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New England Bakery I S i M ) \ *w yNew England Bakery
The Best for the Least I 1 | | I f-* 1 \/ HP X t\X/ First Cash Store in Town
Money in town. Phone 124 A. CU .JL T JL M T ▼ and Cheapest. Phone 124
$ 1.00 per year—Cash in Advance—Stops When Out
S tc
Loans and Discounts. $141,635.20
Overdrafts.-. NONE
Bonds Securities, etc. 1,437.99
Banking House Furniture and Fixtures. 10,175.00
Stock in Federal Reserve Banks. 1,500.00
Cash and Exchange. 18,002.16
Capital.I 25,000.00
Sui ' 25,000.00
Undi i Profits. 4,975.50
Depos . 96,586.23
Rediscounts. 21,188.62
First and Only National Bank in Little River
Oldest Bank in Little River County.
: Quality II
Style 1
P rice 1
Those are the three main |]
things to consider when |
buying 1
Come to our store and ||
be convinced that we have |
them. II
| Ashdown, Arkansas l|
Action Follows Board’s Refusal to
Bisiu ss President Seott.
Russellvil Oct. 16.—The student
body of the '■ eond District Agricul
tural School ^d out this morn
ing as a re ged arbitrary dis
cipline an al dissatisfaction
with Preside les E. Scott. Only
17, said to 1 ives of President
Scott, are lef
Dissatisfactu among the student
body has been growing since early in
the session and at a meeting of the
Beard of Direct'- 3 Thursday the stu
dents petitiom „ for the removal of
the president. 'I he board refused to
grant the petition and endeavored to
pacify the students, but the dissatis
faction became more marked, result
ing in the walkout this morning. Some
Of the students have departed for
their homes and others have telephon
ed for money to go home.
As but one member of the board
lives in RuSselville, no conference has
yet been held a'nd the outcome of the
strike is awaited with much Interest
by the friends of the institution.
Texarkana Picture Show Men Agree
to Abandon Sunday Shows.
Texarkana, Oct. 17.—Managers of
the' three moving picture shows which
have been operating Sunday after
noons for the past several weeks, yes
terday agreed to discontinue the Sun
day shows, commencing today. The
managers say the theaters will re
main closed until the opposition is
bt^nght to a mere reasonable view.
When the theaters were opened for
Sunday afternoon performances mem
bers of the Texaikana Pastors' Assoc
iation strongly opposed the Sunday
shows. Since the shows have been
operating large audiences attended
the Sunday shows.
The managers held that the labor
ing men voiced their sentiments
when practically all the labor unions
endorsed the movement.
The theaters will ren^ain closed
on Sundays indefinitely .
Short cotton 12.50.
Cotton seed $31.25.
Miss Annye Marr, wbo baa been vis
iting in Texarkana for a few' days, re
turned home yesterday uooo.
Richmond Citizens Will Have a Hip
ping Vat to Hip Their Cattle.
Will be of Concrete.
At a recent meeting of the farmers
and business men of Richmond, the
question of building a co-operative
cattle dipping vat was discussed. The
men were higly in favor of construct
ing a vat that will serve the purpose
of dipping their cattle, and any other
livestock of their farms, that become
infested with any pests. The con
struction of this vat is a problem
that confronts every live stock owner
of the county. We need strongly
built vats, that will last an average
lifetime; for there is every indica
tion that such equipment will be con
venient to dip hogs sheep and cat
tle so long as such animals are grown
in this section of the state. By put
ting up a co-operative vat, with three
or more parties interested, the total
costs are reduced considerably. The
writer is only tco glad to see the
growing interest manifested in the
building of these vats In this section
of the state.
I am quite sure there will be sev
eral other such dipping vats built in
this county before the year is finished.
By driving out the Texas fever ticks,
and other live stock pests, we will
soon place this region on par with the
most wide awake cattle producing
sections of Arkansas, or any other
state. I can get a man from the De
partment, who will come here and as
sist in the building of these vats. Any
one wishing farther information rela
tive to this problem, will please get
in touch with me at an early date.—
H. J. Tyson, County Farm Demonstra
tion Agent.
Pine Prairie Lad Receives Lead of
Squirrel Shot Monday.
Cleve Ward, a lad of Pine Prairie,
six miles south of here, was acciden
tally shot Monday afternoon by a
companion with whom he was hunt
ing. Dr. W. W. York was called and
dressed the wounds, and reported that
the lad was not seriously injured, the
shot just going through the skin.
The $636,000 Appropriation Dili in
the Supreme Court.
Little Rock, Oct. 19.—(Special.)—
Chierf Justice McCullough and Justi
ces Kirby and Wood agreed that the
veto by the Governor of items in the
general appropriation bill of the last
legislature, amounting to $636,000 in
the agg'egate, was valid. Associate
Justice Hart and Smith dissented.
Texarkana Man Motored Over the
Highways Here Sunday.
Texarkana, Oct. 18.—Yesterday Sec
retary Quinn was over to Ashdown
and motored with some of the Com
mercial Club men of that enterprising
place, found that $100,000 worth of
road building was in progress in Lit
tle River county. Those people will
not likely spend any of their money
on the road from Ogden to the river,
it was learned unless the Texarkana
people intend to improve the State
Line avenue road through to the ferry
on Red River, near Index.
Instead Hot Springs Has Exhibition
of Garland County Products.
Hot Springs, Oct. 16.—There will
be no state fair this year. Instead of
the great array of the annual ex
hibits of Arkansas, Garland county
for the past two days has been show
ing an agrucultural demonstration,
including exhibits by the canning
club girls and corn club boys, corns
bined with other special agriculture^
feature*. ,. .„*„*_*, ... i
Finest Grade of Pike County Gravel
Is Mow Being Received for
the Focal Roads.
After a delay of several days, while
the gravel loading crew was changing
to a new gravel pit in Pike county,
work of laying gravel on the Pine
Prairie road was resumed Monday. A
consignment of eleven cars were on
the track Monday morning and Con
tractor .las. G. Sanderson is assured
that he will be able to get any amount
desired regularly in the future. The
gravel now being received is similar
to that used a few years ago on the
main streets of Ashdown and is In
ferior to no gravel for the purpose.
It hardens into a bed as solid as con
crete and presents a smooth surface.
The first gravel used made a hard bed
but made a rough jolting road. The
large rocks on this road will be re
moved and more gravel will be placed
in its place, according to Contractor
Mr . Sanderson stated Monday aft
ernoon that he was short 30 or more
teams. There is still a great deal of
grading to be done on the north end
of the Pine Prairie road and the Rich
mond road. About half of the grad
ing has been completed on the Ogden
Express Office at Hope Roliheil of $34o
Saturday Night.
Hope, Oct. 18.—The office of the
Southern Express company, which is
located in the Louisiana and Arkan
sas railroad freight depot, was enter
ed by robbers Saturday evening be
tween 6 and 6:30 o’clock and robbed
of $345.75 in cash. The robbers also
secured three drafts, which were made
payable to the Louisiana and Arkan
sas railroad and endorsed to the bank
in Minden, La., amounting to $2,400,
but it is not thought the drafts will be
presented for payment.
In making an exit from the build
ing the robbers sprinkled the win
dows and the floor in the office of
Agent Lambeth with large quantities
of ground pepper in an effort to cover
up any trace of them.
The robbery was kept secret until
this morning, when it leaked out.
Officers, however, were put to work
on the case at once, but up to this
time no clue to the robbery has been
made. Officers who are working on
the case believe it was the work of
one or more expert yeggs.
All Main Line Passenger Traings Be
ing Detoured Over the K. C. S
Tracks to Ashdown.
Washouts between Hugo and Po
teau, Okla., has delayed all train ser
vice on the main line of the Frisco
railroad. Since Sunday all main line
passenger and mail trains have been
run over the Kansas City Southern
tracks to this city, and then over the
Hope and Ardmore branch of the
Frisco ta Hugo, Okla., where they
again take up their regular runs.
The information of the exact loca
tion of the washouts in Oklahoma
has not been ascertained. The heav
iest rains in the history of the coun
try caused the loss rtf several miles of
track, and it is believed that the scene
of the washout is near Antlers, where,
are several small but dangerous
It is also reported that six spans of
the Katy bridge over the Red River,
north of Denison, also are gone as the
result of heavy rains in West Texas
and Oklahoma. This track is used by
both the Frisco and the Katy.
Farmers Will Need to Save Seed for
Planting Next Crop.
Fayetteville, Oct. 18.—Every good
farmer will save good seed corn and
seed cotton and sorghum seed and
even garden seed for planting next
spring, says the Department of Agri
culture. Quit buying seed and save
your ewa home grown eeed. ^
Worian’s Influence
in making the most of
the Family Income
The husband and wife who look upon inar
raige as a partnership and make a just disposi
tion of the joint income, are making progress to
ward independence.
If the division is just, the wife often saves
enough to insure the future, and tide over periods
of misfortune or accident.
This Institution especially encourages Wom
en’s Accounts and invites every w ife, mother and
daughter to come in and learn about our special
facilities for women depositors.
Arkansas Trust and Banking Co.
Methodist Bishop Preached Sunday
Morning at Texarkana.
Texarkana, Oct. 18.—Bishop H. C.
Morrison of the Methodist Church,
South, occupied the pulpit of the
First Methcjlist church, Sixth and
Laurel streets yesterday morning and
delivered an excellent sermon to a
large congregation, his subject being
“Co-workers... Owing to his advanced
age (seventy-four years,) and his fee
bleness of body, he was forced to can
cel his engagement at Fairview Met
hcdist church last evening.
The bishop left today for Freder
icksburg, Texas, where he goes ta pre
side over the annual session of the
German Missionary Conference.
The Rev. F. P. Doak, pastor of the
Methodist church of this city and a
number of his congregation went to
Texarkana Sunday night expecting to
hear Bishop Morrison.
Plan for Ten Months Feed in Ark
ansas Says IT. S. Department.
Fayetteville, Oct. 19.— (Special.) —
Now is the time for the Arkansan to
be thinking about his feed crops for
the next ten months. How much
corn in the fiel 1 •■'■w, how much hay,
how much rough feed, stover (corn
stalks without ears?) How much win
ter pasture should be planned for
the cows, calves nna horses? How
much pasture in the p.*an for next
stock can be kept? How many hogs
ftcck can be kr-.p? Hov. many hogs
fattened, how many cows can be car
ried over the winter, how many cal
ves kept, how many bursts? Then
alter such a famil.’ calculation it ma>
be found possible to buy one or two
more caws or three or more calves,
or another good brood mare to raise a
good horse r mule colt. The Exten
sion Division cf the University of
Arkansas and U. S. Department of Ag
riculture believes the state has en
ough feed to take care of more live
Red River is
Again Rising
Rue to continued heavy rains
in the west, Ked River is agaiu
rising. Observer t'ronk predicts
a stage of from 30 to 32 feet at
Fulton and possibly more of the
Fulton and possibly more if the
again high and still rising. River
farmers are hastening to save the
remaining ungathered crops in
the Hood district before the wat
ers arrive.
Red River began rising at In
dex Monday night, and is rising
rapidly. v
Red River Stage Monday.
Flood Present
stage stage
Denison 22 17.0
Fulton 28 8.4
Little River Stage.
White ClUfa vJ 28 _ 7.8 j
Bovs of the Cluhs Will Have Exhibit
on October 29t;i at Ashdown.
The boys whci are members of the
Agr'cultural Clubs of Little River
County will kindly take notice of thc
apprcaching club day that is to be giv
en lcr the closing o1' the club con
test, any year, for the county.
We will have our Corn Club Con
test at Ashdown on Friday, October
29. Each member of the corn club
will be expected to have everything
ready, and bi on the ground early In
the forenoon on that date.
Your County Agent has arranged
to get a man from Little Rock, who
has agreed to come down and judge
the corn, as well as other farm pro
ducts on exhibit at this fair. Every
boy, of these corn clubs, will have
his corn weighed, by two disinterested
parties. Have these men sign the at
test, which will be found in the back
of the daily record book. Every boy
will remember to have his corn land
measured according to the rules of
the club work that is conducted In
Arkansas. You can obtain these rul
es from circular "A" 74, which wras
mailed out with the daily record book
in the early spring. If you have not
these circulars, please ask me for
same. Call on me for any informa
tion about exhibiting corn at the
county fair.
In addition to these requirements,
you are to write the history of your
crop; that is to state in your own lan
guage the way you planted, cultivat
ed, and harvested your prize acre of
ccrn. Be sure to bring with you the
very best ten selected ears of corn,
which was grown on the plot of land,
in the diemonstratidai work. Come
very early in the forenoon so as to
give you plently of time to arrange
your ten ear exhibit. Remember
that there will be a gift for every
boy who puts on a ten ear exhibit of
corn at this contest. Please remem
ber these very important suggestions
and be prepared. Come to Ashdown
fully prepared to spend the entire
day and enjoy yourself. The ladles
of the Improvement Club are putting
forth every effort, in cooperation with
the county agent, to make this one of
the most interesting, and profitable
days that this county has had during
the year. In addition to many at
tractive features to be had cm that i
day there will be a free basket dinner '
given to all. H. J. TYSON. County
Demonstration Agent.
Will Entertain the Ladies at Little
Hook Hotels Next W'eeK.
Little Rock, Oct. 19.—(Special.) —
Because many delegates to the Ar
kansas Federation of Women's Clubs,
which convenes in Little Rock next
week, desire to stcfc at a hotel In
stead of being entertained in homes,
the hospitality committee of the local j
executive committee has secured a m
special rate from the hotels for the f
week of the Federation. All hotels/
have agreed ta give a rate from 3>i
per day up, with party rates for / a
number in one room, if such parties
are formed.
The list of delegates received by
the hospitality committee has reach
ed the 150 mark, which prospects of
it being almost double that by the
end of the week making the meeting
the larges^ ever held In the state, ^

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