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Pudiished Wednesday and Saturday
Editors and Publishers.
Entered at the postolhce at Ash
down, Arkansas, as second-class mail
County demonstration work
in Little River County after
this year is dead, for one year
at least. The greatest work
that lias every been undertaken
in the South, the work that has
produced greater good than any
other from an economical
standpoint, must come to a
pause. Our quorum court with
a wave of the hand has dismiss
ed the work of the greatest
farmers, the greatest scholars,
the greatest agricultural scien
tists of our time as a failure
and not worthy of further con
sideration. It is not our object
to criticise the quorum court,
for that body was heard only
the knocking of objectors. The
friends of demonstration have
remained passive, they have
slept on their rights, have not
been energetic in talking and
working for a continuance of
the work, it lias been a bad
year for the work to show
up for what it was worth in vis
ible results, yet (he good re
sults have been many and fruit
ful. We hear less of the hun
dreds of hogs that have been
rendered immune from cholera
through vaccination than we
do of the 7 or 8 that died
through human error in admin
istering. We hear less of the
boy farmers, who are being fired
with a love for their work and
an ambition to do great things
and still greater things with
the old farm, than we do from
the man whose mind is not
open to anything different from
his own experience. We know
of men who have absorbed bet
ter farming methods, who re
fuse openly to indorse demon
stration, yet they have taken
lip many better methods not
practiced by them before and
are profiting by them. Little
River county is today harvest
ing more feed and hay than
ever before. Why? We art
growing more sorghum, pea
nuts, potatoes, and thinking
more about better stock than
ever before. Why? Human
progress and betterment has
come up through great discour
agement through ali the ages.
It is the price that must be paid.
Jesus Christ was rejected of
men, spit upon and scoffed at,
and then crucified, yet Chris
tianity will live through all
time and into eternity. The
early advocates of temperance
had an uncomfortable time, yet
today we see the movement
sweeping the world. We ex
pect too much too quick. We
expect a revolution when there
is no such thing only through
evolution. The doctor’s medi
cine doesn’t benefit the patient
who refuses to take it, and we
would be willing to guarantee
that no man who knocked dem
onstration to the members of
the quorum court has ever prac
ticed demonstration methods
- or taken the slightest Interest
in it. A jeering crowd stood
on the banks as Fulton made
ready to start his first steam
boat up the Hudson. Colum
bus was cuffed from the courts
of Europe as a silly fool, and
his young manhood until his
old age, before he at last set
sail for a new world. We must
not be discouraged. Inestima
ble good has already been ac
complished in this county by
demonstration. The seed has
been planted, the roots have
taken hold and the enterpris
ing farmors will see that it
flourishes and bears fruit. They
will keep the interest from lag
ging until this or some other
quorum court restores to them
county and government aid.
The hands of the clock of agri
cultural progress must not be
set back.
Allene, Oct. 28.— (Special.)—Quite t
lot of Allene people contemplate go
itig to the fair at Ashdown this week
Representative Dr. A. B. Bishop o
Ashdown wa s in town on business
The literary society of the Higl
School met Friday afternoon, a bene
ficial and interesting program was
; rendered.
The B. Y. P . U. which was recently
organized, met Sunday afternoon am
gave a highly beneficial program 01
the Old Testament characters. Tli
following is the program for next Sun
day, Oct. 30:
Subject, Gossip.
Song; prayer.
Scripture reading, .Tames, 3; 1-1
R. L. Johnson.
The cause of gossip, Miss Hazel M(
The evils of gossip, Mr. Wright.
How we can help to eradicate gossi;
Mr. Honnell. ^
Song; benediction.
Mr. Albertson and family are moy
ing to Foreman this week.
Mr. McGibbony is moving into th
house vacated by Mr. Albertson.
Will Bishop of Ashdown was
business visitor to Allene this week.
Dr. McCrary, who has been visitinl
in Michigan and other northern points
returned last Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Zacliry visitec
in DeQueen Friday night.
.Mr. Buchanan, the oil man or Lip
ton, was in town Monday.
Henry Shaffer of Idabel, Okla., is^
visiting his brother Arthur, this week.
Joe Norwood is at work in Louis
iana this week.
Two Itnbhors Hold up Train, but Se
cure only ( heap .7ewr~'y.
Eufaula, Okla.. Oct. 27.—Three
pcsscs of deputies and citizens are to
day beating the forests and marshes
of the Canadian river bottoms near
Onapa, and working their way toward
the Winding Stair mountains, in
search of seven robbers who, this
morning held up the south bound Katy
passenger train number nine.
They failed in their attempt to
open three safes in the express cars
and did not even attempt to molest
the passengers.
The holdup occurred a few miles
north of here and at the same place in
which the same train was help up and
robbed three years ago.
Two of the baindits it is believed,
boarded the train at Muskogee, and
later they crawled into the cab. When
the engineer attempted to stop the
train they ordered him to keep it run
ning and did C‘!it allow him to slow
down until they reached a camp fire
near the track where the other band
its were in awiting.
They held the train two hours while
they worked on the safes, whetn they
left, wishing the trainmen "good
Brakeman Ed Oldham of the pas
senger train started to go back to flag
a freight train which was due to fol
low the passenger, but was stopped
when a bullet clipped off the end or
his left thumb. He then p rsuaded
the robbers to let him flag the train,
stating the injury and death which
would surely come from a collision,
and was accompanied by one of the
robbers in his mission.
The freight was stopped in time to
avoid a wreck, but one member of the
freight crew, learning the source of
the trouble ran back six miles and
telephon d officials regarding the rob
bery, who immediately organized and
set out on their trail with bloodhounds.
< ommissioner’s Sale.
Notice is hereby given that in pur
suance of the authority and directions
contained in the decretal order of tl»
Ohancery court of Little River county,
made and entered on the 17th day of
May A. I). 1915 iin a certain cause (No.
798) then pending between Iiempsj
Samuels etal, complainants, and Jim
Samuels etal, defendants, the under
signed as commissioner of said court,
will offer for sale at public vendue to
the highest bidder, at the front door
or entrance of the county courthouse,
in which said court is held, in the co
unty of Little River, within the tiours
prescribed by law for judicial sales
on Tuesday, the 7th day of September,
A. D. 1915, the following described
real estate towit: The east bait ot
the earn half cl' the southeast quartet
in - set ion 22, and the west half ef the
south west quarter of section 24 and
tho southwest quarter of the north
west quarter of section 24, all in
township 12 south, range 31 west in
Little River county, Arkansas. Terms
of Sale: On a credit of three months,
Vie purchaser being required to exe
cute a bond as required by law and the
order and decree of said court tn said
court in sa d cause, with approved se
curity, bearing interest at the rate of
6 per cent per annum from date ot
sale until paid, and a lien being re
tained on the premises sold To se
cure the payment of the purchase mo
ney. Given under my hand this 10th
day of August A. D. 1915.—Chas. H.
Park, Commissioner in Chancery. 75.S
The Quinine That Does Not Affect The Heat
pecause of its tonic and laxative effect, LAXA
TIVE BROMO QUININE is better than ordinary
Quinine and does not cause nervousness nor
: ringing ia head. Remember the full name and
l look for Mietsignaturc of E* W. G&OVK. 25c.
. Clas
, Chaa.
Cla „j appear
in thi iXy clays and
Answer the', c*u», .. i.c of the plaintiff.
'V. \V. York. Given under my hand
as Justice of the Paece of said town
ship, on this tlie 2Sth day of Oct. 1015.
—S. I). Phillips, Justice of the Peace.
Sat Oct. 30 07 ADD
Notice for Publication.
Department of tlie Interior.. U. S.
11.and 0 Tice at Camden, Arkansas, July
10, 1915.
Notice !s hereby given that Jake
Hill, of A\ -ton, Arkansas, who on Ap
ril 8, 1910, made a Homestead Entry,
Serial No. 0 ’ll. for the NA SAVJ, sec
tion 32, tow hip 11 south, range 20
west, 5th prii 'pal meridian, lias filed
notice of interi m to make Final three
year proof, to tablish claim to til
land above desci •ed, before Register
and Receiver of the United State?
Land Office, at, Camden, Arkansas, on
the 21st day of August, 1015. Clalm
jant names as witnesses. \V. M. I-Taw
kins, D. S. Still, Henry Oliver, James
Still, aP of Wilton, Arkansas.—R. D.
Newtor, Register. AV G5- 6w
1 AVnrnimr Order.
In tlie Chancery Court of Little
(Over county. Ark. H. Levy, plain
tiff vs. A. Levy, defendant. The de
fendant, A. Levy is warned to appear
in tliis court within thirtv days ami
answer tlie complaint of the plaintiff',
H. Levy. \Aritness my hand and the
seal of said court this 13th day of Oct.
1915.—Chas. H. Park, Clerk. 91S
M„ I). & (l. TIME CARD
Daily Passenger Service
Leave Texarkana, east.7 a. m.
Leave Ashdown, east.7:55 a. m.
Arrive Hot Springs .1:40 p. m.
Leave Hot Springs, west ....3:55 p. m.
Arrive Ashdown, west .9:19 p. m.
Arrive Texarkana .10:05 p. m.
Daily Except Sunday, Mixed Train
Leave Ashdown, east .7:35 a. m.
Arrive Hot Springs .6:10 p. m.
Leave Hot Springs .7:10 a. m.
Arrive Ashdown .5:58 p. m.
The photograph snows the nelle
ot the interesting Samoan village at
the Panama-Pacific International Ex
position at San Francisco The struc
tures in this village, comprising the
native thatched huts of the Samoan,
or as they were formerly called, the
Navigator islands, were brought In
tact from the native villages and are
absolutely faithful in all their fea
tures. There are many native fam- i
ilies living in the village who tor |
the edification of visitors perform the
aquatic feats in which the islanders
excel, and dance the rhythmic native
dances. The life of the people of the
Pacific ocean is wonderfully illus
trated at the Exposition, and of all j
the races none are more interesting
than the Samoans who exhibit many
traces of Aryan descent. No Exposi
tion visitor should fail to see these
unique tribespeople,
Mrs. J. C. Bradon of Winthrop, Ark.,
Buffered from digestive troubles and
! stomach derangements that placed
her in k particularly dangerous posi
tion. Her nervous system was at
' tacked and she felt symptoms that
hdicated even more serious trouble.
She took Mayr’s Wonderful Rem
edy and got immediate benefits. She
“When I commenced taking your
reatment I could scarcely be out of
bed, I had such severe pains in my
hips and the top of my right foot.
My foot felt as if it had ben severe
.y sprained. Finally a numbness set
tled in my arms and shoulders. About
that time I received your treatment
and the first bottle relieved the mis
ery. Now I feel like a new person.”
Mayr’s Wonderful Remedy gives
permanent results for stomach, liver
and intestinal ailments. Fat as much
md whatever you like. No more dis
ress after eating, pressure of gas in
he stomach and around the heart,
let one bottle of your druggist now
•„nd try it on an absolute guarantee—
f not satisfactory money will be re
urned. advt Sat No. 1.
iChailblains frosted feet or hands, can
>e cured with one or two applications
f Ballard’s Snow Filiment. It quickly
elieves itching or tenderness of tlr
lesh. Price 25c, 50c, and $1.00. Sold
>y all dealers. Aug. 23
Continuation Notice.
i Notice is hereby given: That the
ndersigned will present hts petition
.o the Chancery Court of Little River
County , Arkansas, at its November,
term. 1915, praying the court to quiet
and confirm his title in the lands here
inafter described, under and by virtue
of tax sales made by the Collector of
Little River County, Arkansas, where
in said lands were sold for the non
payment of taxes, under and by virtue
of the laws of the State of Arkansas,
towit: The NJ of the NW1, of the SW.'i,
sold on the 8th day of June, 1908, for
thr taxes of 1907 and Clerk’s Tax
Deed executed on the 30th day of July,
The SI of the SW} of the NWJ, sold
on the 8th day of June, 1608, for the
taxes of 1907, and Tax Deed executed
on July 30th, 1910.
The- Si of the SW} of the SE.}, sold
June 12th, 1911, for the taxes of 1910,
and Tax Deed executed September 5tli,
The Si of the SE} of the SW}, sold
June loth. 1912, for the taxes of 1911,
and tax deed executed on June 17th,
1914. All of the above described
lands being in Section 21, township 13
south, range 28 west, and all of the
above deeds being executed to D. A.
Higdon, and by D. A. Higdon, conveyed
to D. II. Tompkins, on the 12th day ol
April, 1915.
Also, the Xi of the Xi of the SE}
section 21, sold on June 10tl*, 1907, for
the taxes of 1906, and tax deed execut
ed to D. H. Tompkins, as assignee of
J. F. Schirmer, on March 22, 1915,
Also, Xi of the SE} of the NW} of
section 21, sold June 10th, 1907, for the
j taxes of 1906, tax deed executed on
.March 22nd. 1915, to D. H. Tompkins,
as asignee of J. F. Schirmer.
j Also, the Xi of the NE} of the SW.}
of said section 21. sold June 14th, 1909,
I for the taxes of 1908, and tax deed ex
I ecuted on March 22nd, 1915, to D. H.
[Tompkins, as assignee of ,T. F. Schlr
[ mer.
Also, the Si of the SW.} of the SW}
of said section 21, sold June 14th, 1909,
for the taxes of 1908, and tax deeu
executed March 22nd, 1915, to D. H.
Tompkins, as assignee of J. F. Schir
Also, the Xi of the SE} of the SE} of
I said section 21, sold June 14th, 1909,
| for the taxes of 1908, and tax deed ex
ecuted March 22nd, 1915, to D. H.
Tompkins, as assignee of J. F. Schir
Also, the Si of the XE} of the XE}
of section 15, sold June 8th, 1908, foi
tile taxes of 1907 and Clerk’s tax deed
executed on Feb. 29th, 1912, to the
Southern Realty and Trust Co., as as
signee of (’has. Weith, and conveyed
| by deed from the Southern Realty and
j Trust Co., to D. H. Tompkins, on Feb.
j 20th, 1915. All the above described
lands being in township 13 south ,
range 28 west.
And the petitioner deraigns his title
under and by virtue of said tax title
as aforesaid.
Therefore, all persons who can set
up any right or claim to said lands so
purchased, in consequence of any In
formality or irregularity connected
with said sales, as aforesaid, are here
by warned to appear and show cause
at said term of Chancery Court, why
the title to said lands, in the petitioner
herein, and the sales as aforesaid
should not be confirmed.
Givyi under my hand on this the
5th day of October, 1915.—D. H.
TOMPKINS, Petitioner. S-ui.
tad For Three Summers Rhr Vie*
cent Was Unable to Attend to
Any of Her Housework.
Pleasant Hill, N. C.—“I suffered for
three summers,” writes Mrs. Walter
Vincent, of this town, "and the third and
last time, was my worst.
I had dreadful nervous headaches and
prostration, and was scarcely able to
walk about. Could not do any of my
1 also had dreadful pains in my back
and sides and when one of those weak,
slaking spells would come on me, I
would have to give up and lie down,
until it wore off.
I was certainly In a dreadful state of
health, when I finally decided to try
CarduL the woman’s tonic, and 1 firmly
believe I would have died u t hadn't
taken it.
After I began taking Cardui, I wan
greatly helped, and all three bottles re
lieved me entirely.
1 fattened up, and grew so much
stronger in three months, 1 felt like an
other person altogether.”
Cardui is purely vegetable and gentto*
acting. Its ingredients have a mild, tonln
effect, cu the womanly constitution.
Cardui makes for increased sire^gfl^
improves the appetite, tones up tire ner
vous system, and helps to make pal^
salfcw cheeks, fresh and rosy.
Cardui has helped more than a million .
weak women, during the past 50 yean.
It will surely do fo' you, what it h«
done for them. Try Cardui today.
Write to: Chattanoog-a Medicine Co., Ladles*
visory D«*pt., Chattonoos.t. Ttrvi., for Special
F'rar'i ’ (n;r cV.iC ! 6-1 , ago book, "r
! 1 f<J. (inw.r,," «.• MT
We Want Your Cotton Seed
Prompt settlement, accurate grading,
highest price the market will permit. W«
buy in car lots anywhere in Arkrmsa*.
V/ire us if you have seed to sell.
Des Arc Oil Mill, Dos Arc, Ark.
You are sure of a Welcome at the
Merchants Hotel
An Arkansas Hotel operated by native Arkansan
Little Rork, Ark. Jno. R. Fraaier, Prop.
This in a hotel where personal attention
Is given to your welfare and you are made
to feel at home. It has been recently
renovated thcroughout, has hot and cold
water and tele, hone in every room. Fast
passenger elevator service. Large sample
rooms. Glvt Uj i Trial and We Will Heart Ycu.
To Close an Estate—Prop rty,
house and store, with grocery and mar
ket doing fifty thousand yearly business.
Elegant fixtures. Will sell all together,
or business alone, reasonable. Address
Mrs. E. B. Potter
4832 Indiana Avo. Chicago, Illinois
Send us your Laundry, Dry Cleaning and
Pressing by parcel post. We pay return
And will especially finance your
School District or Road District
The Arkansas Bond House
Gazette B!d(f. Little Rock, Ark.
for Liquors
and Drugs
Thirty-five years experience and 500,000 cures.
Patients received Kay uritl night. Cotfrefcpondenca
confidential. Long Distance Phone 225.
702 Park Avenue HOT SPRINGS, ARK.
Write for Prices on Farm Machinery ad Builders’ Supplies
Southwestern Supply Co.
119 N. Louisiana St. ask for cata-cgue c LITTLE ROCK, ARK.
The Faust Cafe
The De’.monico of the South has been reopened in Little Rock
after being thoroughly remodeled. It is the most beautiful
restaurant in Dixie, and the service there cannot be
excelled in New York. The prices are moderate.
It is the place patronized by those who know
where to eat in Little Rock.
■Ioe Stathakis, Manager 104 West Markham Street
—— .... — ■ 1 1 ■ ■ ■ — ■ ■ - — —.- ■ ■ ■ e
PAUL M. PALEZ, Leading Florist
Your Florist for ouer 15 years
Little Rock, Ark. Phones Main 483
Bulbs for winter and spring blooming direct imported
from France and Holland no . for sale.
Write for prices.
“Dodson’s Liver Tone" Starts Your Liver
Better Than Calomel and Doesn’t
Salivate or Make You Sick.
Listen to me! Take no more sick
ening. salivating calomel when bilious or
constipated. Don’t lost' a day’s work!
Calomel is mercury or quicksilver
which causes necrosis of the bones.
Calomel, when it comes into contact
with sour bile crashes into it, breaking
it up. This is when you feel that awful
nausea and cramping. If you arc slug
gish and “all knocked out,” if your
liver is torpid and bowels constipated
or you have headache, dizziness, coated
tongue, if breath is had or stomach sour
just take a spoonful of harmless Dod
son’s Liver Tone on my guarantee.
Here’s my guarantee—Co to any drug
store and get a 50 cent l*>ttlo of Dod
son’s Liver Tone. Take a spoonful to
night and if it doesn’t straighten you
right up and make you feel line and
vigorous l>y morning I want you to go
hack to the store and get your money.
Dodson’s Liver Tone is destroying the
sale of calomel because it is real liver
medicine; entirely vegetable, therefore it
can not salivate or make you siok.
I guarantee that one spoonful of Dod
son’s Liver Tone will put your sluggish
liver to work and clean your bowels of
that sour bile and constipated waste
which is clogging your system and mak
ing you feel miserable. I guarantee that
a bottle of Dodson’s Liver Tom* will
keep your entire family feeling fine for
months. Give it to your children. It is
harmless; doesn’t gripo and they like its
pleasant taste.

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