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Reduced Rates
Ashdown to
Oct. 31 to Nov. 7
^u'siana State Fair
$1.20 to $3.80
Governed by date going j|
and return. For further
information call
K. C. S.
.. ’Phone 25 „
1 Texarkana and I
Nov. 7, 8? 9, 19
and 11
Return limit Nov.jl3
Texarkana Industrial
For further information
K. C. S.
’Phone No. 25
Texarkana and
Nov. 10th
Account Rarnum
& Bailey Circus
U For further information
H call
K. C. S.
’Phone 25.
Ashdown, Ark.
Office in First National
Office in Sanderson Bldg.
Ashdown, - Arkansas.
jj J. W. RINGGOLD, M. D.
H Respectfully tenders his
ll Professional services to :
the people of Ashdown.
ASTrnnwM artc
Ofllce in Lott Building
P. onea: Ofllce 169-2 rings; Res. ;
169-3 rings.
Lax-Fos, A Mild, Effective Laxative & Liver Toni.
Does Not Gripe nor Disturb the Stomach.
In addition to other properties, Lax-Fos
contains Cascara in acceptable form, n
stiuiutatingLaxativeandTonic. Lax-Fos
nets effectively and does not gripe 1101
disturb stomach. At the same time, it aids
digestion,arouses the liver nud secretions
and restores the lr-althy functions. 50c. i
Yc-tors Likely to He Misled in Votting
On Amendment No. 14.
Managers Confident.
Little Rock, Nov. 3.—Although the
Amendment No. 14 expressly limits
the levy of road tax to three mills
and provides specifically that no ad
ditional tax for road purpose may he
kr ied in excess of the three-mill levy
it became evident last night that the
an.'fndment \y,ill go before Arkansas
voters hearing a captticn which says
it is an amendment permitting an in
crease in the road tax. Attorney
General Wallace Davis, whose auth
orization is necessary before a change
may he made in the capttion of the
amendment as it appears upon the
ballot, and who conferred yesterday
with Secretary of State Earle W. Hod
ges. concerning the caption, last night
said that he had nothing to say cn
the matter.
Asked if the caption would rema'n
as it now appears upon the hallo\ Mr.
Davis repeated that he had nothing to
say. Mr. Hodges said last night that
he had no legal authority to make
a change as this is a matter that
comes within the jurisdic'ion cf the
attorney genera'. Mr. Hedges said
that if lie were instructed by the at
torney general to make (he change
he would do so, but net otherwise
l Friends of the amendment say that
l while the caption on the ballot does
not in any sense express the purpose
of the amendmen, there is no legal
way to compel the change.
A. W. Parke assistant campaign
manager for the measure, said that
while the measure is under a heavy
handicap, he is confident that a suffi
cient number of the voters to insure
i*s adoption know its purpose and
will not be misled by the caption.
To the Voters of Little River county:
In presenting to you the candidates
on the Republican ticket for the var
ious offices in the election to be held
next Tuesday, we make no inordinate
claim upon your suffrage in their be
half. Neither do we make and in
vidious comparison as between them
and the candidates upon the oilier
tickets 'before the people. We merely
claim for them that our acquaintance
with and knowleilgge of the gentle
men named has and does fully war
rani our organization in asking the
favorable consideration of every elee
: tor of the county in their behalf.
We do not claim that they are bet
ter or that they have a higher regard
or a broader conception and under
standing of the duties and responsi
ties of the various oflices for which
they stand, than those on other tick
ets. hut we sincerely and earnestly
believe that each and all of them are
good and capable men. and are entitl
ed to a fair consideration.
Mr. (1. L. Felton, candidate for rep
resentative, resides at Arkinda being
station agent for the 'Frisco railway.
Mr. Felton has resided at Arkinda
the past three years, having former
ly lesided at Garvin and Millerton.
in McCurtain county, Oklahoma. Mr.
Felfcn is a man of broad business
experience and is a close stu
dent of economic conditions, and is
especially fitted for the position.
Mr. (1. F. laid low. who resides on a
farm some four and one-half miles
northwest of Foreman, is the candi
date for sheriff and collector. Mr. Lud
low has resided in our county for the
past six years. lie is a farmer and
mechanic and a man of vigor and
courage, and every way equipped to
fill the position.
Hr. XV, l>. Stephens is the candidate
for county and probate judge..It
would be folly to make any extensive
introduction of r. Stephens as lie is
already fully known to every one. Mr.
Stephens is a broad-guaged, public
spiried business man of Wintlirop, be
ing engaged in the mercantile and
banking business. He was raised in
Little River county and is thoroughly
conversant with its history and dev
elopment, and possesses a thorough
knowledge of the needs and require
ments of our citizenship, and is in
every w,ay equipped to render to the
public that service so vital to the pro
per development of the county’s re
Mr. If. A. Stoddard, of Allene is the
candidate for treasurer. He is a
young men, of considerable business
experience. He has resided in the
couuty for several years past and is
in hearty accord with the very popu
lar trend of modern sentiment in fav
or of the highest efficiency'in public
Mr. I). S. Collins, of Foreman, is the
candidate for county ..and district
clerk. Mr. Collins has resided in Lit
tle River county for many years, and
has long been identified with the up
building and development of this sec
tion of the country; lias held various
positions of importance and trust, and
his record as such officer is of the
Mr. F. II. Alien, of Arden, is the
candidate for assessor. Air. Allen is
a prosperous and enthusiastic farmer. I
a man of experience and wisdom, and
in every way qualified to discharge
the duties of assessor.
AVe believe that it is to the advan
tage and bet'erment of representa
tive government that the elections of
all shades cf political faith be given
an opportunity .to. choose those who
shall serve them from more than one
political party. There can he no pol
itics In county offices, beyond that of
the plan or system of organiza'ion by
which the candidates are selected.
The duties of all county officers are
largely, if not' entirely, fixed by law,
and no matter what a man's political
beliefs, lie discharges his duties to
none if not tc all.
7,’e ask that you fairly weigh the
merits of these gen-lenten, and if af
ter so doing, you find them worthy of
your support, we ask it for them.
Republican County Central
Respectfully submitted.
Republican County Centrtal
- a'he’dismr.ent. .
Say Girls As^auUei1.
The negro women stated that the
daughters of Henderson Rea were
criminally assaulted. The wife of
Berry Owens said that after this foul
est of all cringes had been committed
the fiends at the point o" pis'ois had
forced Geo. Turner, a negro, to com
mit the same offense against the girls.
Turner was cne of the victims of the
robbery. The old negro woman shed
tears as she told the story to a News
reporter. She said they were good
girls and had been well reared. One
of them was leaving for school next
week. Another negro, who was pre
sent is said to state that the assault
was not made, but the g'rls were
shamefully treated. Investiga ion is
being made as to the assault charge,
rs a statement has not yet been re
ceived from the girls.
Another Hold I’p.
The night before this crime, Ab
Cross, a negro living three mile's east
cf town was robbed by three men. He
lost $40. He and bis wife were bruis..
eti up some. Roberts is said to have
also confessed that the same trio did
The sheriff and pcsse are to be con
gra'elated in their quick and effective
work in promptly rounding up the
guilty men.
X ot ice.
Notice "s hereby given that sealed
bids for the care and maintenance of
the paupers of i.iftie River county for
the year 1017 will be revived by
County Clerk af Ashdown, Ark., up t <
2 o’clock p. m on the 23rd day of Oc
tober, 1916.—Ashdown, Ark.. Oct. 12
1916.—Lon T. Jones, County Judge 93
ju the ('iietiit Co
county. Ark. j. r
Harper, plaintiff. \
Horn Id arid W. L.i,
tint. Tlie defendants
Donald and \V. L. Rar
1 ';fi to appear in this
days and answer the
th" plaintiff, J. R. Hil,
Harper. Witness my hand a
seal ci said court this 3]st ,,
Pct, 1916.—Chas, I!. Park, n rk.
-Q —
i ho Ladles* Home Journal, The Safur
day Evening Past and the Country
Gent Ioiiiiijj
tvisli to secure the spare time of a mas
or woman to act as local representa
tive in Ashdown and vicinity, loak
ins after the renewals of their marry
subscript.ons in this section, and 3
t.his section, and introducing theta:
publications to new readers. Payment
will be made in salary and commif
s on. Previous experience is desir
ab'e but not essential. For details aS
dnu s, wih references, Box C54 tut
once Square, Philadelphia.
Warning Order.
1:1 I1!1' Justice coust cf Jefferson
ir*v. nship. Little Liver county,
ihe " at :. C. W. Ford s warnc
fo ajipear. in this court within thi- •
(■•u.'y. and answer the complaint of the
Pia’i’tifr Loss Headers, n. S. D. Pai ..
■ Pi;. .1. P. Geo. R. Steel attorney, a<»
litom O-t. 11, l!)io. ‘ 90 ^
I now until Decerober !
(1st my entire stock consist
ing of New Slices, Second \
* *an® ^hoes and Dry Goods I
must go at some price. Call {
them at my shoe f
/ '"'-‘^irstore, first door I
mT Jewe‘r> •* ' '
Roadster $620
lob. T ole Jo
They like its po
most powerful lotv priced car.
Everybody concedes its beauty.
It wins on economy.
But its roomy seats, deep upholstery
. and easy riding cantilever springs—
These things make it so amazingly
comfortable that people can hardly
believe their senses.
You wouldn’t think that a small, light,
economical, low priced car could be
so comfortable.
Bilt come in and let us prove it to you.
Ask for Demonstration
J. F. MILLS, OVERLAND, Ashdown, Ark.
The Willy 8-Over land Company, Toledo, Ohio
, “ Mad* in U. S. A.”

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