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Published Wednesday and Saturday
Editors and Publishers.
Entered at the postoffice at Ash
lown, Arkansas, as second-class mail
That lynching bee over at
//New Boston the other night is
but the fruits of the law’s delay,
and may be lain at the door of
the jury. A juror swears to be
governed by, the law and the
evidence sorely, but too often
other elements enter into the
consideration of a verdict, such
as sympathy and other forms of
sentiment. We see no reason
why an honest and intelligent
man may not render an honest
and just verdict even though he
had previously formed and ex
pressed opinion. Nearly all
men now read the papers, and
nearly all men form opinions
from what they read. The jury
system is not perfect and never
will be perfect until the men
who compose juries are perfect.
Since there was never but one
perfect man we have at last ar
rived at the point from which
we started, and must acknowl
edge the folly of criticising our
Isn’t someone overlooking a
bet in regard to the city offices
of Ashdown? The general city
election comes in April, neces
sitating a city primary early in
March or before. There has
been no talk of a candidate for
-^mayor or any of the other offic
es'. It is highly important that
these places be filled with good
solid men. The responsibiliti
es of the Ashdown city officials
have grown heavy since the
large expenditures for public
utilities and with the operation
of the same pending. Think
ing citizens should look about
them for suitable and available
timber for the places unless
someone offers soon. Some of
the towns have already held
their primaries.
The News is glad to note that
Judge Jones is interested in the
Jefferson Highway project and
wili appoint delegates for the
Texarkana meeting at the pro
per time. The advantages of
this highway should not be ov
ei looked nor underestimated.
The advertising value that it
will give the towns along the
line, to say nothing of financial
benefits, will be equally as great
as would be a new line of rail
road. The Lincoln Highway in
the northern states is said to be
about as busy a thoroughfare as
a busy street, national tourists,
pleasure seekers out to see the
country and spend money.
The News still has room for
more announcements in its col
umn reserved for that purpose.
If it gets full up we will run late
comers over on the next col
umn. No one knows for sure
that you are running, even if
you tell them yourself, unless
they see it in the News. The
News solicits no man to run for
office, but will treat all aspir
ants with the best of service
and with uniform fairness in
getting their candidacy before
the voters.
Since the withdrawal of Mc
Rae South Arkansas seems to
, lie taking its time about lining
up. Those who immagine them
selves to be political leaders are
doing lots of talk, but the boys
who do the principal part of the
voting notice that the evidence
keeps coming in and are in no
particular hurry to rush out
and declare themselves.
General Villa is continually
getting killed, captured and
married again. He did all
three last week from reports,
which was quite a remarkable
record for one week.
This is the finest weather in
the world for road dragging,
and we notice that it is being
Despite the unfavorable wea
ther there is said to be more or
less candidating going on.
Think of all those cars of
gasoline burning at Wilton at
the present prices.
! Ogden School (<he Celebration in the
Honor of Robt. E. Lee.
| Ogden, Jan, 26—(Special.)—Last
i Friday afternoon the pupils of the
j public school rendered a program,
celebrating tiie birthday of one of
! America’s heroes, Robt. E. Lee. Fri
day afternoon being chosen in pre
ference to Wednesday the 19th. Sev
eral visitors were present.
The program fallows:
Song, America, by the school.
The purpose of Lee Day in ArkaD
1 sas, Laura Van Hook.
| The Life of Robt. E. Lee, Ethel
; Smithson.
Characterization of Lee, Addie
^ Crouch.
■ Lee’s Parole, Minnie Smithson.
Song, Columbia, the Gem of the Oc
Folded Banner, Coral Ogden, and
Mary Brock.
An Order of General Lee, Mary Mc
Dowell. ,
Lee’s Loyalty to the Nation, Grace
A Tribute to Lee, Lottie VanHook.
Give us men, Neal Velvin.
Flag Salute by the school.
Song, Battle Hymn.
| Small Child Hied Sunday; Other Local
News from Arkinda.
Arkinda, Jan. 27.—(Special.)—The
lit tie child of Mr. and Mrs. Charley
KiZer died Sunday and was hurried
j Monday. It was only a few days eld.
Dr. P. P. Massey was here Thurs
i day.
T. M. Oglesby is right sick now. !
Frank Snodgrass was taken with a j
bail chill Wednesday morning and is
t.ow very pick, threatened with pr.eu
| I'H.nia.
j Sam Anderson was here Wednesday
| from Foreman.
Tlie school here is progressing ntce
I ly. with several enrolled.
The singing class liere has decided I
! to organize and eleptt officers, and be ;
| represented at the next convention of '
! the convention of Little River county.
Mrs. C. C. Carroll has been seriously
ill, but is better now.
The rural mail carrier at this place
has had to go on horseback a few
trips recently on account of ba<# roads.
Lee Williams of King Rider was in
Arkinda Thursday on business.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Cook have been
right sick with lagrippe, but are im
We had a hard rain and wind Wed
nesday night, but so far as has been
learned no damage was done.
Quite a number attended the en
tertainment at Mr. and Mrs. W. B.
j Stuart’s Wednesday night despite the
Jim Wright, Bose Chappell, Oliver
I Hanks, Moody Fallis are among the
those in the race for matrimony, but it
is rumored that they meet with grave
dissatisfaction in making their peace
calling and election sure.
It has been wondered why the saw
mill at this place has not started up
yet, but it has been concluded recent
ly that it is not on the. account ot
Jake Hess of near King Rider wae
; here Sunday.
Alfred Key was here from King Rid
I er Sunday.
|A Business Man
Not a Politician
Of Oraysonia, Clark County, Candi
date for
Southern District.
Subject to the Action of the Demo
cratic Primary, March 29.
Four Reasons why I am the best
qualified man in the race for Railroad
First—I am a life-long Democrat.
Second—I am qualified by reason of
my long experience and direct con
tact with shipping.
Third T pin expos need in all de
: Railroad Tariffs, routes and
: rates.
successful and practical !
• l-;‘! Jx-n Should handle this of
Twenty-Six Years with one of the
largest shippers in the State—There
Must be a Reason, *
IN 1904-5-6-7-8
Paid Tax Only When He Began Run.
nlng for Governor.
To the People of Arkansas:
The professor is strong for wanting
to make other people pay their tuxes,
but he is weak on paying taxes him
self. For the first six years the pro
fessor was in Arkansas (teaching po
litical economy in the university), he
drew approximately $12,000 from the
taxpayers of the state, and only paid
one little measly dollar in taxes back
to the state. The poll tax goes into
♦he common school fund, to help sup
port the common schools, and to edu
cate the little children of Arkansas.
The following table, taken from the
records of Washington county, shows
that he did not pay one cent of taxes
for the years 1904, 1905, 1906, 1907
and 1908, although he was being fed
and clothed by the tax payers of Ar
kansas during that time.
What the Records Show.
0) tc
®4> k? Jj s
ss as £ . f
*; me —e o I -j Tr
c i.m rt it “ ~ s:
o e« ok o i 9 i & i>
_h_S.-< e4 _H_!s._ C-_G_
1903 0 0 0 0 1 No
1904 0 0 0 0 0 0
1906 0 0 0 0 0 0
190* $ 100 0 0 0 No Yes
1907 100 0 0 0 No Yes
1908 0 400 1.7.23 0 Yes No
1909 200 510 22.07 1 Yes No
1918 700 £10 25.99 1 Yes No
1911 676 1.000 44.85 1 Yes No
1912 600 1.400 £0.10 1 Yes No
1913 760 1,400 4.8. SO 1 Yes No
1914 1.600 1.400 S4.65 I Yes No
1916 2,000 1,400 . 0 .;■
State of Arkansas, County of
I, Thad Berry, a notary public with
in and for the county and state afore
said, duly commissioned and acting,
do hereby certify that, so far as I have
been able to ascertain, after having
made a diligent search of the records,
t.he foregoing is a true and correct
statement of personal and real estate
assessments and tax receipt books of
Washington county, Arkansas, so far
as the same show any assessments
made or taxes paid by Dr. C. H.
Brough of Fayetteville, Ark.
In witness whereof, I have here
unto set my hand and seal of office at
Fayetteville, Ark., this January 18,
Notary Public.
My commission expires February 1,
Dr. Brough Paid No Poll Tax.
The Doctor is strong for the Uni
versity (paying him), but apparently
does not care to help the common
school fund himself.
He talks about good roads, but for
five years, while a resident of Arkan
sas, he did not pay any road tax, the
only road he cared for, apparently,
being the road to the state treasury.
He loves Arkansas tor what he can
get out of the treasury, it seems. He
came here to accept a well-paying po
sition, and the chances are that when
defeated in this race he may go West,
where his fortune is located. He has
been paid approximately $30,000 by
the taxpayers of this state, and I un
derstand forwards his surplus money
to the Utah National F.nk, in Ogden,
Utah, where he has wealth, estimated
at from thirty to fifty thousand dol
lars—thus not paying any taxes on
this money in Arkansas, and depriv
ing the banks of Arkansas of this de
Negroes to Be Assessors.
He advocates the assessment of the
real estate in Arkansas by the jus
tices of the peace in each township,
which he says will make everybody
assess their property. It is well known
that there are one hundred and fifty
negro justices of the peace in South
and *Rast Arkansas, i know that the
people in those sections are not ror
that plan, and that the white voters
of the other parts of Arkansas will
not force it upon their neighbors in
that part of the State. I am not in fa
vor of any new offices, but it might be
well to employ some additional collec
tor* in Washington County to help
collect the poll tax from Professor
Brough. We should not be surprised
that the professor advocates negro as
sessor a, as it is in line with his
speech made in behalf of the negro
race in Washington, D. C„ in which
he said that the white man should
not object to being the "winning part
ner of the negro."
Qualified Veter Only Six Years.
The records of Washington County
show that the professor has been a
qualified elector of Arkansas only six
years, although he has been drawing
a high salary for twelve years; and
everybody knows that he has been an
' avowed candidate for governor evei
aince he began paying hie poll tax.
If the profeisor voted in the va
rious city, school, congressional, gen
j eral and primary elections the five
years he failed to pay his poll tax, he
! committed each time an indictable of
fense. If he did not vote he was dere
[ llct In his duties as a citizen, and it
not worthy oi the support of the tax
pers for any position, much lees for
| governor of the great State of Arkan
; eas. He has been professor of poli
' tical economy in the university; hts
main idea of political economy ap
j pears to be tax dodging.
Great Teacher This.
A grea< teacher to Instill into the
rising youths of the land the princi
: pies of good government, when it ap
| pears he himself wa6 shirking the
i first principles of citizenship! He
j tries to compare himself with Wood
i row Wilson (what a shame!). He it
j due the president an apology. If he
did go to school to Wilson. Wilson
couldn't help It; however, the facts
are that he did not go to school to
President Wilson, but was in another
university where Wilson occasionally
lectured. Woodrow Wilson was presi
dent of one of the greatest universities
of America for many years, but Dr.
Brough has never been mentioned, nor
even thought of, by any of the univer
| sity boards as being qualified for the
i position oi president of the University
'■ of Arkansas.
I am a native of Arkansas and have
! been a taxpayer ever since I was twen
ty-one years of age; I do not believe
the good people of Arkansas will de
feat me for governor and nominate a
man who is merely passing through
this State. I have faith in the good
people of Arkansas and I submit my
candidacy to them.
Very respectfully,
Candidate for Governor of Arkansas.
A lot of Arkansas people are need
lessly suffering from stomach ail
ments. A lot of others have found a
way to health and deliverance from
the derangements of the digestive
tract, which seems to be particularly
prevalent in the South, by the use
of Mayr’s Wonderful Remedy.
There is not better proof of what
this truly remarkable remedy will do
than what it has done. Here are the
words of two Arkansas people:
Ark., writes: “I took your full treat
ment and was greately benefited by it,
The amount of impurities removed
from my system was simply wonder
Ark, writes: “I received your won
derful remedy and did not take it
right away because I thought the
dose was too largo. But I felt so bad
that I made up mind to take It, and
it has worked like a charm and has
helped me »;o much my stomach feels
like a new one.”
Mayr’s Wonderful Remedy gives
permanent results for stomach, liver
and intestinal ailments. Eat as much
and whatever you like. No more dis
tress after eating, pressure of gas in
the stomach and around the heart.
Get one bottle of your druggist now
and try it on an absolute guarantee—
if not satisfactory money will he re
turned. adv No. 3
We the undersigned Physicians of
Little River county, Arkansas, realiz
ing the financial condition of the
country, and the custom of some of
our people, to mortgage everything
they have for supplies for another
year and for past indebtedness, ana
leaving absolutely nothing to pay
their physicians for medicine or medi
cal attendance in time of sickness o>
themselves or their family, a matter
as important to themselves and to
the party who is to furnish them, a::
the supplies are. For in this country
people will have sickness in their
family, a:u: will suffer and may cue
without incur* al attention.
Realizing further that we feed anu
clothe our lamilies by our profession,
w-e feel forced, in justice to ourselves
and families to hei*eby give notice to
such parties that in the future we can
not give any such parties medicine
and medical attention, unless such
party, at the time of the execution ol
such mortgage, expressly exempt from
their mortgage, and provide therein
sufficient funds to pay their doctor
bill or reserve from said mortgage
sufficient property with which to se
cure tneir doctor bill. We do this in
justice to ourselves and families as
well as for the protection rf the peo
ple who are forced to give mortgagee
for their supplies.
W. W. York, Ashdown, Ark.
J. W. Ringgold Ashdown, Ark.
P. H. Phillips, Ashdown, Ark.
W. E. Vaughan, Richmond, Ark.
J. F. Rhodes. Richmond. Arlt.
G. M. Eckel, Richmond, Ark.
i L. C. Shakelford, Foreman, Ark.
I D. L. Steven, Foreman, Ark.
,r. B. Mitchell, Foreman, Ark.
W. L. Shirey, Foreman, Ark.
T. T. Shakelford, Foreman, Ark.
J. L. Peavy. Winthrop, Ark
J. B. Chase, Cerro Gcrrdo, Ark.
H. Harvey, Cerro Gordo, A.rk.
W. M. Lambert, Winthrop. Ark.
B. M. Armstrong. Jewel, Ark.
J. R. Kennedy, Winthrop, Ark.
Warning 0‘der.
In the C rcuit Court of Little River
County, Ark,. January Term, 1916. O.
C. Bullock et al, plaintiffs vs. Southern
reaity and Trust Co., d*-" aidants. The
defendant. J.C. McNei1 hereby warn
ed to apuc,"- in this ■ ourt within thirty
days and answc the complaint or
the plaintiffs herein, and also the
l cross-complaint of the Southern Roal
j tv and Trie * Co. Witness my liana
and seal of this court on this the 4th
day of January, 1916.—Chas. H. Park,
Circuit and Chancery Clcrv 13-S
I Saturday Special
l Beginfing ntw we will sell for cash only,
on Sattardaw only:
All $1.00 prepera- Aft,*
j tions for .UUb
A.11 50c preperations ^Cn
*• for .< .‘tUb
I j
, A 11 25c preperations AAo
| j j f°r.I
j So save I your money .till Saturday and trade \
| at the Model where it will buy the most. (
The Model Drug Company i
. Fanner: 1
Now (is the time to bring your plows to the 2
shop) and have them repaired. Don't wait un- 2
til yaju want to use them. We are prepared to S
make you any kind of a Wing, Land Slide or «
ShariThey are better than you ern buy else* 1
wher e. We make them ran right for we know I
your soil. We also carry a good supply of I
Boilsland Material for all repair work. fl
Contain and see us. |
Kersten & Sons j
- .. Vh. h .« A. rlt Aa <A_ _ ..t.rww. -
Afar F Dunging
Cond Gan
U| md

Catron Sng letter
treat thi i Bullock
writes as follows: ‘*1 suffered for four
years, with womanly troubles, sad during
Ms time, 1 could only sit up for a little
whOa, and eswld not walk anywhere at
tL At times, 1 would bare severe pains
to av leftside.
lit doctor was callaA In, and Ids traat
■aot taBofod sm for 4 abfle, Ind I was
MM —kMlU Mih After
I had gotten so weak 1 could not .stand,
end 1 gave up in despair.
At last, my husband got me a bottle o(
Cardui, the woman's tonic, and I com
menced taking it. From the very first
dose, 1 could tell it was helplnfcme. i
can now walk two miles without ha
tiring me, and am doing all my work."
I! you are all run down from womaely
troubles, don't give up in despair. Try
Cardui, the woman's tonic. It has helped
more than a mfiiicn women, la its 91
yean of continuous success, and should
surely help you, too. Your druggist hUI
sold Cardui for year*. He knows wtud
it will do. Ask Mm. He wU racou*
mend IL Begin taking Cardui tedey.
(ranny’s Talk toYoung Mothers
“Granny” Chamberlain ' “Few youjng mothers realize the extent to
which a cold lowers the system and makes it susceptible to con
tagious disetises. It has been p roven that the majority of diseases
arise from germs, but it is not widely known that a healthy sys
tem will repel their attacks.
Mothers should never allow a cold to run for twenty-four
hours without attention. If this is made a rule there will be less
sickness for young mothers to worry over. A good reliable med
icine for coughs, colds, croup and bronchitis should always be
kept in the home wliere there are children. You may say that
you have no confidence in cough medicines, but that is because
you have never tried I
Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy
This medicine is thd-oughly reliable and has stood the test of
nearly half a Century. vNo, it will not hurt the children—there is
nothing in it that would even injure the baby.”
0jouiA4s C£+m.
****** «t I ,1, ... | ..
CORN FED HOGS \ -is sevi ral\orl •
fed hogs, in line |UajM: fcr 8fi;l, r,> ,
I >0 cents dressed Jr v/ill trade! for
l cat lie. -John Banls, Carrj k;|,
1 .'Uehmond, Ark. I |lg
\ ■
• - -•— 1 r.- ,m«M1
A. !>. DulJ TNEY
Lawjr« •
f’wt Mi Sanderson lluildlng
i iidonn, Arkansas.

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