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*«<*>• vMO * <*■ ■ .V • 4* — *W~* *%m
C. V. Tv.yman was at Foreman Tu
L. *W. Olive of Foreman was here
■ Miss Lena Fawcett spent Sunday at
Bert Pi ide of Horatio was here
Jamie Williams was at Foreman
Spence Furlow was at Texarkana
Mrs. W. O. Sims was at Texarkana
Mondav \s Dollar Day at J. F. Mill’s
Jeweler Store.
R. P. Lindsay was litre from For -
man Thursday.
W. L. . .’non returned from Musko
gee Wednesday.
Mrs. Herring was a Texarkana vis
itor yesterday.
Dr. F. L. VanAls ine of Garvin was
here Thursday.
Mrs. (’has. A. Hess of Idabel was
here Wednesday.
Dr. E. M. Armstrong was here from
Jewel Thursday.
H. M. Mclver was here frem Texar
kana W .aesday.
H. L. Toland was at Wintkrop jes
terday afternoon.
Co!. Wm. Harvey of Allene was tn
,lhe cityThursdav.
J. M. Johnscn was at Texarkana
Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Henry Westbrook was at Tex
arkana yesterday.
R. E. Major went to Hatfield 'Wed
nesday afternoon.
Dr. S. C. Marr was at Texarkana
yesterday morning.
Hamilton Conger returned to Mena
Wednesday at noon.
Miss Fannie Lott was a visitor at
Texarkana yesterday.
Will Orton of Fultcn was here
Wednesday af.ernoon.
Dr. A. J. Clingan of Lockesburg
was here Wednesday.
Mrs. G. A. Buster was here from
Red Bluff Wednesday.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Travis,
•a girl, Thursday night.
D. R. Fawcett returned from Morris
Ferry Wednesday evening.
See the display, by the Junior Soc
■ hety, at Methodist Bazaar.
Dr. W.E. Vaughan cf Richmond was
at Texarkana Wednesday.
Mrs. Hamilton Alexander was a vis
itor at Texarkana yesterday.
Mrs. Loyd Tatt was a visitor at
Horatio Wednesday afternoon.
J. S. Harris, cf the DeQueen Light
'Company, was here Thursday.
- A. D. DuLanev was at Texarkana
yesterday attending to business.
E. E. White and W. C. Grady of
' Lockesburg were here Thursday.
Sheriff W. D. Waldrop left Thurs
• day on business to points in Texas.
Clyde Head was at Foreman Wed
nesday and Thursday buying cotton.
Sain Park of Brinkley was tne guest
of his brother, Chas. Park, Wednes
Mrs. Frank Horner of Foreman was
*be guest of Mrs. J. E. Locke yester
Judge G. A. Spaulding of Idabel was
a. guest at the Johnson hotel Wed
The ladies of the Methodist church
will serve a duck and chicken dinne?
•.Frank McCann, of the First N’atlon
, Bank, was a visitor at Little Rock
Jiis week.
thur Keys and H. B. Drake of
■J. '’Wwere guest at the Johnson ho
f.e, Wednesday.
Mrs. N. C. Jones, who has teen
visiting at Lockesburg, returtied home
Wednesday evening.
Mrs. F. C. Rice of Texarkana was
the guest of her daughter, Mrs. J. L.
Levinson, yesterday.
Don-t fail to attend the Methodist
dinner and bazaar at the Kinsworthy
mid stand
The iadi« Methodist church
Slave $ large number of ducks which
prill a-Specialty of their dinner
Buy your doll clothes from the Jun
,r Mission Bazaar In connection with
ae Methodist Basaar Saturday, Dec.
On Thls Week
See Our Show Window
■mi mi iii iimi mu hi i—h —e— ——■n—n———i
Ashdown Hardware Co.
Headquarters of Santa Ciaus
Prices to suit everyone—Prerents for bcib yourg arc o d.
Carl Garner of Horatio was here
Wednesday. He will return January
first. having accepted a position with
th Major Stave Company.
Mayo Robertson was reported In a
serious condition yesterday with an
attack of his old trouble. Dr. Dale i
came up from Texarkana on No. 4 j
for the purpose of assisting In an '
Home made candy and oat meal
cookies for sale by the children ot
the Junior society at the Methodist
i’azaar Saturday, Dec. 11.
A teocpti.cn ia honor of Rev. avt
Mrs. F. f’. Doak, will be given at t*t'
itoiue of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Phillip*,
Tuesday right, December 14th. The
c nitre membership of the church 13
We will have a special Monday Sale each
I Monday until Christmas.
Following are a few of the articles to be
shown Saturday night and Sunday in our
windows for
Nickel plated AA
Caserole .v I lUU
Stag handle carv- 1 AA
ing set.I lUU
I °lg?orrJar.1.00
10 year guaranteed um
| brella handle ....1 A A
, for .liUU
$2.50 to $5 Foun- 1 AA
tain Pens ..iiUU
i German Silver \ AA
| Mesh Bag -.I lUU
Small Desk Clock 4 f)A
8 inch cut glass 4 AA
Bowl .IiUU
Light weight cut 4 AA
glass water set.. I iUU
6 light weight cut glass
Ice Tea glasses 4 AA
for .IiUU
8 day mantle 4 AA I
Clock .IiUU 1
J. F. MILLS, Jeweler
Ashdown, Arkansas
Bankers Cotton Producing States
Designed to Aid Farmers.
New Orleans, Dec. 7.—Bankers of
the cotton producing states meeting
here today adopted plans designee to
advance the agricultural, commercial
and other interests of the south and ;
formed a permanent organization to
aid southern farmers to market their
Joseph Hirsch, of Corpus Christ:
was elected chairman cf the 01 gunl- .
zation which is known as the Cotton
States Bankers Conference. Morehead
Wright of Little Rock, Ark. was elect
ed secretary and O. Newton Jr., Jack
son, Miss., treasurer. The next meet
ing will be held in December of next
year. The place of meeting will he
selected by the executive committee.
Among the states vice chairman
elected were Arkansas: Gerge W.
Rogers, Little Rock, Louisiana, An
drew Querbes, Shreveport, Texas, D.
C. Dunn, Houston. The Oklahoma
Sta'e Bankers Associati'i i will be
asked to select a vice chairman for
that state.
The conference urged adoption by
tV cotton producing states of a mea
sure to bring about uniformity in cot
ton transac'ions including financing
warehousing and marketing; advocat
ed a campaign for increased ware- |
h" s» facilities. appro\?d the move-|
ment for safe farming, or the rais- ■
ing by each farmer of sufficient food,
or feed crops to supply his farm, ad
vised the adoption by ban'-^rs ana
business men of a far"’ -at” sheet i
or schedule of the plans of the farm
ft wncn applying ir- advocat
ed encouragemc”* <-v s ate and fed
eral agencies In establisn
scientific and ''"■■"omic methods of
farms and -*^’"!'ed to aid in solv
ing the problem cf preventing waste
in the baling, handling and transpor
tation of cotton from the gin to the
mill. |
The conference disclaimed any in
tenMon tn stimulate circulation but.
stated its purpose was to promote
agricultural welfare by the aid of
safe banking. Attention was direct
ed in resolutions adopted to tne
present strong condition of southern
banks which it was declared were
able and willing to assist farmers to
market the remainder of the 1915
crop provided it is pronertv s‘orc.('
and insured to offer a basis of ac
ceptable credit.
The Texas system of ginning. 'Ware
housing grading and marketing ot
cotton under state supervaision was
recommended for consideration and
emulation by other states. Tne con
ference adjourned late today.

Commissioner’s Sale.
Notice is hereby given that in pur
suance to the authority and directions
contained in the decretal order of the
Chancery Court of Little River county,
made and entered on the 17tli day of
November, A. D. 1915 in a certain
cause (No. 883) then pending therein
between Y. Van Beliast, complainant,
and John Vlieg, defendant, the under
signed. as Commissioner of said court,
will ofTer for sale at public vendue to
the highest bidder at the front door
or entrance of the County Courthouse,
in which said court is held, in the
county of Little River, within the
hours prescribed by law for Judicial
sales, on Saturday the 18th day of De
cember A. D., 1915, the .following des
cribed real estate, towit: The east
half of the southeast quarter of the
southeast quarter, and the east half ol
the west half of the southeast quarter
of the southeast quarter of section 31,
township 10 south, range 32 west,
containing 30 acres, in Little River
county Arkansas. Terms of Sale: On
a credit of three months, the purchas
er being required to execute a bond as
required by law and the order and de
cree of said court, in said cause, with
approved security, bearing interest at
the rate cf ten per cent per annum
from date of sale until paid, and a lien
being retained on the premises sold to
secure the payment of the purchase
money. Given under my band this 24
day of November, A. D. 1915.—Chaa. H.
Park, Commiaaioner In Chancery. 18
A Real Reel Romance
— ^
A Remarkable Story of Realism
In The Movies
r — —
In the whole realm of active photo
graphy it has remained for the com
mercial organization of Texarkana—
or rather—the two Texarkanas to fur
nish the last word in realism.
In a few days the movies will offer
a film presenting a romance, remark
able for the fact that it is a true
story of love even though its spectacu
lar settings and sensational Incidents
would be worthy of the creative effort
of imaginative minds. However, the
story is not idyllic in anj sense and,
being true, it does not require a eon
tortional irnao-ination to stimulate
one’s interest.
The characters are real—everyday
somebodies—all Texarkana people. It
happened this way: A ‘movie’ manu
facturer negotiated with the Board of
Trade to make a picture of the city.
Instead of planning for the conven
tional picture film to Illustrate the
city’s commercial and industrial im
portance. the organization’s secretary
conceived an idea for a picture which,
no doubt, is without precedent in the
history of art.
A building lot, house and complete
rurnlshings were offered as a gift to
the young couple of refinement, social
qualifications and talent necessary to
properly fill the leading roles in the
photoplay which ended In a sure
enough honest-to-goodn*ss wedding on
the state line between Arkansas and
Immediately after the newspaper an
nouncements of the plan, the enthusi
astic interest among a large number
of young people gave evidence of the
popularity of the enterprise
Right young couples applied for the
opportunity to demonstrate their his
trionic ability before the camera and
incidentally, to receive as perquisites,
the promised material gifts along with
their respective affinities. In short,
the proposition was so attractitve that
the committee found it necessary to
close the competition in less than a
Brandom Gray, an Arkansas boy,
and Irene Taylor, a Texas girl, re
ceived the recommendation of the com
mittee. Both of these young people
were qualified in every way to meet
the requirements of the committee and
its selection met with popular ap
proval. Their courtship of four years
landing contained many incidents of
b amatic interest and importance and
' scenario written around these true
- - _
happenings furnished a most interest
ing picture story.
Who gave the house, lot, and all the
other nice presents, amounting In all
to nearly $2,000? The citizens—all
classes of them. Every labor organiza
tion in the city volunteered to a man,
to perform all the labor required In the
construction of the house. The busi
ness men and manufacturers gave the
material and furnishings and mer
chants and others added valuable pres
ents for the bride and groom. The
bride’s dress, even her shoes and hos
iery, and the groom’s outfit came with
congratulations and good wishes from
the merchants? A diamond engage
ment ring, a wedding ring and other
handsome gifts were in the list. Paid
up fire insurance on the house and
furniture, paid up premiums on life
insurance, telephone rental, gas and
electricity, even groceries were gen
erously offered and accepted. Such
cooperation has never been surpassed,
if equalled.
The marriage is to take place on a
raised and decorated platform on State
Line avenue, Tuesday, December 14,
at 2 p. m. Two ministers, a Method
ist and a Baptist, will perform tbe two
ceremonies. Two licenses will be re
quired and used; one for Bowie county,
Texas, and one for Miller county, Ark
ansas. The bride and groom will stand
in different states while the ceremon
ies are performed. Texarkana’s two
mayors will be on the platform. Six
bridesmaids, a maid and matron of
honor and the parents of the contract
ing parties will form the bridal parly.
The Texarkana Band will play the
wedding march. A movie camera will
record the photos ar the rate of six
teen per second or nine hundred aud
sixty per minute.
This unusual event does not end
with the wedding. At eight o’clock tbe
fallowing morning, all the labor organ
izations will assemble at tbe site for
the home in Oakland Heights to build
the pretty four room cottage which
;'ne plans—also contributed—call for.
And the house will be built iD eight
hours. The furniture will he installed
before the last naU is driven home and
the scene will close with the happy
bride and groom crossing the threshold
of their own little home—a home
which will be a delightful memento of
their love-dream and stand as a monu
ment to the patriotism.^-'? enterprise
of a city’s people.
■ i .1 in ■ .
Protect yourself and fanmy oj
knowing that your land title is
good. See us.
Office In Sanderson Bldg.
Ashdown. Ark.
A. E. Morrell Jnne B. Morrell
Vs. Smith. Ashdown
AsMowi* • « •
Warning Order.
In the Justice Court of Jefferson
township, Little River County, Ark.
Before S. D. Phillips, J. P. Ashaow.-i
Hdw. Co. plaintiff vs. C. Jones and D.
V. Harrington, defendants, doing busi
ness under the partnership name of
C. Jones and Harrington. The above
named defendants, C. Jones and D.V.
Harrington are warned to appear in
this court within thirty days and ans
wer the complain of the plointiff, Ash*
down Hdw. Co. Dec. 1, 1915.—3, D.
Phillips, J. 9. ..... Ml ! ‘

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