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r Min'ORY in>\. w. n. collins
f'.esolut ons cf (he Little liber Coun
ty l*ar Association.
Wheieis, God, hi his wisdom, has
t ten fi; :n our midst the Hon. W. H.
Coiiiua. of De Queen, Arkansas:
Whereas, Mr. Collins has been for
thirty years or longer a lawyer or j
honor ?,nd ability, practicing success- j
fu.ly a; :he bar of the Ninth Judicial j
Edstric* and of the Fifth Chancery I
Eds trie ;
Whereas, Mr. Collins has been one
cf the fcremcst citizens of Southwest
Arkansas for over a quarter of a cen
tiiy a great business man. a consist
great haasb.fnai ' ->t h shrdhr shrdff
great husband. Uuier, brother and
friend, possessing in a marked degree
tiie great qualities of sterling man
Whereas, he has left at this bar a
y.orthy son in the person of Hon.
Abe Cciiins. our efficient Prosecuting
/ 'orney a distinguished brother-in
law in ‘he person of Judge James S.
S; ele, and other relatives;
Now, therefore, bo it resolved by
t is B: • Association now assembled in
Circuit ,‘ourt;
That w.e humbly submit to tiie will
cf God who '..as seen lit to take from
us cur friend and fellow-lawyer;
That ve extend our deepest sympa
thies to his companion of many years,
Ids family and ' his relatives of this
That til's court, in honor ot his
in mory be adjourned at noon on this
date and remain adjourned tne bal
ance of the day;
That a copy of these resolutions be
presented to the bereaved family( a
copy be spread upon the records ol'
this court, and a copy be delivered fci
r abdication to the newspapers of Lit
tle liiiver and Sevier Counties; and
That a committee of this bar be ap
pointed to attend the funeral.
Respectfully submitted.
Seth C. Reynolds,
A. D. DuLaney,
J. O. Rivesay,
L lan'm.'v.r'y passed by the liar As
sociation July 13, 1016.
lax-Fos, A Mild, Effective Laxative a Liver Tan
Laes Not Gripe nor Disturb tile Starr ach.
la addition to other properties, Lax-bV
contains Cascara in acceptable form,
ih'.mulatir'gLaxativeandTonic. I.ax-V'o
acts effectively and does not .^ripo tw
disturb stomach. At the same time, it aid
dgestion, arcuses the liver ar.d secretion
and restores the health” 4v notions. .0<
M. I>. & (i. TIME CARO
..v Ashdown, M D & G ... 6:51 a. m.
Ar Nashville, M D & G 8:10 a. in.
Ar Tokio, M D & G . 8:35 a. m
Ar Prescott, P & N W . 2:30 p. m.
Ar Murfreesboro. M I) & G. 8:55 a. in.
Ar Shawmut, M D & G . .10:00 a. rn.
A.r Gurdon. Iron Mt .5:15 p. m.
Ar. Amity, M D & G.10:20 a. rn.
Ar. Rcseboro, M D & G ...10:30 a. m.
Ar. Glen wood, M D & G . 10:40 a. in
Ar. Caddo Gap, Iron Mt. . .1:40 p. m.
Ar. Womble Iron Mt.2:10 p. in.
Ar Hot Springs, M D & G 12:55 p.m.
Ar Li'tle Rock, Iron Mt .2:40 p. m.
Ar Memphis, Iron Mt . 7 p. m.
Ar Chicago, T’l Central .11; a. m.
Mixed Train?, Daily Except Sunday:
Leaves Ashdown 12:15 p. m.; ar
rives Nashville 2:30 p. m.: arrives at
Tok’o 3:25 p. rn.; Murfreesbore 3:55
p. in.; Shawmut 5:20 p. m.: Amity
5:45 p. m.; Ros boro 6:05 p. m.; and
G1 >nwood, 6:20 p. m.
Drives Out Malaria, Builds Up S> stem
Tin• old Stanuav 1 general strengthening tonic,
C R‘ * VE’S TASTELESS chill TONIC, driven out
Malaria,enriches the blood, and builds up the sys
true toaic. For adult3 and children. 50c.
Wanting Order.
In the Chancery court of Little Riv
er county, Ark. Oscar Nelson, plain
til 's Nona Nelson, defendant. The
defendant Nona Nelson is warned to
r-.po; ar in this court within thirty days
' T'swer the complaint of the
T la’ntlfl. Oscar Nelson. Witness iny
! and the seal of ; aid court, this
•V!t day of .June. 1516.—Chas H Park,
C.ei k 4D Du Sat 58
T.ic Strong Withstand the Heat of
Summer Loiter Then the W oak
O'rl people who are feeble, and younger
t ople who r.re wsak.wiil be strengthened
f.f i enabled to gc through the depress
j.-.g heat o'- sum-net fcv taking regularly
G. ve’sTasteless ChiM Tonic. It purifies
f.re av.riciiefj the blood and builds up
the whole syaicm. £f.c.
with good oil liniment. That’s
the surest way to stop them.
The best rubbing liniment is
Good for the A ilmenb of
Horses, Mules, Cattle, Etc.
_ Good for your awn A chei.
Pains, Rheumatism, Sprains,
Cuts, Bums, Etc.
I 25c. 90c. $1. At all Dealers.
/& Sporting Goods
We Carry a Full Line of
Bicycles, Bicycle Repairs, Fishing Tackle, Base
Ball, Tennis and all other Sporting Goods.
Let Us Show You
Ashdown Hardware Company
Published Wednesday and Saturday
i I? A V E S & G n AVES,
Editors and Publishers*
Entered at the postoflice at Ash
owu. Vrkansas, as second-class mail
Wood for sale—W. B. Pruitt. tf
A S. Brown was here from Arden
R. E. Wiley of Arden v. as in the city
H. G. Chauncey o. Wilton were hen.
We have plenty of good wood for
ale.—Major Stave Co. 42
Dr. R. D. MjCrary of Allen was
here Monday.
Mrs. Lon T. .Jones 'as at Te:;ark
ana yesterday.
ni Andetsori if Foreman w is in
tile city Monday.
j. A. McDonald returned yesterday
from Little Rock.
We have plenty of good wood for
-ale at present.—Major Stave Co. 42
Mrs. Jess i Moore left Monday lor a
visit in Arkadelphia.
Flcrenco Chauncey and wife of Ar
den were in the city Monday.
Sam Tribble, County Treasurer-elect
of Sevier county, was here Mon :ay.
Drink pure apple cider at the Model
Drug Store. Five cents, refreshing
uid healthful. 59
Airs. J. ,R. Bowles and son, Iiobert,
of Bokhoma were in the city y ster
Mrs.. V. ,T. KJwards of Lockesbiirg
visited Mrs. W. W. Bishop here Mon
Children that art* affected by worms
j e pale and sickly and liable to con
tract some fatal disease. White's
'ream Vermifuge expels worms
. omp'ly and puts the child on the
oad to health. Price 2."c per S.otttc.
■id by all druggists. adv \V
Main) people think that shoes
i!.ns! he tltfht anil pinch the
in order to look neat anti dr sxy.
hui Comfort need not i?ive nay
1» >iyle.
Kress shoes that we fit to your
feet can be just as comfortable
as shoes you buy for service.
Anil we do not sacrifice either
sijle or neatness in tittinjr you.
Our pumps and slippers and ull
sort of dress shoes offer you a
wide field for choice. Our styles
will please you.
M. C. Johnson
Lillard Johnston was here from his
farm near Ogden Tuesday.
Eugene ar.d Edward Cox of \len3
wore in Ashdown Monday emvi.te
Lome f cm Oklahoma
A bilious, half-sick feeling, loss of
energy, and constipated bowels can be
relieved with surprising promptness
by using Herbine. The first dose
brings improvement, a few doses puts
the system in fine vigorous conditon.
Tree 50c. Sold by All Druggsts. W
Miss Francis Vaughan of Lite? Roc a
is spending the week with her cousins,
Willie and Leva Bi^nop.
Ed Fountaine and family of Kooks,
Tex., were here Sunday visiting. Tiiey
made the trip in their car.
j A regular morning operation of the
bowels puts you in fine shape for the
day's work. If you miss it you feel un
comfortable and cannot put life into
your movements. For all bowel irregu
larities Herbine is the remedy. It ]
purifies, strengthens and regulates |
Price 50c. Sold by All Druggists. W
John D Head and wife of Idabel
w.Te here Monday the vests 0. the
farmer's mother. Mrs. (Jiyua Head.
A well worded want ad inserted in |
the News is a good s'art for almost j
two id ’as out of three nowadays, tf j
Mrs. M. U. Perkins of Rising Sun.'
Indiana, lias arrived for a visit with
It- r sister. Mrs. F.M. Graves, who is
If you have the itch, don t scratch.
It does not cure the trouble and mak
es tile skin bleed Apply Hillard's
Snow Liniment. Rub it in gently on
the affee ed parts. .It relieves itching
instantly and a tew applications re
moves tiie cause thus performing a
I permanent cure. Price 25c, 50c ami 31.
per bottle. Sold by All Druggusts. \V
Horace Rout on returned Monday
morning from Luverne, Alabam *. at
which place he has been vb-i ag his
r-afcr.ts for ten days.
Phillip Chauncey1 of Wilton had the
misfortune of getting his arm out by
a saw at a mil! last week. It v o< nec
essary to amputate the arm.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Graves o, Look
esburg spent the first of the week vis
iting their sons, O. T. and F. M. Grav
es and to be at the bedside of Mrs.
F. M. Graves.
J. A .Wofford of D-Qu-.-en and Prof.
Knox of the Extension Department of
the State University v, ere here yester
day and held meet’ngs in the interest
of the ex'ension of live stock.other
.meetings were held .. 7,'lnt ro >, Ar
den a mi Foreman.
Teothng babes ul i;.a have t l.ur-l
lime of it a lien th s oro. ess o'-cu rs .n
hot weatlie.'. They : ot ni,’y a—» ">
.-os •.id w; painful gum.-j i..,f tie
s much s disoid-iiOj. bo. ..vs )ot:s»
is i tic: !• . iy • ••n-gn or'a! 'e T' e be t
i !:> y i . ,fl ■•' * tile littde i fTarsp i-i
.'.cC v .• ■ Jo. . Li sir. .: rn i: , -nil
■ oi.i t!' cools aai i.ifmo .h i boWi Is
•in ! •. p, digestion. P tea < auii
> he.* !e 3aid oy V .
RVrning Or ir *.
I In f'u ' liaa cry Court of Little
i Pi war County. * Ark. Amie Young
I'ntiff vs Geo Young , defendant.
The defendant George Young is warn
e 1 to at pear tn ihis court within thirty
days answer the complaint o' the
pia.iitiff. Am.e Young. Witness my
: a . 1 an I 'be seal of said court this
Dl'h ay of Jun •. 1916.— Chas H. Park.
Clark. A D Du 59-W
Taking •Mn Chances.
ft. tr a great r'sk to travel without a
>a‘t'r of Chamberlain’s CoLc, Cholera
! a'm Diarrlo-a Remedy, as this pre
I oaiat'on cannot be obtained on the
trains or steamships. Attacks of bo
wel complaints are often sudden and
everywhere and everyone should go
prepared for them. Obtainable every
where adv-W
liOORs FOR BE XT —Call at 409 Front
Street. 69-3t
LOST in front of Royal ^Theatre pair
gold spectacles in black carrying
case, also contained a few matches, j
Finder please leave at this office. tf
RAKE A FORTUNE buying good land
near Ashdown before they strike oil, |
w.ill make you a low price on 40 or 80 :
acres on easy terms.—J. F. Elder, Keo. :
kttk. la., C. F. Prescott 3640 Washing- I
•' u .\vi . t Louis Mo. 6S i
FOR SALE—I bought a large lot of
Xo. 3 Tin cans to get a bargain and
have some 5 or 6 thousand lor sale at
$2.50 per hundr <1 by the 500 crate, f.
o. b:. Ashdown. Ark.—J. A. McDon
ald. 63-4
FOR SALE—Eleven lots some in the
Frisco Division and some in Uni
versity Division cheap. Address A.
Schleninger, 3538 Lindel Ave., St
Louis Mo. 45
Once On In valid from Dreadful
Almost from all parts of the United
States and from men and women in
all stratas of life letters of enthus
iastic praise of Hays’ Specific, the
wonderful system tonic, which is now
attracting almost nation wide atten
in his owns statement to the Hays
Medecine Company of Paducah, Ky.,
Mr. S. J. Eaker, a prominent and
esteemed agricultural of Kevil, Ky.
"I was down with rheumatism and
was forced to stay in bed for eighteen
weeks during which time T suffered
terribly. I went to Hot Springs, Arlt.,
and the baths there gave mo some
temporary relief, but after returning
home in about a month, I was taken
down again. Constable Shelton of
Paducah, Ky.. told me that Hays
Specific had relieved him, so I secured
a bottle and this tlrst bottle did me
lots of good. I secured another bottle
finished three bottles I was able to do
to the field and plow. When I had
fnished thre bottles I was able to do
any hind of work. It has now b>en
four years since I have been bothered
with rh umatism and I am now fifty
two years old and am working every
day and doing i man’s work.
I certanly can recommend Hays’
Specific to ary i no suffering from
(Signed) S .1, i’AKl-Tt,
Kevii, Ky.
'i’hi.-! wonderful tomody is now for
sale in Ashdown by the lloy^r Drug
Co. advertisement
Continuation Notice.
No'ice is hereby given: That Ada
Mills lias this day filed her petition
in the Chancery court of Little ltlver
County, Arkansas, praying said court
to quiet and confirm her title U and
to the following described lands, sit
uated in said county, towit: The
SW’, of the XWi section 5; the NEI !
of the ME.I and the SWi of tiie NEJ I
section 8. township 12S, range 29 W.;
the N’ of the NWI of section 27;
the Si of the NW and the SWI of
section 34, township 11 S, Range 30
west; the NTI of the SWI and the SE1
of tiie NWI (less 5 acres across the
west side) in section 1; Ni of the SWJ i
of the NEI; tiie NWI of the NEI and
the NEI of NWI, section 23; the NWI
of SWi; Wio SWI of NEI; SEI of
NWI; NEI of SW4 section 24; the Ki
of NTS! section 9; and the WJ of the
MV! section 10, township 12 south,
range 30 west. Therefore, ail per- |
sen s who claim any Interest In said 1
lanes, or any part thereof, are hereby
warned to appear at the May Term, ;
1910, of said court and show cause, if
any they have why the title to said
lands should not be quieted In said
petitioner. Given under my hand and
Circuit CbawerJ Clerk. tfcjg
Your Guaranty of Purity
Made with only one aim in view—
Complete Satisfaction
hilling —
co g
,T I
This great organization is
composed of expert grain men, expert mil
lers expert chemists, expert bakers. They work night and day
supplying the appreciative women of the South, who know
| real flour value—flour that insures perfect baked food, with
| White Dove Flo\ir
If “The Heart di the Grain plus the Art of the Brain”
An Invitation
A Suggestion
Those Women who
have never used this
perfect dour—the re
sult of years of hard
labor by dour experts
are invited to t r y
White Dove Flour.
The assurance of puri
ty and perfect baked
foods make its use a
decided economy.
Order a Sack
New fngM Oakery-Pure Food Grocery
Arkaeleiphia Milling Co.
ArkaOclphla, Ark., U. S. A.
Kinsworlhy 8 IMimorton
Wil! sell your Land,
or make your Loans
Office in Lott Bldg.
Phone 146
Ashdown, Ark.
Ashdown Gnrage and Machine Shop
'PHONE 112
Automobile Accessories
Steam Vulcanising 9n4 Repairing,
Soldering, Pipe Threading,

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