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"£ sssjts I Jftle Diver News Ejssfte
Money in town. Phone 124 JHmtif M. CL' A. JL w T ▼ and Cheapest. Phone 124
$ 1.00 per year—Cash in Advance—Stops When Out
Loans and Discounts. $141,635.20 g
Overdrafts. NONE
Bonds Securities, etc. 1,437.99
Banking House Furniture and Fixtures. 10,175.00
Stock in Federal Reserve Banks. 1,500.00 j
Cash and Exchange. 18,002.16
Total.$172,750.35 |
Capital.$ 25,000.00
Surplus. 25,000.00
Undivided Profits. 4,975.50
Deposits. 96,586.23
Rediscounts.'.... 21,188.62
First and Only National Bank in Little River
Oldest Bank in Little River County.
R. M. Price Prominent Merchant of
A>lidowii Made Defendant in
Dig Suit.
Prominent People Involved
Much speculation is rife relative to
a prospective suit being brought in
the family courts of the community
against R. M. Price, for having sold
something like 200 pairs of Billiken
Shoes to men, women and children of
the community. From wearing these
shoes a person becomes afflicted with
“Billikenitis.” The first and most
impressive symptoms are a delightful
tickling of the feet; this being follow
ed up by constant wear and pleasing
service. Strange to say, people who
are afflicted with “Billikenitis” have
no desire to be cured and Mr. Price
seems to realize that a judgment will
be rendered against him although he
intends to maintain a good stock of
Billiken shoes even if the contagion
spreads to the adjoining counties. ad
Manager of the Royal Gave Show
Saturday After Taking Hike.
Saturday afternoon, after hearing
that train No. 3 would run three hours
late, Jas. Geicamo, manager of the
Royal Theatre, was in a tight place,
because his films of the Dollar Mark
were on that train, and he had no
emmergency films for that night. Rut
he was determined to have a show, and
* caught a local freight train and wem
to Texarkana and secured five reels
from a Texarkana firm, and hired an
auto to take him to Red River, then
walked tho railroad bridge and to
Ogden, a distance of three miles with
the films on his shoulders, and was
met there by another auto, which
brought him to town, and the show
proceeded, with only a delay of ten
The Royal is gaining patronagc
ovcdy day by the good service ny s:.e
management and the improved ser
vice in the film company. On Satur
day mght a spe.iiil feature will be
given, “The Garden of Lies,” m n--<>
Sheriff and Mrs. \V. D. Waldrop re
turned from Waco and Dallas, Texas,
Sunday night. They attended the Dal- j
las fair. Mr. Waldrop says they are ;
overdoing tho thing out there. He said [
he saw numbers ct hogs as big as !
Texarkana Has Sensational Early
Morning Jail Delivery.
Texarkana, Oct. 23.—A sensational
jail delivery occurred on the Arkan
sas side of the city this morning.
Jailer Mills at the Miller county
jail went to the inside of the run
around to carry the prisoners their
breakfast when he was suddenly at
tacked by two prisoners, who forced
him to the floor, took his automatic
pistol away from him and lcoked him
in a cell. Then they (juietly left the
jail, taking the jail keys and the re
volver. It was some time before the
cries of the jailer brought relief.
The fugitives are Frank Wright and
Tom Davis. The former is charged
with burglarizing Vathis Bros., can
dy factory, near the postoffice, about
two weeks ago, while Davis was be
ing held to the grand jury on a charge
of forgery. Wright was born and
reared here and comes from a respect
able famly.
Considerable Stir Caused in Catholic
Circles at Texarkana.
Texarkana, Oct. 22.—A stir was
caused in local Catholic church circles
by the finding of a dynamite bomb
just inside the main gate at tlu> Cath
olic cemetery this morning. The bomb
was about four inches long with fuse
pencil, all capped and ready for use.
It is thought that some person threw
it where it was found with a view to
destroying the large column gates of
the cemetery. It failed to explode.
The bomb was found by the sexton,
who handed it over to officials of the
church and these in turn took it to
the city authorities. Chief of Police
Bryan pronounci-d it a genuine dyna
mite bomb. An investigation is being
Considerable anti-Catholic sentiment
was aroused in certain quarters sev
eral weeks ago by some traveling
speakers who delivered several ad
dresses at the city hall bitterly de
nouncing the Catholic church. Lccal
Catholic attribute the bomb episode to
some unknown person whose mind
was inflamed by hearing those addres
Married at Unity.
Two passengers on the M., D and G.
Monday night, L. II. Pitcock und Mrs.
Kate Butcher, were married at Amity.
The bride came from Glen wood where
she is favorably known. The groom
is in the employ of the M„ I) and G.
railroad and is a general favorite a
mong the men and officials.
Ashdown Business Men Offering the
Prizes for the Exhibits to be
Shown Friday.
The business men of Ashdown have
kindly offered the following prizes in
cash, for the purpose of giving each
boy of the Little River County F3oys’
Corn Clubs a premium. These prizes
are to be given on the day of the coun
ty contest, which is next Friday, Oc
tober 29th. The list follows:
First National Bank of Ashdown $lo.
United Oil Mills, $10.
Ashdown Hardware Co., $12.50.
Model Drug Co., $2.50.
M. C. Johnson, $2.50.
Rosenzweig’s, $2.50.
New England Bakery, $2.50.
it. M. Price, $2.50.
\. I). DuLaney, $2.50.
Judge J. S. Steel, $2.50.
Ur. I'. H. Phillips, $1.0o.
There will be some other sub
scriptions to this list, probably later.
The manager of the Royal Theatre has
kindly consented to give his support
to the Corn Club Day by cooperating
with the County Agent and permitting
the club members to enjoy a free
show. Every boy of these clubs an
ticipating taking in the show will
please see the County Agent in the
iorenoon or me uay oi tne rair.
In addition to the above mentioned
prizes, the writer has succeeded in
purchasing a Boys’ Corn Club emblem
pin, which will be given to every boy
who grows corn under the Demon
station Methods of the U. S. Depart
ment of Agriculture, provided he plac
es upon exhibit, at the county air, the
best ten ears from his plot. These
pins are designed especially for the
Corn Club boys. There are other pins
designed for the girls who are mem
bers of the Girls’ Garden and Canning
Club work. The four leaf clover, of
the pin, will be explained on the day of
the contest.
The first prize will be given for the
best yield at the lowest cost of pro
The second will be given for the
best ten ears.
The third prize will be given for
the best written history of the crop.
All other prizes will be of equal
value. Everyone will get something
who puts on an exhibit.
Doth Hoads Receiving Gravel This
Week, Haul from 3 Places.
Both the Pine Prairie and the Ogden
roads are receding gravel this \>eck.
Gravel is being hauled from Ashdown,
Ogden and Hudson spur. Scorns of
teams are kept busy. Mr. Sanderson
will likely soon put on day and night
shifts in order to take advantage of
the favorable weather. Everybody
seems pleased with the class of road
that is being constructed.
Bricklaying at School Building May
Be Finished This Week.
Good progress has been made at the
school building and the brick work
will likely be completed this week.
The class of work is the very best.
Ashdown will have a beautiful ana
adequate school building for many
years to come.
Lillard Johnston Remained in River
for Almost Three Bays.
Lillard and Ross Johnston left here
Sunday at noon and started to the
Johnston farm on Red River from Rea
Bluff Sunday aft moon in a motor
boat. While making the trip the pro
peller was broken and they were forc
ed to stay at. Orton Sunday night, and
again stayed all night Monday night
at a house between Orton and the
farm, and rontim: d the trip Tuesday
morning. Boss returned Tuesday at
noon. They were duo back here Mon
day and much cxeitimenf was caused
by thoir delay and not being able to
reach a. telephone until Tuesday morn
ing. they could not notify anyone o;
the trouble.
Are you insured? If not better see
City Realty & Abstract Co., Agents.
Shown on Really Tax Hooks for llic
County to Amount of $119,500.
Hoard Raised Many.
The assessment books on file at the
clerk’s office show a decrease in this
year’s real estate assessments includ
ing town lots over the last two years
of $119,566. The decrease on town
lots totals $20,975, and on acreage
$98,591. The personal assessments
were not easily obtainable at tills time,
but it is shown that the equalization
board made numerous raises. The de
crease on the realty valuations are
said to have been due to the destruc
tive floods on the river lands, and on
that account the board did not feel in
clined to raise the assessments. Oth
ers state that the assessed valuation
in Little River county are much high
er in proportion than in any of the
adjoining counties.
Our system of equilizing assess
ments is not a perfect one, and the
trouble with assessments will con
tinue so leng as the system is used.
Sevier county has adopted a system
of equalizing, which though not a per
fect one, has its merits. The board
takes the last three assessments, di
vides them by three and takes that for
a basis.
Janies Surridge Killed Monday When
Gov. Hays’ Auto Wrecked.
Little Rock, Oct. 26.— (Special.)—
All offices at the state house are clos
ed today out of respect to the memory
of the late James Surridge, member
of the State Board of Control of the
Charitable Institutions, who died at
12:15 p. m. Monday as the result ot
injuries sustained in an automobile
accident Sunday afternoon.
Mr. Surridge never regained con
sciousness after he was violently
hurled from the automobile, alighting
on his head fifteen feet away. Grady
Hays, son of Gov. Hays who was
driving the car, which was the mach
ine presented to Gov. Hays by his ad
mirers, was severly shocked and will
bo kept to his room for several days.J.
Doyle, steward at the Insane Asylum,
who was slightly bruised, is getting
along all right. N’o other occupants
of the car were hurt.
The funeral party left Little Rock
this morning, and the funeral services
were held at Walnut Ridge at 12:30
today, (Tuesday.). Following the fun
eral, the party will be taken in a spec
ial train on the Frisco to Pocahontas,
where the burial will take place this
Removal Election for Montgomery
County 1YI1I He Held Dec. 1.
Wonible, Oct. 23.—Circuit Judge
Scott Wood today refused to grant Mt.
Ida an injunction restraining the
county seat election called for Decem
ber 1.
Early in October the county judge
called the election, in which Wonible
is seeking the removal of the county
seat from Mount Ida to this place.
Several days ago Mt, Ida, seeking to
prevent another election, asked the
court for an injunction. A week ago
Judge Wood practically refused the
injunction, but the representatives of
Mt. Ida asked for more time.
The judge's actions means that the
election will be held December 1, as
previously called by the county judge.
An election was held September 1.
in which Wonible failed to receive a
majority of all the registered votes of
the county. The voting strength is
2,268. Three townships did not hold
Rut Several Thousand More Acres
May he Open in Ozark Forest.
Mountain Home, Oct. 22.—Accord
ing to information lately received here
no more homesteads are being accept
ed in the Ozark National forests, of
which there are several thousand ac
res in this county. It is said that in
the near future several thousand acres
will be eliminated from the forest,
and this will be tlirowh open to home
Many Bright People
Have Lost Their Chance
to make a larger success in life because they
did not have the ready money to grasp oppor
tunities presented to them. Could you, today
grasp a good opportunity if it required a few
hundred dollars in cash?
Why not start an account with this bank,
save your money, build up a bank credit and
get ready for the next opportunity presented'?
$1.00 or more will get you started.
AA'e Pay 4 Per Cent on Savings Accounts.
Arkansas Trust and Banking Co.
85 Per Cent of Local Rates for Dis
tances Carried Shall he Charged.
Little Rock. Oct. 24.—The Arkansas
Commission following a hearing at its
office yesterday fixed the rates which
railroads in the state shall receive on
joint shipments with the Frisco rail
roads at 85 per cent of the lccal rat
es for distances carried. The order
of the commission follows:
“It is ordered that on and after Oc
tober 28, 1915, and until the further
order of the commission, all carriers
parties to Standard Freight Distance
Tariff No. 5 are ordered to collect on
all joint traffic to and from the junc
tion points with the St. Louis and San
Francisco railroad, and to and from
points on said lines, 85 per cent of the
local rates for distances as contained
in the Tariff No. 5.
“When shipments move over two or
more lines, originating or destined to
a point on the Frisco where the Joint
haul for the distance for shipments
figures less to the junction point with
the Frisco by the use of the mileage
rate plus differential than by the use
of 85 per cent of the combination of
local rates, carriers are restricted to
such rates as a minimum.”
Grand Jnry on Texas Side Returns 54
in a Week.
Texarkana, Oct. 23—The Bowie
County (Texas) grand jury, in session
the past week at Boston, returned a
total of 54 indictments charging felo
nies. Of these violations of the prohi
bition laws show the greatest number,
with a total of 18. Burglary comes
second, with 15, while five allege bur
glary and theft. One indictment for
murder was returned, one for arson
and one for cow stealing. The grand
jury will remain in session at least
another week.
Polk County Treasurer Wins Suit
Against County Judge.
Alena, Oct. 22.—In Circuit Court to
day Judge J. T. Cowling ordered Coun
ty Judge Wear to receive $10,653 in
warrants from County Treasurer An
derson. The warrants were previous
ly turned down by the county judge
on the ground that they had been is
sued without authority and that the
county had been overcharged that
amount on the construction of a
bridge. Judge Cowling praised Judge
Wear for trying to protect the taxpay
ers of the county, but said that after
the warrants had been issued and
turned into the county treasury, it was
too late to stop payment. A notice
of appeal was given.
Former Little River Man Elected to
Honored Position.
New Boston, Texas.. Oct. 24.—The
good news of the election of Dr. Guy
O. Shirey of Fort Worth, to the chair
of assistant physician in the Texas
Christian University of that city was
received several days ago. This is
doubly interesting to his many friends
here as he is soon to take Miss Louise
Ball, one of New Boston’s meet charm
ing ladies as his bride.
Dr. Shirey’s parents live at Fore^
man, Ark.
Are you insured? If not better see
City Realty & Abstract Co., Agents.
I’ve had a lump In my throat that l
couldn't swallow and it wasn’t my
“Adam’s apple” either—
I’ve felt kinds choked up several
That day when I left the old home—
That day when little Annie was so
That day when the baby died—•
That visit back to the old home when
I told Mother goodbye—
And say—
When I look at my wife and child
ren and think about the time when I
must leave them for all time—
I get kinds choked up—yep, kiuda
clinked up!
My family and I have been through
a whole lot together—sunshine and
storm, rain and pleasant weather—but
no matter how the wind was blowing,
I have always been there to protect
When any of them get sick I could
let go of things for a while and go
home and help my wife out a bit.
We have been close run lots of
times, but somehow we have managed
to get along—pay the Doctor bills, the
butcher and the grocer.
Once in a while, I could surprise
my wife with a new dress, little Annie
with a doll and Jimmie with a new
pair of boots.
Of course, my widow will have a
hard time making ends meet.
When I fight the last battle and
“cash in my checks,” I’ll have another
lump in my throat that I can't swal
| low, for I’ll be leaving her and the
j kids all alone to face the world—■
I’ll dodge that lump—
I will insure my life loday in the
| Equitable.
Arc you insured? If not better see
City Realty & Abstract Co., Agents.
No Bitterness Follows Students’Strike
at Seeond District School.
Russellville, Oct. 23.—Since the re- ■
cent students’ strike at the Second
Listrict school was settled, students
and faculty are working harmoniously
and the best of feeling prevails. i
Only six of the striking students re- !
fused to return. These have gone to j
their homes and President Charles E. I
Scott reports the enrollment ofV^yo I
new students yesterday, and four win
will enroll November 1.
The school today finished filling jts
t'-vo large silos, one of 60-ton capacity,
and the other 80-tons. The,r were
filled with soy beans, kaffir corn and
late Indian corn, which will be used
for feeding the school’s dairy herd
during the winter. The ■ agricultural
department has also finished liming a
three-acre patch which is being plant
ed in alfalfa. The school farm is on
ordinary upland, and if this experi
ment with alfalfa proves successful#"
it will greatly encourage alfalfa grow/*
ing among the farmers. The swfeet
potato crop has just been harvested,
about 1,500 bushels being produced
on the school farm.
Are you insured? If not better se»
City Realty & Abstract Co., Agents.
Mrs. G. A. Orton and Mrs. J. E.
Locke, left Monday for Littl^.ftock'L.if,
attend the state meeting qt'Womeu’u^
Cotton Market.
Short cotton 11.50 to 12.
Cotton seed, $33. > ^

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