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it'fe vS4|€ JJt czcott Dai to ^
| -
The Fourteenth Decennial Cen
sus of the United States is On.
Facts Everyone Should Know
About it.
Under the immediate direction of
Joe L. Davis, supervisor of the seven
th census district of Arkansas census
enumerators will call at every dwell
ing house in this community \to secure
the information necessary to fill out
these questions contained on the print
ed census schedules.
Questions covering the following
points will be asked of every person
in the United States:
Sex; l
Color or race;
Age at last birthday;
Whether single, morried, widowed
or divorced;
and birthplaces of father and mother,
giving names of both country and pro
vince if forign bom;
Occupation, specifying trade or pro
fession, also industry in which em
Whether attending school;
Whether able to read;
Whether able to white;
Whether able to speak English;
Whether home is owned or rented,
and if owned whether home is free of
encumbrance or is mortgaged;
Persons of foreign birth will be ask
ed questions concerning these addition
al points:
Year of immigration to the United
Whether naturalized, and if so the
year of naturalization;
Mother tongue or native language, s
Census enumerators also will call
at every farm in this community to
secure the information necessary to
fill out the questions contained on the
agriculture schedule.
Each farmer will be asked questions
concerning the acreage and value of
his farm; whther he owns, rents or
partly owns and partly rents the land
he farms; the value of the buildings,
machinery and implements belonging
to his farm; the quantity of all crops
raised on his farm during the year
1919; and many other questions which
cover all possible farm operations.
An absolutely accurate and complete
community and of every person living
in it. The official population for the
next ten years will be determined by
the census of 1920.
Be ready with your answers when
the census man calls at your house.
A "washday* in San Domingo, where the simple methods of driving or walking to the water’s edge and perform
ing the necessary labors incidental to cleanliness are part of the routine, and where the delivery of wash to the
laundry and subsequent* waiting for the return thereof are unknown.
Strayed from my place December
31, 1919, one Ruroc Jersey sow, weight
about 175 or 200 pounds, in good
shape. Last heard of at Bud Edwards
on same day she left home. Will pay
liberal reward for any information
leading to her whereabouts. I live on
place known at Jack Gibson farm,
telephone No. 803D, R F D No. 1
The Assessment of Local Sewer
Improvement District Number One ^
was filed in my office on the 28th |
.day of December 1919, and the same is
now there subject to inspection.
Chas. H. Tompkins,
Clerk of the City of Prescott.
We are expecting another advance
on Valley Lumber Company lands
after first of the year. Now is the
time to get in on the present prices.
Moore & Martin. 11-3-tf
We have moved our pressing shop
from the Hamby Building near the
post office to the building next door
to J. E. Barham’s store on West Main
street. Shaver’s Pressing Shop, phone
324. 30dl2
-. ~ - • . ^ ----- • - I
The man with $100 and good credit
can buy twice as much as the man
with $100 and no credit. Credit is 1
more valuable than cash—keep it
Clean up your unpaid bills. If you
can’t pay all, pay what you can and
explain the circumstances to your cre
Treat your creditors right, and they
will treat you right.
v ]
Only Alternative Was Disaster,
Lewis Tells Them. — Presi
dent’s Proposal Predicated on
Belief Both Parties Accept It.
Columbus, Ohio, Jan. 6.—Defend
ing the action of himself and Acting
President John L. Lewis in agreeing
to accept President Wilson’s proposal
for settlement of the soft coal miners
strike, William Green, international
secretary of the United Mine Work
ers, declared to the convention here
the only alternative was “disaster and j
defeat for the miners’ organization, j
“We could have whipped the coal ]
operators, but we could not if we had
wanted oo whip the strongest govern
ment on earth — our government,
which has just finished whipping Ger
“If we had not acceded President
Wilson’s proposal of settlement, the
powers of the federal government
would have been turned loose on us
with greater ferocity than anything
we have ever seen,” Green continued,
“We knew we had reached the limit,”
he asserted, as the delegates, with wild
applause and cheering, voiced ap
proval of what h said.
“With every mining community in
the country honeycomed with feder
al agents, gathering evidence against
our men, our funds tied up and women
and children freezing and facing star
vation, how in the name of God could
ve go on with the strike,” Green con
Green’s speech followed an attempt
on the part of some of the delegates,
led by Robert H. Harlin, president of
;he Washington miners, to defeat the
purpose of the motion by Philip II.
Murray of Pennsylvania to approve
;he action of the officers, by requir
ng the award which is to be made
oy the president’s commission to be
submitted to a referendum vote or a
reconvened convention of the United
Mine Workers.
Secretary Green and Acting Presi
ient Lewis warned the delegation that
;o do otherwise than to accept the
^resident’s proposal would not be
teeping faith with the president’s !
jroposal, and that the commission
night not make any award if the min
e's should decide to reserve the right
;o a referendum on the commission’s
indings. Lewis ruled Rarlin’s amend
nent out of order.
Constipation is the starting point for
nany diseases that end fatally.
Wealthy regularity can be established
;hrough the use of Prickly Ash Bit
ers. It is a fine bowel tonic, is mild
y stimulating and strengthens the
itomach, liver and kidneys. Price $1.
!5 per bottle. Hesterly Drug Store, ,
ipecial agents. e o d
Rexall Cherry Bark Cough Syrup ■
rill relieve your cough or your money 1
*ack. 30c at Guthrie’s.
Notice is hereby given that the an
nual meeting of the Stockholders of
the Prescott National Farm Loan As
sociation will be held at the Court
House in Prescott, Arkansas on Tues
day, January 13th, 1920, at 11 o’clock
a. m., for the purpose of electing a
Board of Directors for the ensuing
year and the transaction of such other
business as may come before said
J. C. Woodul, President
26w3 W. K. Yancey, Sec.-Treas
Wanted—A farm with 25 or 30 aci-es
in cultivation. Bottom or second bot
tom preferred. Have two good mules
plow tools and can furnish myself.—
E .J. Aaron, Prescott, Arkansas. 7dw
Wednesday occasional rain, colder
in west portion; Thursday cloudy,
Maximum . 37
Minimum .. 37
Modified Reservations Reported
as More Acceptable.—Changes
Lodges Draft.—Informal Con
ferences Held.
Washington, Jan. 6.—Disposition
was evidenced by leaders of all Sen
ate factions today to await President
Wilson’s message to the Jackson Day
dinner of Democratic leaders, Thurs
day before taking any further action
in the German peace treaty situation.
While numerous individual and in
formal conferences continued today
between senators, spokesmen of the
various groups said they did not ex
pect any move in the Senate until
after President Wilson’s letter is
made public.
The only new development today in
the treaty controversy was the inau
guration of discussion between a few
Democrats and “mild reservation” Re
publicans of modified reservations
said to have been prepared by Sena
tor Kendrick, Democrat, of Wyouing,
Tne draft of tnese reservations was
said to have been presented to Sena
tor McNary, Republican, of Oregon,
and others of the “mild reservation"
Republican group. The proposed mod
ifications, it was said, had not been
submitted to Senator Hitchcock of
Nebraska, acting Democratic leader
Senator Underwood of Alabama, Sen
ator Swanson of Virginia or other
Democratic leaders.
If you prefer clean, fresh and up
to-date groceries, phone 374 and con
nect with the Leader. 3d2
//—.. ■ "i:
We find it will be impossible to keep up our present sche
dule of deliveries during the winter months, so beginning
Monday, Dec. 8, 1919,
we will make two deliveries each day,
9 a. m. and 3 p. m.
We advise ordering roast meat in the afternoon.
Scott’s Market
Phone 90.
.. ■ i ■ 11 —
| are ifrst in style, first in
quality and first in the
| choice of men who are “hat
| wise.”
£ ...Every one a thoroughbred
•!* in its class.

£ ' , t Hr ___._..—_1 .
The new spring styles are here. New line of caps in
the much wanted solid colors, all sizes. - PricT $L50 to$S.
Phone 130

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