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The Prescott daily news. (Prescott, Ark.) 1907-1941, November 05, 1918, Image 3

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“Of Vital Military Value”
Says the Commander-in-Chief
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l0‘ei»a Of th.. •00l#tU« i,
*'“* “ ^ktog ,. * Unl;7 Of ,plrl.
11 P®»*lbl4 , P‘F1. 4S ,
lth «fcia*»a{
HE President has expressed what is in every
American heart. As a nation we are united in
the winning of this war. As a nation we stand
behind our fighters eager and prepared to do for them
whatever will hasten victory and make the fighter s
task a little lighter.
As individuals there is little we can do. A9 a na
tion we can work wonders through the seven organi
zations authorized and recognized by the Government.
They come to you not as Catholics, nor as Jews
nor as Protestants, #iot as the representatives of any
creed or enterprise, but as Americans to ask that you
join in this great united undertaking for God, and
country and our f ghters.
The President has voiced his belief that this spirit
of unity will be “crowned with abundant success.”
He believes it because he knows this campaign is
“of vital military value” and he knows that you will
leave nothing undone to win this war.
It rests with you. Think of this campaign as your
sole responsibility. What you give will mean its suc
cess. You cannot leave this undertaking to others. It
is YOUR campaign. In France, Americans are fight
ing this war as if the result depended on the way each
individual fights. At home, this campaign rests with
you. What will you give—decide to night—and make
your share the biggest thing you ever c..d!
Why you should give twice as much as you ever gave before!
Th» ns*.! 1* for • sum 70* than any gift t*«t askad (or sinca tha vaorld begun. The Oovarn
qms'.t bus brad this soon at 9170500.XXX
By giving to thaaa seven orgeniradona all at once. tha coat and aflat * sir additional campaign* I* saved.
Ultima Americans do give twice aa much aa avar be(ore, out soldsar a and aad HI aiay not an Joy during
ISM rheto
3600 Recreation Building* 2300 Libraries supplying 3.000.0X1 books
1000 Miiaa oi Meals Ftim 85 Hostess Housaa
100 Landing Stogi Start 13.000 Big brother “ sacra la tiaa"
2000 Athlati: r actor* Mtllion* oi dullaia M bouts oomioct*.
Whaa you firs dou . u make sut-a that aaaay lighter has tha ebaat and cotltfor j o( thesa la.an
oreanlmtlon* aaary atap i ' a way (tom home to tha iionl and be « age't You provide him oh a
church, a theatre, a cheerful home, a etna*. a achooi. a club and an aihiedo ibatd- and a knowledge that lb*
kbha back boeta ata with him, heart and aoatl
You have loaned your money to supply thair physical oead-v
More give to maintain tha Motaia that to wtotting tha atari
iw.n ■*’



This space donated toward winning the war by
Prescott Northwestern liy. < o.
Hank of Prescott
Kitchie Grocer Company
Ozan-Graysonia Lumber Company
M. M. Smyth
McRae &. Tompkins
Ozan Mercantile Co.
•1 unction City Lumber Company
Nevada County Hardware Company
Nevada County Abstract Company
H ester! y Drujj Store
I’rescott Mercantile Company
I‘rescot t Hardware Company
J. Suckle
Moore & Martin
.1. A. White & Company
Uuchanan Drug Store
Centre, Uuchanan A Company
W. tv. Uuchanan
H. A. Hamilton A Company
Farmers Supply Company
Wat W. White
Harrell Auto Company
First State Bank
Guthrie Drue Store
West Side Barber Shop
Joe Boswell
W. B. Waller
E. 1.. Cox & Company
Fast Side Barber Shop
Southwestern Ark. Telephone Co.
Dr. W. W. Rice

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