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®lje Prescott datt|i ^Xetos^l^
-—— I
Washington. Nov. 4.-Austria-Hun
• the last and most powerful ally
Germany, passed out of the world
wav today under terms of abject sur
’ rendel'- . - ,
Xct onlv haw the armed forces of
the once uov.evful Austro-Hungarian
empire laid down their arms, to await
the end of the war and peace terms
jictated by the allies and the United
States, but \ustro-Hungarian terri
tory is open for operations against
Germany. Kvon the munitions of the
former ally are to be used against the
kaiser’s army f refusal to accept con
ditions now being prepared for them
make prolonged fighting necessary.
The terms winch stopped the vic
torious advance on the Italian front ;
were accented \ the Austrian com- !
siander-in-chief in the tield in the i
name of the Vienna government, and ;
their execution is guaranteed by the
thorough beating already adminis- i
tered. which ! ad converted the defeat- i
ed army into a disorganized, fleeing i
Even the terms imposed previously
upon Bulgaria and Turkey hardly
were so drastic. In addition to all of
the military precautions, the Aus- '
trians are compelled to retire from a [
wide strip of territory within the
borders of tin ir empire when the war j
began, surrendering all of the Italia
Irredenta a' : thereby losing any ad
vantage for argument over boundar
ies around a peace table. ,
Austria Hungary's navy, which
•either mils' ! • delivered to the allies I
or disarm*-1 under the terms of the J
armistice • t country has signed,
consists of pproximately 251 ships. •
according: to the latest official infor- j
mation rcac nj the navy department. I
These figures Secretary Daniels an- 1
nonneed today, were compiled without '
reference to recent reported losses of
two Austrian battleships.
The total of submarines is placed
at 45. with 15 battleships, an equal
number ot cruisers, 21 torpedo boat
destroyers, lo torpedo gunboats, 67
torpedo boats, 45 mine layers, 11
irver monitors, seven patrol boats. ;
six armed steamers, six scouts, one
ri\er torp* to boat and two trawlers, i
A map of survey of the gcographi- ]
cal lines fixed for Austrian evacuation
shows that the area is even greater
-han that s**r by the Italians as the
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i -
> Americans Capture and Hold j
Wooded Heights South of the'
Citv of Beaumont—Sedan is '
Under Fire of Yankee (inns.
With the American Army on the
Sedan Front, Nov. 4.—In the face of
stubborn opposition the Americans
took and held firmly, the wooded
heights south of Beaumont, the last
German stronghold west of the
Meuse. The advance carried the lines
forward for an average gain of five !
The forces on the heights are now
only about seven and a half miles
from Garignan, on the Mesieres-Metz
railroad and about nine miles from
Sedan, bringing both places within
range of the allied shell fire.
The day’s work may be said to
cipal phase of the American operation
have been complete. It was the prin
since the neck of the German lateral
communications between the armies
to the north and west was narrowed
to the strangling point.
The attacking forces to the right
and left advanced with less speed
than at the center, where an Ameri
j can division crashed through despite
: the most stubborn opposition offered {
| by the Germans since the beginning j
! of the offensive. The apex of the line I
| was driven to the heights which are j
t vital, affording dominating positions j
1 for the artillery.
Patrols went into and beyond the |
j town itself, but its possession is un
necessary as long as the hills are held
by the Americans. The Germans can- j
i not fight over the terrain north and j
I northeast because of the lack of com- !
| municating lines there. They must i
i fall back as soon as the American ar- I
| tillery breaks up the remaining rail- |
' roads, even if the main lines from
» I
Sedan to Metz are not smashed first. |
The military authorities were over- j
joyed with the results of the day’s |
fighting, declaring that it may even |
spell the end of the present operation,
and that any others to the north,
' westward or directly eastward would
constitute entirely new operations.
The German resistance encountered
J by the American troops on virtually
all parts of the west was the feature
of the fighting today. The opposition
was especially stubborn on the right
and left flanks, where the enemy
brought up reinforcements and de
fended himself with machine guns
and artillery.
Took 300,000 Prisoners and .">000
(iuns Before Armistice Went
Into Effect—Austrian Front
is Crushed.
i _
Washington, Nov. 4.—Three hun
dred thousand Austrian soldiers and
not less than 5,000 guns have been
captured by the victorious Italian ar
mies before the armistice went into
effect at 3 o'clock this afternoon, said
an official dispatch tonight from
I Rome. This included all captures since
I the offensive began October 24.
The soldiers of the once powerful
Austrian army, the dispatch said, con
tinued to flee in disorder. Since the
offensive started, 03 Austro-Hungar
ian divisions were put out of combat
by 51 Italian divisions, three British
and two French divisions, with Czeeho
Slovak units and an American regi
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Real Peace Conference Has Al
ready Been Held By Allies in
France—Hun Stands Alons
Against the World.
Washington, Nov. 4.—Terms upon
which Germany may obtain an imme
diate armistice and end the war were
completed and signed today in Paris.
Secretary Lansing announced the fact
tonight in a brief statement, adding
only that complete diplomatic har
mony had been achieved by the allied
and American conferees at Versailles.
It may be stated authoritatively
that the terms, not yet given out for
| publication, follow closely those under
which Austria-Hnugary surrendered
' today and passed out of the war, leav
| ing Germany to stand alone against
i the world.
The presumption in official circles
i here tonight was that the stipulations
, would be in the hands of the German
; government in less than 24 hours. If
they are accepted, a reply settling the
issue of peace or further fighting may
also he received within that time. The
uncertainty caused President Wilson
to cancel tonight his proposed trip to
New Jersey tomorrow to cast his vote
in the congressional elections.
Although the complete text of the
historic Versailles document probably
is only now on the cables for Wash
ington, its substance had been re
ported upon fully and approved by the
president before the final draft was
| prepared.
Secretary Lansing announced the
agreement tonight, saying that diplo
matic unity has been completely
[achieved under conditions of utmost
, harmony.
1 Subjected to analysis by military
, officers here, both allied and Ameri
! cans, the terms of the Austrian ar
| mistice, which are said to be no more
| drastic than those for Germany, are
j interpreted to mean absolute surren
der. Nothing is left to the good faitli
of the vanquished and no restrictions
| or limitations are imposed upon the
victors. These officers believe Ger
many, left alone, also must throw
herself without reserve upon the
. mercy of the victors.
Final adjustment, territorial or
peace conference, for which the cessa
tion of hostilities paves the way. The
German appeal for an armistice was
submitted on the basis of acceptance
of the peace terms already outlined
by President Wilson, and when the
discussion starts the allies and the
j United States will be in a position to
| dictate its results. In fact, the real
i peace conference has been sitting at
j Versailles. The judgment of army
officers as to the situation on the
western front in a military sense is
that Germany must accepi the armis
tice conditions or face a debacle of
her armies.
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