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Thos. C. McRae, Pres. Thos. C. McRae, Jr., Cashier
Jas. G. Clark, V.-Pres. T. It. Wright, Asst Cashier
SURPLUS, $15,000.00. I
If you have a checking account the bank
does your bookkeeping free of charge and
renders you a statement of your receipts and
expenditures whenever you ask for it. Your
cancelled checks are receipts for the bills
{ you have paid. You never pay a bill twice
» /'i u pay by check. The check is positive
5 proof that you have paid the money. You
cannot be robbed if you carry a check book
instead of the actual money. You cannot
ose your money by carelessness or fire if you
keep it in the bank and pay by check.
I,- If you have your check book in your
pocket you always have the “right change,’’
: for you can make out a check for any odd
Your money in the bank keeps the mills
running, employs labor and seeks good and
prosperous times for all.
If you have a checking account you need T
not send money through the mails. You can
send your check. If the check is lost your
money is still safe in the bank.
If a check is stolen or forged you d > not
lose anything. The bank is liable for forged
checks if it pays them. Hj
All check books, bank book", etc., are
free and it costs you absolutely nothing
have a bank account. E
Nine-tenths of the business of the world Kj
done by checks. Why not do yours that
way? gj
The officers of this bank are at your^ser- gj
vice. They invite you tc make this bank
[ your business home. B
_* —k.J*® - — "L.i'veviwiiiii 'qBWWa
DPflfi 111
thinks conflict with japan

Chief of Staff of United States
Army Makes Sensation in
1 Washington, Dec. 17.—Sensations
continue to multiply in reference to
the suppressed report of Secretary of
War Dickinson on tho weakness of
the nation's defensive power, but the
greatest developed when it was stated
in official circles that Maj. Gen. Leon
ard Wood, chief of staff of the
army, is convinced that a conflict
with Japan is only a matter of time.
It is understood that tiis belief was
tespi usible for the report which lias
raised such a stir in Washington.
A breach between the war depart
ment and congress was wider as a
result of charges made by Represent
ath'e J awney that a conspiracy ex
sts 0 o vate a nation wide sentiment
11 la’,or of a big appropriation for
i army and navy purposes. The state
nieiii ,,f Congressman Tawney is more
eigniii. ant because of the fact that
he is known to have the backing of
President Taft.
I . T"1' '• Dec. 17.—The budget for
'1 - as Anally completed, was an
1,0,11 !ls follows: Receipts, ordi
4S- yen; extraordinary,
■ iii,ji,; yen; expenditures, ordi
!.’?! f'1 <. 1 13.274 yen; extraordinary,
uut yen. A yen is equivalent
0 u ' it jO cents in American money.
[ . ;n's Haisura, premier and min
V.'1 1 finance, .ays that In the next
: * yars 82,000,000 yen, or $41,000,000
i'1, 1" sI»cat in supplementing and
ng tho navy. Fifteen million
yen is appropriated for tne next fis
cal year. The minister says that the
conspicuous innovations adopted by
other powers in the types of their
warships has made it necessary for
Japan to somewhat increase its naval
expenditure, not because of any dan
ger arising from differences with oth
er countries, but because the navy
of Japan, while not endeavoring to
compete with or surpass those of
other nations, must be kept up to a
modern standard.
That Isn't Sufficient Grounds for
Divorce Decree, Kansas City
Judge Rules.
Kansas City, Mo., Dec. 1C.—Circuit
Kansas City, Mo.. Dec, 17.—Circuit
Court Judge James has ruled that cig
arette smoking on the part of a wife
is not a sufficient ground for divorce*.
Frank I*. Houck sought divorce from
his wife, Florence. He testified that
his wife smoked in bed and set lire
to the curtains and rolled cigarettes
while preparing meals.
“Hut that is not sufficient cause for
divorce,” Judge James said; "not so
long as she smoked in the house and
not in public."
Robin Cooper Marries.
Louisville, Ky., Dec. 17.—Robin
Cooper, who was recently Jointly
charged w ith his father with tlie mur
der of ex-Senator Edward \V. Car
mack, in Nashville, Tenn., was mar
ried to Miss Eva Smith of this place.
The pair left for New Orleans, where
they will sail for Panama Decem
ber 17.
The Citizens Bank
CAPITAL. $25,000
Our Services
Our equipment for the protection and safe guard -
mg of money and our facilities for the transaction of
financial matters are respectfully ottered to the people
«>f this community with the full assurance that any
trust given to this bank will be handled in a safe and
tan minded manner.
We have no Safety Deposit Boxes to rent, but will
be pleased to keep your valuable papers in our fireproof
vault free of all cost to you.
'search being made for im
prisoned MINERS.
Twenty Miles of Colorado Workings
Being Explored to Find
Leyden, Colo., Dec. 17.—A party of
rescuers, headed by Prof. J. C. Rob
erts of the government mine rescue
bureau, equipped with oxygen hel
mets, began exploring 20 miles o!
workings in the south half of the Ley
den coal mine to find ten miners en
tombed there by a fire which has
been raging in No. 2 shaft. Mean
while other men are bratticing off
the main entry from shaft No. 1 in
an endeavor to reach the imprisoned
The rescuers are compelled to push
their way through clouds of deadly
afterdamp and smoke which fill the
interior workings. Prof. Roberts be
lieves the ten miners may still be
“If the men kept their heads and
remained where they were known to
be working, they are safe. If they
tried to push their way out through
shaft Xo. 1 they are probably dead.
We found a number of dead mules in
the shaft, where the air is very bad,”
said Roberts.
I Congressman McGuire’s Former Wife
Marries Again—Second Choice
a Football Star.
Guthrie, Ok., I>ec. 17.—Mrs. Anna
McGuire, former wife of Congressman
Pird S. McGuiu if the First Okla
homa district, w. married,at Paw
Congressman Bird S. McGuire.
huska, Ok., to George C. Lamotte, a
member of the Pawhuska city coun
cil. He is a French Osage Indian
and former star halfback on the Has
kell school football team.
Congressman McGuire was divorced
a year ago in Guthrie, his wife alleg
ing cruelty. When she lived in Wash
ington Mrs. McGuire was known as
one of the best dressed women there.
ironmaster Carnegie Declares That
Armed Preparation Will Not
Bring Peace.
Washington, Dec. 17.—Declaring
that civilized nations were spending
ominously excessive sums in arma
ment which would prove no deterrent
to war, Andrew Carnegie, in an ad
dress before the International Con
ference of the American Society for
Judicial Settlement of International
Disputes, elaborated on his world's
peace plan which he has launched
with a $10,000,000 gift. He asserted
that the paramount issue is an appeal
iu iiir cuusnt'iiiT anu noi 10 me
He praised ihe Idea of a world
court for the judicial as against the j
diplomatic settlement of international ,
Blaze Destroys Home in Which Man
Lived to Whose Color Neigh
bors Objected.
St. Louis, Dec. 17.—The authorities
in St. Louis county are investigating
a mysterious fire at Pennsylvania and
Wise avenues, when the home of
John Drown, a negro, was totally de
For several weeks the members of
an improvement association interest
ed in the neighborhood made offers
to Drown to vacate the property, but
he insisted on a fabulous figure for
his holding.
Brown had an arsenal in the
house, as he claimed, to protect him
self from his warring white neigh
000,000 IN 28 YEARS.
Final Quarterly Dividend Is $10,000,
000—Had Paid Stockholders
$709,812,620 Since 1882.
New York, Doc. 17.—Accompanying
the announcement that the Standard
! Oil company has issued a final quar
terly dividend to shareholders amount
ing to $10,00.000. it was calculated
ttiat John D. Rockefeller, as owner
of 25 per cent of the stock, has re
ceived about $180,000,000 as his share
of the dividends.
In nine years, it is said, he has re
ceived in dividends more than $90,
000,000, while his equity in the total
net profits since 1S82 is said to have
exceeded $280,000,000.
From 1902 to 1910, inclusive, the
Standard Oil company has disbursed
to shareholders $357,929,620 out of
the net profits of $673,202,964, leaving
a surplus of $315,272,444.
Since 1882 the company has dis
bursed $709,812,020 out of its profits
of $1,129,442,064, leaving a surplus of
This is the first time that any real
Idea of what Mr. Rockefeller’s for
tune must be up to date has been esti
mated to any accurate degree.
Washington. Dec. 17.—One of the
six-inch guns cn the armored cruiser
Pennsylvania hurst at the muzzle ]
while the ship v at target practice ,
off the Pacific msL There \\tre;
no casualties.
The gun was an old one. unhooped
at the muzzle. There are 132 of these
guns afloat, and ' ar Admiral Mason,
chief of ordnance .-’ready has re
quested an appr<e v m of congress
to defray the eo 1 hooping the
guns to the muzzle.
Baby Drowns in a Pail.
Buffalo, X .Y., Dec. 17.—Mrs. Joseph
Miclialski went to a neighbor’s homo
leaving her two children alone. Upon
her return 10 minutes later, she found
the body of the younger child, a 9
months-old baby, head foremost in a
pail. It had he n drowned in six
inches of water.
You will find at our store
something for each member
of the family, your friend
or your sweetheart.
For the Ladies and Girls, We have_
House Slippers Belts and Bags
Silk Waist Combs and Barrettes
Furs and Cloaks Belt Pins
Automobile Scarfs Hat Pins
Silk Shawls Collars and Jabots
Linen Drawn Work Cuff Buttons
Handkerchiefs Collar Pins
Mufflers Umbrellars
For the Men and Boys, We have_
House Slippers Cuff Buttons
Mufflers Scarf Pins
Neck Ties Belts
Silk Socks Suspenders
Silk Handkerchiefs Gloves
Linen Handkerchiefs Suit Cases
Sweaters Umbrellars
Fancy Vests A “Best Ever’ Suit
For Everybody_
Apples Candies
Oranges Nuts
Bananas Raisins
Cocoanuts Figs
Prescott Arkansas.

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