
schools for adults is evidenc'd by the
i fact (here have been above 8(100 enroll
<>d in such schools iu the State with 11
the past eight mouths. Many older
people will remember that arithmetic
and writing schools for adults were
common oceuraiiees during their young
er days This idea is Mng revived
n the form of Opportunity Schools for
adults All Opportunity School is a
school taught by the teacher of the
day school or some other qualified per
son, and has as its pupils the adults
1 of the distr'et who w'sh to learn to
read and write or who wish to take a
1 review iu the subjects in which they
'feel a deficiency. The schools are
I usually held two nights out of each
i week for a per'od of six weeks or
! more. Literature and lesson plans for
|t!ie work are furnished ‘ree by the
Arkansas Kdueatlotifl! Association and
can he secured from County Superin
tendent .1. W. Teeter. Teachers and
directors arc ttrgtal to co-operate in
j organizing these schools and to make
one of their main objects the teaching
of the twelve hundred people in Nevada
County lo read and write.
The ITcscott Mercantile Co., have
established a branch at Smackover,
which will Ik* in charge of C. M.
Alspaugh, who is this week making
needed repairs on the building there.
The local store will be in charge of
(j. \Y Alspaugh and Mrs. Nutter.
Quorum court convened here yester
day. Appropriations for many public
improvements will be asked by inter
ested parties, among them, aid in tick
eradication, and the securing of a
county agent.
There is plain justice in the
statement which condemns a
man who hoards his money as
an undersirable citizen. He
withholds it from circulation,
robs himself of its earning ca
pacity and stands before his
fellow men branded as a miser.
Instead of hiding money
away in disuse, it can be invest
ed with absolute safety in a
Time Deposit with the Bank of
Prescott, earning interest at the
rate of 4 per cent. Don’t Hoard
Money! Put your money in
this Strong Bank!
Prescott, Arkansas
The revival meeting which has been
in progress at the Methodist Ohurch
in I’rescott for the past ten days will
Hose tonight (Thursday). The meet
ing has grown steadily in attend
ance and interest and much good has
doubtless been accomplished. Uev.
Roebuck, who has been doing all the
preaching for the meeting has made
a very line impression both as a man
and minister. He came to Prescott an
entire stranger to nearly all of our
people, but he will go away leaving a
host of friends among those who have
been strengthened and enr'ehed by his
ministry. Several members have been
received into the church by letter and
others are expected to join the church
before the meeting closes.
l am still selling pianos and all who
are due me will please call and pay.
A. Monson. 10-12m2
P. J. Fore of Cale route 2, P. O.
Charles of Prescott route 2, I. N. Tun
nell, Cale route 1, W. S. Black, Prescott
route 4, and Miss Mildred Bush,
Gillette, Ark., are new subscribers ad
ded to tiie Picayune list the past week.
Every week new subscribers are added
to our list, and we cont'nue our ef
forts to Improve otir paper in conse
quence. Next week we begin publica
tion of ••Desert Gold,” a serial by Zane
Grey. America’s foremost story writer.
There are many other features in the
Picayune each week, which will be
found in no other publication d stri
buted in Nevada county. Get the first
chapters of “Desert Gold”—It is a
great story.
120 acres, 100 in cultivation, 0 acres
orchard, 2 four room houses, one 2
room house. 2 large barns, good water.
S miles northwest of Prescott near
Peanyville. Joe F. Garner, 1018 Wert
7th street, Texarkana, Texas. 881wd
You Don’t Figure
the Cost of a Meal
Hut you pay dearly for the meals for a whole
month unless you buy to advantage by improving every
We afford you such advantages. First, because
we have a large and varied stock from which to select.
Second, because we take advantage of every opportun
ity in the wholesale market. Third, because we are
content with a legitimate profit and give YOU the
advantage of the special opportunities we find. 1 hat
makes buying profitable at this store.
Formerly Cooke St Ellu
ROY NEL80N, Prop.
Phone No. 374 Prescott, Ark.

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