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Charlie 1»«i\a 1 HikNou <>f Smack
over. visited friends here Tuesday.
Bonnie, the litle daughter of Dr
and Mrs. Nelms, spent part of this
week with her sister. Mrs. O. G. M ren
of Prescott.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank I.oe ot Blevins,
visiti'd their daughter, Mrs. .!. M
Ingrain here Wednesday.
Mrs. J. <;. Bolls was a visitor at
Mr. Willie Cross' Thursday.
Ivey Cross, who has heen dangerous
ly ill since last Tuesday is reported no
Harold Ilonea is still improving.
We hope he will soon he up.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. W. Ingram are
Visiting at Prescott this week.
McKae Gann was a business visitor
to Prescott Friday.
Mrs. Belle Snelson of Knox City.
Toxsis. is visifng her father, W. K.
Whitten and other relatives and
friends here.
Miss Dorthy Vaden spent Saturday
night with Miss Ollie McGough.
Mrs. McRae Gann spent Saturday
afternoon with Mrs. X. X. Daniell.
Miss Hazel Daniell spent Saturday
night with Miss Nina Nelms.
Mrs. O G. Wren is visiting home
folks this week.
Miss Vera Hudson is visiting her
parents at Smackover.
Quite a number of our young people
attended church at New Salem Sun
day afternoon. Also Dr. C. !■. Nelms
and family and W. J. Hall.
0. l\ Fielding and daughters. Misses
Elva and Esther, were shopping in
Prescott yesterday.
Earl Fore is attending to business
matters in Present! this week.
Little Ivy Cross, son of Mr. and Mrs
"Willie Cross. is reported in a eritieil
Mr and Mr-. Shelton Cro« of Cam
den are visiting Mr and Mrs Will
Misses Murl Calloway. Ceorgia
"White. Miriam and I.-Ilian Fore spent
the night with Miss Elva Fielding
Sati rday
Mis- I'entity Yaden was a plea
ant ( a Her at Miss Ollie Met rough's
Saturday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs Alfred Cross ot Cant
den, nre tit the bedside of little I'.\
Cross. ~i
Mi— tli'orgia Witi of Sutton, r*
turned home Wednesday front a few
days’ visit to Fdevins.
We li.nl another rain Sunday cvi
liil.u Tim fanner- -uro need tn In* ai
work in their <• i«*j>s.
Ucv. l.ir St a me.- preached lor u
Snli-rdax night and Sunday morning
at 11 :oo. A good >i/i i i'iAvd attended
the-e sorviee.-.
Mr. and Mr- 1» W. Monro of Pre
cot! attended i tuircli here Sunday.
.Mi-.i- Ko\lo and l!e--ie Auxin'
took dinner at Mrs. Wilson'- Sunday.
Dalton Kuolianan visited Miss
P.catriee Woll- of Prescott Sunday
aftei noon.
Ii. S Aliororoinldo and A. E Mo
Guiiv iitiondod singing at Salem Sun
day afternun.
W (' Moore -pent a few days last
week in Texarkana.
(.Miite a few young people visited the
Sin . lo oil well Sunday.
Mr-. .( a Orr attended ehureli at
I'ro-eott Sunday evening.
W < *. r.illingsley and family. .1. D.
MeGuire and family -pent Sunday
with Mr-. .Ie—ie Arnott.
our society meet- next Saturday
night. Everybody invited.
Several of the young hoys visited
the “ole swimming hole" Sunday.
Good link to all.
L pIney" GROVE ~ |
Misses Dupree. Nioma and Plileas
Orrtn were at Sunday School Sunday
Harper 1'sury was a business visitor
in l’reseott last week.
The farmers’ are getting behind
with their work. The writer’s cotton
lias been having the "blues,”
Sarnie Orren transacted business in
Prescott last Saturday.
Mr. Harve Erwin’s brother from
Texas lias been spending a few days
Good luck to the Picayune.
Tiir writer mill a innnlwM* limn' from
I tliis place ii 1 tended service- •'* 1 f’l' ;
Springs Sunday. Kid -I M Krwin
pri-iii'lii'il a i eaI tin*- ‘ riunn *il I 1
O'clock mi llif 1 'iiraldi' <d' 'In' tfii
Vilnius, mill then .i niff dinner "ft"
served by tlif good l.'idif' "I lh.lt <'iiill
inniiity. Tht* singing in thf afterin'on
whs lint1. Several leaders were prt'M'iii
and nil enjoyed llif day.
(irandma Langston ha* hffn real
sick fur the past wed and is no I **ttt-r
at 111i~ writing.
Calvin I’.ciniftt and family and Mrs
r.i-rtlia r.iilli'r i»f Itucky Mound. spfiit
Sunda.t night witli Mr and Mr> Ceo.
Leonard Starks and witf and Mi.
and Mrs. Norman (Jarrett of Hope,
visited relatives here Saturday night
and Sunday.
Miss opal Phillips has hot n visit
ing relatives liere for tht past week
Miss (Jeorgie White, after spending
a week at Blevins. returneil home
Sat unlay.
Fred Hunt and wife of Hope, visited
here Sunday.
A. A. Calloway and family visited
Ben Phillips and family near Prescott
Mrs. Bertha Simpson and daughter
Velma made a business trip to Hope
Misses (ilen anti Francis Bright
were tin* guest of Clemmie Mitchell
Thursday afternoon.
Mrs Lily Armstrong and daughter
Ueva. were shopping in Pivsi-ott Wed
Missci Kay Armstrong and Teniae
Bennett spent Saturday night with
('arri< and Lois Wotulnl
Lester Hamilton of Antiocli. was in
| ottr bnrg Thursday afternoon on litisi
1 ness.
j Mis-es Myriain and Lillian Fore.
I Marl <Jallowuy. Ceorgie White spent
! Satimlaj night i;li Miss Klva Field
Tin party given at the hdlne of Mr
and Mrs Kdgar Woodul Saturday
night was well attended and all re
j ported it nice t tine.
Sue- e-s to tin* readers o:' the l'n ay
I nne.
.1 K. Butler, Kosston i imii' was
I in our town lu*st week shopping.
I’. II Herring visited home folks at
pn-intt S;inmliiy ami S inlay, if
■ ruining Monday morning.
in-. limit May ami wif> of liodg«T».
'Ail:, i isited relat ives ami friends in
; cur town
II S Herring ami wile uiailc a tlv
i mg trip to I’re-i at Sunday
I M isst - Vivian ami Bertha I'mvii
i it'urned home Sattinlay. We an
i |iroiid to see them attain.
We are proud !o o- Hugh Muni' lip
I again He lam been down for some
! iime with typhoid fever.
Several attended the singing at
Bluff Springs Sunday and report tine
! ringing and plenty to eat.
I’ern .Met'argo has hi- old job lan k
delivering mail.
| When sorrow -. < ome. a> eonte they
lu iJod a man must put his trust.
\'o voiee, however sweet or low
t'an eoinl'ort him or ease the Mow.
With all that kindly hands van do
And till that love may offer too.
lie must believe throughout the test
Dial Hod has willed it for the best;
No words whieh we have power to say
Han take the sting of grief away.
Ilello to one ami all.
Health i~ very good tit present in
this community.
Our Snumlay School is still im
Hramlma Boswell spent Saturday
night witli her son. K. <> Boswell.
Mr. and Mrs. II W. White spent
last Monday night with Mrs. White’s
sister. Mrs. Sallie Boswell.
Good luck to the Picayune.
There will he a grave yard working
at Mt. Moriah cemetery on Memorial
Day, May 30, and everyone is request
ed to he there early and bring tools
with them.
J. K Waddle, Chairman.
Tin' party ;it Tom Thompson's Sat
I unlay nigh’ was well uU. imI.mI. and
everybody ro,•«»rt*•<l a good ' inn
Miss Kl/.ie Taliaferro spent Satur
day night ami Sunday " tli M
Kdna and Ruby Andrew'
]’v. ryliudy enjoyed a good singing at
Miss Nellie Cash's Sunday afternoon.
School was mu Friday nfterno oil.
All except one of tile eighth grade re
reived diplomas
Mdses M i id red .loiies, Nellie Cash.
Heat lice McCorkle . Kdtia and Ruby
Andrews railed on Marie < <>x 1' inlay
Mrs. George Sehooley of Hope, has
been visiting relatives here.
Miss Meat lire MH’orkle is visiting
Miss Jesse Srliooley of Hope.
John W. Hewitt of .lames Town. La.,
has been spending the week with his
brother. T L Hewitt.
Miss May Williams spent Saturday
night with Miss Allie Hipp.
Charlie Taylor of livening Shade,
attended the singing Sunday after
The big flood that came Sunday and
Monday nights washed out several
bridges and everybody is anxious to
see the mail carrier again.
Miss Nellie Cash called on MUs
Kdna and Ruby Andrews Wednesdav
Misses Kdna and Ruby Andrews
called on Mrs John Turner 1 ast Ti.es
day afternoon.
Mr. Marian Mrltonald spent Sun
day with John Thompson.
I lello tu I i.‘ ii1 'ii nlc! l‘ii nyutn- ;it!'I
its many
After St'Vr! V • ek< .iM'i'lli will
11 ini' nun in.
Health i- _• •! i - * i • g
in this coin:
i'roi>s a:• _ i: _' • » grow im
warm weal get’ing her-.
F, II M call i'f Stephens. Ark.
visited home folks the latter part of
last week.
I’l-eari ug at Nuhhi ! I 11 w as well
artei Sit • 'ay. TI.i 1 " ho atti ml
ei| ! i (ii I’li'in!' wen F \ Itlal.ely,
T F 1 ' Mill. I » F. I la \ i I'll, III
If*'iiry Felt'*, also Hev. l'nn<|e\tei* of
Tylei-. T'MIs. The latter deli > : • il two
inn ii siiinx sermons for tt'.
Missi Minnie Hi :
Ful’ianm attended elmreli at '-iil.in
Hill S-.: day.
Sai. l’iitinan sjient Thursday night
with I» A Fullerton.
1V;i 1 lai Hendrix had the misloitme
of ] si, a line cow one day last
week Alex I’.eaver also lost a mule
Well as news is si atee will ring off.
with cess to the dear old Picayune
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si hools in this stale
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\ in iiii<• niii*n. tli'in- ii1111 In-lit*! that
x * *! | nil- ilnliil I ini' in Tilt* Sillx.ilinQ
A up., iii'i't ii|nin i Ti-ilt-ntiiil* sinrtr
.1.4 tiny art* mi! 11in*st*ntalive* W*
mi hi- i in- nitntiiil appeal a .veil i for
II lint* St-i x i i Fund* nil iinniii**- cod*
111 i 1 itirt*tI tlui iii^ >ni-li ii|i|M*itls 11 iiiain
ill III,- rn’*nt|-y fur tilt* 11 *1 i t *f nf tllP
tin ft »i'tuii.iti- mill needy jm n»r.
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