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.. I******
T. F. Ball of Ogden was in the city
Mart Kelley of Corn Hill was here
C. H. Dickinson is on the sick list
this week.
Allen Winham was here from Tex
arkana Monday.
W. H. Gurley iet’t yesterday for
I'crest, Ml sissippi.
Dr. W. I,. Shiroy was here from
Foreman yesterday.
Pr. \V. E, Vaughau was here from
R clunond ye fterday.
Mrs. .1. I!. Graves returned lo iLock
< sburg Sunday afternoon.
Miss Wright o! Fort Towsen, Okla.,
was hero yesterday afternoon.
Clair Leslie of Fort Towsen, Okla..
whs hen* yesterday afternoon.
.list received our Christinas stock
of Ivory—J. F. Mills. Jeweler.
We have plenty of good wood for
sale at present.—Major Stave Ctx 42
Will Shannon and E. E. White of
LockeMmrg were here yesterday aft
Miss Vedie Aubrey. ko's teaching
school at Oak «sill, was in Ashdown
j \v. Everett and family of Horatio
visited with Judge and’ Mrs. James S.
S'eel Sunday.
Key Budd. tbo Ogden merchant
planter. was here Monday morning at
tending to business.
Mis Herbert Aison of Gillham vis
ited with her parents, Dr. and Mrs.
S. c. Marr. Sunday.
Jim Coulter o' Foreman was here
S- c.-.-day and Sunday, the guest of
parents, Mr. and Mrs D. B. Coulter.
Mrs. I 1>. wovvoeil IHU
for her home at Fulton, after an en
joyab’e v ;-i with friends and relatives
One hundred ntid fif■ >'-seven ticket^
were sold to Texarkana Friday over
the 1C. C. S. to people go ng the see the
circ ip.
B. w. Johmon, the Winthrop lum
berman, was here Monday n bi inesa,
and while here ordered the News lor
i. year
J. I). Perry and family visited at
Horatio. Mr. Perry, who has a lever
contract in Beuford, Miss, left Monday
lor i - it place to ie3vme work.
Mrs. Britt and little son of Califor
nia. Mo., who have been visiting the
former’s son, C B. Dritt and wife
left ye. terday for home.
st T Spencer of Francis, Okla., left
l(,i bis hov. e yesterday after a Malt
with his lathe- in law. Ben Biles.
Material is being placed on the
ground for the construction of the
new addition to the First National
Bank building.
We wish to extend our uearuen
thanks to the many friend, of our
mo her, Mrs. Annie Gurley, who sc
kindly did ail that they could do tc
aid during her last illness, and whc
cheered her during her last moments
with many acts of helpful kindness.
We shall ever remember and thank
you.—Her children: Mrs. H. M. West
brook, W. H. Gurley, Mrs. M. .1. Pril
——.— o
Arkinda. Not. 13 (Special) S. A
Snr.‘h3on is here visiting relatives.
Ii. L. Dawson .and 11. II. Hathaway
ha’ - gone to Rich Mountain on a hunt
ing tr!p
There are some people here that
seem to be uneasy about the results
of the election on Act No. 2 I tell
‘hem there will be plenty of booze
any way.
Miss Let.a Rhodes i issistant teach
er here now and Prof. F.T. Kdson is
principal. We have a good school and
good teachers.
Mrs. Annie Rayliss left Saturday
for 111 no, Okla., Dr. ltayliss has been
there for some time to look out a lo
There was u family near here that
the man and wife separated and lived
or 18 months In the same house, and
never spoke to each other the whole
tins; Fa eh luruished their own sup
Ho Von lime Sour Siomuch?
1 you are troubled with sour atom
.*,ch you should cat slowly and maati
o-*t . your loo*1 thoroughly, then take
ore* of Chamhct -ain's Tablets immed
-!y -.ter supo. r. Obtainable every
■ w'lrere. advt
- -*■- ii
To Cure a Cold in One Day
LAX ATI HKOMo It 'taputii?
AVA If i^Hlhl blltl kio»Vj» off the vW \ .
r*;»««•/! fj ,< fail*
ii. A. h, .* liitv ii*c o’i v*' •

Does the Work
«r~ *■ „•*" ’ .' “ r j'1
Our Car Jno. Deere Plows and Implements will arrive this week.
Let Us Show You
Ashdown Hardware Company
VC grata——b—«aawn ■ 11 i1
Ogden, Xov. 14.—(Special).—Fall is
still with us. One of the most ideal
sea)ions at this time of the year on
Many of our citizen, at ended the
Exposition and circus at Texarkana
last week.
Rev. J. D. Freeman passed through
the ciiy Friday night on his way home
at Ashdown from points in Miller
county, where ho has been on his mis
Dr. I. X. Hutt and Mrs. Hutt. Mrs.
W. B. Loatherwood. Xay Hutt and By
ron Smith made a trip to Fouke Fri
day morning, returning Saturday
night in the former’s car.
Prof. Fred llutt vi Pad in this city
Sunday. He is boosting the famous
Chatuaqua which convenes in Fouke
the (if.tenth sixteenth and sevententh
of this month. Ho is urging all to a -
Elish Pickett and family of Mill
wood attended the M. W. A. reception
in the basement Saturday night.
Rev. .7. A. Biggs, presiding elder of
the Texarkana district, passed through
here Friday on hi) way to Vandervoort
;o hold quarterly conference. Bro.
Biggs is closing ids year’s work in
our district and we hope to have him
,\ith us next year.
Rev. J.E. Brown of Ashdown preach
ed at tlie church Fridty night and
Sunday afternoon. Bro. Brown. as
everyone knows is an able minister
and h's sermons a, well as his pre
sence are always enjoyed by the Og
den people.
Will Hooks of Ashdown was a visi
tor here Sunday evening.
Want Ads.
'Oil SALE—Jersey bull, 18 months
Mu.— J. T. Gr un-is. Ashdown.
CAR OF MITES We are here with a
ear of mules a‘ lint’s barn. Will
havj another car the latter pari o!
ihe weak.—Curtis it-White. 102-1
1 T LOST- -Ladies’ broad brim black
ha’, green feather, 1 red ro; e. be
tween Ashdown and Wilton. Notify
lo u Stinson, Brown-down. Ark.
‘H I ES FOR AVI A Til HOP—1 will u n
load a car of Mules Wednesday at
Yinthrop of this week. Will oil
| Leap. Also wiM have 5 jacks and 2
oiions. Frank Clowdis.
FOR HEAT -80 acres.one mile and
one-half north of Allene. For terms
a; ply Thos. Call, at Price Hotel 102-2
FOR SALE 1 second-hald" 2 horse
•• ..non. 1 second hand Steel Majestic
talign, mini plow tools and harness
Sec M I) Majors. 100-5
FOR SALE My residence in Ash
down 1 have feur lots 200 feel
on’ by 1*2 feet d«v*p Eight rooms
modi ' ii house and new AA’ill sell for
sari ca.-h and balance on easy terms
1 B M Price ' 97
l " AAIEH V drp.er lor my team;
all- j mill l and W H Adams. 97
’ FOR HEAT NT- 1 room hcaise. Sec
J F. Mills PS
• OH SAI.I Si* lull blood Imres:
Jersey hogs 1 oiv. 2 years o’d 1
I -tih 1" months old, I male 10 months
j 'hi Sc.- A Ivy Freeman Ashdown.974
HIM ■ oldie h'.tiikels, one red ami
yellow, heavy : 1 yellow, on streets
1 of Ashdown Return »n P M McCord
I Burn, reward
- ■' — o ■■ —
1 Hon t wait until you exhaunt every
other method of renting your spare
room There’ no reason In tba world
why tbe News' Want Ada should be
the Lust means you should try. t
• •
---— «
Famous Medicine Accomplishes Won
derful Hesulls in Treating In.
tiiniitics of Old Age.
| For the past year or so, several of
the more elderly ladio . of the Old j
I Lakes’ Home cn Rutledge F’ike, Nash- j
j ville, Tenn., have been in a very fec
| hie delicate state of health, border- j
j ing at times on what might be termed
j a general decline.
j Their failing health was. no doubt
| in a large measure to the general in
j (trinities of advanced age, and althou
! gh they received every possible care
i -rid r.tten ion, they seemed to be be
yond the reach of the treatment ordi
narily administered in such cases,
i At (lie suggd,t!on of Mrs. Colton, the
matron of (he inst'tution, they con
cluded to try Tanlac and it was a hap
py decision indeed when they did so.
The reconstructive powers of the
medicine were at once in evidence. I
| They began almost immediately to feel
belter, eat better and rest better.
Sine? that time the treatment lias
been confnued witli the most aston
ishing and gratifying re) ults, but le’
their own s‘ories in their own indivi
dual way. Their statements are un
doubtedly interesting.
Mrs. Houser was one of the first to,
use the medicine and being at a very
advanced age, her trouble had been
more persistent and difficult to treat
perha;f , than any of the others. Mrs.,
J Houser said:
i Haiti uwen n a. wry ueivuus
state for several years, and liave suf- j
fered principally from stomach iron- •
hie. I would go for months at a time '
without eating any solid food up to a '
short time ago. spent most of iny tinu
in niy room, as 1 was too weak to conic '
down ' airs. I ate some corn bread
and spay ribs for dinner today and
they seemed to agree with me perfect-!
!y, ss 1 have suffered no bad after ef
fects whatever. The horrible head
aches and nervousness are gone ano !
tin feeling so much tetter in ever)
way. ’
Mrs. Mar"on who was the next to
t» Hfy. said:
"I have suffered a great deal from1
hard driving pa ns in my head and
had h id stomach trouble, i hardly
t.vei have a p • • ti now, the catarrh no
longer'troubles me and my appetite
is much better.”
Mis Fink said:
• I v. is sick a'l last summer and ! j
now foal het er and stronger than in j
font's. I no longer suffer fioni the:
I ada l.es I had o much.”
Mrs Wallis seemed to be especially
celicate and had a very weak eonstltu
, tit n and weak stomach. .Mrs. Wallis
"In only one week after taking your !
inedieme 1 began to feel greatly im
proved. I feel very much stronger J
enjoy my meals more and seem to
rest te'ter at night. I expect to con
i tinue taking Tanlac."
I In referring to the above statement,
Mr. t«. F. Walli*. who is now person-(
ally directing the introduction of Tan
lac throughout the south, said:
"I consider the statements of these
old ladies the most remarkable that
have ever come under niy observa
tion. I do not hesitate to say that I
believe these indorsements to be the
strongest that have ever been receiv
ed by a proprietary medicine of any
Quoting from one of Mr. Cooper’s
leoturesi Mr. Wallis said:
"When people grow to a ripe old age
their digestive organs lack quality and
begin to act more slowly and less ef
fectually than in youth. The circu
lation becomes poor, the blood gets
thin, the appetite tails and the diges
tion is weak.
"Tanlac the powerful reconstructive
. w* - -' £■
tonic is the ideal i trengthojier and
tody builder for old folks, because it
crea'es a good healthy appetite,
strengthen* digestion, enriches the
blood and in this natural Manner
builds up. strengthens and invigorat
es feeble, run-down, nervous people,
and is an unfailing ‘"ource of comfort
to the aged and infirm."
Tanlae Is sold by the Boyer Drug
Store in Ashdown; The Foreman Drug
Store in Foreman, and by Roy Rudd
at Ogden. advt
(Mill I'71 TiEWS.
Ogden. Nov. 13.—(Special).—Mr.
and Mrs. Roy Budd and children and
Hugh Oliver were the guest of Miss
Ada Mills at Wilton Sunday.
Mrs. Edith Holmes spent last week
in Ashdown visiting her con. I. W.
i lolmc'.
Will Hooks of Ashdown was here
Sunday evening.
Dr. I. N. Hutt has purchased a five
passenger Ford.
Mis* Francis Holmes of Ashdown
spent the week-end with Ogden relati
Rev. Brown tilled hi regular ap
pointment at the church Friday even
The Hudson school will resume its
work under the supervision of Miss
Vlary McDowell of this place.
Byron Smith and Fred Hutt of
Fouke are visit ng relatives here.
Mrs. J. H. Furlow and Miss Ethel
Smith/ on were in Texarkana Wednes
Dr. and Mrs. I. N. Hutt. Mrs. W. B.
I.eatherwood and Byron Smith motor
ed to Fouke Friday.
A crowd or Ogden young folks en
joyed a possum hunt Thursday night.
Lots of fun, b»t no possum reported.
Rev. Brown grec'ed a ' fair sized
audienc * at the church Sunday after
noon and delivered an especially fine
sermon on Satislaction and Con'out-.
luent. Bro. Brown's sermons are al
ways above the average ..nd thou
who r.ii' to a'.end are missing a grant
i-eal. Miss Ad t« AB:son united l»;
letter wi ii the Ogdm church Sun
day af erncon. Services aga'n the 4th
Friday night and Sunday afteruoou
.Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Sykes. Messrs.
Willingham. High and Henry Sykes
' isited Mr. ami Mrs. .1 1* Welch Sun
day afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Velvln attended
the circus Friday night.
Rev. Youoghlood will till his regu
lar appointment with ns next Sunday.
This will be Rev. Youngblood's last
meeting with us before conference.
Everyone cordially invited to attend.
Roy Budd and family and Miss Loi
re VanHook were in Ashdown Fri
day night.
Cha •. Park of As'utown attended
church here Sunday uMt-rnooii.
The school is preparing to have a
"Work Day” Saturday, November 25.
All parous and friends of the school
are invited to aft-nd and assist the
Misses E hcd, Bertha. May anil Min
nie Smithson and M's.-cs FnT Good
man George McMahon, John and Em
mett Smith!on attended the circus in
Texarkana Friday night.
The K. C. S. agricultural car will In
in Ogden, Wednesday, November 15.
The car will be open to visitors a'i
day and an abundance of good farm
literature will be given to all who car*
for it. in the evening an illustra'ed
All patrons and friends of the school
auditorium. Everything free and every
body invited.
Mr. and Mrs. V. M. Crouch spent
Sunday in Millwood.
Warning Order.
In the Chancery Court of Little
River county. Ark. Ella Haley, plain
tiff vs. A. T. Haley, defendant. The
defendant A. T. Haley is warned to ap
pear in this court within thirty days
and answer the complaint of the plain
tiff, Ella Ilalcy. Witnesa'my bane
end the seal of said court, this 25th
day of Sept., 1916.—Chas.. H. Park
Clerkr by Jaa. H. Williams, D. C. 92-W
* /-v V ,-r* -
In the Chancery Court of Little River!
County, Arkansas.
The S ate of Arkansas, to the Sheriff!
of Little River County: You are here
by commanded to summons J. J. Sin
nett, G. P. Hassell, Howard Turner,
Mrs. K. W. Swank, J. R. Mendonsa,
Jennie Hogan, Chas. Willis, J.P. Puck-j
ett. W. H. Parish. Wilbur T. Gardner, j
S. Chadwick. Herman W. Frecdewald,
John Hahn. Ed Talbot, T. M. Souther
land. Tom Fair, Jim Hamilton, Ada
Timmonds, H. M. Kirkham, and the
unknown owners of the following land
towit: Lot 10 in block 30 in the ori
ginal town of Ashdown, Arkansas, and
part of the NEJ of the NWJ of Section
32. township 12 south, range 32 west,
(1 A) to appear in this court within 20
days after ahe service of this summon
upon them to answer a complaint in
Equity filed against them by the Board
of Commissioners of Water Works
District No. 1. in Ashdown, Arkansas,
and warn them that upon their failure
to answer the complaint will be taken
for confessed, and you will make re
turn of this summons on the flfirst day
of next November term of said court.
Witness my hand and the seal of the
said court on this the 99th day of Sep
ten.her. 1916.—Chas. H. Park, Clerk.
Notice of Confirmation.
In the Chancery Court of Little
River County, Rass Mosley and Sar
ah Kelly expartee. Notice is hereby
given that 'Pass Mosley and Saran
Kelly have this day filed in the Chan
cery court of Little River county, Ar
kansas their petition praying tho
court to quiet and confirm their title
to the following described real pro
perty situated in the county of Little
River and State of Arkansas, towit:
Lot 12. block 64 in the town of Ash
down. Arkansas as shown by the ori
ginal plat on file. Therefore, all per
sons who have or claim any interest
in said lands or any part thereof are”
hereby warned to appear in the Chan
cery Court of Little River county at
the November term, 1916, to show
cause, if they have any why the title
to said property should not be quieted
and confirmed in said petitioners.
Given under m>- hand and the seal of
the court on this the 18th day of
September, 1916.—Chas. H. Park
Clerk. W-86
Warning Order.
In the Chancery Court of Little
River County, Ark. Lizzie Fontleroy,
plaintff vs. Emmett Fontleroy, defen
dant. The defendant Emmett Font
leroy, is warned to appear In this
court within thirty days and answer
the complaint of the plaintiff, Lizzie
Font!®roy. Witness my hand and the j
teal of said court this 2nd day of Oct ,
It-H— Chas. H. Park. Clerk; By Ja
il William*. D. C. W-V«
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior, U. S.
l and Office at Camden, Arkansas,
September 8, 1916. Notice is hereby
given that James Lester of Wilton.
Arkansas, who on August 14, 1911,
made a Homestead Entry, Serial No.
05081, for the SEJ SWi, section 20,
township 12 S, Range 30 W-, 5th Prin
cipal Meridian, has filed notice of In
tention to make Final Five Year Proof
to establish claim to the land above
described, before the Circuit Clerk of
Little River county, at Ashdown, Ark.
on the 17th day of October, 1916. Clai
mant names as witnesses: Joe Aut
tnbaumor, Frank Freeman, Walter
Arnold, Bill Autenbaumer, all of Wil
ton, Ark.—R. D. Newton, Register.
Notice of Application for Sale of Lands
In the Hempstead County Probate
Court, October Term, 1916. Notice is
hereby given that the undersigned as
Guardian of Stuart Monroe Wimberly.
Albert Eugene Wimberly, Lois Wim
berly and Cecil Clay Wimberly, min
or heirs of Walter H. Wimberly, will
at the October 1916 term of the Hemp
stead Probate Court apply for an or
der for the sale of the following des
cribed land situated in the county of
Little River, State of Arkansas, towit:
The west half of the south half of the
southeast quarter of section 17, town
ship 12 south, range 29 west contain
ing 40 acres, more or less. Said land
will be sold for the maintenance and
education of said minor children.
Given under my hand as such Guard
ian, this 14th day of September, 1916.
—Mrs. Susie Wimberly, Guardian as
aforesaid. W-86
Warning Order.
In the Chancery Court of Little
River County, Ark. Herman Trammell
plaintiff vs. Sallie Trammell, defen
dant. The defendant, Sallie Tram
mell. is warned to appear in this court
within thirty days and answer the
complaint of the plaintiff, Herman
Trainmell. Witness my hand and the
seal of said court this 28th day of
Oct., 1916..—Chas. H. Park. Clerk.W97
Warning Order.
In the Chancery Court of Little
River county, Ark. Isham Cherry.
Ollie Glover, and Roan Cherry, plain
tiffs vs. Albert Cherry, Nora Barton,
and Gertrude Sanders, defendants.
'The defendants. Albert Cherry, Nora
Barton and Gertrude Sanders are
warned to appear In this court within
thirty days and answer the complaint
of the plaintiff, Isham Cherry, Ollie
Glover, and Roan Cherry. Witness
n»v hand and the aeal of said court
this 20th day of Oct.. 191.—Chaa H.
lark. Clerk; by Jas H. Williams D.
' *• W-96
*tre KoiitK to give away on
iK Day of our
1 at our store and we will
* to axplaiu
i PttlXEM. < r
1 1 ** * . . V* ft. • V*

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