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The Little River news. (Ashdown, Little River County, Ark.) 1897-current, October 09, 1915, Image 4

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IttIJ-ui t-aw-jn'rr**r>-vfMrww*.<**"'«ww
W. T. Locke was at Texarkana yes
R. P. Lindsay of Foreman was here
Crit Oliver is visiting His mother
ihis week.
,T. .1 Fudgenr- was at Texarkan:
Ed Jones was at Texarkana Thurs
day evening,
A. T. Alien and wife of Allene w re
here Wednesday.
Miss Addie Boarman left yesterday
for a Little Rock.
Mrs. Furnish was at Texarkana
Thursday morning.
Dr. W. L. Shirey was her* from
Foreman yesterday.
Mrs. Arthur Barlow left yesterday
far a visit at Hope.
Claude Henry made a business trip
to Idabel Wednesday.
(trover Aubrey was ai Texarkana
Thursday r e ring.
Watson Furlow was here •yesterday
from Mineral Springs.
Woody Smisson arrived Thursday
for a visit, in this city.
Pierce Leslie left Thursday for a
feu. days visit at Nashville.
F. M. Edvards of Cerro Gordo was
an Ashdown visitor Tuesday.
Dr. W E. Vaughan and wife of
Richmond " re here Wednesday.
Frank McCann and A. Goldsmith
were at Texarkana Thursday even
W. Y. Foster of Hope was in the
city Wednesday and Thursday on busi
After; y< June R. Morrt 11 anti Geo.
R Steel v.-e e at Foreman Thursday
Fred Torinkins leaves to day for a
visit in South Carolina. He will visit
his grandparents.
Mrs. Nannie White and daughter,
Mrs. V,’. G. Brandon were Texarkana
visiters Wednesday.
MYs Kirkham and little son. Sam
Hays, left yesterday for Okolona to
visit for a few days.
h. u Aik’' ; win go to vvnito 1 -.us
this week to begin teaching the White
Ciiffs schools Mondev.
Mrs. S. C M.arr left Thursday at
fiocn for G i iliam to visit with her
daughter, -. Herbert Alston.
Hon. A. D. PuLaney went to Mena
Wedn ?sday to address the Mena Fair
crowd. He discussed conservation.
Misses Emma Martin and Mineral
Springs, and Tabbie Martin cf Fore
man. and Mrs. A. E. Waters of Fore
man are visiting the family of their
brother, .Jim Martin of Frisco stre t.
Ij. P. Beck and family returned Wed
nesday from X w M xicc, where they
have a .‘120 aero honistead, which they
proved up last spring. They will re
main here during winter and spring
or acount cf Mrs. Beck’s health.
Mrs. on ;. ■■ ol the X. . S.
cur ini-pr -tor. arrived Thursday • :
in.: from .-dtrev g-.ut. Mr. Simpao,.
uul taiiry will r; -Mde in the San
derson Ik vtc on ( 1 nmorce and Thirl
D. H. Tompkins, manager of the ab
stract and :ns ■ ■ are department 1
the Southern Kea'ty and Trust Com
pany, has . eo notice that ho ua
b cn awarded* : loving cup from the
EquTabi 1 i, .-"rone. Com
for having written the largest mim
b. r of insurance policies for that com
pany during the month of September.
Deane i s a hustler and has been go
ing aft; r the business.
In severe cases of sore lungs, you
need an internal and external remedy.
Buy the dollar size Ballard’s Hore
fcnund Syrup, you get two remedies
for the price of one. With every dol
lar bottle there is a free Herrick's
Red Plaster Porous Plaster for the
The Presbyterian Home Mission
Society met with Mrs. Gus Chewning
on Wednesday afternoon, October 6.
A very interesting social meeting was
enjoyed by all. The Society decided
to have a bazaar and chicken dinner
on November 17 Hi. The building in
which the dinner will be held was
not decided on, but will be announced
at a later date. The Society will meet
on next Wednesday afternoon wiiii
. '.•>r."s.\ Jim Ch«vvning.
The Ladies’ Aid of the Christian
church met with Mrs. M. L. Davis Iasi
Wednesday. There was a good atten
dance and lively interest taken in both
the bible 1 sson and business session
The bible lesson for next meeting day
is “Eight reasons why Christ is the
sen of God, and eight reasons whj
the bible is the word of God." file
members vot?d to give a Thanksgiving
dinner.—Mrs. George R. Moore, Secre
The chill microbe meets its fate in
Herbine There arc thousands o;
these germs in the air you breath and
any derangements of the liver, stom
ach or bowels gives them the oppor
tunity they seek. A dose of Herbine
destroys them, clears them our com
pletely and promotes a fine feeling oi
strength and bouyancy. Price 50c.—
Sold by all dealtrs. Aug. 23
FOR SALE-9 room house with 18
beautiful lots all fenced, good little
barn, 2 stalls, chicken Bouse, gar
den, chicken yard, plenty good fruit
for home use, cow lot, one of the
best places in Ashdown. Price $2,
200, half cash, balance 1, 2 years, 8
per cent interest.—J. J. Hudgens,
Ashdown, Ark. 90-4t
FOR SALE—1,000 bushels Red Rust
proof oats for sale. Guaranteed
to be no Johnson grass seed in
them. Home grown seed better than
brought co seed.—Geo. D. Chewn
Ing. 85-16t
FOR SALE Thoroughbred young Jer
sey cow with young cal ’.—J.L. Gard- j
ner. 88 4t
Citrolaxt Cltrolnx! CitrolaxT
Bestt hing for constipation, sour
Stomach, lazy liver and sluggish bow
els. Stops a sick headache almost at
once. Gives a most thorough and sat
isfactory flushing—no pains, no nau
sea. Keeps your system cleansed,
•weet and wholesome.—R. H. Weihecht
Salt Lake City, ytah, writes: “I find
Citrolax the Wat laxative I ever sued.
Does not gripe, bo unpleasant after
effects.” Sold everywhere advt
-y»w* w«.) ■ "aMUHToir—Tir 'w —..mi)'.. um»n»»i»iiw"'w» n 'uw ' — ~ r— - w-——k~— ■; ■■ ;j.i gjiw>
Plant Bulbs Now ,
ITOfx_ A
Beautiful Yard Next Spring
Marcissus, Tonquil, Hyacinth and Tulip
^■^-■■Dinmuianu'nmruniir *m wb-juu. iiuiLnKiaEMUBiBummapaniannuajBnanBamnmnBMnBBKa*
J After The Fire, What Then?
! c tt ILL a complete loss of fire prevent you from taking
j up your life as it was before? Will you be embarrassed
’ because of the expense or rebuilding? One of our reliable
| policies is the answer. They prevent worry day by day
] and permit prompt rebuilding when the tire conies.
j * FI It 11 insurance is one of the main considerations in
] your business. The firm with whom you should insure is
i the firm giving the best service- Our service is of this
3 class. In addition, we represent only standard compani
1 es—celebrated for fairness and with unimpeachable re
i cords for nronip* payment of claims.
| t 4
! City Realty & Abstract Co.
T^OR the sweet girl
graduate whom you
want to remember and
whom you want to remem
ber you, here you’ll find gifts
to her liking. Delicately
designed brooches; exquisite
lavallieres; bracelets; rings;
silver ornaments; and a
complete showing of famous
Elgin Watches
—trust-worthy, time-enduring
timepieces — a life companion
of the recipient. Let us show
our suggestions to you.
J. F. MILLS, Jeweler.
i Notice to Quiet Title
Tu lii LUtm River Chancery Court,
Nov- mber, Tern:, 1915. I. H. Phillips,
if.','parte. Notice is hereby given tnat
t. H. Phillips has this day filed his
petition it: the Chancery Court of Tit
tle River county, Arkansas, to quiet
mid confirm the title to the following
described lands, situated in the Ci/uu- t
ry of Tittle River and State cf Arkan- '
Fas. towit: Frl. lots 1, 2 and 3, blocit
12 Waddell addition to the town ot
,\shrlown. same being a part of tlie
SVv", of XW i of section 32, township
12 south, rang 29 west, also Frl.
block 2a in the M Waddell addition te I
the town of .Midown. same being a
part cf the XW* of XWi of section 32,
township 12 south, range 29 west.
Therefore- all persons who claim to
have any title or interest in and to
s:pM lands, or any part thereof, aiv
htn.hy warned ft appetr within said
C 1 within thirty day ; and s:m v
cans* . if any they have wav the title
to ; aid lands should not be quieted
ami confirmed in your potiticner, ).
1-1. PI illips. Given under my hand :rnt
s ai, this the 7th day of Cctober, 1915.
('has. H. Park. Clerk; By .Tas. II.
Williams. ! . C. Sat-'.u
Recoup mis Chamberlain's Cough
' Remedy.
S . ‘‘Last winter I used a bottle of
) Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for a
. ad bronchial cough. I felt ite bene
■ ficial effect immediately and before 1
; .had finished tlie bottle I was cured.
.* rev tir. of r commending this re
; i .eey .to my friends.” writes Mrs. Wli
' Ham Blight cf Ft. Wayne, Inch Ob
j tainable • v trywhere. Sat.
Aof Ire for I'nblicaf io;:.
Department of the Interior., U. S.
Land Office r.t Camden, Arkansas, July
i 10. 1915.
. Notice is hereby given that Jake
Miil. of Wilton, Arkansas. «••••, on Ap
ril 8, mic. mad’" a Ho— ‘"'”1 Entry,
• Serial No. 04311. for ‘A. ■ " SWJ, sec
tion 32. township H '■ range 29
; west. 5th principal ' ' : lian, has fileo
' notice of inter.tio-' :.<o Final tare*
; year proof, tr i.:h claim to th“
land above <.••> 1 before Registei
and Roce'v V- United State*
j Land Of9 niden, Arkansas, on
the 21st f .ugnst, 1915. Claim
;! ant names as --'tnesses. • W. M. Haw
Akins, D. S. Still. Henry Oliver, James
A Still, a)' of Wilton. Arkansas.—R. D.
Newto' , Register. \V 65- Rw
I Confirmation Notice.
!, Nitice is hereby given that Mary E.
< Weatherly did in this the 29t'l\ day of
| Sept., 1915, file in the chancery court
> of Littlo River county, Arkansas, hei
] petition praying the court to quiet
A and confirm her title in and to the
i following described lands situated In
; said county: SW\ of the SE.\ and
USE1, of the SW\ secUcai 5; and NE1
NAVI and the NA of the SEJ of the
NW'i of section S. all in township 13
south, range 30 west. Therefore, ait
I persons who have or claim any inter
i est in and to said lands, or any part
| thereof, are hereby warned to appeal
i in said Chancery court at its Novem
I her term, 1915, and show cause, if any
they have, why the title to said iands
should not he quieted and confirmed
in said petitioner. Given under my
hand and the seal of said court on
th;s the 29th day of Sept. 1915.—Chas.
H. Park, Circuit and Chancery Clerk,
! Little River oocnti* — —yes
1 1 111 Mil:** 1 rin nfPor fnr •#
Warning Order.
In the Chancery Court of Little Riv
er county. Ark. Lizzie James, plain
tiff vs. Ohid James, defendant. The
: defedant, Obie James is warned to ap
1 pear in this court within thirty days
and answer the complaint of the plain
tiff Lizzie James. Witness my hand
and the seal of said court this 30th
day of Sept. 1915.—Chas. H. Park,
Clerk. S 89 j
When Haby Has the t’riii i.
When a. mother is aw ikene l from j
sound sleep to find h >r child who has
gone tc hed apparently in the best o*
health struggling for breath, she is
naturally alarmed. Yet if she can
keep her presence of mind and give
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy every
ten minutes until vomiting is produc
ed, quick relief will follow and the
child will drop to sleep to waken In
the morning as well as erer. This
remedy has been iq use for many years
with uniform success. Obtainable
everywhere. Sat
s~~" ■ •_ ^ .it
TVTO town between oceans
A ^ is too small, no city is
too far, no one is out of reach
of this great finder of men.
When a situation demands quick
action reach for your Bell Tele
The operator will cheerfully tell
you the toll and long distance
says Mrs. Sylvania Woods, of Clifton Mills, Ky., in
writing of her experience with Cardui, the woman’s
tonic. She says further: “Before 1 began to use
Cardui, my back and head would hurt so bad, I
thought the pain would kill me. I was hardly able
to do any oi my housework. After taking three bottles
of Cardui, I began to feel like a new woman, 1 soon
gained 35 pounds, and now, 1 do all my housework,
as well as run a big water mill.
1 wish every suffering woman would give
The Woman’s Tonic
a trial. I still use Cardui when I feel a little bad,
and it always does me good.”
Headache, backache, side ache, nervousness,
tired, worn-out feelings, etc., are sure signs of woman
ly trouble. Signs that you need Cardui, the woman’s
tonic. You cannot make a mistake in trying Cardui
for your trouble. It has been helping weak, ailing I
women for more than fifty years.
_Get a Bottle Today! 1M
godson’s Liver Tone” Will Clean Your
■ Sluggish Liver Better Than Calomel
and Can Not Salivate.
.. j Calomel makes you sick , you lose a
<i\iy’s work. Calomel is quicksilver and
salivates; calomel injures your liver.
"'If you are bilious; fad lazy, sluggish
fllid all knocked out, if your bowels are
*v^stipated and your head aches or
stomach is sour, just take a spoonful of
harmless Dodson’s Liver Tone instead
of using sickening, salivating calomel.
Dodson’s Liver Tone is real liver medi
cine. You’ll know it next morningtbe
cause you will wake up feeling fine,
your liver will be working, your head
ache and dizziness gone, your stomach
will lie sweet and liowcls regular. You
will feel like working. You’ll be cheer
ful; full of energy, vigor and-ambition.
\our druggi-t or denier sclis von
50 cent bottle of Dodson’s Liver Tout,
under my personal guarantee that isi
will clean your sluggish liver hotter thaa
nasty calomel; it won’t make you sick ‘
and you can eat anything you want ■
without being salivated. Your druggist /
guarantees that each spoonful will start >
your liver, clean your bowels and <
straighten you up by morning or you j
get your money back. Children gladly 1
take Dodson’s Liver Tone because it i’i
pleasant tasting and doesn’t gripe or
cramp or make them sick.
I am selling millions of bottles of
Dodson’s Liver Tone to people who have
found1 that this pleasant, vegetable, liver
medicine takes the place of dangerous
calomel. Buy one bottle on ray sound,
■reliable guarantee. Ask your druggist
about me.
Respectfullj tenders . his
Cfcsfrsalonni services ‘ te
the peeple «f Askdtm
®* Morrell June M. Morrell
FL Salth, Atbdow*
Ashiown, • • - Arkansas*

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