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Qfye tyxtscatt
I 2-cent Rate Goes into Effect To
^ morrow Night at 12 O’clock.
B The agent of the Iron Moun
Btain at this place received in
Bstructions yesterday to put into
■effect tomorrow night at 12
■o’clock the 2-cent passenger
■ rate as provided by the Ross
B The circular in effect says that
■ it is to be a Hat 2-cent rate. No
Si round-trip tickets are to be sold.
B There will be no party rates, no
ll clergy rates, no child rates. No
fH discount allowed for railroad em
B ployes', charity, etc.
■ For tickets sold to points out
fl side the state, d cents a mile will
tt be charged for the entire trip.
|g| However, passengers may pur
■ chase tickets to the state line at
J§; 2 cents, and re purchase from
jj| the state line to their destination
J| at the prevailing rate. The rate
B when cash fare is paid on the
B train is the same as when a tick
I et is purchased.
J The excess baggage rate will
jfjj be two-thirds of the present rate.
U All mileage books and tickets
I previously purchased will be ae
■.••^tepted for passage, but not re
I deemed.
i That the railroads apparently
intend to submit to the law for
a time does not mean that they
,*,biive given up th^» j*»leulion < f
contesting the legislation in the
courts. On the contrary, no an
nouncement has been made of
any recession from the determ i
. tion taken at a recent meeting of
railway attorneys at St. Louis,
where it was decided to tight the
* law throughout the highest
courts, if necessary.
Death of Mrs. J. L. McGough.
News was received this morn
l ing from Emmet, announcing the
death of Mrs. j. L. McGough,
which occurred at her home at
D o'lock last night.
Mrs. McGough had been seri
ously ill for some time with con
j sumption, but her death, never
theless came as a severe shock
1 to the family.
The funeral will take place at
the family burying ground this
afternoon at 4 o’clock.
I Specialty
I This
I . Week
Prescott Supply
1 and Hardware Company
Mrs. McGough was the step
mother of Mrs. J. M. Hal tom,
of this place, to whom is extend
ed the sympathy of the entire
community, as well as to the be
reaved husband and family.
Library Association.
A meeting of the citizens of
Prescott will be held on next
Friday evening, at 7:30 o’clock,
at the the home of J. C. Young,
for the purpose of organizing a
public library association. Ev
erybody interested in the matter
is earnestly requested to be
It is proposed at this meeting
to devise a plan for the raising
of the funds necessary to pur
chase the books, and to appeal,
to Mr. Carnegie for money to
erect a handsome library build
The importance of the enter
prise is apparent to everyone who
Application for a Franchise Will Be Made
Before the City Council.
At the next meeting of the
city council, which will be on the
16th inst., there will come up for
consideration the application for
a telephone franchise for a new
telephone company, which is be
ing organized by R. L. Moore,
formerly of Magnolia.
Mr. Moore tolls us that the
company will be capitalized for
$12,000, eighty per cent of which
has already been subscribed,
and that work on the system will
begin as soon as the franchise is
Mr. Moore left yesterday for
Magnolia, j» be gone several
d«ys, winding up his affairs at
that place!
Associated with Mr. Moore in
the organization of the company
is Judge A. M. Denman.
We are the Buggy People
Since December 10th, we have
unloaded three carloads of buggies;
we have sold nearly evei y one of
them except the car we unloaded
last week. In this car there are a
lot of bran new styles, but it is the
material and the constiuetion that
we want you to find out more about.
Come in to see us and we can show
you why our buggy tic.de is increas
ing all the time and w hy people nat
urally come to us for vehicles. We
sell the best built up, best finished
and best trimmed runabout in the
country for
947. SO.
We are also harness people; we make it
and we understand it. Come to see us •
and we will help you to compare values
in harness.
(In the Big Ruilding.)
realizes the value of a good pub
lic library.
Jim Estes Hurt.
On Friday of last week, Jim
EsteS, engineer on the dummy,
working out on the P. & N. W.,
while going down a steep grade,
by some means allowed his en
gine to get out from under his
control, and in an attempt to
save himself, jumped, breaking
his leg, and injuring himself in
Mr. Estes is in a serious con
dition, but we trust will soon be
out again.
Will Lecture Tomorrow Night.
Miss Mosher, national lecturer j
for the Woman’s Christian Tem
perance Union, will lecture at j
the Methodist Church tomorrow !
evening. Everybody cordially
Miss Mosher lias been in the
state for two*months, and prog- i
ress'has marked every step of
her way. j
Let us do our'part by going
out to hear her.
—— ■
“Richelieu ’ groceries are the*
best HAUT has them. ‘
The temperature for Prescott
for the twenty-four hours end
ing at 7 a. m. this morning was:
maximum, 77 ~ ; minimum, 50° ;
rainfall. 00.
■^W.C.l'NUTUe.VTts. X> frti.
Prescott, Arkansas.
Capital Stock Authorized $100,000.00
Subscribed $50,000.00
Wg pay four per cent
compounded semi-an
nually on Savings Ac
On deposit of $1.00
wo will furnish you
absolutely free a hand
some savings bank to
help you sate.
Start an account today
Wc will appreciate it
Mrs. M. A. Baker, Miss Ber
tha Fleming, of Casa, Ark., and
Miss Maggie Baker, student in
Ouachita College at Arkadelphia,
are the guests of the family of
Dr. .J. W. Baker.
News of the Churches.
Rev. Beauchamp, Field Secre
tary of the Southern Baptist Sun
day School Convention occupied
the pulpit at the Baptist Church
yesterday morning. He is here
attending the Workers Institute
which has been in session for sev
eral days and which adjourned
last night. Rev. Beauchamp's
text was taken from I Peter, 2nd
chapter 21st verse; “That ye
should follow his steps.” His
sermon was well received by a
large and appreciative congre
gation. The music was a very
much appreciated part of the
service. Rev. Hudson one of the
visiting ministers presided at the
organ and was assisted by a well
filled choir of local talent. Rev.
Hudson also made a very interes
ting talk to the young people at
the church yesterday afternoon.
Rev. Bowers occupied the pulpit
in the evening.
There was no service at the
Presbyterian Church yesterday,
the pastor being absent on ac
count of an appointment out of
the city. The usual Sunday
School service was well attended,
*■ *
' *
The services at the Methodist
church yesterday were well at
tended. Dr. Godbey took for
his text the Apostles Creed and
showedjthat this was accepted by
all protestant denominations as
a test for applicants for member
ship and any little fancies that
they might hold were of little
importance. The night services
were given to a general talk
which was highly instructive.
• * X
The usual services were held
by the pastors of each the
Cumberland Presbyterian and
Christian churches yesterday.
The Covington Case
Secial to the News.
Little Rock, April 8.—The en
tire morning was spent in read
ing the deposition of Architect
Day, of Philadelphia, regarding
the capitol bill in the legislature
of 1905, and the evidence brought
out in effect was that Mr. Day
knew absolutely nothing of any
boodling in the legislature of
Hotel Arrivals
The following registered at
the Hotel Miller today: W. T.
Speech, Louisville; W. C. Marrs,
Memphis; W. R. Burns, Little
Rock; F. E. Mathews, Bradley,
111.; H. Taylor, Chicago.
•T. R. t\ ilson left last night for
Malvern where he goes to take
charge of the plant of the Rock
well Lumber Co. at that place.
The concern manufactures
screen doors and do an immense
business. The family of Mr.
Wilson will follow as soon as he
can secure a house there.
Proceedings of the Body Had this Morn*
ing. Goodwin Presidesi n Senate
Special to the News.
Little Rock, April 8.—The
senate was .called to order this
morning by President Moore,
who appointed Senator Goodwin
of Bradley county, to preside
for the day.
The |Moore-Heartsill bill was
read twice and Senator Amis
questioned whether or not the
bill had been tampered with. On
motion a committee was appoint
ed to investigate the report that
the bill had been changed from
the original provisions.
In the house, the Pulaski
County Levee Bill was introduc
ed, and the Dulaney amendment
to the general appropriation bill
was adopted. The amendment
provides for a secretary and
rate clerk for the railroad com
missioners at a salary of $1,500
and $1,400 a year respectfully.
Chafing Dish Club.
The members of the Chafing
Dish Club entertained their
friends with a skating party at
the rink Thursday evening. The
decorations were useful and ar
tistic, each column being wreath
ed in ivy and honeysuckle, while
roses and lilies added their
beauty and sweetness to the oc
From a bower of vines and
flowers the crystal punch bowl
offered refreshing nectar to each,
while delightful strains of music
mingled with the fragrance of
roses, the soft lights, the charm
ing young ladies of the club,
their happy guests, altogether
made the scene one of rare
beauty, which can better be im
aged than described.
After several hours of skating,
(even the hours seemed to be on
skates, they passed so quickly)
the delicious luncheon was served
from dainty baskets, each hold
ing enough for two, and clearly
showing that the young ladies of
I the Club were experts in that
old fashioned art of “fixing good
things to eat” as well as the
more athletic art of skating.
Each guest felt a regret that such
a pleasant evening should so
soon come to an end.
Owing to the rain all who were
expected could not come, but the
forty who were present never
spent a more delightful evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam O. Logan
and Miss Julia Logan will leave
on the cannon ball this afternoon /
for Monticello, to attend the
Hoke Orr wedding at that place
Wednesday morning at 9 o’clock.
TheNewsissent you
complimentary. Do
you want it tomor
row? If so, tele
phone No. 242.
N O W.
We want every
body to take the
daily. It will be
delivered at your

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